9 Feng Shui Tips for a Calmer Kitchen

Calmer Kitchen

Everybody wants a little more health and prosperity in their lives.

Kitchen feng shui is one of the ways to do it and it isn’t as difficult as you might think.

In feng shui, the kitchen symbolizes wealth and prosperity. As the place where your food is prepared, it also symbolizes nourishing and sustaining life.

Try incorporating these 9 kitchen feng shui tips into your home. With good Chi energy flowing, things just might take a turn for the better.

1. Location :

If your house is already built, you can’t do much about the location of your kitchen. But if you’re building a new home or planning to remodel, keep these location-related kitchen feng shui tips in mind. If you’re remodeling in anticipation of a sale, read this blog for more ideas.

The best location for the kitchen is not the same in every home. Feng shui principles consider the age of the home and the direction (on the compass) that the house is facing. They even consider astrological elements at the time of the home’s construction.

Because of this complexity, choosing the right location can be very difficult. It is best to ask for the recommendation of a reputable feng shui practitioner.

2. Colors :

Feng shui has something to say about the color scheme that you choose for your kitchen. You want your kitchen to have a warm, inviting feel and good energy to it. An easy way to accomplish that is to pick the right colors.

Yellow is an excellent kitchen feng shui color as it is thought to be good for digestion. Choose a shade anywhere from soft butter to vibrant squash.

Many people like the freshness of a white kitchen. You can do it, but make sure you balance it with something warm, like warm wood tones.

Earth tones make great, soothing kitchen colors as well. For an energetic pop, try combining earth tones with a gentle sky blue. It’s easy to overdo the blue, though so take care.

In an existing kitchen, it’s easy to repaint the walls. And something as simple as adding your own tile splashback (in the right color, of course) can really change how the room looks.

3. Balance the Elements :

The materials that you use when building your kitchen are important. In most kitchens, 4 of the 5 Chinese elements will appear naturally. These are:

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water
  • Wood

The stove brings fire and granite or tile countertops bring the earth. Many appliances are made of metal and there’s water running from the sink.

If you have real wood cabinets, you’ve got all 5. If you don’t, it’s as simple as bringing in a potted plant to balance them all.

4. Keep Things Working :

The golden rule of feng shui is to ensure that Chi energy is flowing well. This is the universal life force and it is the power behind feng shui.

In order to keep the energy flowing well in your kitchen, keep things working. If you have a leaky faucet, fix it. Check to make sure cabinet doors swing open properly.

You should even take it so far as to throw out chipped bowls or cracked dishes. Plus, make sure your knives are sharpened. Taking care of your things helps good energy flow and helps you take care of yourself.

5. Keep it Clean :

Along the same vein, you should keep your kitchen clean. There are several important tasks you should do every day.

Keep the counters cleared off and clean. Only store appliances you use every day on the counter.

We’ll talk more about this in a minute, but your stove is important in feng shui, so keep it spotless. Wash the sink often and keep the fridge clean.

On occasion, you’ll need to do a deep clean. Pull everything out of your cabinets and clean out the back corners. You may even want to put down new shelf liners if necessary.

6. Keep it Orderly and Organized :

As you put everything back, organize it. Put similar things together. For example, put sweet spices together on one side of the cupboard and savory on the other.

Adjust the shelves to make the most of your storage space. Put taller items together in a tall space and fill a short space with little items.

If you don’t already have them, add some space savers. Lazy susans, stacking shelves and tray racks are all helpful items.

Toss out items that you don’t use any more. What is the point of cluttering up your cupboards with unnecessary stuff?

7. Fill It Up with Healthy Food :

Promote health and wellness by filling your kitchen with healthy food. Organic, fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent choices.

Not only is the nutrition good for you, but also they bring healthy healing vibrations from the earth. This type of energy is very good for your body.

8. Add Some Life :

Bring life into your kitchen by setting out something living. This helps to bring positive energy into the mix. A petite potted plant, a vase of fresh blooms, or a bowl of fruit all work nicely.

9. Use a Mirror Over the Stove :

In feng shui, the stove is a very strong symbol. Not only does it represent fire, but is a very powerful symbol of wealth. Treat your stove with respect by keeping it clean. Promote the flow of Chi energy by using all of your burners.

To further magnify the effect, hang a mirror over your stove. This is a great way to effectively “double” your store’s presence in the kitchen.

Proper Kitchen Feng Shui :

Proper kitchen feng shui is an important element in feng shui for your home as a whole.

Thankfully, just following these simple tips will help Chi energy to flow more freely, enriching your home and your life.

Try a few and let us know how it works out in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

Don’t forget to check out our home and garden section for more great tips!

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How To Clean Your House Quickly And Efficiently: The kitchen, washrooms, bedrooms, and TV lounge in the home need to be cleaned and considered wholly. Because these are the rooms in the house that you utilize the most, and thus, they require the most attention. The following are some useful tips you can implement into the cleaning process to make your house shine: Here are some home cleaning tips: 1. Removing the Garbage You will no doubt have several garbage bags and dustbins around the house. Most of the accumulation of trash will be in the kitchen area, and the bin you use on a daily basis. Nevertheless, for effective rubbish removal, you must place a protective layer of cardboard or plastic at the bottom of the bin. It will make sure that when you want to clean out the trash, the extra layering at the bottom keeps it clean from any liquids or leaking. Thus, you can simply rinse out the bin and leave it to dry. 2. Decluttering the Vanity We are all at fault for bombarding our vanity with multiple items and then never really finding a place for them. Your vanity is usually covered with cosmetics, skincare items, and other accessories. The continuation of throwing everything on it at the end of the day will never make it clean or organized. So, you have to be responsible here and declutter immediately. Get rid of those items you never use and have been laying there for well over a year. Keep those items in storage that you seldom use, like in drawers or boxes. And for daily-use products, you can organize them in front of the mirror so you can use them first thing in the morning and when you come back at night. 3. Cleaning Window TracksA dirty window track will make the ambiance of your home look off-putting. When the weather is nice, so you want to keep the windows open. Therefore, you should go out of your way to clean and scrub the window track beforehand. Vacuum the area first and then use an old toothbrush to push out the dirt. Follow this up with a spray cleaner and wiping with some paper towels for the cleanest look. 4. Disinfecting Surfaces Wiping down the hard surfaces in your house is the main way to ensure detailed cleaning. The countertops, cabinets, doorknobs, bookshelves, and appliances all need to be addressed as these are the surfaces we touch the most throughout the day. You need to disinfect them to avoid delivering germs to one another and then wipe them down with a wet cloth. The disinfectant can be made at home with apple cider vinegar and some water for maximum efficiency. 5. Descaling the Coffee Maker The coffeemaker that you use every day should also be cleaned as a part of your home. You will find the accumulation of caked on minerals within the machine, and these can be removed easily with a few simple steps. Use a mixture made from vinegar and water and let the solution brew. Let it sit inside the pot for thirty minutes and then repeat the cycle. You can rinse with clean water once you are done, and find that your coffeemaker is as good as new. 6. Restoring the Dishwasher Excess food and dirt particles tend to build up inside most dishwashers. For a proper clean, you need to habitually clean out the appliance and make sure that bits of food are not present in the interior. The bottom rack usually has the most leftover food that you need to clean out before you put in new dishes. Simply remove with a paper towel to ensure that there is no food or odor left and then start the cycle. 7. Dusting with the Dryer All the blankets, pillows, curtains and drapes you have in your home hold a lot of dust as time passes. Cleaning this dust is simple if the fabric is machine washable, and you can simply put them in the washing machine. You can launder these twice a year, or if you do not have washable fabric, you can take the help of your dryer. 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If you’ve been shopping for range hoods, you’ve noticed that brass hoods are beautiful and come in a range of styles and types.You may have a good idea of what you want your hood to look like in your kitchen but have no idea how to actually choose the right one.You should consider what kind of ventilation and exhaust you will need, where you plan to place your hood, and what added figures would simplify your life.Here are a few ways to narrow down the list to the right brass range hoods for your kitchen:Top 4 Ways of Selecting The Right Brass Range Hood For Kitchen:1. Ranges Hoods for Homes with DuctsThe ultimate function of a range hood is to ventilate the smoke and particulates that come from cooking. You’ll want to consider whether you need ventilation in the unit or hook up the unit to your existing ventilation.Many homes have full external venting. A fan will push air and smoke up through ductwork and into the attic or outside of the house. Unless you are building your home or fully remodeling your kitchen, you probably already have this setup.You will need to decide if you want an integrated or remote blower on your brass range hood. An integrated blower will be located in the range hood itself. A remote blower will be located in the attic or somewhere along with the ductwork. A remote blower is generally quieter, as long as you have a space to set it up.2. Range Hoods for Homes without DuctsIf you don’t have a duct system in your house, you can choose a brass range hood and install a ductless fan kit. A ductless fan will filter and recirculate the air to clean and deodorize it before releasing it back into the room.Under-cabinet hoods use this type of ventilation, but you can also purchase the island and wall-mounted units with this type of fan.For ductless units, it’s important to decide what kind of filter you will use. Charcoal, fiber, or ribbed plastic filters are common types.Aluminum mesh filters are washable, have fibers to remove contamination, and are more expensive in the short term but reusable and more cost-effective in the long term. Charcoal filters are the most common but have to be replaced about twice a year.Related: Design your Kitchen According to Your Budget and Work in an Organized Manner3. Consider Added FeaturesIn addition to choosing your favorite style, your brass range hood might also serve as an additional light in the kitchen.A large range hood will cast a shadow over your cooking space, so you’ll want to install LED, fluorescent, or other bright light bulbs. You can also add a pot rail on some units to hold your pans.4. Purchase a Brass Range Hood for Function, Love It for DesignNow that you know how to choose the functional components of your brass range hood, you can shop online and order one with your favorite style and finish.The simple process takes a few clicks and some custom measurements. In no time, you’ll have the perfect range hood for your kitchen.Additionals:Small Kitchen Storage Ideas5 Types Of Kitchen CabinetsRemodeling Tips for New Homeowners8 Campfire Cooking Essentials For a Camp Kitchen That Crackles