Hardwood Timber Flooring: Gives a Classic Look to Your Home

Hardwood Timber Flooring: Gives a Classic Look to Your Home

Solid hardwood flooring is known for imparting an impressive look. Customers tend to prefer hardwood flooring since decades because it gives not only a unique but a classic look to the room. Hardwoods are usually used for construction purposes such as boat, furniture, flooring, and instrument construction. The hardwood variety is usually obtained from oak, maple, cherry, hickory or pecan trees. Thus, the hardwood timber flooring is known for imparting a sense of beauty to the room and also displays the sign of high status.

Styles of Hardwood flooring

The most popular hardwood flooring includes

  • Solid hardwood flooring
  • Engineered wood flooring
  • Long strip engineered wood floors

Each type of hardwood flooring is different from the others in regards to the advantages, durability, look and pattern. The solid hardwood adds charm, cordiality and value to the room, while the engineered hardwood flooring does not shrink easily and is more durable. The long strip engineered wood floors are known for their unique features, they are designed for the floating installation. The hardwood timber flooring is a magnificent product that can last for generations. However, proper care and regular maintenance are the two most important things that need to be considered when talking about timber flooring.

Hardwood Timber Flooring

How to increase the performance of the hardwood timber flooring? 

  • Refrain from using hot water as it may cause serious damage to the floor.
  • Use a damp mop by wringing out the extra moisture as this can hamper the flooring and wet patches can develop on the floor surface.
  • Always mop in the direction of the wood grain to remove the entrenched dust more swiftly.
  • Refrain from using harsh chemicals, detergents or floor cleanser; instead, look for cleansers that are mild and are meant for this type of flooring to remove stains.
  • Use gentle nonscratch microfiber mops for cleaning the hardwood timber flooring.
  • Sweep the floor regularly with a soft-bristle broom or vacuum cleaner. 

Some more facts about hardwood timber flooring

  • The furniture and the other appliances should be placed after 48 hours from the last coat of varnish on the hardwood timber flooring.
  • The furniture and the other appliances should have protective pads to prevent marks on the floor.
  • The rugs or the carpet can be placed at least after 2 weeks from the last coat of varnish on the hardwood timber flooring.
  • Guard the floor against direct sunlight by using window curtains or by using rugs and carpets. This prevents the hardwood timber flooring from getting discolored.
  • Maintain a normal temperature to prevent gaps and cupping.
  • Ensure that no one uses pencil heel shoes or sharp-pointed heel shoes on the floor as it may create a dent on the floor surface.
  • Trim the nails of the pets in the house to prevent scratches on the hardwood timber flooring.
Hardwood Timber Flooring

Hardwood Timber Flooring

Advantages of hardwood timber flooring

  • Selecting a good quality hardwood timber flooring can last for several years in fact through generations. The hardwood timber flooring is easier to clean and is highly cost-effective.
  • The hardwood timber flooring increases the resale value of the home.
  • Good quality hardwood timber flooring keeps the room warm and cozy and is more hygienic compared to other flooring materials.

How to choose hardwood timber flooring? 

When choosing the hardwood timber flooring for your home,

  • Check the color and pattern to match the décor of the room.
  • Check the timber wood based on select, standard and feature grade.
  • Check for the coating that can be used based on oil or satin finish.

Thus, the hardwood timber flooring is ideal for imparting a classic look to the room.

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