Tips to Keep Your Photos and Data Save on Your Mobile Phone


24 October 2018


Mobile Phone

Saving photos in the phone is the fastest way to do so you can use them anytime you want. This is why some of you use your mobile phone as the only device to keep all the photos without creating any backup. It will be a serious problem if you lose your photos.

Actually, you can use phone photo recovery software to take the deleted photos back but let’s talk about the way to keep them safe.

Protect the Phone with Password:

One of the possible ways to keep photos on the mobile phone is by protecting the phone with a password. This is a basic protection you can do so anyone can’t open your phone.

If there is no one open your phone, it reduces the change for them to delete your personal photos. It is also preventing the risk of unconditional deleted photos.

The way to do it is simple, you just need to go to the Setting option and choose the security method you want if you use Android. For those who are using Apple iOS, you just need to go to Setting and turn on the Passcode.

Don’t Share All Photos in the Cloud Automatically:

There is a case that you don’t need to share the photos in the Cloud. This is due to the automatic management system. The system helps to store all the photos or data automatically and sometimes you don’t realize if something happens with the photos.

Instead of storing all the photos in the Cloud, you can just make a backup in the other devices. It keeps everything safe and if there is something bad happen, you just need to use another device to get the photos.

Choose the Picture Exchange Service Carefully:

It is also important to choose the best picture exchange service, especially for those who love to exchange photos online.

The best picture exchange service means that it helps to secure the process and protect the photos for something bad. As the result, you can keep the photos safe and see or send to your beloved one, friends, or clients anytime and anywhere you want.

Delete the Unused Photos or Data:

Because you can easily save the photos, you tend to forget to delete the unused photos. As the result, you have too many photos in the phone. Without any action, it disturbs the performance of the phone and even makes and error.

The fatal risk is that you might be lost all the photos and data on your phone. If you can’t open the phone because it is too many data there, it means that you can’t also open the important photos on it. This is the reason why you have to delete unused photos regularly. Deleting unused photos and data give the phone more space and keep the performance of the phone.

Create Difficult to Break and Easy to Remember Password:

If you want to give a password to your mobile phone or your Cloud account, just make sure that it is a difficult password to break. At the same time, the password has to be easy to remember so you can open it anytime you want.

It is also a simple trick to keep your important data or photos safe. At least, there will be anyone who can break the password and do something with the data or photos including deleting it.

How to Get the Deleted Photos and Data Back:

Indeed, there is still a chance to lose your photos. Besides following the tips above, you also need to find the best alternative to get the data or photos back. The best trick to get the deleted photos is by using data recovery software.

There are some the benefits you can get from the software. For example, the software is easy to use and you can use anytime you want to get the deleted back. It is a good solution if you need the photos urgently and you don’t bring the backup.

Using a data recovery software is also a great decision because it can be used to recover deleted photos and data in some cause. It can be used to recover photos and data caused by unconditional deletion, formatted devices, crashed devices, lost partition, and many others.

As long as the phone can be detected by the data recovery software, you can recover the deleted photos and data right away. The most important thing, you can use those deleted photos and data just like before normally.

Summary: This article explains how to keep your photos save in the mobile phone. It also explains how to get if the photos are deleted.

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Phone Recruiting

Phone Recruiting – Out of Date, or Even Better?

The versatility of the smartphone lies in creating a single point of candidate contact using every conceivable form of messaging, anytime, anywhere. Phone recruiting has pushed traditional recruiting models to the verge of obsolescence and premature retirement. It’s no secret that recruiters are facing difficulties finding the right talent these days. What it seemed to have been easy decades ago, it’s gotten way off the board now with all the commodities, but also drawbacks that new technologies tend to bring. Tools automating recruitment process, systems filtering quality candidates, emails automating replies - it does make you wonder: at what point does it start lacking in a personalized approach. It is basically one of the crucial factors in recognizing that one, the right talent. Having the right recruitment platform is crucial for your business. RecruitLoop has touched on a similar subject questioning if in fact traditional recruiting is obsolete, or not, and we’d like to take it a little bit further. Here are some hints to keep to understand where to start focusing your campaign: 89% of job seekers believe that mobile devices facilitate the job-hunting process 59% of job aspirants save jobs on a mobile device and apply through desktops 45% of ardent job seekers browse jobs vacancies daily using a mobile device The Reach and Potential of the Smartphone Maximizes Recruiting Options A candidate with a smartphone is automatically empowered to receive any communication outreach that defines a corporate recruitment strategy. Face to face text, voice, or video conferencing is a click away. Candidate-specific job postings, employment pages, blog posts, and RSS feeds attract the right job seekers. Employment details are shareable through emails, and companies can send and record text, audio, and videos through cloud-based platforms. Job aspirants can file job applications, transmit pictures, edit resumes, and interact with nodal HR personnel directly. Job applications are available for scrutiny in real-time from any source - Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Empowering HR with the Mobile Phone as a Top Recruiting Platform Your recruitment master plan would be incomplete without tapping tech-savvy mobile users 24/7. We share insights that’ll motivate you to shift from time-consuming transactional recruiting to result-oriented strategic engagement. Shed painstaking personal profiling and shift to a unified candidate communication interface Traditional recruiters waste tons of time and energy picking up the phone interviewing potential candidates, going through an in-depth process of recruitment - whilst most of their managers say they know if they will hire that person within the first two minutes of an interview. According to research, a traditional interview process takes an average of 23 days - now try and sum up the time and money spent. Using integrated sourcing tools and channels it’s possible to expand and update your candidate base, enabling you to track elaborate job boards and strategize Candidate Relations Management (CRM). You kick-start targeted recruitment campaigns across multiple channels, laying the foundation for reaching out to candidates, campuses, and communities, enabling you to save tons of money, time, and energy. Leverage phone recruiting to land the ideal candidate, instantly Traditional recruiting methods tie hot-candidate requisition to elaborate recruitment protocols, denying recruiters instant access to talent pools. Consider the phone recruiting alternative. Imagine strolling through a park in your spare time and coming face to face with skilled candidate profiles on your mobile. Within seconds of making up your mind, you use the cloud-empowered CRM database to fire off an instant reply to hook up the candidate on Facebook or LinkedIn. Potential smartphone-enabled candidates are more receptive and respond faster to your messaging even when they’re away from their workstations or happen to be in idle time, weekends or vacations. Communicate in a medium that resonates with targeted candidates When you’re hiring remotely through phone recruiting, you are harnessing technology with comprehensive capabilities. Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered software offers solutions covering every stage of your recruitment funnel. AI eliminates personal bias, focuses on candidate experience, and humanizes recruitment. You’re in the ideal position of customizing messages that cater to individual candidate communication preferences. With accurate candidate profiling, you can customize messages via short texts, more elaborate emails, purposeful videos, links to your blogs, or white papers. Your communication can be designed to elicit instant responses using the medium that resonates perfectly with each candidate. Making the Best Use of Smartphones as Your Prime Recruiting Channel Do you know what Dell, NYPD, The U.S. Army, and Microsoft have in common? They’ve all embraced AI to design and implement a mobile-centric recruitment strategy that delivers results. Let’s dig deeper into their modus operandi: Maintain an uncluttered and updated candidate database that becomes a powerful tool for employment branding. Check phone validity to sanitize your candidate database and reduce the bounce rate from unviable calls. Proactively push Job Alerts to candidates that figure prominently in skill and experience profiling. Notify selected candidates with calendar requests to bookmark trade shows, career fairs, and walk-in interviews. Customize email messages to candidates advising interview timings, answering simple questions, guiding them through orientation events and seminars. Harvest potential recruits by posting organizational events in social media complete with company branding and attractive imaging. Barcode the recruitment campaign. This enables candidates to click the barcode and access websites where they can download job applications or enter personal particulars. Enable RSS feeds to informative blogs that keep candidates updated on coming events and allow recruiters to retrieve candidate information in real-time. Design short videos to project the best aspects of your company culture. Use a tone and style that inspires passion in your brand. Humanize recruitment by using CRM tools for staying in touch by mailing greetings, appreciating achievements, endorsing personal milestones, or just say hello to stay connected. Sponsor surveys to keep abreast of candidate interests, job preferences, and availability to continually update the database. The Bottom-Line There’s a candidate out there who is highly skilled, adequately experienced, and competent to address your specific needs, and that candidate carries a cell phone. It’s a no brainer that the mobile phone is the ultimate gateway for harnessing candidates as and when you spot the talent that fits your needs. More importantly, phone recruiting presents you with an integrated platform that gives you one-stop access through a device for mass communication. The handy mobile allows you to gift wrap your message in a medium that evokes a prompt response. Phone recruiting has pushed traditional recruiting models to the verge of obsolescence and premature retirement. The moot question is - are you willing and able to “mobile-size” your recruitment strategy? Read Also: How To Make Money With Your Smartphone 5 Ways to Stream Free Movies and TV Shows on Your Smartphone

how to fix a hacked Android phone

How To Fix A Hacked Android Phone

Are you an android user? Android seems to be one of the secure phone operating systems. But do you know even though the android has lots of security features the hacking is possible? Yes, the any-third party can easily enter your system and hack your phone data. Hence when you know how to fix a hacked Android phone, you do not have to take any messes regarding the third-party interventions on your private space. Let’s see the process of how to fix a hacked Android phone and block the third-party intervention. But before all, you have to know how you will know that your phone has been hacked? Then, when you are using the android phone, you will know that your phone has been hacked within a few security checks. How Do You Know That Your Phone Is Being Hacked? Android is one of the safest phone operating systems. Hacking android phone recovery is possible when you know that your phone has been hacked. And you can take further steps on how to fix the hacked android phone. When hackers are breaking into your system, the hackers have to install any malware in your android device to keep tracking your phone activities. The malware functions are going to interrupt your device’s regular activities. Here are some signs which are going to tell you that your phone is being hacked. And this is the first checking point before starting the process of how to fix a hacked Android phone. Poor phone speed and performance.Your phone is facing low signal strength.Phone apps are frequently crashing, and unknown apps are installed.Spam pop-ups.Sudden Increasing data usage.Changes in call settings in your android device are clear indications of hacking. If you are identifying these sudden changes in your phone, you can clearly say your phone has been hacked. After facing these problems, the android phone users are asking how my phone was hacked. How do I fix it? Here we are discussing the easiest four solutions for this problem. How To Fix A Hacked Android Phone? When you want to know how to fix a hacked Android phone, you have to start by identifying the problems. Then when you identify the problems, you can begin the process of how to unhack your phone. Before starting, take all the backups of your phone. Here are the solutions for the android device administrator hack. 1. Clear The Cache Memory Clearing the cache memory is the first trial step for how to fix a hacked Android phone. When malware is installed in your system, your cache memory carries the sign of the installation. So first, open your android device in recovery mode.  Then wipe out the cache portion of the memory. Choose the phone cache memory, then the device cache memory, and wipe out the whole cache memory from your device. Then restart your device again. 2. Run The Antivirus Scan And Delete The Suspicious App Android phone mobile antivirus systems are relatively stronger. First, when facing the low-speed problem, first look into the system’s other apps and run your antivirus scanning. The best way to block hackers is to keep your system updated and always scan your device. When you are stopping the auto-updating options, there is a chance of third-party interventions. First, open the Android settings. Then check all the apps. And if you are going to identify any apps which you can not remember to install. Then, identify and start the process of uninstalling it; after uninstalling the app restart your device once. 3. Disable Call Redirections This is another step of how to fix a hacked Android phone and find the hacker. When you are redirecting your calls to another number, the malware is going to track your activity. And after you are diverting any calls to the other number, the hacker will also do the same process. The hacker starts getting the other device’s information to their devices. After that, you can simply dial the USSD code from your device to know who is getting the information on the devices. This step is not only to fix your problem; you can find out who the hacker is. 4. Factory Reset And Delete All The Data Factory resetting is the ultimate step you can take to fix the hacking problem. But before starting the factory resetting, it is better to take all the backups from your devices. Because after the factory reset, you will face a data loss problem, all of your data of the messages and contents and other information are going to be deleted. Every android phone has a factory reset option. Follow the following steps and delete all existing data from your devices. Step 1: First, start with opening the android phone settings options. Step 2: Then tap on the search icon of the settings option and type the factory reset command there. Press enter to run the command. Step 3: Open the resetting option and click on the erase all data options from there. When you are going to delete all the data from the devices and the malware, every other essential data will also be erased. So before doing the factory reset, always take the backups of the data. After doing the factory reset, your android phone is functioning as a new one. 5. Enable Two Factor Authentication Nowadays, there are many sites that offer two-factor authentication, and it can safeguard your android phone with ease. It can make your device safe and secure from the clutches of hackers. It is one of the best options to fix it within a shorter time frame. 6. Enable Biometric Authentication Biometric authentication is one of the best ways to protect your phone from the clutches of hackers. It can make the life of hackers difficult if you enable biometric protection in your smartphone. Sometimes, the inbuilt security will enable your phone to offer biometric authentication and will enable you to keep your smartphone safer. 7. Never Register On A Vulnerable Website You must not register through a vulnerable website that can tamper with the information present on your android phone. It can help you to achieve your objectives in an effective manner. 8. Change The Passwords Of Your Online Accounts If you think that your phone has been hacked, then you must ensure that all your online account passwords and user ids are changed. It can make your device less vulnerable to hackers within a shorter span of time. How To Protect Your Android Phone From Hackers? You can follow certain simple steps to protect your android phone from hackers. Some of these steps are as follows:- Make use of the Pin or the password in the lock screen.Lock all the required apps on your device.Try to download the apps from trusted sources.Read through the app permissions before you download any app.Download the device manager for android.The application of the Google authenticator is a must-have feature to consider. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 1. What Are The Symptoms Of A Hacked Android Phone? Some of the common symptoms of a hacked Android Phone are as follows:-1. You will find a random unwanted app install going on on your phone.2. Within a few seconds, you will experience poor battery life or extreme battery usage.3. You can view the weird pop-ups and ads.4. Unusual as well as high data usage.5. Your phone and apps will keep on crashing. 2. Will Factory Reset Stop A Hacker? With the help of the factory reset option, the majority of the malware can be removed from your phone. It can help your phone to stay away from the clutches of hackers. However, it can remove the photos, images, notes, and contact details from your device. 3. Can You Get Rid Of A Hacker Of Your Phone? If your phone is hacked, then you can clean your phone with the help of the factory reset option. It can fix your phone from the chances of damage within a shorter span of time. 4. Can A Hacker See You Through A Phone Camera? Yes! The hacker can see through your phone camera once he gets access to your phone. You have to stay vigilant in this regard to make use of these systems to make things work well in your way. 5. What Does *#21 Can Do To Your Phone? This code you can use to check whether your phone is being tapped False by the hacker or not. You have to identify these facts while using a hacked phone. Wrapping It Up! These are the most accessible four solutions of how to fix a hacked Android phone. Among these solutions, only the cache memory is clear, and the factory reset options are causing a data loss problem. If you currently do not want to face these problems, try simple solutions like reboot your system and the virus scanning. Hence, if the problem is not resolving, try the cache memory clear and the factory reset options. But recovery is possible within a few minutes. So what is your android using experiences? Do not forget to share your comments in the comment sections. More Resources: How To Fix android.process.acore Has Stopped Error?How To Fix Com.Android.Phone Has Stopped Error In Your Phone?How To Download Game Of Thrones Putlocker Online For Free?

Beste Mobilabonnement For You

How To Find The Beste Mobilabonnement For You

When selecting a new cell phone plan, there are various factors to take into account such as cost, coverage and performance. Postpaid carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile (along with cable options) offer plans tailored specifically to your needs. Prepaid options such as Mint Mobile Cricket and Metro by T-Mobile also offer plans with more flexible offerings. Cost Cost should be one of your main considerations when choosing a cell phone plan, yet keep in mind that cheap plans often come with limited minutes and data usage and may not be as dependable. To choose the perfect option for yourself and your budget needs, you will need to balance your needs with the available options. The cost of cell phone plans varies significantly by carrier, but there are ways to lower them. Prepaid plans tend to be cheaper than contract ones and enable upgrades at any time; additionally MVNOs often provide competitive pricing on unlimited high-speed data plans. To find the right plan for you it's essential that you understand how much data you use per month - check your smartphone settings or look for plans with free or low cost international calling options as a starting point. Some plans also provide additional features, like subscriptions to Disney+, Hulu Plus, Netflix and Max by HBO streaming services. Generally, these extra features are offered as postpaid plans; however, prepaid plans may also contain these extra features; it's important to keep in mind that any additions could increase overall plan costs. Finding the ideal cell phone plan can be difficult when there are so many choices. From carriers offering various plans to providers with different services that may or may not offer what you're after, there are many different options available. This is why it is important for you to compare rates and terms; there are sites like that offer comparison tools to help you do just that. Be sure to do your research before making any commitments. There are various cell phone plans on the market, with Verizon's Unlimited Plus plan being the most popular one (it costs $70 a month for two lines). Other popular plans include T-Mobile's Go5G plan (available for discounted rate with various benefits included) or Google Fi Wireless which offers an inexpensive family plan with some added bonuses. Coverage Selecting the ideal cell phone plan requires more than considering cost or data limits alone: you need to be sure it will function reliably in your home, office and travel areas. A great way to learn about coverage and features offered by different carriers is by reviewing their coverage maps or asking friends, neighbors and coworkers which service they have used and how well it worked for them in their area. RootMetrics' coverage maps allow users to see which of these big three carriers has the best coverage and rates in your area. In the first half of 2022, T-Mobile led in 4G reliability while AT&T and Verizon trailed closely behind; RootMetrics can show how each compares. You can click here for more information. Before selecting a cell phone plan, it is important to understand how much data you require on an ongoing basis. If a plan with premium data limits interests you, be sure to have plenty of safe locations where Wi-Fi can be used if necessary in order to stay within its limit - with most consumers spending no more than 2-5GB high speed data as their minimum requirement for online usage. If you don't like paying extra for data, consider switching to prepaid. Prepaid plans offer lower monthly rates without contracts and can work with unlocked phones from stores and online retailers alike. Consider your device type when comparing cell phone plans: certain phones may only connect with certain frequencies and won't work on other networks. Software on your phone could affect coverage; newer models typically connect more reliably, leading to improved performance compared to older ones. Performance Consider several different factors when selecting a cell phone plan, including cost, number of lines and whether or not you require unlimited data. Furthermore, take into account whether or not you will use your phone internationally and at what cost - most people opt for plans which provide the perfect balance of these aspects to meet their individual needs. In addition to the primary carriers. There are also MVNOs - or Mobile Virtual Network Operators - which do not have their own network infrastructure, but instead "piggyback" off major carriers' infrastructure to offer services at lower costs than their major counterparts; such MVNOs tend to offer discounted pricing but may experience less coverage or be deprioritized during busy periods than their larger counterparts. Providers typically offer a selection of plans from prepaid to unlimited data plans. Prepaid plans tend to be less costly than contracts and allow customers to upgrade whenever necessary, though they don't provide unlimited data usage and might only come with certain amounts of minutes or texts available. Family plans provide another type of plan option, with multiple members sharing minutes, texts and data usage among themselves. This plan may help families save money while having peace of mind that their phones remain connected at all times; however some users may prefer an unlimited plan instead. As part of selecting a plan, determining how many lines you require is also an essential consideration. Your monthly data usage depends on this decision - most users can get by with 20 GB or less each month but some heavy users may require more. Experience Finding the ideal cell phone plan requires more than simply looking at what voice, text and data options you require; you must also take into account what features matter to you and your phone usage habits. For example, if you use video streaming and gaming frequently on your phone then consider opting for a plan featuring 5G for optimal performance; otherwise if traveling is part of your lifestyle then international data plans might be suitable solutions for you. An essential consideration when searching for a plan is whether or not a contract needs to be signed. While contract plans tend to be cheaper than prepaid plans, they do come with their own risks; missed payments or early cancellation can have serious repercussions for your credit score. Once you sign a contract, you are locked into those terms. If you're uncertain which plan would suit your needs best, starting with a prepaid option may be the way to go. Prepaid plans tend to be more affordable than postpaid and often allow users to upgrade once their pay period ends; however, some prepaid plans come with limited data or deprioritization after reaching a certain limit. Other prepaid options to consider are Mint Mobile and Tello, both offering unlimited data plans at low costs. If you are an active data user, T-Mobile's Magenta MAX provides some of the cheapest unlimited plans with fast 5G networks - as well as special perks such as 25 cent-per-gallon discounts at Shell stations, free connectivity streaming on American Airlines flights, etc. Choosing a mobile plan can be challenging. It is important to compare rates and terms between different carriers before selecting one. You will also need to keep in mind your current phone and whether or not it will work with a new carrier. More Resources: How To Fix android.process.acore Has Stopped Error? How To Fix Com.Android.Phone Has Stopped Error In Your Phone? How To Download Game Of Thrones Putlocker Online For Free?