Towing Mirrors: Everything You Need To Know Right Now

The final destination movie series taught us one thing and that is to steer very clear of big trucks. Can’t say we blame you when you see a trailer truck on the road and change lanes. After all, trailer trucks are very difficult to drive and very vulnerable to road accidents.

Most of the time, the trailer truck driver is unable to see obstacles or cars on the road due to the long length of the truck. This is one of the biggest reasons why there are so many truck accidents nowadays. The major reasons are improper cargo loading, drunk driving, mechanical issues, and visibility issues.

Here, we will talk about visibility issues and how it contributes to unfortunate trailer truck accidents.

What Role Does Improper Visibility Play In Trailer Truck Accidents?

When your trailer or towing truck has some additional weight or cargo loaded on the back, it becomes very difficult to have complete visibility of the traffic behind.

Moreover, standard mirrors do not have the ability to provide a full vision of the load on your truck and the traffic behind the load.

Hence, this blocked visibility is what causes numerous road accidents. Blind spots play a major role in road hazards especially when it comes to trailer trucks and towing. In fact, blind sports are the major reason why towing-related casualties occur. You need to have full and good peripheral vision.

However, this carelessness and disregard for safety and proper vision is the reason why truck road accidents have seen a hike of 52% since 2009. Out of this, 74% of these truck accidents involve big trucks such as trailer trucks.

But, how do we avoid this? We can’t decrease the length of the trailer truck and we certainly can not use the truck for loading cargo. Then, what is a viable solution?

The Solution; Towing Mirrors

What are towing mirrors? Towing mirrors are extendable and attachable rearview mirrors. These mirrors have many features, the most important one being the adjustable length and height of towing mirrors.

Towing mirrors are not just limited to towing truck use, they can be used for trucks with big trailer tails. So, if you want to avoid tow truck and trailer truck-related accidents, you must get towing mirrors for your truck.

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Towing mirrors are so important that in most states, the use of a towing mirror that provides a 200 feet view has become law. For example, in the United States, you are required by law to have a set of towing mirrors that allow a rearview of 200 feet.

This law was passed when trail trucks and tow trucks related accidents and casualties started seeing a spike. A twenty meters view is required from the driver’s position, as stated by the law.

What Are The Benefits Of Towing Mirrors?

Towing mirrors are the best solution for you if your trailer truck or tow truck does not have a good enough standard rearview mirror. And let’s be honest, most of the trucks do not have a satisfactory rearview vision. In shorter and easier-to-understand words, here are some major benefits of towing mirrors.

1. Extended visibility

The first and most important benefit of a towing mirror is the extended vision. When your vehicle has another vehicle or trailer hitched on the back, it will become very difficult to have proper vision. Towing mirrors provide a full and wide peripheral vision.

2. Safety

The normalization of towing mirrors in tow trucks is a major contributing factor to why towing-related accident rates have started going down.

With a wide visibility system installed in big trucks and tow trucks, blind spots are avoided and hence, ensure the safety of not just the driver but also the other drivers in the traffic. Towing mirrors ensures safe driving and there is nothing more important than the safety of human lives.

3. Automatic Heat function

In winters, fog assembles and collects on these extendable mirrors. This is very common in cool areas where there is a lot of snowfall as well.

It is not feasible or convenient to manually wipe rearview mirrors, let alone towing mirrors. This is because towing mirrors are extended to a height where you will have a lot of trouble extending your arm.

Lucky for us, most towing mirrors have an automatic heating function feature. This system clears up the fog gathered on the mirrors automatically. Worry less!

4. Adjustable

Another great feature of towing mirrors is that they are adjustable. Other than height control, towing mirrors have detaching features too. Most caravanners have this question, “do we have to remove the mirror once unhitched?”

The answer is yes. As regulated by law, no obstacle or object is allowed to protrude 150 mm from the sides of the vehicle. Hence, it is important that you detach your towing mirrors when not in use to avoid hefty fines. Luckily, towing mirrors are detachable and you can easily install and reinstall them.

5. Blind spot display system

The recent and newer models of towing mirrors have a camera under the towing mirror. This camera further enhances the vision of the road and the load attached to your vehicle and makes blind spots very visible to you, even at night. This is called the blind spot display system.  The camera image is displayed on the screen of the center console.

6. Legal requirement

Lastly, as we have discussed before that many states have made it compulsory to have a towing mirror installed in your tow truck or trailer. If you are seen violating these laws, you will be fined heavily. Each mirror infringement gives you a £1,000 fine.

However, it is important to note that you are only legally restricted to use towing mirrors when there is a load hitched to your vehicle. If you keep towing mirrors on otherwise, you will be violating other traffic laws.



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