Dos and Don’ts: Wedding Invitation Design

Before saying “I do” and finding your “forever after”, you need to do a couple of things. You need to sort out all the little details including finding the perfect wedding location, reception venue, wedding date, wedding dress, cake and much more. There are several things you must consider, and you need to stay on top of everything to complete all the preparations on time. This includes hiring the right entertainment, the right photographer and, more importantly, sending out your invitation cards early!

Invites need to be the first to be completed. If you haven’t done so, now is the time to start on them. Don’t know how? Don’t worry. We made a guide you can use to help you figure out how to design your wedding invitations.

Here is a list of things you can and can’t do when you’re designing your cards:


  • Use bold splashes of color to transform your invites. Traditionally, you would use a cream, off-white or white personalized writing paper for your invitation cards. But, you can pick a colorful themed design if you want to. Nothing is holding you back if you would like bold colors for your invites. Additionally, stronger colors can completely change the whole look of your cards. You can even bank on them to help your invites pop. It will just take time to find the perfect blend of cool and warm tones to make your cards.
  • Make it personal. Your wedding must ultimately reflect who you and your fiancé are as a couple. You need to let both your personalities shine for you to ensure that you can enjoy your big day.
  • Go for something unique. It’s your wedding day! It’s definitely one of those significant milestones you need to commemorate. You should strive to stand out from the rest and be different. When designing your invitation card, don’t go for the most popular trends but try to use rare and uncommon elements.
  • When in doubt, stick with the classics. If you don’t think you have the creativity to design your invitation card, it’s best if you opt for traditional patterns and styles. You can never go wrong with them because they will always remain on-trend. Not to mention, there is a broad range of options you can choose from to suit your tastes and aesthetics.


  • Don’t use more than two fonts. Your invites can become very confusing and unsightly if you use several fonts. You need to limit it and only use two types of lettering style: (1) one script font for accenting; and (2) one block font which will be your primary choice to keep your wedding details neat and tidy. Using these two types will ensure that everything will remain readable.
  • Don’t overcrowd it. You can’t place everything you imagine on the cards. It will make them too chaotic and unbalanced. You need to keep everything centralized on your chosen theme.

These are the essential tips you need to remember to be able to have the perfect wedding cards. You can quickly finish designing them if you follow these to the letter.

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