Travel Fears: 5 Most Common Fears That Keep You Inside The Home

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Do you often fantasize about being on a travel show, or being a traveller witnessing many amazing places? Do you always want to be in that exotic place about which you have been reading for long?

Eventually, you wish to go somewhere and explore everything about the place, but your ‘what if’ moment stops you from even leaving the house. Soon, you start obsessing about what might happen during your trip, making it your worst nightmare.

But why does this discomfort happen? Why you can’t just enjoy a good holiday? This all occurs because of fear!

You Are Caught In Your Own Web Of Thoughts:

If this sounds like you here are some reasons that help you know why your fears stop you from traveling and how you can deal with them:

To control this, this first step is to leave your comfort zone and think of the things that you are worrying about that might can occur when you are away. Then think of what you can do to bring yourself out of that situation. Once you have the solution for the stressful situation, you feel more relaxed and will be able to travel to your favorite destination.

Language Fears:

When fear starts overwhelming the mind, it gives rise to many unusual questions, but the language barrier is the first one. Having issues in speaking another language can exacerbate stressful situations. Imagine being unable to speak the same language in the country where more than half of the population communicate in the same language.

Well, the solution to this problem is “preparation.” Practice basic sentences beforehand or keep a dictionary handy. Practicing commands like, “I need this food,” “Where is the Taxi?”, “Where is the toilet?” and so on will help. Don’t forget to learn “ please” and “Thank you”, as this will help you when seeking help from the residents.

Fear Of Flying:

While the fear of flying is quite irrational, some people also develop a phobia from it. If your fear is of flying, first figure out what triggers you, so that you would know how to manage things. Don’t get anxious about situations as anxiety will only feed “what if” catastrophic thoughts that are hard to wipe away. So, step on the airplane with knowledge and anticipate your fears. Find a specialist and undergo fear of flying therapy or talk to a professional to educate yourself about the flying fear.

Fear of solo traveling:

Traveling solo is amazing! While you might get frightened of it, it can be very exciting. But, make sure you understand that when you are  alone, you will not be able to count on anyone for help. To get over this fear, take someone with you. If not, you can seek help from technology, like you can video chat with friends or can keep your company via Skype or Messenger.

Fear Of Getting Injured On Foreign Land:

Imagine you have traveled to an adventurous location where you fall and get hurt? And the worst, you fall in the language barrier when you need immediate help. While the chance of you being in such situation is minimized, if this happens, there are doctors and medical help available everywhere. You can also take help from medical insurance that will cover all your medical expenses and will help you deal with such situations.

So don’t let these common fears stop you from traveling. Get over them and travel and see the world.

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