5 Innovative Ideas To Lend Your Bedroom With More Space


21 February 2017

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People with a closed space mentality can rarely be seen in today’s world. They are always after making room for more space whether it be a kitchen, or a living room, bedroom or a bathroom. With the passage of time, you tend to buy furniture and other essentials every now and then but unfortunately, there isn’t enough space in your house. So, how can you achieve the balance? Firstly, by recycling, reusing, upcycling and also purchasing fewer things can help in maintaining the balance. Secondly, you can make room for your stuff by getting rid of unwanted things.

Of all the rooms, you wish to own a bedroom that echoes ultimate relaxation and enough space. Are you desperately searching for some space offering ideas for your bedroom? Do not worry as this post is all about that. Below are some tips that after incorporating can help in converting a basic bedroom into a functional and spacious one.

1. Adding Sliding Doors

For more storage, you need more wardrobes and for that, you need more space. Well, No! Space is not an issue now as fitted wardrobes along with sliding doors have come into the picture. These wardrobes are an only option to give you most out of your space. When your room possesses huge wardrobes, doors other than with sliding feature doesn’t make any sense. They make a lot of sense as sliding doors saves enough living space and on the other hand, looks extremely elegant.

2. Hidden Compact Study Space

Many people are not able to afford big houses where study room is designed separately. In those cases, study room requirements can easily be constructed in the bedroom itself. These super-compact desks are basically a wall-mounted box that transforms into a desk that folds. A light and easy to move chair augment your study setup making it minimal.

3. Multifunctional Conceptual Furniture

One furniture playing a role for another one is the trend going nowadays. Suppose you are in the need for a sitting area in your bedroom but also wish to have a couch where you can lie down and read books. Being smaller in size, you can’t accommodate everything you wish for in this kind of room.

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Look for multifunctional furniture when you have a shortage of space in your bedroom. Not only that, even if you have bigger rooms, incorporate furniture that serves more than one purpose.

 4. Perceptions are Everything

Did you ever think of adding big mirrors in your bedroom? If you never did, you should as they play an important role in giving more space to your bedroom. Mirrors can create an illusion of spaciousness when there is not much space in reality. Now, you do not have to make your entire room a mirror market. Instead of adding mirrors everywhere, pick one wall and cover it with a big mirror. You will be surprised to see that, instantly, space gets doubled or “it seems” doubled!

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5. Using Mono Color

Another way to create more space in your bedroom is to go for a mono color theme which is highly effective. You can choose any color for this theme but white has been and still a top choice. To add class to your bedroom, white walls, white curtains, white floors, and white upholstery – all add up to lend space to your room.

A bedroom needs to be a place where you can lie down and get ultimate relaxation. Getting more space in a room is every house owner’s dream. Pick a few ideas, rearrange your furniture and make minute changes to get a spacious bedroom. For more innovative bedroom design ideas, consult the experts who study interiors deeply.

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5 Different Kinds Of Wood Used To Make Furniture

There are different kinds of wood used to make furniture. Each kind of wood offers different characteristics and is used for a variety of reasons. Different types of wood can be used to make the bed frame, the floors, and even the chairs that you sit on. These woods differ in appearance and quality, and if you are looking for furniture for your bedroom with the best quality wood, take a look at bedroom furniture at Luxo Living for some great design choices. 1. Oak Oak is one of the most common types of wood used to make furniture, but it also tends to be the most expensive. The wood is sometimes used to make small pieces like tables and chairs, but it is also very strong and is commonly used to make floors, door frames, and decks. It is a smooth, rich, deep red and has a distinctive smell that is markedly different from other woods. There are some limitations to the use of oak, in that it can only be used outdoors in certain temperatures, and it is susceptible to mold and mildew. 2. Rubberwood Rubberwood is a natural growth from a tropical hardwood tree that is mainly found in South America. It is an evergreen tree and comes in many different colors varying from white to yellow, and can even be found in shades of brown. It can also be used to make small pieces of furniture like coffee tables and writing tables but is commonly used to make furniture for rooms with a lot of humidity. The wood is very resistant to mold and mildew. 3. Birch Birch is another type of wood that is commonly used to make small pieces of furniture. These small pieces can include tables, chairs, and desks. The wood is light-colored and has a distinct sawdust-like smell that is not unpleasant. It can be used to make anything that gets wet since it has waterproofing properties. The wood is easily shaped and can be used to make different types of wood furniture, including bookshelves or cabinets. 4. Walnut Walnut is another type of wood frequently used to make furniture. It has a strong, hard texture that is very resistant to water and other conditions, which makes it a great choice for outdoor furniture and furniture that is put in humid conditions. Walnut is also very durable and makes a great material for everything from small to large pieces. This type of wood is often found in unfinished form since it is usually used in quite large pieces. 5. Cherry Cherry is another wood that is commonly used to make furniture. This wood has a light color and is resistant to mold and mildew, which makes it a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor furniture. The wood is sometimes used to make walls or cabinets but is mostly found in small pieces of furniture. This piece of wood is a popular choice for a wide array of projects and can be used for a variety of reasons.Read Also:Six Main Reasons Why You Need to Care for Environment How to start living off the grid The Effect of Climate Change on Human Health 


What Species of Wood is Right for Your Wine Cellar Furniture?

Most of the vintage wines which you now have in your cellar are a lot more than just proper storage and preservation. Wine cellars are often called the entertainment center of an abode and today you can find all kinds of custom-built wine cellar furniture. These furnitures run the whole gamut right from customized chairs and tables to lighting to tableware and other artistic works.You can equip your cellar with just about any type of wooden wine furniture that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and provide cozy culinary service. If you really prefer timber for your wine cellar furniture, make sure you pick a durable one that will not decay or be affected with mildew in the humid environment of your cellar. Or else what you can do is create a separate room next to your wine cellar for entertaining your guests in order to get rid of the humid environment.Now that you have the option to select from a wide variety of wood types from top providers, picking your wood species to meet your personal preference is no exception. Undoubtedly, the 4 most popular wood species used these days while building wine cellar furniture are given below:Pine- Pine, the most common and least expensive of all the popular wood types is used for manufacturing wine storage rack. It is best known for its durability and strength. This wood species is available in faded colors that assist in making it blend well with any interior decoration. The major benefit of pine is that has attractive and consistent grain patterns that can be stained to match the aesthetics of the rest parts of the wine cellar.Cedar- A durable and light-weighted type of hardwood, slightly pinkish-gold toned cedar is able to resist rotting away of the woodwork. Its grain patterns are more consistent that other wood species and are released easily by sanding the wood. This kind of wood is ideal for giving a simple aesthetic appeal to an abode.Redwood- Best known for its resiliency and sturdiness, redwood is a beautiful reddish wood species that grows in hot and humid places. Hence, redwood is an ideal choice for wine cellar furniture within the cellar since it contains natural wood preservatives within it that aid in resisting the humid conditions. There are 2 types of redwood and they are:Premium Redwood- It is the least expensive and has much more variations and color in the wood than All Heart Redwood.All-Heart Redwood- Its wood is much darker and consistent than Premium Redwood.Mahogany- The most durable and appealing of all the 4 wood species commonly used in wine cellar doors is mahogany, a reddish-brown color redwood. Neither does it swelled up nor twisted out of shape over time. Apart from that, it is resistant to decay, making it perfect for the higher humidity levels usually found in wine cellars with climate-controlled systems. Those people who want that “furniture-grade look”, mahogany is undoubtedly the perfect choice as it is ideal for both lacquer and stain applications.Each of them is unique in its own way. Moreover, to help preserve the quality of wines, it is better to avoid using any other wine rack material types rather than the above mentioned wooden wine racks.Author Bio - Gary Wise, who has decided to go full time to wine writing this year, has recently written a wine article on wine cellar furniture where he shared about how beautifully wine cellar doors displayed his wines in his wine cellar.


Planting & Harvesting Mint

Mint is a wonderful plant that practically cultivates itself. So fast is its growth that it can threaten to spread across and take over your entire yard or garden. One way to battle this is to confine its growth by planting it in a pot or a separate bed. However, once you have this plant, you will be glad, because it has properties that make it fruity and a great addition to tea and foods. As can be seen here, it is also quite useful in health remedies that can aid digestion and relieve headaches. We know you already feel enthralled by this herb and would like to know more. So, why don’t you read on and discover more amazing things about mint…What Mint is All AboutMint is an herb that is perennial and has a very wonderful fragrance. Its leaves are toothed and may have tiny pink, white, or purple flowers. Mint has so many variants from crinkled or smooth, to fuzzy or shiny. However, one thing is constant despite what kind of variant it is; all mints have that wonderful fragrance. Hence, whenever you pick up any variant of this great herb and roll it in your fingers, you would get the same smell that will make you either think of sweet teas, candy, or mint juleps. Aside from being a wonderful kitchen companion, this herb is also used as ground covers, garden accents, herbal medicines, and air fresheners. Mints are functional as well as beautiful and can grow either in shades or under the sun.  However, as we already said, this plant is a vigorous spreader; therefore, unless you want to have too much than you need, you have to be very deliberate about planting it.UsesWe have already stated several things that mints can be used for, but there are still so many more benefits of this wonderful herb. Below are some of these benefits:Can be used to make mint tea. To do this, simply put the leaves in a cup of hot water and then leave it to sit for some minutes. Make tasty ice cubes with it by freezing the leaves with raspberries and cranberries. Add it to a salad dressing, marinades, or fruit salad.  Use it to relieve headaches by applying It's oil to the temples.  It can also be used to relieve anxiety and stress.Yes, mints have many other health benefits, but though not a practical use, it is also used as a virtue symbol.Planting MintsIf you decide to plant mints in your garden or yard, then below are some important things that you have to know:They flourish in light earth which has good drainage. Their original habitats are stream banks, so, the site you plant them should imitate stream bank soils. That is to say, ensure the soil you plant your mints is moist but also well-drained. Variegated mints should not be planted in direct sun as they require a bit of shade. Mints typically grow to become one to two feet tall. If you plant them in a container or pot, then you would need to topdress them with organic or compost fertilizer once in a few months. If you plant mints in your garden, ensure to plant them next to tomatoes or cabbages, this will help contain their spread and prevent them from stealing your crops’ nutrients.Care Mints do not require that much care; however, you should consider the following points when caring for them:If planted outdoor, use light mulch. You can visit https://www.thespruce.com/what-is-mulch-1402413 to read up more on mulch. The light mulch will ensure the soil remains moist and also help the leaves to stay clean. If planted indoors, then ensure you water them often to help the soil stay evenly moist. Mints should be picked and pruned regularly. Like we have stated many times already, these guys are fast spreaders, therefore, you would need a lot of pruning to stop them from taking over everything. This should not worry you since their roots are shallow making it quite easy to drag them out of the soil.The Propagating You do not need to do a lot to propagate mint. The perfect way to go about this is to find the plant which you like and then cut out of it. Ensure the cutting is at least 6 inches and has ample roots attached. Then plant them in the soil horizontally. You can always get a cutting from a gardening friend, so this is nothing to worry about.Harvesting and Storing To learn how to harvest mint is quite easy, it typically does not involve any special skill. You may either pick the leaves individually, or you may use shears to prune the plant and then take off the leaves from the stem you had cut off. Despite the harvesting process being relatively easy, you need to remember a few things when you harvest your mints:Frequent harvesting will keep the plant at its best. The younger leaves have a better flavor than the old ones. You can pluck the leaves whenever you need mints. If you need dry mints, then pluck the leaves before flowering and then save them in an airtight container.You can also store fresh mints that you do not immediately have use for. To do this, put water in a glass and then put the stems inside the water. The mint will stay fresh for 3 to 7 days this way. You may equally put the mints inside a rubber bag and then store them in your refrigerator. This should keep it fresh for at least a week.Conclusion Mint is an herb that would make a very great addition to your garden or yard. But, without proper knowledge about the plant, everything may spiral out of control. Therefore, you must have basic knowledge about planting, caring for, and harvesting this plant before you farm it.  Read Also:How to Maintain a Bright and Beautiful Garden During Winter How to Choose the Right Containers for Your Container Garden Grow these flowering plants in your home garden How To Grow Tomatoes From Seed