Fact or Fiction? 10 Intriguing Past Life Stories That Will Give You Goosebumps


26 December 2018


past life stories

There is something comforting about the idea of reincarnation. We like imagining our spirits will live on after death.

We also like imagining the future lives we will lead. Will we return as a caterpillar, an eagle, a blade of grass, our favorite teacher, or even our current enemy? Who knows!

Thinking about reincarnation from another angle begs different questions. What are the lives we have already lived? Where have we been, and when?

Reading through this article is sure to give you goosebumps. The fact is, that in many cases, there have been verified sightings and tales of the supernatural. If you are someone that is worried about getting affected by such elements in a negative fashion, it is best that you invest and get for yourself some evp ghost hunting equipment.

It is spooky to ask these questions because we are asking about our past lives. Past life stories are like ghost stories in which we are the ghosts.

Whether you believe in past lives or any other form of the supernatural, these stories are as haunting as they are entertaining. You don’t have to believe them to enjoy them. But if you spend enough time reading them, you may question everything you think you know about the beyond.

Keep reading to learn 10 stories of past lives that will make your hair stand on end.

What Is Past Life Regression?

The field of exploration that attempts to answer questions about past lives is called past life regression. Practitioners range from amateurs with no third-party certification to licensed therapists with psychology degrees.

Many practitioners see past life regression as the autobiography of the soul. By looking into your past, they can find out personal details from your lives in different times and places. These details, can help you better understand your purpose on Earth.

Past life regression is different from past life readings. Past life regression is a process in which you actively participate, experiencing transitional states.

On the other hand, a past life reading is a more passive process. It is kind of like receiving a book report on your soul’s history instead of going on the field trip.

People who have experienced past life regression claim many benefits from it. Some of these benefits include the following.

  • Gaining a different understanding of personal relationships
  • Getting in touch with talents and abilities they did not know they have
  • Relief from physical ailments
  • Processing and letting go of fears and anxieties that relate to traumas in the past lives

Learn more about the benefits of past life regression for yourself. These are powerful benefits, but if you are skeptical, you will want evidence that past life regression works.

10 People with Incredible Past Life Stories:

Here is the evidence we have found. Some of these stories may sound unbelievable. If you find that to be the case for you, just sit back and enjoy the thrill of them.

However, you may find yourself unable to shake these stories. They have a way of sticking with you and reappearing in memory from time to time. They may even provide inspiration for you to seek out your own past life therapy.

Whatever your motivation, we hope you enjoy these stories of real people throughout history who laid claim to past lives.

1. Jane Evans:

Jane Evans is a pseudonym for a woman who was a patient of Arnall Bloxham. Bloxham was a British hypnotherapist in the middle of the 20th century. Evans was a 30-year-old Welsh housewife.

Bloxham recorded Evans detailing six past lives. Some of these lives included a Roman tutor in the third century, the wife of a Jewish moneylender in the 12th century, an Egyptian servant woman, a lady in waiting to Catherine of Aragon, and a Catholic nun in Iowa.

There is evidence of Evans’ past lives. The evidence is primarily fictional. Some of her past lives appear in novels, and one appeared in a radio play.

2. Virginia Burns Tighe:

Tighe was a woman from Colorado who recorded her past life regressions in the 1950s. She claimed to have lived a life as an Irish woman named Bridey Murphy.

Tighe’s case was convincing. She spoke in a thick Irish accent as Murphy, though she did not have an accent herself. She detailed Bridey Murphy’s life from age 8 up until her death from a fall as an adult.

Like in Evans’ case, journalists found evidence for Tighe’s past life. Again, the evidence was not historical. During Tighe’s childhood, she grew up across the street from an Irish immigrant named Bridie Murphey Corkell.

3. James Leininger:

James Leininger was a two-year-old boy from Louisiana. He played with toy airplanes, but his play had a disturbing quality. He would often crash his plane and yell, “Airplane crash on fire.”

James’ father asked him about the airplane crash. James told him that he had been a pilot before and that he had flow off a boat. He said the boat was named “Natoma” and that he had a friend on the boat named Jack Larson.

James’ father did his research. He discovered there was an American aircraft carrier called the Natoma Bay where a plane crashed in the manner his son described.

There was also a pilot on the Natoma Bay in the plane next to the plane that crashed. That pilot’s name was Jack Larson.

4. Dorothy Eady:

Dorothy Eady’s past life memories led her to uproot her life in London. She moved to Egypt because she had memories of living in the temple of Kom el-Sultan near Abydos. She claimed her name was Bentreshyt in this past life.

Dorothy adopted the name Om Seti, or Omm Sety, and she moved to Egypt with her Egyptian husband. They divorced after just two years, but Om Seti stayed there.

5. Shanti Devi:

Shanti Devi was an Indian girl with one of the more compelling past life stories. It was so compelling because so many of the details were verifiable.

Devi claimed she had lived in Mathura, not Delhi, where she was born. She spoke of dying from complications in childbirth. Keep in mind, this was a four-year-old girl.

Devi described the physical details of her husband, who was still alive. When he met Devi, she recognized him and the son she claimed to have died giving birth to.

6. Ma Tin Aung Myo:

Ma Tin Aung Myo was a Burmese girl who claimed to have been a Japanese soldier in a past life. Her story is less hair-raising because of any verified details and more for how convinced she became of this past life.

As she grew older, Myo refused to cut her hair and stopped wearing women’s clothing. She was afraid of airplanes and accurately described a plane the Allies used in Burma during World War II.

Myo also described the soldier she used to be in great detail. She talked about the number of children he had (five) and even named the occupation of the oldest (army cook).

7. Laure Raynaud:

Frenchwoman Raynaud rejected Catholicism outright. She claimed a belief in reincarnation instead. She began to feel stirrings of a past life while running a clinic in Paris.

In this past life, Raynaud said she had a chest disease, and she developed a cough. Later in her life, she visited Genoa, Italy. There, she found the locations she remembered, and she even discovered her identity in the past life.

An Italian woman named Giovanna Spontini had lived in the very house Raynaud claimed was hers. Spontini had died of a severe chill that came from a chronic illness.

8. The Pollock Sisters:

The Pollock sisters were four girls. The first pair, Joanna and Jacqueline, died in a car crash at ages 11 and 6, respectively. Their parents then had twins, this time named Gillian and Jennifer.

Jennifer shared several birthmarks with the deceased Jacqueline. Gillian did not.

When the family moved to the area of Britain where the car crash happened, the twins demonstrated a familiarity with the place that only their sisters could have had. Gillian and Jennifer also developed a huge fear of cars because they were afraid of a crash.

The twins lost the memories of these past lives at age 5, so the mystery of their possible reincarnation was never solved.

9. Patrick Christenson:

Here’s another sibling story. Patrick Christenson was born in Michigan in 1991. Twelve years earlier, an older brother of his named Kevin had died from cancer.

Patrick had a birthmark on his neck in the same place Kevin had his chemotherapy scar. As he grew up, Patrick asked his mom to go back to his orange and brown house, which were the colors of the house where Kevin lived.

10. Arthur Flowerdew:

We saved one of the most verifiable stories for last. It is also the one with the best-named subject.

Arthur Flowerdew had memories of a desert city since his birth in 1906. In his elderly years, he watched a BBC documentary on the ancient city of Petra and knew it was the one.

He contacted the BBC, and they flew him to Petra to film another documentary. When they quizzed him on major landmarks and other identifying features of the city, he passed with flying colors. People still point to this as one of the most convincing arguments for past lives.

What’s Past Is Present:

We hope these past life stories have made your eyes bug out as much as they have made you think. It never hurts to question your assumptions, even if those questions lead in mystical directions.

If you are interested more in the here-and-now than the Great Beyond, check out our other lifestyle stories.

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