Natural Latex Mattress Vs Foam Mattress


27 September 2018

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There are several different kinds of mattresses in the market today. Among them, natural latex foam mattress and memory foam mattresses seem to be the most popular If you are considering purchase either of them, it is essential to know the differences between the two before making your decision.

All About Natural Latex Mattress:

This kind of mattress is believed to offer more elasticity, thereby offering more bounce and faster response time. Latex mattresses usually come in different varieties like synthetic, natural and blended options. Latex foam is often manufactured using the Talalay or Dunlop process.

A natural latex mattress, unlike other latex mattresses, is manufactured using only raw late. The raw latex is harvested from rubber trees and put through a process to create the required foam layers. A natural latex mattress that is certified organic is believed to have used only pure materials during the manufacture, along with minimal gassing.

Why People Prefer Natural Latex Mattresses:

Latex mattresses offer a more generalized compression around your body, unlike memory foam mattresses. Many people prefer this over the enveloped or stuck feeling that is caused by memory foam mattresses. In fact, the extra bounce offered by latex mattresses gives a lighter feeling as well. Latex mattresses also have lesser heat retention, allowing you to sleep comfortably even during the hot months of summer. The air pockets in the latex foam help cool the mattress and bring down the heat in general.

All About Memory Foam Mattresses:

A memory foam mattress is manufactured with polyurethane along with other materials. This helps create the viscoelastic feeling that you experience as you lay down on the mattress. It is important to understand that memory foam is not made from a single material, in fact, it is a combination of several materials. This is why memory foams can satisfy different requirements like:

  • Be of any kind of firmness
  • Be of different densities
  • A range of response times
  • Fully or partially infused with gel beads, gel or other materials
  • Aerated, molded, cut or convoluted

Why People Prefer Memory Foam Mattresses:

The viscoelasticity feature offered by memory foam allows the mattress to take on every contour and shape of the body. This helps offer proper support t the entire body. People who use memory foam mattresses often have a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed the next day morning without any complaint of the back neck or other chronic pain. People who suffer from the pressure point related point can benefit a lot from switching to memory foam mattresses.

However, memory foam mattresses tend to overheat and retain heat which makes it uncomfortable for some people. This is why mattress designers have introduced gel layers, gel infused foam, cooling fabrics and convoluted foam in memory foam mattresses. This helps overcome the heat retaining issue, enabling customers to enjoy their sleep without warming up too much.

Natural Latex Vs. Memory Foam Mattresses:

Before making your final decision, think about what you are looking for in your mattress. If you are looking for more bounce, with faster response time, and natural mattress, then the Natural Latex Mattress is your answer. In fact, many companies also offer latex mattress in India.

However, if you are looking for something with deep compression support, slower response time, made with varied materials, viscoelasticity feature, then a Memory Foam Mattress is the best choice. At the end of the day, the final decision lies with you as per your personal requirements as well as your budget. You can easily visit any nearby store and try out both these mattresses to find out which one you are more comfortable with.

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8 Plumbing Myths Busted

8 Plumbing Myths Busted

Plumbing is an essential part of any home although it is something that most would pay attention to if something goes wrong. Ranging from leaks to busted garbage disposals, folks turn to temporary measures to address the problem and only call the professional plumbers once all else fails. Aware of the multiple problems plumbing fixtures can cause, some household employ maintenance beliefs that have proven not to be entirely effective. Folks have been left under the impression that several of them actually improve their piping and fixtures but conversely cause more harm than good. That said, below are some of the mythical stuff tied up to plumbing. Some may make sense although they do carry consequences that can be good or bad. 1. Placing bricks in the toilet to conserve water : Making sure that the toilet properly functions is a must to ensure that water is not wasted. This includes making sure that the stopper closes properly to avoid water from continuously flowing. The amount of water that goes through it is key. So would having less stored water be equivalent to savings? Using logic, it does make a bit of sense although it alters the proper water stored in the tank. Also, a brick dilapidates over time. At some point, it could affect parts of a toilet and end up wasting more water and money. 2. Limiting a dripping faucet prevents water bill from escalating : A drip may not matter much but it does translate to unwanted expenses. Some have toyed with the notion that wrapping a piece of cloth or sticking a small piece of wood to somehow clog and lessen water that goes down could save some cents. Small or not, such does not address the problem. The fact here is that unless a plumber actually stops the drip or leak, money is wasted. 3. Plumbing can be a simple DIY job : Again, this belief is a temporary solution. Some could change faucets or pipes although some of the little things are overlooked. One example is the placement of Teflon to make sure that water does not seep through. Leaks may not show at first but eventually will due to continuous usage and fixture depreciation. 4. Flushable Wipes pose no threat : There are some who claim that wipes are flushable. But the fact here is that they are still solid. Some assume that being branded as septic-safe translates to them being biodegradable. The truth is that despite those claims, they cause clogging just the same. Hence, the best way is to dispose of them the traditional way – that is through the waste can and not down the drain. 5. Flushing dead goldfish is safe : Folks who take care of pet fish often find themselves wondering how to dispose of them. The common way for most is to flush them down the toilet. However, this is provided that they are really dead. Flushing living fish down while they are alive could lead to dire consequences such as affecting the eco-system which could end up being contaminated by them. 6. Plungers may not always save the day : When clogs occur, the simple recourse is to use a plunger to free up the drain. It does resolve the problem at first but there is that chance that the blockage may get worse. Should recurring clogging happen, it would be best to seek the help of a professional plumber? Besides, it takes the stress and worries away once the actual reason for the clog is addressed right? 7. Egg shells or Ice cubes can sharpen garbage disposal blades : Most believe that throwing down ice cubes or eggshells can benefit from a garbage disposal. However, this does not include sharpening them. Rather, ice cubes and/or eggshells can help resolve the bad odor garbage disposal may give out. But as far as sharpening the blades, this does not follow. 8. Pouring grease down the drain is helpful with boiling water : There are certain forms of liquids that can be poured down the drain and some that should not. Grease or fats are one of the most common ones that are discouraged since they would end up clogging the pipes. Although most are aware, adding some boiling water has led most to believe that clogged drains would be avoided. But the truth is that grease or any fat-containing liquid will compromise any sink. Boiling water does not really help meaning grease and other fatty substances should be disposed of using the trash bin and not through sinks. There are plenty other plumbing myths going around such as a rumbling heater that could end up exploding or using lemon peels to freshen up stinky disposals. Like most of the enumerated ones above, they are either temporary measures or things that could lead to disaster, leaving most to possibly face higher repair costs than average. When any plumbing related problem occurs, it would be best to call the pros for best (and reasonable) results. Some claim that they are never around when you need them, probably a reason why most should have their plumbing checked regularly – regardless if there are signs of issues or not. Read Also : Mirror Decorating Ideas To Style Your Bathroom Best Ways To Maintain A Shower Cabin 5 Easy Ways To Detect A Water Leak In Your Home

the ottoman

The Versatility Of The Ottoman Makes It A Must-Have

The ottoman is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture available. You can use them in just about any room – living room, dining room, kitchen, den. An ottoman is comfortable, flexible seating for kids and adults, a handy footrest, a makeshift coffee table, and may also double as storage. Ottomans were first introduced into Europe in the 18th century from Turkey. At the time, Turkey was the heart of the Ottoman Empire, hence the strange name of this piece of furniture. Its comfort and flexibility meant that it soon took off in European parlors, especially in Britain. How many ways are there to use an ottoman? These are just a few ideas to get you started. 1. Coffee Table : Whether your ottoman is leather, upholstered, or wicker, you can quickly transform it into a coffee table. Use a classic wood or metal tray to set down food and drinks and you can enjoy coffee or breakfast with a book on the sofa. This is a great idea for smaller spaces where both an ottoman and a coffee table would take up too much room. 2. Kitchen Table Seating : Want to add some unique flair to your kitchen table? Use a pair of ottomans as kitchen table seating, especially paired with two traditional chairs on the other side to add some dynamic asymmetry and character to your kitchen table. Leatherworks well here as it’s easy to clean. 3. Movable Living Room Seating : One of the great things about an ottoman is that many are lightweight and easy to move around. This makes them a great solution for adjustable living room seating. If you have kids or regularly invite over guests, they bring the flexibility you wish you had in a living room when you sit down to watch a movie or the game or gather around a table to play a board game. You won’t have guests sitting on the floor. The flexibility of the ottoman makes it a must-have in any living room. If you have a living room with limited space, you can also tuck ottomans away for everyday use and bring them out when you need extra chairs. 4. End of the Bed : Need seating in your bedroom that’s not just the bed? An ottoman tucked at the end of the bed gives you a place to sit while you change or get ready in the morning. It can also become a convenient place to put all those outfits you pulled out of the closet and decided against at the last minute. Many ottomans also open and turn into storage space. A hinged top ottoman provides extra storage space in the bedroom when your dresser just isn’t big enough. 6. Footrests : You don’t need to get creative with ottomans to enjoy them. Use your ottoman as a classic footrest and kick up your feet after a long day at work or with the kids. In fact, using a footrest when you relax might even help with back pain. Bring an ottoman into your home and enjoy flexible furniture. Read Also : Relax In Style In The Comfort Of Your Homes Choosing The Right Roof For Your Home – Types To Select From What To Know About Your Furnace Filters


Ducted Cooling Systems For Superior Control

The choice between ducted or split air conditioning systems can be narrowed down by considering the specific requirements.  If you intend to spend more of your time indoors, it would be a good option to go in for ducted air conditioning systems.  Some of the advantages include better energy efficiency, improved cooling and smart interfaces for better optimization and control.   Another advantage of using ducted air conditioning is the ability to do away with multiple systems and installation. Installation at the time of construction : Ducted air conditioning systems need to be typically installed at the time of construction. While it is actually possible to also install the systems after the construction, it would require a certain level of modification and changes to the decor. By relying on the services of a professional service provider, it would be easy to ensure that the whole process comments and concluded without any hassles, in the most cost-effective manner. Active liaison with architects and contractors : The featured site offers specialist air conditioning services for the installation of ducted systems. This is achieved by liaison with architects and contractors who are involved in the construction of the premises. By discussing and working in tandem with architects and contractors,  the service is able to install the ducted systems in a manner that improves the aesthetics of the building while offering maximum cooling efficiency.  Installation of ducted systems during the construction itself will keep the cost of installation low while offering homeowners the option of choosing the best decor for their homes. Combine with smart solutions : One of the highlights of this ducted system is the ability to combine it with smart solutions.  This means that individual rooms can be optimized with customizing settings as far as cooling efficiency or requirements are concerned.  For instance, if a particular room has a number of people at a given time, it is possible for the user to readjust the settings remotely thereby increasing the cooling efficiency within the particular room.  Similarly, if a common area is typically used for a specific time, it is possible to set timers for that particular room.  This will ensure that power consumption will be reduced, without affecting the need for cooling. Reduction in noise levels : With the ducted system, homeowners need not have to put up with heavy noise levels.  And these systems typically require the installation of a single unit.  This is a huge advantage when compared to split systems which will require multiple units and separate controlling mechanisms for each individual unit.  Split systems are suitable for homes where the requirement is only for a limited number of rooms.  If there is a need for cooling for very large premises, it would be a better option to choose ducted systems.  Retrofitting involves additional costs : However, homeowners need to consider the fact that retrofitting of ducted systems may involve additional costs of redoing the interiors after the retrofitting installation is completed.  It is always a better option to use ducted systems at the time of construction itself.  If you find the need to retrofit an existing premise, it would be a good idea to use the services of an expert to analyze and give you the best options in terms of cost-effectiveness and cooling efficiency. Read Also: What To Look For With Stroke Treatment In Dallas Online Ordering Systems Setting the Trend for Restaurants