Tips for Selecting a Window Frame Color


14 October 2017

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When you are renovating your home or building a new one, it’s easy to visualize the big details, like the color of the roof and the walls. Something you may not necessarily be thinking of immediately is the color of your window frames, and yet this is such an important color to consider. It may help to think of them as something similar to the frame on a painting — it adds a finishing touch to the artwork, or in this case, the house. If you are not sure how to choose a color, here are some tips that may help you in your choice.

Choose a color palette: It helps to include the color of your window frames in the complete color palette you choose for your home. If the amount of color choices is overwhelming, keep it simple by choosing either a warm or a cool palette.

Pick a color that highlights or hides: If you are repainting your home, you can highlight your beautiful window frames by painting them a color that makes them stand out. Conversely, if they are ugly as sin, paint them a boring white, or any color that makes them blend in with the walls.

Select a color that complements your home’s exterior: Your walls should have a big say in what color you paint your window frames. If you have exposed brick walls, you should choose a bright contrasting color, and avoid warm browns and dark colors. For painted wood siding, it could work well to pick a darker accent color that complements the rest of the color palette of your home.

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Consider neutral colors: Neutral colors are trendy again. The current variety is a far cry from boring beige, so you don’t have to fear to have a sterile hospital look. The new generation of beiges and grays are soulful and colorful, and they will prove to be timeless at the same time. No need to be embarrassed about bright lime or electric pink, or any such garish eyesores in a few years from now.

Choose a color that fits the style of your home: It is very important to choose a color that is appropriate to the style of your house. Certain colors go well with certain types of architecture. A red brick building already imposes a limit on the color palette due to the characteristic hue of the walls. A historic manor would benefit from modest colors that fit in with the time period in which the house was built. If the architecture is more modern, choose colors that enhance that particular style. But if it’s just your typical family home without any noteworthy architectural provenance, you are free to choose colors that match your personality and sense of style. It should be something that you like, and feel comfortable looking at every day.

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Use bold colors wisely: For most people who doubt their stylishness, it would be best to stick to neutral colors. But if you are brave and daring, and you are sure you can pull it off, bold colors can add an unexpected twist to your decor.

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Weed or Flower – Political yard signs

In just a few short months most of America will be back into campaign season. We will be electing not only local representatives but also people to send to Washington DC for House and Senate races. Even the President is up for reelection. This means that a special type of flower that blooms in suburbia every few years is set to make another appearance, the campaign yard sign. These signs show up for a few months in just about everyone’s yard signs, declaring their allegiance to the specific candidates, parties, and causes of the resident’s choice before retreating back into the ground for a few more years. Where can you get your Political Yard Sign? Where do these signs come from, you might wonder. After all, they all seem to pop up at exactly the same time. In fact, all of these yard signs tend to come from the same places, and that is from custom printers. Campaigns can get in contact with these businesses, usually, through the internet, design their signs in a few shorts hours and then have boxes of them delivered in a couple of days. They can then take these boxes of signs and distribute them to their supporters to show how strong their campaign is in that particular town. Be Safe, Protected and Happy with Custom Yard Signs Yard sign printing offers not just political campaigns the ability to get their message out there. Businesses have been known to use this service as well. Remember the last time you drove through a fancy neighborhood? Chances are there were a few houses with a “Protected by such and such” sign in the front yard, signifying that they used some home protection system from one of the major companies. This is, of course, an advertising usage for the company, but the homeowner wants any potential thieves to know that they will have a more difficult time breaking in at his house than they would anywhere else. Other companies that provide temporary services tend to do this as well. Plumbers, electricians, and contractors like to bring their own yard signs that they can plop down in the front yard to let the neighbors know what is happening. Just imagine the lady next door talking to her husband, “Mrs. Smith got new cabinets, we should do the same!” How to order your Own Custom Signage? It is relatively easy to order your own custom yard signs for whatever purpose you deem necessary. Simply go online and find the business that seems best to you and designs your signs through their portal. Oftentimes, you will be able to upload whatever graphics you like and position them on the sign in the way you deem best. Sometimes you will be able to make a design right on the sign in a digital interface. After this, you can submit your order, telling the company the size and number of signs that you want. They will then send it on to be manufactured to your specifications and size request. After this, they will ship it out to you and a box of however many of the signs you ordered will show up at your home or residence in a few days. What are you waiting for? Campaign season is upon us! Read Also: How To Use Chromecast From Firefox How much does a yard of topsoil weigh? Where Do Healthcare Companies Buy TVs In Bulk?

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Outdoor living is in, especially during the sweltering summer months. Turn a staid, screened-in porch into a tranquil oasis with some comfortable furnishings and ambient decor. These are our favorite tips for creating a screened space you'll want to live in all year long. Treat It as Your Home: Don't be tempted to skimp on furniture for your screened-in porch. Many homeowners rely on basic patio furniture rather than adding comfortable cushioned couches and chairs that create an inviting space. Outdoor poufs are a versatile choice that does triple duty as extra seating, a footrest, or a convenient side table. Choose options with weatherproof fabric that provides easy maintenance and care. The cozier you are on the screened-in porch, the more likely that you (and your guests) will want to spend time there. Think of this area as a natural extension of your home. When choosing furniture, picture how you want to use the space. If you plan to entertain, are you envisioning cocktail parties or boisterous family dinners? Pick your pieces accordingly. Add Accessories: Those little details are a major part of making the patio feel like an extension of your indoor space. Think colorful throw pillows, durable rugs, side tables for snacks and beverages, and accent lighting. Choose colors that coordinate with your indoor palette for a seamless transition from inside to out. Pillows and throws in various textures will add visual and tactile interest. Potted plants add more life to space while emphasizing its natural elements. Keep It Cool: For a three-season porch, you can use from spring to fall, consider screened-in, porch-cooling options to see you through the hottest days of August. Ceiling fans are more effective than a window AC unit, and they create a cooling breeze that will provide relief. Evaporative coolers lower the temperature by using humidity. With these units, cold air is blown over water droplets that chill the air as they evaporate. You can also install shades that can be pulled down to keep the cool air in during the summer and to block the cold air out on chillier nights. Look for transparent versions that will preserve the outdoor feel of the porch. Promote Relaxation: Both real and battery-powered candles create a romantic light that enhances the porch's appeal. String lights provide a similar function. If your home is in a suburban or an urban area that tends to get noisy, consider outdoor speakers through which you can play relaxing ambient noise, such as ocean sounds or birds chirping. You can also plant a row of trees or shrubs to dampen the noise, provided it doesn't block your view. Consider adding a fireplace to your screened-in porch, which has the added benefit of allowing you to enjoy the space when the weather cools. By incorporating these design ideas to add life to your screened-in porch, you're expanding the usable square footage of your home and increasing its value. Best of all, you'll have a space your entire family can enjoy together for years to come. Read Also: 7 Ways To Add Character And Style To Your Home 13 Ways To Maintain The Coolness Of Your Air Condition Unit 7 Unexpected Ways To Use Glass And Wood For Your Home Top 3 Home Renovation Considerations For This Spring 7 Smart Tips To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Refrigerator 5 Things You Should Know About Heating And Cooling Tiny Homes Don’t Get Caught In A Heatwave: 5 Signs That Your AC Is About To Go Out


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 If you’re unfamiliar with the spray drying process, you might be wondering what it’s used for and how exactly it works. Plus, you’ll learn about some applications you’re probably already using. How does a spray dryer work? A slurry is a mixture of liquid solution and other solid materials. Companies like Elan Technology use a spray dryer to produce dry, granular powders from this mixture. This is achieved by applying the spray dryer, which uses hot air coming from a rotating wheel or nozzle to rapidly dry the slurry. Why is it used? In simple terms, a spray dryer is used to turn a liquid into a powder. There is a multitude of applications for spray drying that stretch across many different industries. One application that you’ve definitely seen, heard of, and likely even used before is powdered milk products. Milk is 80% to 90% water,  which means spray drying is an effective way to reduce its bulk down and make it last longer on the shelf. Using spray drying for milk products allows milk to be taken to areas where it would otherwise be unreachable.  Spray drying is also used to make whey protein supplements and countless other products, along with instant coffee and corn starch. Outside of the food industry, it is used in the manufacturing of soap products, detergents, fertilizer, resins, and mineral ores and clays. Is it like dehydrating? Spray drying is similar to the traditional dehydration process (usually used for solid foods) in that it applies hot air in order to remove the water from a substance. The liquid is rapidly dried out, producing a fine powder that will later likely return to a liquid when the end-user adds backwater (like with powdered milk). How old is the process? Spray drying is nothing new. And although still very prevalent today, the concept of it has remained unchanged for decades.  It is a patented process and is traceable back to 1872. Samuel Percy is considered to be the inventor as he was the first to describe the process. However, it was 50 years before the process was fine-tuned and finally began being used in commercial manufacturing. While it sounds simple, it does take a bit of science to get the perfect temperature to produce a usable end powder. A certain amount of moisture has to be removed, or the powder will be clumpy due to some water being left over. Spray drying is a very useful technique that is in place in countless industries. Without it, people would not be able to enjoy powdered milk, instant coffee, or many kinds of detergent—like the most common dishwasher and clothing detergent products. Samuel may have been the first to invent the process, but thousands of companies use it today. While the machines have been upgraded to work faster and produce more product, the basic concept has remained the same, and thanks to 50 years prior to fine-tuning, it always will.