Create A Stunning Outdoor Space With These Residential Landscape Lighting Tips

Published on: 01 November 2017 Last Updated on: 22 February 2020
Landscape Lighting Tips

When you think about landscaping, you probably think about visiting a nursery to pick out plants or planting flowers to create a beautiful accent garden. Flowers, plants, and trees are only one part of the equation, however. You also need to think about how your landscape will look after the sun goes down. Residential landscape lighting can enhance the look of your home after dark, drawing attention to key architectural details of your house and highlighting the beautiful plants that surround it. Use these tips to boost your home’s curb appeal today.

Understand that landscape lighting goes beyond solar path lights

Landscape Lighting Tips

Lighting up your landscape involves far more than just sticking a few solar lights along the edge of your sidewalk and calling it good. Instead, it is about creating a specific feeling in your yard after the sun goes down. When done correctly, landscape lighting can transform your outdoor space, turning it into a beautiful accent for your home. This type of lighting is not only meant to be functional but also to enhance the look and feel of your home.

Decide what you hope to achieve

Stunning Outdoor Space

Before you start picking out lights and deciding where to place them, come up with an overall plan for what you hope to achieve. Are you trying to make your yard safer by lighting up your sidewalk or patio area? Do you want to create a well-lit area where you can entertain? Do you want to draw attention to certain areas of your home, highlighting its unique architecture? Are you trying to improve the security of your property? By identifying your objectives before you begin, you can do a much better job of designing a lighting setup that will help you achieve your goals.

Take care of an essential lighting first

There are certain parts of your yard that should definitely be lit. Here are some of the key components that you should include in your overall design:

    • Pathway lights. Any sidewalks, pathways, or entrances should be well lit to make it easy for people to see.
    • Driveway lighting. You should incorporate plenty of light in your driveway area so that you can get to and from your car with ease.
    • Stairs. If you have stairs leading up to your home, make sure that they are well illuminated so that people don’t trip and fall.
    • Patios or decks. Any outdoor gathering area should incorporate lighting so that it can be used after dark.
    • Trees. If you have any trees that you want to highlight, you can easily do it with lighting.
    • Key architectural features. You can use lighting to enhance the architecture of your home. If you have any water features on your property, you should also consider lighting them.

 Choose LED lights

LED lights

Rather than going with halogen bulbs, opt for LED lighting. Not only do these bulbs last a long time but they are extremely energy-efficient.

A single bulb can last as long as 100,000 hours. That means that you won’t have to replace them often – an important consideration since outdoor lighting fixtures are not always easily accessible.

LED lights can also stand up to the elements, making them perfect for use outdoors. No matter how bad the weather gets, you shouldn’t have to worry about your lighting.

Another advantage of LED lights is that they are extremely versatile. You can change everything from the color of the light to its intensity. This can allow you to create a completely customized look for your outdoor space.

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Incorporate multiple types of lighting to create an interesting design

lighting to create an interesting design

Your residential landscape lighting design should include ambient lighting, which is lighting that shines over the entire space. It should also incorporate task lighting, which is used to provide illumination for tasks like cooking. Finally, it should also include accent lighting, which is used to draw attention to certain features of your yard. For instance, you could put a spotlight on a tree to draw attention to it. Incorporating all three types of lighting will help create a balanced, professional look that will set your yard apart from others in your neighborhood.

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A brewing burner is unquestionably the first major investment you make once you venture into home beer brewing. Acquiring a high-quality home brewing burner is imperative. A substandard one will not only compromise the taste and quality of your beer, but it will also turn into an exciting hobby into an annoying nightmare. An excellent brewing burner guarantees uniform heat distribution, and it’s instrumental in preventing scorching. It also hastens the boiling process, substantially lowering the amount of time you spend waiting around. Here are considerations to make when purchasing the best brewing burner. 1. A number of BTUs Generated: BTUs are units for measuring the amount of heat generated by the burner. Generally, one BTU adds one degree Fahrenheit to a pound of water that is at room temperature. You will find burners with BTUs of between 55,000 and 210,000. Bear in mind that a bigger burner doesn't always translate to a better operation. While high BTU output is ideal for all kinds of grain brewing, certain lower output models are more reliable due to their ability to distribute heat more efficiently. Read more reviews about your prospective burner before making a purchase decision. 2. Quality of Metal Used: All models of brewing burners are built from either cast iron or stainless steel. Cast iron is a bit thicker and tougher but weighs more and can rust easily. Thus, cast iron models are not suitable for outdoor brewing. However, if you are looking for a lighter model or you want to do lots of outdoor brewing, then a stainless steel model will serve you well. 3. Windscreens: If you expect to do a lot of outdoor brewing, you should go for a model that has a durable windscreen. It will shield your flame and keep it lighting even when a strong breeze comes. Windscreens guarantee a smooth boil and make home beer brewing a sensational experience. 4. Height: Outdoor propane burners tend to have longer legs compared to your traditional stove. The long stand allows you to brew your beer comfortably without compromising the health of your back. However, you should go for a model that sits nearer to the ground, if you will be dealing with a huge batch of boiling wort. Models with shorter stands are sturdier than those with longer stands. Top 3 Brewing Burners:   1. Edelmetall Bru Burner: This burner has lovely copper accents and stylish nameplate. It is made of refined stainless steel and copper. It produces a maximum of 72,000 BTU per hour. This burner boils a huge kettle of wort within a few minutes. 2. Bayou Classic KAB4 Banjo Burner: This brewing equipment offers a high amount of uniform heat. It generates more than 100,000 BTU, which is sufficient heat to boil a couple of gallons within minutes. Its 22-inch cooking surface can accommodate most brew kettles. It comes with a 4 ft rubber hose, a brass control valve, and 30-PSI regulator. 3. Dark Star 2.0: This propane burner can generate about 65,000 BTU of heat an hour. This burner is easy to use, and it can heat a maximum of 15 gallons of brew. This 6-inch diameter burner comes with an adjustable regulator, a wind guard, and lighter power. Choosing the best brewing burner is all about addressing your needs. Look for a model with features that are most crucial to you. Other than quick boil times, a quality burner offers a big surface area that can comfortably hold large brew pots.   Read More: 5 Best Stimulant-Free Fat Burners. 10 Unique Kitchen Hacks to Save your Time in Kitchen and Cooking.    

Portable Generators

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Garden Wall Fountains

Wall Fountains Are Trending In Both Indoor And Outdoor Décor

Fountains are a center of attraction for any home, office, or estate but are surrounded by some ill notions like you need a big space to enjoy that soothing sounds of water and they are not cost-effective and do need a huge amount of water to keep it running. After completing this article you will be free from all those notions. Fountain designs have evolved with time and the trends of the users. The best example of those designs is Campania Fountains, you will be amazed to see the range of fountains they provide. You can have a fountain for any place in your home. No matter how big or small a house you have they have a fountain for you. And forgot to mention one more notion that fountains are more likely found in the outside garden area of the house. Well to break that notion Indoor Wall Fountains are trending products amongst all the fountains. They are well designed, they come in amazing look and they fit practically anywhere. As they are attached to the wall. Indoor wall Fountain Just imagine one of those hanging in your home, they are best to add natural beauty to your home, many people say that the home becomes dull and less lively. To make it more lively how about soothing water flowing from a beauty flowing through the wall? You can have your evening tea listening to the soothing sound of water and a fire burning on a chilly winter eve. They are available in many shapes and sizes as well as designs. Just make sure you measure the space first where you want to keep the fountain, this will ease the process of shortlisting one perfect fountain for you. One other thing you need to keep in mind is the color and material of the fountain, it will look more beautiful when it blends in the interior of your home. It will beautify the whole area. And also the material, they come in metal, glass, stone and many other materials. Just make up your mind that which material will be best suitable for your interior. Basically, all these things are just to make sure that you get optimum value for all the money you are spending. It should blend in and not fall apart from the interior of your home. Garden Wall Fountains If you have a small garden and a large outdoor fountain doesn't seem like an option, then you can always find one that can be attached to your garden wall or placed anywhere near your lawn or gate. They come in various shapes and sizes. If you have a small garden space where you have a lush green lawn or a place where you’ve kept a few planters, these garden wall fountains can add charm to any of these spaces. They come with a unique lighting setting that is a must-watch. Try to find a fountain that best suits your surroundings and also which makes the whole area more beautiful when it matches the lightings and its color which you have set in your garden area. This will make the whole area look more ravishing. The view becomes just mesmerizing in the night. You can impress your neighbors with the view over a Barbeque Party. And you don’t even need to do much for maintaining the fountain. It can be cleaned easily and you won’t need more water to maintain the flow of the water through the fountain. It fits any size and also helps you save more as it comes at many affordable rates as compared to those large garden fountains. As I said earlier that wall fountains are the best when it comes to breaking the stereotypes and ill notions about fountains. No matter which area you choose, indoor or outdoor get a wall fountain and make things more beautiful and lively. Read More: Grow These Flowering Plants In Your Home Garden To Remove Vastu Related Problems How To Make A Perfect Summer Retreat From Your Backyard How To Bring Summer Into Your Space