7 Smart Tips to Improve the Efficiency of your Refrigerator


25 April 2019

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Improve Refrigerator

Thanks to some home appliances such as air conditioners, fans, air coolers, and inverters, and of course the refrigerators; we can tolerate the summer easily.

During the summer season, the amount of power used is directly proportional to the temperature. With an increase in mercury, the need for cooling appliances also goes up and so is the electricity bill.

Talking about the fridge, it is not only storage for storing perishable items but also a savior during the summer season. Right from cold water to chilled shakes to ice creams to fresh fruits and juices, ice cubes, and more, it provides us with all. Nonetheless, with all this, it also leads to an escalation in the monthly electricity bill. A great example is with the residents of Texas for taking care of their electricity bills. They are able to choose the best and cheapest electricity plans from the most reputable electric companies in the comparison websites such as HomeEnergyClub, where they can compare Texas energy plans side by side.

In the same context, here are some simple tips that will not only increase the efficiency of your refrigerator but even help save power. Read on!

Follow these tips to make your fridge efficient

1. Set the temperature right

Do you know that keeping the fridge at a high temperature consumes more energy, leaving you with a higher power bill? Hence, to make your fridge’s compressor working easily, keep the temperature lower between 0 and 5 degrees.

2. Don’t let your fridge face the heat

It is recommended to keep your refrigerator away from direct heat such as sunlight, oven, or stove heat. It is because the fridge will then use more energy to adjust the continuous heat on it to maintain the chill. On the other hand, if you place it under a shadow with proper ventilation, it will help in the reduction of energy. Proper ventilation is needed in smooth heat flow produced from the fridge.

3. Defrost the fridge often


The defrost button on your refrigerator could be a lifesaver for it! Doing that on a frequent basis will help your fridge to maintain efficient cooling! Also, you will be able to save up to Rs.10 per day on the electricity bill.

4. Storing open containers is a no-no

If you keep the already opened food containers and bottles in your fridges, then the internal moisture level will rise to force the compressor to work hard. It will reduce the efficiency of your fridge and also increase the power bill.

5. Regular fridge maintenance is a must

It should be your duty to clean your refrigerator on a frequent basis if not daily. It can help the compressor to work even more efficiently. You only need to spare 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to do it, and your fridge will thank you by working powerfully.

Also, you should ensure to get the condenser coils of your fridge cleaned at least once a year. You can do that by unplugging the unit and brushing or vacuuming the coils carefully. It will help to enhance the fridge’s efficiency by up to 30%. If you are unable to do that, you should get it done by a trained professional once a year.

6. Make room

You should also make sure that there are a few inches of space between the wall and the fridge to maintain good circulation. It will also help your refrigerator to run without issues and proficiently.

7. Practice some smart habits

You can also practice some smart habits so that your fridge gets some rest. Have a look:

  • Try to open your refrigerator less frequently
  • Cool the hot foods before keeping them in the fridge
  • Cover foods
  • Label the leftovers
  • Ensure to keep your freezer full

Buy a new fridge this summer and grab savings and cashback

You can continue having your refrigerator working for years at its optimal level if you can follow the discussed tips.

If you are ready to buy a brand new refrigerator, then you don’t have to stretch your budget by paying the entire amount of your purchase in one go. Instead, you can divide the cost over a tenor; pay only a fixed amount and nothing extra. This way, you won’t need to handle paying additional charges other than EMI and save more.

The easy EMI facility is offered by Bajaj Finserv EMI Network across India. Bajaj Finserv is also here to offer the Special Summer Offer on refrigerators and more. This way, you can buy an LG fridge, Godrej fridge, Haier fridge, Hitachi fridge, and more on easy EMIs to indulge in a hassle-free shopping experience.

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cork board ideas

10 Cork Board Ideas That’ll Enhance Your Home

Did you know that cork is an eco-friendly building material? That’s right—more and more people are opting to install cork flooring, countertops, and even walls. Of course, you don’t need to undergo a whole renovation to utilize cork in your home. There are plenty of simple and affordable cork board ideas that will enhance your home while helping you stay organized. Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover the top 10 cork ideas you need to try ASAP! 10 Cork Board Ideas That'll Enhance Your Home: 1. Create a Backsplash: Luckily, you don’t always need a professional to install cork in your home. If your kitchen backsplash needs a makeover, consider going DIY by using wine corks. You’ll need to be patient and accurate during this process, but the final result will be unique, durable, chic, and eco-friendly! 2. Give the Whole Family a Board: There’s no denying how convenient and helpful cork boards are. If you have a busy family, don’t settle for just one cork board—give one to every member of the family! They can use their board to hang notes for themselves, or they can hang notes on your board to remind you to sign their permission slip for school or to pick up milk on your way home from work. 3. Use Wine Corks: Have you been collecting wine corks just waiting for a fun way to use them? Well, look no further! You can create a unique cork board by gluing your wine corks horizontally on a piece of wood or sturdy cardboard. You'll still be able to hang notes or pictures using pushpins, but your board will look much more stylish. 4. Give It a Fun Shape: Who says cork boards have to be rectangular? If you’re looking for a fun DIY project to fill up a rainy afternoon, consider making a uniquely-shaped cork board. You can order cork rolls online or look in your local craft store. Just lay out a section of the roll and outline whatever shape you want your cork board to be in. This could be something simple, like a heart or a star, or you could personalize it by using the first letter of your first name. Then, cut out the shape and you’re all done! If you want to take this one step further, consider attaching a brightly-colored string to hold photos without having to poke holes in them. 5. Organize Your Jewelry: Is your jewelry constantly getting tangled up? You may be thinking about investing in a nice jewelry organizer, but you can easily organize your bracelets, rings, and necklaces with a cork board. All you need to do is use thumbtacks as hooks to hang your jewelry from. Of course, you can dress this up a bit by framing the corkboard or covering it in a piece of fabric. 6. Install Cork Inside Your Cabinet Doors: Are you constantly running out of room in your kitchen? An easy way to stay organized is to install cork on the inside portion of your cabinet doors. You can then hang small kitchen utensils, like measuring spoons, on it. This is also a great place to store recipes or your grocery list, so you never lose it. 7. Make Coasters: Of course, cork can be used for more than just cork boards. You can also create coasters out of small sheets of cork. You can either go for a fun shape, like the outline of your state or stick with a classic circle and paint designs on it. It’s cute, affordable, and won’t scratch your furniture! 8. Hang Your Dartboard on It: If you have a dart board in your home, stray darts may have put small holes or marks on your wall. An easy way to keep your dartboard and protect your wall is to use a large slab of cork. Just hang your dartboard in the middle and let the surrounding cork take the blow from missed darts. You can even decorate this by covering it with a piece of fabric or painting it to match the decor. 9. Put Cork Above Your Keyring Holder: Do you have a million thoughts running through your mind as you get ready in the morning? A cork board is a great place to hang notes to yourself, so you can just relax with a cup of coffee instead of trying to remember everything. But the location is everything! Put your corkboard above your keyring holder, so you can see your notes before you leave. If you don’t leave a lot of notes for yourself, you can also get a stylish keyring holder and hang photos on your cork board to decorate your entryway. 10. Create a Travel Board: Are you constantly counting down the days until your next vacation? Whether you travel once a year or once a month, a travel board can be a fun addition to your home. Just place a map over a slab of cork and put a pin in every place you’ve been. If you’re travels have been focused in the United States, consider cutting your cork into the shape of the country to make it stand out even more. The Best Cork Board Ideas: Don’t settle for a boring old cork board anymore! 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Best Multi-Tools for Woodworkers

The Best Multi-Tools For Woodworkers -Top Awesome Inventions

Being a woodworker can be rewarding work for a man or woman who enjoys this kind of hobby. It doesn’t have to be just a hobby either as it can be turned into something that can bring another income into your life. Although woodworkers like working with their hands, they have multi-tools and awesome inventions to help ensure the person doing the woodworking can get the job done right, the first time, every time. How can Multi-Tools Help Woodworkers?  Multi-tools are useful for woodworkers who want to have a variety of tools at their disposal without compromising on quality, convenience, or performance. They can help woodworkers complete their projects faster, easier, and better. Multi-tools are versatile devices that can perform multiple functions in a single unit. They can help woodworkers in various ways, such as: Saving space and weight: Multi tools can reduce the need for carrying or storing multiple tools for different tasks. They can fit in a pocket, a belt holster, or a small pouch, making them easy to access and transport. Saving time and effort: Multi tools can simplify the workflow of woodworkers by allowing them to switch between different tools quickly and easily. They can also handle tasks that would otherwise require specialized tools or equipment, such as cutting, drilling, sanding, or scraping. Enhancing creativity and flexibility: Multi tools can enable woodworkers to tackle a wide range of projects, from simple repairs to complex designs. They can also adapt to different materials, shapes, and sizes of wood, as well as other materials such as metal, plastic, or leather.  Some Common Examples   Some examples of multi-tools for woodworkers are: Pocket hole jigs: These devices help woodworkers create pocket hole joinery, which is a fast and easy way of joining pieces of wood together using pocket screws. 1-2-3 setup blocks: These metallic blocks help woodworkers take quick and accurate measurements for setting up and aligning blades, fences, bits, and other cutters¹. Multi-mark tool: This tool can be used for squaring, leveling, and transferring measurements from one workpiece to another. Folding plier multi-tools: These tools feature a pair of pliers as the main tool, along with other tools such as knives, screwdrivers, scissors, saws, files, and wire cutters. Scissor-style multi-tools: These are tools that feature a pair of scissors as the main tool, along with other tools such as knives, screwdrivers, tweezers, bottle openers, and nail files. Here are the best multi-tools for woodworkers, and the top awesome inventions for woodworking: 1. Cordless Drills Cordless drills are hand drills that are powered by a battery. Because of the battery power, this multi-tool can be used anywhere a person needs it. This even includes a small, upside-down space that other tools may not be able to reach. Not only this, but cordless drills also come with a variety of different drill bits that can be used on anything. This is why this is a great multi-tool for woodworkers. 2. Wood Router The possibilities of getting the job done with a wood router are endless for woodworkers. Check out Here for some of the best wood routers. Almost every woodworker knows they can get just about anything done with this awesome invention. This invention is light enough to be used in small and tight spaces. It also has an electrical version for ease of use. Not only this, but you can mount it on a table to get more accurate work done. The variety of bits for this tool comes in three different sizes. They include the helical style which can be used for drilling, trimming, and shaping. The second style is the profile style which can be used for many different things including shaping the rounded edges to carving and you can also use it to round edges on corners or angles. Finally, the third style is called fluted bits and they can be used for cutting or shaping the edges or even trimming them. To select the best wood router to have to really decide whether you want to go corded or cordless. See how much work you can get done with this awesome invention? 3. Wood Lathe The wood lathe is actually two centuries old and keeps improving over the years. The woodworker can use this multi-tool to spin the wood and shape and trim it any way they want to. Although this tool is over two hundred years old, it now comes in a variety of sizes. This tool is great because it can hold the largest piece of wood to the smallest piece of wood. 4. Chisels Chisels are great woodworking tools that are used by the woodworker's hand to shape and trim the wood to any size the person wants it. They come in tempered steel with a variety of shaped ends. They mainly have wooden handles on them and can be used to hold the wood by one area while hitting it with a hammer or a wooden mallet to shape or trim the wood. However, there is one common use for this tool and that is to finish joint holes. Although the woodworker uses the router for making the shape, they come back with a chisel to make the exact cut they need. Chisels are also used for hand carving wood. When you want to carve wood into a different shape, chisels are the best tool to use. 5. Oscillating Tool If you are a beginner woodworker, you won’t want to start out using this tool until you get used to all of the other tools. This is because it is more powerful than any of the other woodworking tools used today. If you are a woodworker, you will need to learn to use the oscillating tool before you try it. Asking someone who is more experienced with it is a good idea. However, the woodworker will not regret taking the time to use this tool because it has so many uses. With the oscillating tool, it is so different that the blades move back and forth instead of around or up and down. With this tool, there are five different types of blades for the different uses it. One type of blade for the oscillating tool is that it can remove the wood molding that was put into place. Another type of blade can be cut through nails or wood without a problem. There are also a few different types of blades that cut through a variety of different wood and can also make a specific corner cut for the wood. There are also blades for this tool that can make square cuts through the wood as well as blades to grind areas of wood down. Final Thoughts There are many different types of tools a woodworker can explore, try, and use when they are woodworking. Trying the different tools and exploring different things that can be done with these tools can be enjoyable and make the imagination run wild. Remember, this doesn’t just have to be a hobby. If you enjoy woodworking, why not make some money with it too? There are many different ways to make money with a woodworking job. One great way is to make different wooden furniture that can be sold to the public. The person enjoying this type of job can even open their own store to sell these items. Although there are many different ways to use these tools for woodworking, it is always up to the woodworker to try the different tools and make the best use out of them. Letting their imagination run wild when playing and working with different wood can bring joy to the woodworker and money as well. Read More: Home Hacks: Stuff You Can Clean In One Hour Or Less Hardwood Timber Flooring: Gives A Classic Look To Your Home What Species Of Wood Is Right For Your Wine Cellar Furniture?

Garden Maintenance

5 Summer Garden Maintenance Tips and Tactics You Have To Know

The summer is a season for critical garden maintenance says the best weed removal experts. Otherwise, your lovely plants, flowers, and trees might suffer from disease or be infested by pests if you don’t perform the much-needed maintenance. But no matter what the summer throws your garden, you can keep up provided you know of some maintenance tasks like the following. 5 Summer Garden Maintenance Tips and Tactics You Have To Know If you are not confident of pruning the trees and plants yourself, hire experts that can help you do the same. The best garden maintenance tips from Tree Service Riverside focus on understanding the individual personality and nature of every tree in your garden. This is why you need to be different in terms of fertilizer applications, watering schedules, and other areas. Let us look at some of the major tips below- 1. Ensure Having A Good Soil: You can add organic matter to the soil, but it must be as varied as possible.  For example, you can consider adding manure for nitrogen. Manure is valuable because its nutrients are ready for consumption by the soil and plants. You may also want to consider composting, which is the recycling of organic wastes that speed up soil formation. Finally, you may also want to make use of earthworms in the method called vermicomposting. These organisms can convert manure, green crop residues, and food wastes into usable forms for the plants. See that the nutrient balance is correct by running a test to check for soil fertility. For this, you can hire a lawn professional to inspect and evaluate if the soil is balanced with nutrients, including potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. 2. Remove The Weeds: Weeds are real survivors, and they cannot just seem to stop annoying you. Be able to fight dirty by getting rid of them. At the very least, remember not to leave any roots behind, so do not yank only the leaves or they will grow back. Grab them lose to the ground and then pull them straight up. The best time to remove the weeds is after the rain because the ground is still moist.  Just a word of caution though. You should be careful walking around in your wet garden, or else the soil will be compact.  If there is no rain, you can water the garden before pulling the weeds. Finally, remove them while they’re still small.  But if you want to get rid of them effectively, you should consider hiring weed removal experts. Another thing you should be careful to be the weeds and other grass near the garden sheds and make sure they are removed as well. 3. Watering the Garden: Prevent the effects of the summer heat to your plants and flowers.   At the very least, you should keep the temperature at 90°F by using a combination of weeding, watering, and shading. Also, one of the golden rules for summer garden maintenance is to keep the soil moist. So if needed, you should water it twice a day. The best time to water the plants is early in the morning when it can easily infiltrate the soil. Another is the late afternoon especially for soil that looks crusty. For maximum water absorption, you must water at the plant’s base. You may also want to put a shade, such as a protective screen in your garden. It can prevent the water from escaping due to evaporation and reduce the surrounding temperature by up to 10 degrees. 4. Pruning: Pruning’s main objective is to get rid of the problem, such as ailing or dead branches. Always make an angled cut, which must be just above but sloping away from a bud above the point where a leaf is attached to a branch. Do not cut close to the bud or it will be damaged and eventually will dry out and die. Also, do not cut too far above a bud because the remaining stub is going to rot away, die, or become an entry point for plant disease. Tips: Inspect the shrubs and trees for any broken or dead branches. You should also look for branches rubbing together because the wounds from those would just expose more surface area that will require more time to heal versus the clean cuts because they become entry points for disease and pests.  So as soon as you notice any broken, rubbing, or dead branches, prune them. 5. Remove Dead Plants: Get rid of dead plants regardless of why they died - natural causes, insect damage, or disease. These plants should be eliminated because they can collect pests to spread around your garden to damage other plants.   Use them in your compost pile if they’re still safe to use it. Taking care of your garden using these simple and easy maintenance tips will help in keeping your plants, flowers, and trees healthy all summer. Remember to prune, water, remove dead plants, ensure the soil is healthy and hire weed removal experts for the perfect summer garden maintenance. Read Also : 3 Amazing Flower Street Garden – How To Design How To Choose The Right Containers For Your Container Garden Lawn Care Maintenance Services And Tips