How To Make Your Home Look Like A Splendid Hotel?

Published on: 31 March 2017 Last Updated on: 09 August 2019

But, when you enter your home after such a lavish holiday, don’t you feel irritated to see the unmade bed and cluttered bathroom? Yes right!! So, It’s worth to experience even a small version of this luxury in your daily lifestyle.

With that point of view, I am listing out today some really effective ways through which you can easily attain a deluxe and opulent experience at your home. Have a look!!

  • A lavish bedroom is the first priority

    Bed Room

You’ve to agree with the fact that when you go to a luxury hotel the first thing which catches your attention is a well-designed bed with matching cushion, bedsheets, and mattress. So, at the very first step, start with a premium quality mattress and then layer it up with the fluffy and big pillows. Choose a king or queen size bed with a headboard upside, two bedside tables, two beautiful side lamps, etc.

  • Make a stupendous entry-way

Just think of the last awesome hotel you visited, you would have noticed a well-organized lobby with some pretty orchids, designer mirrors, and dim lighting. Incorporating such a view in your small entry-way of your home is not a tough job. You just have to do a simple thing to attract your visitor’s eye to an attractive centerpiece. It can be a small table made up of marble, wood or glitzy lacquer.

  • A refreshing spa bathroom


When you’re thinking of imitating a luxury hotel, one thing which is must-have is a posh bathroom décor. You can add a glass confined walk-in shower, a dip sink with large mirrors and extremely appealing and pleasant smelling soaps. And to make it more hi-fi and comfortable things which you can add are soft towels like the puffy clouds and a bathrobe.

  • Designer curtains are must

When it comes to the window and door curtains, these are very important. It’s because the whole look of your home is dependent on these curtains up to a great extent. If you go for cheap curtains from the local store then you’re spoiling your home decor. The curtains should be of exact measurements and the ones which are in contrast with the color of your walls look more good.

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  • Gorgeous lighting is necessary


A five-star or seven-star hotel is never dark or dreary. It has enough lights that brighten up the whole interior and give the hotel-room a prominent look. At first, think of the huge overhead lights in your home. You shouldn’t use the out-dated ones and instead go for the modern and lush light-fixtures. Then add some beautiful lamps to your side-tables. An artistic look of the lamps makes a real difference. You can try that. Next, don’t forget to add some light scones over your artwork which will make them effectively visible.

  • Flowers and greenery give the ultimate touch


You can add some pretty, pleasing, elegant and aromatic floral arrangements in your every room. And even you can add those decorative plants to give an aesthetic look and make the rooms look more like a hotel room. When you enter a hotel room, the first thing which you smell is some sweet-smelling blooms. So, add up them to your home as well.

These changes in your home decor will surely change it for better and will make you feel as if you’re in one of the snuggest hotels of the town. Lastly, have a happy home and great living!!

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Wall Tiles

Quick Tips For Selecting The Ideal Wall Tiles

Your choice of wall tiles can greatly affect the entire look and feel of your living area. Whether you're remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room, the appropriate wall tiles can improve the room's aesthetic appeal and practicality.  This article offers brief advice to help you select the ideal wall tiles that complement your taste, style, and functional requirements. 1. Establish Your Look Determine your interior design style before exploring tile possibilities. The tiles you choose will depend on your preferred style, whether modern, traditional, minimalist, or eclectic. Consider the room's current decor and color scheme to guarantee that the wall tiles blend in seamlessly with the overall design concept. 2. Examine the Room's Objective Every room has a different purpose; thus, the wall tiles you select should also fit that objective. For instance, choose tiles that are water-resistant and simple to clean for bathrooms and kitchens, where moisture is common. Give priority to tiles that contribute to the desired environment in spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms, where aesthetics are more important. 3. Examine the Tile Materials There are many types of wall tiles, each with unique qualities. Ceramic tiles are a well-liked option because of their adaptability and durability. Similar advantages can be found with porcelain tiles. They are better suited for high-moisture locations due to their density and increased water resistance.  Glass tiles are simple to maintain and give a sophisticated touch. While they can seem more opulent, natural stone tiles like marble or travertine may need more upkeep. To know more about tile materials, you can check this website:  4. Examine Various Finishes The finish of your wall tiles can greatly affect the room's ambiance. Matte surfaces provide a more muted and subtle appearance. In contrast, glossy finishes reflect light and give a bright and polished appearance.  Think about how much upkeep each finish demands and how well it fits into your lifestyle. For instance, fingerprints and smudges may be more noticeable on glossy tiles than on matte ones. 5. Experiment with patterns and colors The visual impact of your wall tiles is greatly influenced by the colors and patterns you choose. Darker tiles provide coziness and warmth, while lighter tiles can enlarge and open up a room. Select tiles that contrast or complement the room's color scheme to create a dynamic impact.  Try experimenting with patterns to create character and eye-catching visuals, like subway tiles, geometric patterns, or elaborate mosaics. 6. Take Tile Size Into Account The size of your wall tiles may affect how big you think the space is. While smaller tiles might produce a traditional and complex appearance, larger tiles can give a place a more expansive and modern aspect. When choosing tile sizes, consider the room's dimensions and the size of your furnishings and fixtures to create a harmonious and balanced aesthetic. 7. Examine Samples in Your Area Tile samples should always be tested in the actual area where they will be put. The way the tiles look can be affected by both artificial and natural lighting and the surrounding design. By seeing the samples in your own setting, you'll have a better idea of how the finishes, colors, and patterns will work with the room's existing pieces. 8. Give Maintenance and Durability the First Priority It's important to consider your wall tiles' longevity and upkeep needs. Sturdy and scratch-resistant tiles may benefit high-traffic areas like entryways or corridors. Choose stain- and spill-resistant tiles for areas like kitchens and bathrooms where spills and splashes are common. To ensure long-term pleasure with your tile choice, balance looks and utility. 9. Get Expert Counsel Consult with tile or design specialists if you're confused about what will look best in your area or if options overtake you. They can guide you through the options available and offer suggestions based on their experience. Experts can direct you toward tiles that fulfill your area's functional needs and your own taste. 10. Examine Long-Term Patterns While the tiles you select represent your style, keeping long-term design trends in mind must help you make lasting judgments. Classic patterns and neutral hues are timeless and can accommodate changing tastes in design throughout time. But don't be afraid to add some individuality with more fashionable components in areas like backsplashes that are simpler to alter. Select the Ideal Wall Tiles Selecting the ideal wall tiles requires carefully balancing practicality, style, and individual tastes. You may make well-informed decisions that improve the aesthetics and usability of your house by defining your style, considering the function of the area, investigating various materials and finishes, and testing samples in your space.  With the correct wall tiles, you can create an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming atmosphere in your home, allowing each area to represent your taste and style. Read Also: Keeping Your Pool Pristine: Expert Pool Cleaning In Knoxville, TN What You Need To Know About Ceiling Textures And Drywall Options The Impact Of Vanity Size On Bathroom Design And Functionality