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24 November 2017

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When push comes to a shove and you have guests arriving in an hour, you better believe that you will turn into a superhuman and manage to clean your apartment in less than sixty minutes. Even if you won’t have the time to do a proper thorough cleanup, you can do a lot in an hour to make your home presentable, but you have to be efficient and light on your feet. Let’s get to it.

Spotless Living Room

You will need 10-15 minutes to get this area tidy and you should be as meticulous as possible without getting stuck on details. The first thing to do is to de-clutter quickly – clothing, trash, cosmetics, books, get it out of the way and into their rightful place. You don’t have to go back and forth, but organize stuff into different piles and then get them to their designated places as you move through the house. After that, straighten everything as much as possible, fluff the pillows, do a super quick round of dusting and use wet wipes to wipe your coffee table clean. Finally, get your vacuum cleaner out and run through the room, but do it for five minutes tops, you’ve still got other matters to attend to.

Next up – The Dining Room

If you plan on making dinner for your guest or just serving snacks, don’t neglect the dining room in your cleaning spree. If you’ve got a mountain of stuff on your dining table, the first priority is to remove it stat (this is also the time to throw away all the trash from the living room). Whip out a new tablecloth and make sure that chairs are straightened and free from any bags and clothes hanging from them (nobody is impressed by chairdrobes). Scan for dust and get it out of the way, vacuum the area super quickly and if you’ve got windows, wipe them clean with a coffee filter (just give it a try, it works). Get the glasses and plates, snacks, and drinks on the table and the dining room is prepped and guest-ready.

Now to the Kitchen

Chances are you’ve moved all the dirty dishes from the dining room and living room into the kitchen and now it’s time to pop them in the dishwasher. You don’t have to get them clean and arranged right away, though it might be a good idea to let the dishwasher do its magic while you’re cleaning around, that way, you’ll have more clean dishes at the ready. Stovetop and countertops should be in your focus – clean them as efficiently as possible without losing too much time. Then move to the sink, wipe it clean and you can also put a few slices of lemon into the garbage disposal, it will make the entire kitchen smell fresh and clean. Sweep the floors and if your trash can is full, take it outside, so that it doesn’t stink up your work.

Then We Have the Bathroom

This is one step you shouldn’t overlook since your guests will definitely need to use your bathroom eventually. Get to the toilet, spray it with a cleaner and let it sit while you’re busy with other things. Make your mirror spotless and do the same with any shelves you’ve got around it – wet wipes will do the trick here nicely. Tidy the shower curtain, wash the bathtub with hot water and rearrange the toiletries to look neat. If you’ve got a shower, wipe it clean with a rag or microfiber cloth. After that, get back to your toilet, scrub it quickly, flush, and voila, you’re done. Take the trash out too, get out clean hand towels and for a final touch, light an incense stick to make everything smell better.

Yes, you can clean your home in under an hour, and now you’ve got a system to work by. Honestly, sometimes it’s easier to hire a part-time cleaning lady than to scramble and clean when you’ve got someone coming over. There’s nothing wrong with getting some help when you’ve got a packed schedule and if you’re thinking about it, you can browse through your options at helpling.com.sg/maids to see if you find a suitable match. If not, we suggest finding time to clean a bit every day, it will be much easier to tackle chores one day at a time.

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5 Tips to Keeping Animals Away From Your Garden

Animals might be cute, furry, and very pleasing to look at but they can seriously be destructive to your field, some of us may enjoy their company, others might want to kill them instantly! Either way, if you do not take care of who enters your garden, your plants may not thank you. Check out the rest of the article to understand what kind of animals can spoil your garden and how to restrict their movement. Who are these animals?Some of the most common garden animals include chipmunks, squirrels, skunks, mice, moles, rats, and opossums. To learn more about possums, click get rid of possum. These animals dig holes into the ground, eat your fruits and vegetables, multiply or lay eggs in your garden, and generally wreak havoc. Other larger animals include dogs, deer, birds, snakes, etc. Just having them run around the garden can cause large-scale destruction. Ways to get rid of animals in your garden There are several ways to control the entry of animals in your garden. Some are more effective than others. To learn more about these methods, read on. 1. Identify the creature :The best way to control animals is to identify them first. This way you would know exactly how to deal with them by understanding their behavior and ways of living or multiplying. You can then target the animal with exactly the right technique that is needed to get rid of them. It is necessary to identify the animal to learn about its habitat, control them, and devise an effective solution. 2. Make your garden animal proof :By making your garden attractive to animals, you will invite more pests into it. Therefore, certain methods need to be adopted to make sure that the animals stay away. One such method is to cut down on places that can house such animals, like tall grass, bushes, or a pile of leaves. Some animals can even crawl under your deck or porch.Minimize any food sources, like birdbaths and seed booths, where animals like squirrels may come to feed. Moreover, you should cover your compost pile that attracts raccoons and fruit and vegetable patches with nets to avoid dogs, cats, deer, etc. 3. Fences, nets, and traps :Fences are a great option to help minimize the entry of animals. For smaller animals, like rats, squirrels, rabbits, and more, small fences around your garden are enough. But for larger animals, like dogs and deer, larger and taller fences are required. Putting up taller fences can go a little heavy on your pocket, so securing plants is probably a better option.Nets are a great way to prevent animals from actually feeding on your produce, like fruits and vegetables. Just adding a mesh or net around your patches can make a huge difference. Traps can be placed throughout the garden to catch animals with the help of baits. Use some food, like cheese, crackers, or biscuits, to lure animals into the trap, which then slams shut. Animals are also not harmed this way. It’s easy to catch possums, rats, squirrels, etc. with the help of traps. 4. Repellents :Some animals can be repelled using auditory techniques, like certain sounds, and repellents that smell a certain way, thus driving or scaring away the animal out of your garden. Some examples of repellents are - predatory urine, garlic clips, and castor oil. But these repellants need to be applied and monitored on a regular basis to make sure they are effective. Some of these repellents, however, can be toxic to humans, so be careful, which repellents you choose.Auditory repellents include motion-sensitive water sprayers, ultrasonic repellers, and visual scare devices, such as reflective tape. The only problem with these repellents is that pests may become immune to these methods, and therefore they may decrease in effectiveness over time. Make sure you read all the directions given on any repellants or products before using them. 5. Do on the spot management : For example, when moles create boroughs in your garden, you can place mothballs in the holes to repel them. Moles don’t eat your garden produce but their tunnels can cause your plants to die since plants may not find space to grow underneath the ground with enough nutrients.If certain animals have entered your garden, immediately introduce the predator species into your gardens, such as cats and dogs, to scare away the pests. Cats and dogs prey on animals, like mice and rats. In some cases, you can hand aluminum foils with strings in your garden. The shiny material can scare away the animals. Again, the effectiveness of this method may die with time.Pests are destructive to your garden and should definitely be identified and eradicated. However, there’s no need to kill these animals in order to get rid of them. You can also use humane ways to get animals out of your garden. Use the methods given above in order to get rid of animals, including possums, from your garden. This will help you get a more secure and flourishing garden in no time!Read Also :5 Summer Garden Maintenance Tips And Tactics You Have To Know Grow These Flowering Plants In Your Home Garden To Remove Vastu Related Problems

Locksmith in Chicago

How to Choose a Locksmith in Chicago?

Almost every person has locked himself/herself out of the house at some point in life. In such scenarios, the first thought of individuals is to ask for assistance from a friend or family member.Nevertheless, if nobody can deliver you a set of spare keys to enter the house, the next call you make should be to a local locksmith.If looking for the best locksmith in Chicago, follow the tips below. Check credentialsThe inceptive thing to do when choosing a locksmith in Chicago is checked their credentials. Illinois is one of the many US states requiring these professionals to be bonded and licensed. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is in charge of issuing such a license after verifying the qualifications of candidates.Candidates are required to be at least eighteen years of age, pass a criminal background history check, pass a licensing exam in theory and practice, and pay the required license application and examination fees. Nevertheless, there are not any requirements associated with having formal training or work experience. Additionally, to register a company, locksmiths in Chicago are supposed to get an agency license.Therefore, when hiring such an expert in Illinois, make sure you start the process by checking the credentials. Apart from providing proof of license, these specialists should also provide any professional certifications they have, which prove their skills and knowledge. Determine the types of services you need Another important consideration when hiring the best locksmith in Chicago is the type of service you need. Not all professionals offer the same service types, as they might specialize in residential, commercial, or auto services. Some providers perform all these services. For instance, most companies provide an installation of mechanic and electronic locks, both at commercial and residential properties.In addition, established locksmiths should offer lock replacement, lock repair, making duplicate keys, changing electronic access cards, etc. In terms of commercial services, they should supply, install, and service high-security commercial locks. Additionally, these experts are expected to fix components of biometric, keyless access control systems. Check out the most common types of door locksets. Check if the provider is indeed localIndividuals should be extremely careful when checking whether a locksmith is indeed local as it claims to be. It often happens for some providers to advertise in your local phone book, even though they are not local at all. Some companies outside of Chicago might advertise as local by choosing a business name that is similar to the name of a local provider.Nevertheless, when you call the provided number, you will probably be connected to a call center in another town. Additionally, there will not be a shop at the listed address, meaning the company is a scam. In general, locksmith companies that claim to be local have a large number of separate listings in a telephone book with various names. Nevertheless, all the calls eventually led to the same number in another city.Even if you don’t suspect a scam in the beginning, make sure to ask for identification upon the arrival of the locksmith at your door. Licensed locksmiths are expected to have a Master Security License Number displayed on their photo identity card and vehicle. If the vehicle is unmarked or the worker claims to have forgotten his/her card, you should do no business with this person. Get an estimate Another helpful tip for finding a locksmith in Chicago is requesting a written estimate after the technician reviews the work.  These estimates should include two types of fees, service, and hardware fees. The former encompasses transportation fees and any additional charges for emergency service outside standard working hours. For instance, most handymen charge a flat trip fee that covers the time and cost of driving to your home and back to their shop.In contrast, the latter includes any fees related to the hardware. If a locksmith has to replace a lock, the cost of the new lock will be calculated in hardware fees. Follow this link, https://mydecorative.com/four-types-of-locksmith-services/, to see the most sought-after locksmith services. The bottom line Lockout situations and other locksmithing issues require professional assistance.Hire the best professional in Chicago!Read Also:5 Tips to Safeguard Your Home From Intruders What to Do After an Auto Lockout? How To Find A Locksmith To Trust With Your Home Security, Locks & Keys

how to clean evaporator coil without removing

How To Clean Evaporator Coil Without Removing?

If you want your air conditioner to perform well at all times, you will need to ensure that you maintain and clean the parts of the air conditioner on a regular basis. If you schedule your maintenance as per the requirement of the AC, then it is great. However, in some cases, people like to clean their AC themselves. If you are one of them, you might be interested to know how to clean evaporator coil without removing it when you have a dirty evaporator coil.In this article, we will basically talk about why you need to clean your AC's evaporator coil and how to clean evaporator coil without removing the coil from the AC. Before that, you will also know about what happens to the air conditioner when the evaporator gets dirty.What Happens When Your AC Coil Gets Dirty?Image SourceIf the evaporator coil of your AC is unclean, it puts your AC at risk. It compromises the safety and working efficiency of the AC in general. In the first, an unclean evaporator coil slows down the speed at which the air blows through the AC, as it blocks the flow of the air. If the evaporator coil contains other materials and particles like pollen and dust, it limits the efficiency of the flow of air.The following things happen when there is an unclean evaporator coil inside the air conditioner:1. If the evaporator coil is dirty or clogged with particles, then it reduces the flow of air into your home. If there is a reduced flow of air inside your home, it will lead to a lowering of the efficiency of the cooling system of the AC. Your room takes a lot of time to cool than it normally takes, probably your evaporator coil needs cleaning.2. There might be some cases where your room is not achieving a good level of cooling, despite running the AC for hours at a stretch. In such cases, the problem is probably more than a delay in the cooling performance of the AC. Basically, it is a negative effect on the AC's cooling capacity.3. Another great issue that happens when the evaporator coil of your AC gets dirty is that the operating pressure increases. This increases the temperature level of the AC, as the unit is working at hotter levels. This is not good for the AC as it damages the components of the AC.4. An unclean evaporator coil creates wear on the AC system. If one important part of the AC fails to work properly, the other parts follow suit. This is because there is more pressure on the other components of the AC. Hence, the other parts are more likely to get damaged due to the failure of one part. Therefore, you will end up with a damaged AC altogether, and repairing it will be quite expensive for you.5. If your AC’s evaporator coil gets compromised and does not work properly, then it affects the performance of the other parts of the AC. Hence, your AC unit will have a shorter life. If you want your AC unit to perform well and serve your home for a long time, you will need to ensure that every part of your AC is clean, especially the evaporator coil.Why Do You Need Your Air Conditioner Coil Clean?Image SourceYou will not need to spend a lot on the repairs of the AC. Regular maintenance will keep out the issues from the AC that need repair. Before any problem turns into a bigger one, you can fix it with regular maintenance. Apart from that, if you keep your evaporator coil clean always, it will not accumulate dust and hence will perform better as a result.How To Clean AC Coils? – Things You Need?Image SourceThe first thing you will obviously need for your AC cleaning is an air conditioner coil cleaner. Apart from that, you will need a cotton cloth for cleaning the coil. For your own protection, wear protective goggles, and wear gloves on your hand for better protection. Furthermore, ensure that you are following the instructions properly while you are cleaning your AC’s evaporator coil.How To Clean Evaporator Coil Without Removing?Image SourceThe evaporator coil basically captures all the heat present in your home to condition the air inside. Apart from the evaporator coil, there is a condenser coil in the AC, which removes the air from the AC to the outside of the house.This is the way in which the AC works in colling the house. Since an evaporator is an important part of your air conditioner, hence keeping it clean will enable you to keep your air conditioner always efficient. However, if your question is, “How to clean AC evaporator coils inside house?” then you need to read the next subsection of this article.Read More: Here’s What Makes Package Units Better than the Other ACsAC Coil Cleaners - How To Clean Evaporator Coil Without Removing?Image SourceThe following are the ways in which you can clean the evaporator coil of your AC without removing it from the AC:Step 1: Turn down the power of the AC, and unplug the machine from the electric port. You will not need an electricity risk for yourself while cleaning.Step 2: Remove the access panel from the AC to see the evaporator coil clearly. Go over the manual of the AC, if required. The manual has instructions on where you can find the access panel.Step 3: Take the access panel off, and remove the screws from the AC. Keep the screws in a safe place.Step 4: To blow the unclean particles off, try using a compressed air canister. This will help you to easily loosen the dirt on the evaporator coil.Step 5: Put back the screws, as well as the access panel. Your evaporator coil is clean.Summing UpHope the article helped you in knowing how to clean evaporator coil without removing it from the AC. Cleaning your AC is a part of the maintenance operation of the AC. If you maintain your AC on a regular basis, it will offer you a lot of benefits. There will be less hassle and issues on your AC as a result of regular maintenance and cleaning. If you clean the parts of your AC, your AC will look and perform as if it is fully new.Read Also:Best Paying Jobs In Electric Utilities CentralHow to Brew the Best Beer with an Electric Brew System13 Ways to Maintain the Coolness of Your Air Condition Unit