Important Things to Transport during a Relocation


25 October 2017

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Transport during a Relocation

Moving to a new house means a lot of packing and transporting. If you are someone who owns a lot of items, then you are going to have to spend a considerable amount of time sorting your belongings out. Even though this process might seem a bit tedious, you need to do it properly. If you are not careful enough, your belongings can easily get damaged or misplaced. When moving these items, the following are some things that you need to pay extra attention to.

Antiques and Valuables

As you may already know, these kinds of items not only have a significant monetary worth but also tend to have emotional value too. So, you have to make sure that they are transported safely. It is best to keep these kind of valuable items together. Try to put them in the same boxes so that it will be easier when you unpack. If you are concerned about the safety of certain items, it is best to speak to the moving agency beforehand to raise your concerns. This way, you will know that they will be extra careful during the moving process.


If you are moving halfway across the country, then you might definitely not want to drive the vehicle to your house all by yourself. If you have to drive far, it is best to hire a professional to do it since you might be already tired and sleepy. So, you need to find companies that offer car transport from Sydney to Darwin. This way, you will be able to make sure that your vehicle will be moved to the new house by a reliable third party. This will enable you to travel to your new home in peace.


When it comes to furniture, there is going to be a lot of items that you will have to sort out.  In this case, it is best to use professional help. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that all items are packed in a proper manner. For example, the edges of the tables and other furniture need to be covered so that they will not get damaged easily. If you do not do the packing properly, they can definitely get scratched or dented. So, if you do not know how to do it, it is best to hire a professional. Moreover, when you load the furniture to the truck, make sure to position them in a safe and smart manner.

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Kitchen Appliances

Another important thing that is susceptible to damage is kitchenware. Things such as mugs, plates and other cutlery items can easily break or crack. So, you need to make sure that they are properly packed and placed in the truck. Do not keep them right at the bottom of the pile as they will be more susceptible to damage down there. Placing heavy items on top of such vulnerable items is not a smart thing to do. Labelling the boxes with such items will also help the moving professionals to be extra careful with them.

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Apart from these, there are also other belongings that you need to be concerned about. This includes your books, office items, clothes and even your plants from the garden. Think about the individual needs of each of these categories to make sure that they will be transported in a safe and efficient manner.

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Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance: Cheap Online Pool Supplies

When the summer heat starts kicking in, doesn’t it feel good to jump into the pool? Spending hours in the soothing water, swimming, and having a relaxing time takes all the summer heat away. And if you have a pool in your backyard, you can go swimming anytime you want, right? The only problem is, keeping the pool clean and hygienic to swim. If you are getting inside the water, it’s essential to make sure the water won’t harm your skin or hair. Pool cleaning and maintenance are almost as important as taking a bath every day. The easiest way is to follow a certain procedure and regular practices to keep the water clean. You might also want to buy some cleaning chemicals. While pool cleaning can get a bit costlier, there are some easy-to-use and cheap online pool supplies available to save your day. Here is how you can maintain the pool and enjoy a swim round anytime in a day. Pool Maintenance Basics - Maintaining a pool is a three-step process and is pretty easy once you get used to it. Step 1: Water Circulation As much as the water keeps circulating, the pool is going to stay healthy. The water will carry any invisible dirt and debris towards the filters to keep itself clean and harmless. Ideally, the pool filters and pumps should keep the water running all the time. But considering the electricity situation, that might not be possible. It will be cheaper if you follow a certain timetable to keep the water running. The best solution would be to turn on filters and pumps during the night hours till the morning. A good 8-hour routine would be enough for water circulation. Step 2: Cleaning The Pool and Equipment The circulating water will carry and trap any debris into the pump baskets and filters. To maintain those tools functioning, clean all the pump baskets and filters. You might have sand filters or cartridge filters. Cleaning both the filters is easy and doesn’t need a lot of work. There are some automatic, robotic vacuum cleaners and filters that can do the cleaning themselves so that you can invest in that as well. Now, to clean the pool, first, pick up the skimmer and get all the visible debris out. Then brush and clean the walls, steps, ladders to get rid of any collected dirt that might harm the water. Brushing on alternate days would be a good idea. Cleaning can never be enough, be more generous in this step. Shine the pool and the water. Step 3: Pool Chemistry Pool Chemistry might sound tricky and complex to understand for beginners. But it isn’t. A couple of sanitizers and chemicals are going to help you maintain the pH of the water. Ideally, the pH of the pool water should be between 7.2 to 7.6, and the alkalinity range should be 100-150 ppm. Get some pool test strips to test these ranges and use the chemicals accordingly. Have pool chlorine and dispensers in handy all the time. If you have a saltwater pool, then you can get salt supplies at a cheaper rate online at Watson’s. Test the water every other day to make sure it’s safe to enter. Final Words: Pool cleaning and maintenance activity is actually as fun as swimming. Once you understand and sync into the whole process, it’s quite easy to do it at least once a week. Get into the cleaning mode, and your pool will stay functional for a longer time. Next time you host a party, your pool will be shining with crystal clear water. Read Also: Top 5 Tips in Designing Your Swimming Pool Renting a villa in Malta with a private pool 5 Hotel Housekeeping Tricks You Need To Clean Your Bathroom

Electric Mattress

What You Need to Know About Electric Mattress Pad

There isn’t much about heating mattress pads on the Internet. At least, not the ones that provide proper guidance and explanations about the electric mattress pad. But here, we’d like to show you everything you need to know and how to make your choice between a heating mattress pad and blanket. Let’s start with a brief introduction to most electric mattress pads. Just a brief reminder that this guide may not apply to all kinds of electric mattress pads and it may differ from one to another. Introduction : In order to stay comfortable and warm throughout winter nights, electric mattress pads can be of great importance. They create a warm haven for you before you sleep. Can you remember the shivers you experience from climbing on a freezing bed? That’s the kind of thing an electric mattress pad eliminates. A single electric mattress pad uses 60-90 watts per side. That’s equal to 120-180 watts for both sides and cost around 2-3 cents if put on for the whole night. The cost can differ between states and country. Typically, people prefer to buy electric blankets when they are faced with the choice. A blanket keeps you warm while insulating the heat in your body. We’ll delve a bit more into this topic later in this article. Is It Safe? The first question that many people are concerned about when it comes to electrical mattresses, pads or blankets is whether they are safe. Having electrical current running under you for the next 8 hours when you’re unconscious can sound scary. Moreover, there has been a circulating rumor that electrical blankets and pads can cause cancer. Let’s dismiss the myth and understand the real problem of heating mattress pads. The Myth about Cancer : The rumor that electrical mattress pads can cause cancer isn’t new. A lot of people decided to stop using them altogether because they fear that this rumor is true. Some people even believe them to be very true and zealously preach it. Here’s the fact: multiple studies have been done to investigate if this is true or not. So far, we know that electrical blankets and mattresses emit small electromagnetic waves and the real question lies in whether this small current can cause that big of a problem. Studies were done on electric blankets, which are more commonly used. Two studies featured by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), particularly on elder and younger women, showed that there is no positive correlation between breast cancer and the use of an electric blanket. Another different NCBI study creates a conclusion that there is no evidence to support that the use of electric blankets can exacerbate endometrial cancer. Fire Hazard : A lot of people ask if an electric mattress pad can become the cause of a fire at home. There are usually 3 factors that will lead to a fire. The first would be an external flame. If you set it on fire, it will be on fire. The second would be an overheating system. If the weather is warm enough, don’t turn on the AC and then make that into a reason to use your mattress pad. In the case that during the night, your AC fails to perform and your pad starts heating up, it may cause a fire. The third would be a faulty product or exposed wire. In this case, the damaged wires are exposed to the mattress pad without the insulation. It will cause a fire if not turned off right away. Heat Stroke : There have been a couple of heatstroke cases with electric blankets. While this may not be as dangerous or intense with mattress pads, it’s worth remembering to control the temperature of your mattress pad. Rather than turning the dial to the max just to get it warm quick, set it in a lower mode earlier to warm up the bedding. Pregnant Women, Be Careful : So far, a study on pregnant women that sleep with electric blanket and mattress does not show an increased rate of spontaneous abortion. However, it does suggest an increased rate of pregnancy loss during the early stage of pregnancy or conception. It's Effect on Your Mattress : There’s no correct answer to this. The use of a heating pad can or cannot affect your mattress. Each manufacturer has different suggestions for its users to ensure they enjoy the maximum benefits. However, there are several things to consider. Memory foam without gel naturally traps heat once you’re on the bed. It’s one of their unique qualities resulting from its highly dense structure. If you do not like cold brick feel when you get on the bed, raising up the thermostat before entering the bedroom and dialing it down when you sleep will work great. There are manufacturers that will tell you their memory foam mattress won’t last long with a heating pad and to do this instead. The bigger population believes that there is some sort of negative effect when you use an electric mattress pad on your memory foam. All the money that you invested will go down the drain if you put an extra layer on top of it. There are even smaller groups that believe the extra heat will not do good to your mattress. No known problem is seen with using a heating mattress pad on a latex foam mattress, so go ahead and use it. All the Different Features : Different manufacturers have different mattress pad designs. They depend on your preferences and also flexibility as well as cost. Comfort : The comfort we’re talking about is whether you can feel the cords on your back or not. Some electric pads are very thick and you can feel the lines of the cords running through your back. It can be uncomfortable and distracting when you’re about to sleep. If you’re asking whether it’ll prevent you from experiencing the comfort of your original mattress, don’t worry. Most of the time, it doesn’t affect that much and you won’t be able to feel the difference if you choose a high-quality mattress pad. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a heating pad that is also meant to replace the top of your mattress, you want to look for the ones with more padding. Several brands offer their electrical mattress pad with 9 ounces of padding to ensure comfort and you won’t feel any discomfort. Cords and Wires : We have to be extra safe when we’re talking about putting a pad under us that’s running on electricity throughout the night. Several electric mattress pads make it important to ensure that the power outlet is properly attached by designing a locking mechanism. It keeps the plug fit and locked and helps you sleep better with fewer worries about it. Before buying, check out the reviews to see if there are any complaints on faulty wires or fire incidents. Such things can happen when you buy the product through delivery mode, which may mean that the damage could happen during transport. Before using, ensure that all the cords and wires are still in perfect condition. There shouldn’t be any tear marks or exposed wires. Test the mattress pad before sleeping to ensure that there is no smoke or unusual things with your pad. Remove it immediately if you notice anything wrong. Flexibility : Different manufacturers, such as LatexBear, offer different types of heating options on their mattress. Some come with dials that offer various range of modes, temperature, and other features. Others may come with more limited options but still focuses on heating up the mattress for you. Read Also : The Best Memory Foam Mattresses For Staying Cool This Summer Five Easy Steps When Cleaning Your Mattress How To Choose Mattress For Overweight Person

Home Office

Transform Your Garage into a Home Office

Working from home is becoming more and more popular and widely spread, and in the times of the global pandemic, for some, it is even becoming a necessity. If you live with your family – parents, partner, kids, pets – this can be a really challenging task, especially if you do not have a separate work and study room. However, you can turn to alternative ways and make your own working space. Experts say it is important to have different spaces in which you sleep, eat and work, so even if you could have the privacy of your bedroom during the day, it is better for your mental health and efficiency to have a separate room which would serve as a home office. Transforming your garage could be a perfect solution for you, and here is how to do it, as suggested to us by experts at Dlouhy Garage Doors of San Diego. Start from the Basics In its original condition, your garage is probably not suitable for living or working, and in general spending a lot of time there, especially not during all seasons. That is why it’s important to adjust is well to the new purpose. Start from the floor, which is in most cases bare concrete. Replace it with the wood floor or carpet tiles and make it warmer and more comfortable. Insulation might be one of the major issues, so make sure you focus on that. Walls and windows will need additional insulation so you can use your home office for the whole year. Make It Cozy and Practical Once you’ve got your floor and walls settled, you can actually start thinking about the furniture and all the things you are going to need. Start with the desk and chair, as well as the shelves and other storage space you will need for your office. Except for being practical, your new office should also be cozy and you should be comfortable working there. So, you might want to pay attention to the overall style of the place, as well as the colors you choose. It does not necessarily have to be all sleek and modern, you can also add some vintage style and add a touch of warmth to your new workplace. Go for the neutral colors and try not to clutter the office too much with decorations, but rather give it a neater and simpler look, as it will be easier for you to focus. Another important point in this transformation process is the garage door. Chances are that your garage door is not suited to the new purpose, so you might want to call in garage door installers to replace it. Even if you stop using it as an office at some point, it can still be used as a space for hanging out, so why not make it livable for the long term. Think of the Light and Safety Replacing the garage door may have more than one dimension and purpose. It will certainly have an impact on insulation, as well as safety, and lighting, too. You can replace the old garage door with a set of glass panels and a regular door and thus ensure natural lighting for your workplace. It is really great to have it in the office and it’s much better for your eyesight as well as for your mood. Of course, do not forget the artificial lights as well and make sure the place is overall well lit. You can also consider installing a glass slide door, and thus improve the overall ventilation in the room which is also very important. However, if you prefer privacy, consider putting a regular door and sandblasted glass which will prevent anyone from seeing inside, and also prevent you from being distracted by the activities going on in front of your new office. Read Also: Top tips for inspecting and maintaining your garage 10 Pro Tips To Minimize Commercial Door Repair & Maintenance Cost