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24 November 2017

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When push comes to a shove and you have guests arriving in an hour, you better believe that you will turn into a superhuman and manage to clean your apartment in less than sixty minutes. Even if you won’t have the time to do a proper thorough cleanup, you can do a lot in an hour to make your home presentable, but you have to be efficient and light on your feet. Let’s get to it.

Spotless Living Room

You will need 10-15 minutes to get this area tidy and you should be as meticulous as possible without getting stuck on details. The first thing to do is to de-clutter quickly – clothing, trash, cosmetics, books, get it out of the way and into their rightful place. You don’t have to go back and forth, but organize stuff into different piles and then get them to their designated places as you move through the house. After that, straighten everything as much as possible, fluff the pillows, do a super quick round of dusting and use wet wipes to wipe your coffee table clean. Finally, get your vacuum cleaner out and run through the room, but do it for five minutes tops, you’ve still got other matters to attend to.

Next up – The Dining Room

If you plan on making dinner for your guest or just serving snacks, don’t neglect the dining room in your cleaning spree. If you’ve got a mountain of stuff on your dining table, the first priority is to remove it stat (this is also the time to throw away all the trash from the living room). Whip out a new tablecloth and make sure that chairs are straightened and free from any bags and clothes hanging from them (nobody is impressed by chairdrobes). Scan for dust and get it out of the way, vacuum the area super quickly and if you’ve got windows, wipe them clean with a coffee filter (just give it a try, it works). Get the glasses and plates, snacks, and drinks on the table and the dining room is prepped and guest-ready.

Now to the Kitchen

Chances are you’ve moved all the dirty dishes from the dining room and living room into the kitchen and now it’s time to pop them in the dishwasher. You don’t have to get them clean and arranged right away, though it might be a good idea to let the dishwasher do its magic while you’re cleaning around, that way, you’ll have more clean dishes at the ready. Stovetop and countertops should be in your focus – clean them as efficiently as possible without losing too much time. Then move to the sink, wipe it clean and you can also put a few slices of lemon into the garbage disposal, it will make the entire kitchen smell fresh and clean. Sweep the floors and if your trash can is full, take it outside, so that it doesn’t stink up your work.

Then We Have the Bathroom

This is one step you shouldn’t overlook since your guests will definitely need to use your bathroom eventually. Get to the toilet, spray it with a cleaner and let it sit while you’re busy with other things. Make your mirror spotless and do the same with any shelves you’ve got around it – wet wipes will do the trick here nicely. Tidy the shower curtain, wash the bathtub with hot water and rearrange the toiletries to look neat. If you’ve got a shower, wipe it clean with a rag or microfiber cloth. After that, get back to your toilet, scrub it quickly, flush, and voila, you’re done. Take the trash out too, get out clean hand towels and for a final touch, light an incense stick to make everything smell better.

Yes, you can clean your home in under an hour, and now you’ve got a system to work by. Honestly, sometimes it’s easier to hire a part-time cleaning lady than to scramble and clean when you’ve got someone coming over. There’s nothing wrong with getting some help when you’ve got a packed schedule and if you’re thinking about it, you can browse through your options at helpling.com.sg/maids to see if you find a suitable match. If not, we suggest finding time to clean a bit every day, it will be much easier to tackle chores one day at a time.

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How to Bring Summer into Your Space

With the winter far behind us and the cheating half-rainy half-sunny spring about to leave, it’s finally time to welcome the most beloved season of all – the summer. Although this is the period when we spend most of our time outside, it would only be fair to show our house some sweet summer love and refresh it with joyful and bright elements. For too long your home has been burdened with heavy fabrics, shut windows, heating systems, and all the other remnants of the harsh winter. It’s the time to bring spring cleaning to shame, by giving your house a complete summer facelift. Here are a couple of tips that should help you to do that. De-Cluttering Summer does not stand layers and clutter, not in clothes and surely not in the house. So, just like your summer outfits are lightweight and minimalistic, your home décor should also be. One way of de-cluttering is to get all the stuff out, and then put back in just the things you need. If your home is not that burdened with clutter, you can just remove the items you don’t need, or store them into boxes, bins, etc. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="1599"] Image source: Pixabay[/caption] Deep Cleaning If deep cleaning was not a part of your spring endeavor, then you should consider doing it now, so that your home would be fresh and breezy. Some of the things/places that should be deep cleaned are under the sink, oven racks, the oven, the freezer, the curtains, the carpets, the windows, and the furniture. When cleaning the windows, do not forget to clean the blinds too. Don’t use harsh chemicals. Most of the cleaning can be done with DIY cleansers (baking soda, vinegar, lemon, etc.). The carpets and furniture can be cleansed with steam vacuums, so you don’t spread dirt and allergens throughout the air. Getting Rid of the Wintery Fabrics The last things you want to look at in your home are layers of heavy and dark fabrics and textures. Replace them with lightweight materials (e.g. heavy drapes with sheer curtains). Get rid of blankets and knitted items. If you have to cover your furniture, use slip-covers in light summery colors. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="1599"] Image source: Pixabay[/caption] Letting the Air and the Light In This is easy – just open your windows and let some air in. Remove curtains for a day or two, just to allow clear passage to sunlight. Afterward, you can use the sheer curtain so that you always have sufficient light. Seasonal Products as Decorative Elements If someone were to ask us what is the most beautiful thing about summer, we would instantly reply strawberries (well, right after the beach). So use them and other fruits and vegetables as home décor. Arrange some colorful fruits and vegetables in baskets and bowls and use them as centerpieces. Fresh flowers are a great alternative. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="1599"] Image source: Pixabay[/caption] Grow Fresh Herbs There is nothing more delicious than fresh basil in a salad or on a homemade pizza. So, get creative and make yourself a wall-mounted container garden, where you will be able to plant and plunk herbs. Not only will you add a touch of greenery into your space, but you will always have fresh herbs within your reach. Outdoor to Indoor Create a connection between outdoor and indoor by adding some elements you would normally use on your terrace or in the backyard, such as a jute area rug, plants (palms, bamboo, etc.), and some cane and wicker furniture. Pops of Color Summer home décor is not as hard to pull off as you might think, basically everything is the same as in fashion. Think about styling your outfit with a colorful accessory, and translate that into your home by adding pops of color in each room. Those can be vases, bed coverings, curtains, rugs, etc. You can start small by adding subtle summer shades like an orange rug in the living room or a teal table runner in the dining room to add a summery pop of color to your home. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="1599"] Image source: Pixabay[/caption] Pantry and Refrigerator Do-Over Here, you really need to give it your best shot. First, get everything outside the fridge and pantry, check the labels for expired items and throw them away. Also, if some products have been opened and not used for an extended period, you should throw them away, even if the expiration date isn’t due yet.  Once you are done, put everything back, but arrange the products into groups and types (e.g. dairy goes in the door, cheeses on the upper shelf, meat products on the lower, etc.). Turn all labels facing out, so that you could always see which product you are taking and is it expired. Summery Scents All-Around Start with your skincare and hygiene products. Replace the wintery aromas of chocolate, milk, honey, etc. with refreshing scents of fruits and flowers. Move on to air fresheners throughout the house. Go fully natural with homemade fresheners. Some of the common ingredients are lemon, rosemary, orange peel, essential oils, lavender, basil, etc. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="1599"] Image source: Pixabay[/caption] As you can see, summer is not reserved exclusively for the outdoors. If you try, you can bring it inside your home. Spring cleaning is so last season. Read More: How To Choose The Right Containers For Your Container Garden Grow These Flowering Plants In Your Home Garden To Remove Vastu Related Problems 3 Amazing Flower Street Garden – How To Design


5 Other Uses for Your Garage

Traditionally, the garage is used for parking your cars. However, even though it can definitely be great for shielding your vehicles from the elements, there are plenty of other things that you can do with this part of your home as well. These are a few ideas that you can try. Read also: Will Self-Driving Cars Replace Human Error? 1. Use it as a Workshop One great use for your garage is to use it as a workshop. If you like woodworking, for example, your garage can provide you with the perfect space to keep your tools tidy and organized and to work on your projects. This makes it easy for you to work indoors without having to drag the mess into your actual house. 2. Create a Game Room Has your family always wanted a game room? You don't have to build an addition to your home to make this happen; instead, you can use your garage for this purpose instead. Your garage probably has ample space for a pool table or for other types of game tables, such as for air hockey or Foosball. You can also hang up a dartboard, install a stereo system and otherwise turn the area into a comfortable place for hanging out with family and friends. 3. Make a Play Area for Your Kids If your kids have a lack of space for playing, you can turn your garage into a safe place for them to do so. You will probably need to take some steps first, however, to ensure that it isn't dangerous. For example, you'll probably want to disable the garage door so that it cannot be opened, remove any dangerous tools, and put down rubber mats to help cushion any falls. If you take these steps, however, the garage can actually make for a nice, spacious play area for your children, and it can allow you to store books and toys outdoors so that they aren't cluttering up your home. Plus, your little ones can play to their hearts' content, and you won't have to worry about their messes being on display inside your home for everyone to see. 4. Store Out-of-Season and Rarely-Used Items If you are like a lot of people, your home might be cluttered with out-of-season and rarely-used items. You might not want to get rid of these items, since you might need them later, but you probably don't want them in the way inside your home. Luckily, your garage can be perfect for storing stuff. For example, you can store your suitcases and other items that you only use when you travel, or you can pack up seasonal clothing like coats and sweaters and only bring them into the house when it's seasonally appropriate to do so. Additionally, you can store holiday decorations, outdoor items and other things that you only need to use every now and then. Then, these items will be out of the way but will be easy to access when you need them. 5. Create a Craft Room If you're really into crafting, you might wish that you had a dedicated space for your crafts. Luckily, your garage can function perfectly for this purpose. You can set up a nice craft table that you can use for making things, and you'll have more than enough space to stash fabric, ribbons, glue guns and anything else that you might need for crafting purposes. As you can see, there are tons of uses that you can use your garage for rather than just using it to park your vehicles. If you'd like to maximize the space that is available for you and your family and would like to customize your home so that it properly suits your family's needs, following these tips can help.

carpet cleaning

10 ways to preserve your carpet’s beautiful design

When carpets are new, they stand out because every fiber is clean and flawless. However, as people walk on carpeting, the condition of its fibers changes, and this makes the pile less appealing. Carpet cleaning  Environmental elements can affect a carpet's beauty as well by covering various fibers with microscope contaminants. If you want to keep your carpet in optimum condition in order to maintain its beauty, you'll need to follow 10 steps. 1. Vacuum: Dust and dirt gradually build up on carpet material. If a dirt or dust layer is very thick, it will make a carpet dull. To extract dust and dirt, clean your carpet with a powerful vacuum twice a month. While vacuuming, push the vacuum horizontally. Then, position the unit so that you can clean the carpet again vertically. The number of passes will vary depending on the carpet's condition. Select the best carpet cleaning technique can make things easier for you. 2. Prevent Mud and Dirt Stains: Most shoes have grooves that produce mud stains. If mud dries underneath a pair of shoes, it turns into dirt, and these particles can ruin your beautiful carpets. This is why you must place a mat that has stiff fibers near the front door. If everyone brushes their shoes against the bristles before entering your home, the carpets will stay clean. The dense bristles on the mat will wipe away any mud or dirt that lingers on everyone's shoe soles. 3. Clean Spills Quickly: When someone spills a beverage on your carpet, clean up the liquid fast. If you wait until the beverage dries, you'll have problems removing the stain. To clean up a spilled beverage, grab a paper towel, and dab it on the carpet fibers. Don't rub the towel on the carpet because you'll push the liquid down into nooks and crannies around threads. Whenever you need help eliminating a tough stain, treat the spot with soapy water. Then, dab a clean paper towel on the stain. 4. Keep Pets Off Delicate Carpets: Pets that spend a lot of time outdoors shouldn't relax on your carpeting until they take a bath. The big problem is that pets have fur that holds dust and dirt. If contaminated fur touches tall carpet fibers, dirt will transfer onto the carpeting, and some particles may reach the bottom of the pile if a pet rolls or sleeps on the material. 5. Change the Furniture Layout Occasionally: Furniture that's very heavy can damage delicate carpeting. Typically, the degree of damage is influenced by the length of time that a piece of furniture stays in one spot. The legs on hefty furniture can cause severe damage; they usually create crevices that make carpeting unappealing. In order to keep the fibers springy, simply change the layout of your furniture twice a year. If you can't move your furniture because space is limited, invest in rugs with patterns that compliment your main carpeting. Place these rugs underneath the heaviest furniture to give your carpet a layer of protection. 6. Pull the Fibers: Over time, as heavy furniture is pushed around a space, some areas of a carpet will buckle. If a carpet is very weak, ripples will also develop in isolated zones. These problems won't go away until someone pulls the fibers. Whenever you find rippling or buckling, implement procedures to correct the problems before creasing occurs. Creases can make the most attractive carpets less appealing because they create elevated zones that are tacky. To get rid of buckles and ripples quickly, let a seasoned carpet technician tackle the job. A professional can stretch out the carpet safely and efficiently without damaging the material. 7. Paint Interior Zones Strategically: Paint can ruin a carpet if it drops on its fibers. You'll have to deal with bigger problems if you accidentally smear paint on the fibers or step on a layer of spilled paint. Once pressure is applied to paint, it will adhere to the fibers more efficiently, and the process of cleaning it up will be very challenging. Whenever you're going to paint the interior walls around your home, you must prepare the space for the job. Place your paint cans and trays on a high counter or shelf so that no one will accidentally spill paint on your carpeting. While painting elevated areas, never coat your brushes or rollers will excessive paint. This strategy will prevent splattering as you apply coats on the high ceilings and walls. 8. Lease Carpet Cleaning Equipment: Deep cleaning is an essential cleaning job. The equipment makes a carpet beautiful by washing soiled areas with a soapy formula. As the water soaks the fibers with rich soapy water, a brush loosens the dirt by spinning against the carpet material. After a carpet is deep cleaned, no dirt lingers on its surfaces because a deep cleaning unit extracts the dirty water into a convenient tank. 9. Replace Air Filters: Air conditioning equipment uses ducts that can direct pollution into a home. However, all air duct systems are able to block contaminants before they enter a home using filters. When a filter is dirty, it must be replaced in a timely manner. If you replace your air filter regularly, thin layers of dust won't generate on your carpeting. Filters are the best carpet cleaning technique to make proper use of it. Carpet cleaning can make things easier for you to achieve your objectives. 10. Hang Blinds: The sun produces very harsh UV rays that can damage delicate carpeting. If a carpet is a light color, intense heat from the sun can create noticeable spots on the carpet. By hanging blinds on multiple windows, you'll shield sunlight and protect your carpeting. Car cleaning can make your ambiance more aesthetic than before. Read Also: Run Cleaning In Dallas: Why A Professional Cleaner Is Better Five Ways To Improve The Air Quality Inside Your Home Benefits Of Having A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner At Home