Top 5 foods for healthier and thicker hair


26 May 2016



Healthy hair is closely related to your diet. We all know that dying and curling your hair can make you more attractive, but those are not the best things for your hair in the long term. What it really needs is essential nutrition. We listed the top 5 foods that will keep making sure it’s as healthy as possible.


Spinach is rich in iron and also contains high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin K, and folate. One of the main causes for hair loss or breakage is a lack of iron. Iron helps in producing red blood cells called hemoglobin, which carry oxygen to different parts of the body and distribute essential minerals and nutrition for our cells to function properly. When iron levels are low, the number of red blood cells is decreased. As a result, our body experiences fatigue and weakness. A decrease in red blood cells means that oxygen is unable to reach derma papilla cells, which are the main source for nourishing hair follicles.


Spinach also contains the highest amount of Vitamin K of any other vegetable. Vitamin K helps blood circulation by preventing blood from getting clogged in the body. One cup of spinach provides about 200% of the daily recommendation of vitamin K.


Salmon is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids. According to, our bodies are not capable of producing Omega 3 fatty acids alone, so it is important to eat foods or hair growth vitamins that include this source.


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Omega 3 fatty acids have a direct link to the health of hair follicles and keep our hair growing stronger by regulating sebum production. More hair care manufacturers are introducing new products that contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is a vital part of Omega 3 fatty acids.


Our hair is largely made of protein but also contains a small number of lipids (a key source of moisture for hair). In order to keep hair in an optimal condition, providing enough protein is essential. Eggs, especially the egg yolks, are loaded with protein and vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 is another important component to nourish follicles and maintain normal hair growth cycles.

Egg yolks are also often used for hair mask treatments as one of the many hair growth natural home remedies. Mixed with a couple of teaspoons of honey or olive oil, the mixture should be applied to your hair (including your scalp) for 20-30 minutes. Cleanse by rinsing it with warm water. This egg hair mask is another great way to strengthen hair and add moisture.

Bell Peppers

Bell paper

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) plays a protective role in the health of our skin and hair. Its antioxidant properties help by preventing harmful free radicals from damaging our body parts. One of the early signs of a lack of Vitamin C is dry skin and breakage of hair according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Bell peppers contain high amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin B-6. One medium-size red bell pepper provides 292% of the suggested daily value of Vitamin C.


Oysters are packed with Zinc (about 30 mg per serving), which plays a vital role in overall human health. Considering the daily intake recommendation for Zinc is 8 to 11 mg, it’s obvious that oysters can be very beneficial.


Zinc helps by contributing to a healthy immune system, cell growth, and renewal of cells for skin, hair, and nails. By regulating appropriate hormone levels, Zinc-rich foods such as oysters can prevent premature hair fallout.

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Hypersensitive Skin

7 Tips for People with Hypersensitive Skin

Maintaining healthy and beautiful skin is not that easy especially for women who go through redness, rashes, and irritation on their skin frequently. However, there is no magic pill that can help you get rid of your sensitive skin. ll of us nowadays, however, want to focus on what we can do to look beautiful. The tips listed on SLSB can aid and advise you to help you achieve the results you desire. Whether that's making your skin more glowing or softer, there's a solution for everything. But we have compiled a list of skincare ideas that can surely aid in minimizing your problem. So follow our tips and have irritation-free skin. 1. A Good Wash: Women often go to bed without washing their face after a hectic day. If you experience pimple or acne frequently maybe this is one of the reasons . Daily your skin contacts with pollution, gasses, and chemicals that can damage your skin. Secondly, women daily use makeup items that are packed with chemicals and some of them are hazardous to your skin if applied for a longer time. Other than this covering skin with makeup fills pores and skin is not able to breathe properly thus results in skin disease. Therefore, wash your face at night with a mild cleanser to washout these elements and avoid any skin breakout issues. 2. Exfoliation: People usually take cleansing and moisturizing skin as a basic skincare routine. However, exfoliation is yet another important step that you must add into your basic skincare regime. Our skin cells live for 28 days and once they are dead the dirt, debris and bacteria easily settles down on them and cause skin irritation. Therefore, exfoliation is required to remove dead skin cells and to bring healthy and new skin to the surface. In addition to this, exfoliation increases blood circulation making sure that skin gets nourished from within. Exfoliation also minimizes pores which help in avoiding breakouts. If you have hypersensitive skin exfoliate your once or twice a month. 3. Using Natural Products:   Finding a suitable product for your skin becomes a big task sometimes especially if you have sensitive skin. Skin products that are readily available in the market are packed with chemicals that can risk your skin's health. Therefore, instead of buying these products find home remedies for your skincare. You can use different ingredients available in your pantry and refrigerator to make different DIY masks. You can make skin scrub by mixing sugar with coconut oil or bee-wax or grounded oats with a base of honey, coffee can also apply with cream to revitalize your skin, tomatoes can be rub on skin to kill bacteria, green tea bags and olive oil have antiseptic properties that can lead to healthier skin. 4. Moisturize:   Whether your skin is dry, oily or combination keeping it moisturized is important. Facial cleansers strip off important moisture from your skin that leads to excessive secretion of sebum and oil from your skin that can lead to skin breakouts. In addition to this moisturizing, your skin creates a wall between skin and bacteria or dirt to get into your pores, smooths your skin and avoids the skin from drying out. 5. Cleanse and Clean: Always keep your makeup implements clean because they not only have makeup build-in them but also bacteria and debris. Using makeup implements without cleaning means transferring them to your skin which will aid in a breakout. Other than this change your pillowcases, bedsheets, and wash or vacuum tour carpeting once a week or twice a month to avoid skin allergies. 6. Choose Your Makeup Wisely: As I have mentioned prior that makeup is full of chemical and can aid in blemishes, acne, irritation or redness especially if you have hypersensitive skin. Therefore, if you are buying any product for the first time always read the label to get familiar with the ingredients. Other than this always goes for a patch test before applying it to your face if there is no reaction you are good to go with it. In addition to this makeup, industry has evolved and has introduced makeup products specially designed for hyper sensitive skin. These products are the mild formula and known as hypoallergenic, non-cosmogenic or dermatologist recommended makeup products that cause no harm to your skin. 7. Stay Hydrated: Staying hydrated is a tip for healthy skin that requires no extra efforts. One must drink 8 glass of water daily. Water cleanses our body from within and washes out toxins that lead to a healthy body and healthy skin ultimately. Read More: Anti Aging Creams – What To Consider Before You Purchase? Top 4 Natural Combination For You To Eliminate Blackheads (Infographics) Top Simple But Effective Ways To Get Your Eyebrows Thicker When You’re Buying Furs, Get The Best   Jane is a girl who is in love with the beauty and makeup products. She has been blogging for many years and makes great recommendations for those who are looking for the latest beauty and makeup tips. You can read her latest post here.

CBD Be Used On Damaged Skin

Can CBD Be Used On Damaged Skin

CBD is available in so many products that you can find a product for all your needs. You can consume CBD products, inhale, or apply them to your skin to get amazing results. CBD creams are available to enhance skin health and make it look fresh, in addition to providing relaxation. However, can you use CBD on damaged skin? A quick answer is yes; you can use CBD ointment to help cure scars and inflammatory skin conditions. Some studies have shown that CBD can also help treat eczema, psoriasis, and acne. CBD creams have anti-inflammatory properties that are useful to help get rid of multiple skin conditions. However, it will help you up to certain limits; some skin conditions might require medical intervention. Nevertheless, you can use CBD creams even if your skin has no damage to keep it fresh and healthy. Does CBD Work? Many people and online reports have shown promising results from CBD cream. Those who used CBD topicals for a prolonged time saw a significant improvement in their skin health. We suggest purchasing CBD cream online from PureKana, which has the best and safest CBD products. The best part about CBD is its quick results. While it takes a long time to show permanent effects, it can still relieve pain or itchiness within minutes. Check the CBD cream's ingredients before using it, as it might contain allergens. You can get these CBD products without a prescription, but we recommend consulting your physician before using them. How Should I Use CBD Topicals? It depends on the product you purchase, as you can get CBD mixed in lotions, CBD oil, and creams. CBD creams show the quickest results, as the CBD quickly dissolves in your skin to give instant relief.  To use the cream, dry the targeted area, and make sure no moisture is on it. Gently apply the CBD topical to that particular area and massage it. You'll get the cold, tingling, or warm feeling based on your product type. It will take around 30 minutes for the effects to wear off, and then you can wash that area. Using a CBD cream five times daily for at least a week will show good results. If you don't have a skin condition, you can still use CBD creams to achieve smooth and fresh skin. Besides cream and lotions, products like CBD patches and bath bombs are also excellent. CBD bath bombs are useful if you want a relaxing bath and help make your entire body smooth and fresh. There is no need to use them every time you take a bath; you can use them once a week to obtain your desired results.  CBD roll-on gels are also available, which are very convenient but expensive. One significant benefit of CBD roll-on is that they are the most potent among all other CBD topicals and the easiest to use. Benefits Of CBD Topicals CBD topicals are best if you want to manage headaches, improve skin health, and get rid of itchiness and cold. Multiple CBD products are available for different purposes; some can even help you get better sleep. You can easily find CBD patches for sleep online; use them on the spot where you feel pain. It takes around 15 minutes to eradicate the pain so you can get a good night's sleep. CBD cream won't make you high since you are not consuming it, and it doesn't contain THC. Additionally, CBD topicals have additional hemp terpenes for additional benefits for the skin. CBD topicals from PureKana also have CBG infused to help fight inflammation. Side Effects Of CBD Topicals CBD itself is safe and has no adverse side effects, one huge reason why US authorities allow using CBD products. However, it does have mild side effects on the skin, like it may cause itchiness and rashes, but they'll all go away quickly. Moreover, don't use CBD products if you already use blood pressure medications or anti-allergens. Final Words Can CBD be used on damaged skin? CBD topicals are the best product to help manage skin problems, but they'll work up until a certain limit. It can cure acne, relieve pain, and keep your skin smooth and fresh, but if you have a skin allergy or other severe skin problems, it's better not to experiment and consult a good dermatologist. Read Also: 4 Health Problems CBD Can Help With3 Reasons To Fall In Love With CBD And YogaHow CBD Oil Can Help You With Pain Management

Spot Patches

Overnight Spot Patches: What They Can And Can’t Do For Acne

Literally, thousands of people get relief from the healing and supportive qualities offered by overnight spot patches. Containing a gentle compound known as hydrocolloid, these little circles of protection not only stop you from picking your pimples but also draw out the toxins inside. However, before you buy any cosmetics-related products, it’s first important to know what they do and what they don’t. This is something that absolutely applies to spot patches, as many people expressing disappointment in the achieved results are not using them properly, as they tend not to know what they do precisely. What CAN Overnight Spot Patches Do? A little like their larger cousin - the blister bandage - acne patches comprise of small stickers with a gummy back that sits right over the zit in question. By providing a protective barrier, the spot is kept clean, while also drawing out pus, dirt, bacteria, and anything else nasty lurking in your pores. Picking is one of the worst things you can do to a zit and patches like these stop it in its tracks - which is very beneficial, as it’s easily done without knowing and it’s something that can undo all your hard work. Used on pimples and other spots that have essentially risen and broken the skin’s surface, they’re usually applied at bedtime (hence the name), meaning you wake up to the somewhat pleasing task of taking them off and seeing what they’ve drawn out. Prior to application, it’s essential that your skin’s surface is totally dry, as you might otherwise find it hard to affix your overnight spot patches to your skin. Should you be trying to treat a freshly-picked spot that’s oozing liquid, you should cleanse it before any patch is applied. Used in this way, acne patches CAN provide vital protection for your spots and help you overcome them. What CAN’T Overnight Acne Patches Do? Well, firstly they can’t make your acne worse, as they’re designed to bring down inflammation. The only negative experience you might have is one of disappointment that you didn’t the intended results, but this is invariable because, again, they’ve been used incorrectly i.e. before the spot has properly erupted. This is the crux of what spot patches can’t do, as they’re created to deal with open or nearly open zits, rather than papules and cysts that are well below the skin’s surface. Truthfully, if they’re applied over deep lesions or active bumps, they’re not going to do a great deal. They’re not going to completely clear your pores either, as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid products are the tools of choice when it comes to that particular task. Related Resource: What You Need to Know About Caring for Your Skin as You Get Older: Your Guide Use Overnight Spot Patches For Their Correct Purpose Why wouldn’t you wear wellington boots to play soccer? That’s right because that’s not what they’re designed for! So, when using zit patches, the same thing applies - they’re for a very specific purpose for a very specific kind of spot. You can’t expect they’re going to do anything else or you will be left disappointed in what they do. Use the product for its intended purpose in the way described and you can’t help but calm down your zit, but if you’re expecting anything else other than a calmer spot with less gunk inside afterward, you’re not going to be happy. Read Also: Are CBD Lotions Good For Your Skin?Is the 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine Worth the Hype?5 Most Exciting Facial Treatments For Smooth & Gorgeous Skin