Mirror Decorating Ideas To Style Your Bathroom


Obviously, mirrors are a necessity in every modern bathroom, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the plain, unfashionable medicine cabinet mirror that probably came with your house. So get rid of that rinky-dink mirror collecting hard water stains, it’s time to design.

Why You Should Use Mirrors To Decorate

Mirrors are actually a great opportunity to add some personality and stylistic flair to any bathroom, and they’re not limited to just by your sink. Because mirrors are affordable and come in such a wide variety of designs, its easy to make your bathroom look like it was decorated by a professional interior designer at an incredibly low cost.

The best thing about mirrors is that they make a room look twice as big. A large, bold mirror above a pedestal sink will make the entire bathroom look cleaner and brighter, and a mirror above the bathtub or inside the shower will give you convenient places to make sure you’re thoroughly clean. Then, placing a wide full-length mirror where most of the light comes from can make your bathroom look bigger.

Home Mirror Bathroom

Home Mirror Bathroom

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Some decorators have even taken the biggest plunge of all and made their entire bathroom ceiling one big mirror. Now, there’s no need to go that crazy, in fact, when it comes to mirrors less is more. A few simple guidelines is all you need to give your bathroom the personality you want.

Design Elements of Bathroom Mirror


Most of the design elements of a mirror aren’t directly on the mirror itself (it couldn’t be, otherwise it wouldn’t be a useful mirror). Rather, some or even all of the design will be on the shape of the mirror itself and the border that surrounds it. These two design elements are what you’ll be looking at when decorating your bathroom.

First, think about what you want to express with your decoration. Do you want your bathroom to be elegant and sophisticate or breezy and carefree? What you want will depend entirely on your own tastes and personality so there’s no such thing as a wrong answer. Don’t be afraid to be bold, and remember that you’re the one that will be using this bathroom day in and day out, so above all else you are the one that has to like it the most.


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Next, consider existing design elements in your bathroom. What paint color is your bathroom walls? What tile patterns are there? What color are your cabinets and other fixtures? You’ll want to pick a mirror that complements these already existing elements, otherwise your mirror will look out of place. With that said, make sure you don’t do the opposite either. Don’t get a mirror that exactly matches a paint, tile, or cabinet color, or else your mirror will disappear into the background, becoming part of a boring and homogenous design.

Bathroom Mirror For Your Own Style


Keep the shapes visible in your bathroom in mind as well. If you have square tiles throughout your bathroom, an oval shaped mirror will clash, and your eyes won’t know where to focus on. For square and rectangular tiles, mirrors that are themselves square or rectangular are best. If you simply must have a circular mirror, then get a mirror that’s laid into a square or rectangular frame or border.bathroom-mirror-for-your-own-style

If you’re looking for a more elegant, bold, and sophisticated book, then large, rectangular mirrors with sleek and simple borders made of metal would be best. The wider the border around the mirror the greater the impact. In fact, sometimes mirror borders are too big, and they accidentally become the center point of the entire bathroom. There nothing inherently wrong with that, so long as you intended for that to happen. Remember, accidental design is not design. It’s just happy coincidence. Of course if you happen to stumble upon the perfect design, then there’s no harm in taking all the credit. I won’t tell.


If you’re looking for a more casual and breezy look, then instead of one large mirror, you would be better suited to two or three smaller mirrors . These mirrors can be rectangular, but don’t be afraid to experiment with circular and even triangular mirrors. As for borders, any material will do so long as it’s brightly colored. Light teals and blues are wonderful colors for creating an airy space.


No matter what your design aesthetic is, fully embrace it. Don’t be afraid to come off a bit weird in your design. Designing and decorating are very personal and unique acts. No two people will design the same space identically.

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