Valentine’s Alert: Give Roses To Your Partner According To His Zodiac Sign


10 February 2023


Give Roses To Your Partner

Valentine’s week is here. Starting from rose day to the 14th of February, lovers and pursuers of love remain the busiest bees.

However, we know that celebrating this week is not the only worry people in love might face during this time. The most horrendous task that occupies every inch of your mind is the pressure to be unique with gifts.

You want to be perfect. You want your gifts to amaze your partner and make deep connections with them at the same time.

From diaries with poetries to a scrapbook filled with memories, you’ve probably gone through everything by now.

But here we shall talk about the flower part. Let’s begin!

Significance Of Gifting Flowers On Valentine’s Day

Flowers are an important part of valentine’s day. You might even imagine the second week of February has a smell. The smell of fresh roses.

Exchanging roses is not limited to a rose day or Valentine’s day alone. Anything you gift your partner during this whole week, adding one or a bunch of roses (s) along with that just adds a special romantic touch.

Rose, the symbol of love, conveys the idea of love in the best way.

Its delicate petals, sensual fragrance, and contradicting thorns embody love perfectly. Therefore, you cannot eliminate this amazing touch from your valentine’s day gift.

For a pleasant surprise, you can get help from a flower delivery Montreal to deliver some beautiful roses to your lover’s doorstep.

Making The Rose A More Personal Affair

Now that we know why a rose represents love, it might just seem too cliched to simply gift your partner the definition of your emotions through a flower.

However, adding a personal touch and making the flower more suitable for your love alone might seem like an idea.

So here we present the idea of ditching the sensuous red rose and presenting your love with a rose that matches their personality better.

And when it comes to personalities, what guide can help you better than the zodiac signs?

Here are the different combinations of colors and zodiacs that can help you pick the perfect rose for your lover this valentine’s week—

1. Aries

Aries people are driven, passionate, and self-assured leaders who foster a sense of community through their upbeat demeanor and unwavering resolve.

If your partner is an Aries, send them red flowers to show them how much you care. Red roses are symbolic of power, strength, and passion. The warmth of red roses may say more than words, and the hue of love will be deeper.

2. Taurus

Hard-headed, practical, persistent, dependable, loyal, and sensual are some characteristics of the Taurus sign. Giving your zodiac sign partner a pink rose can let them feel the aroma of your love even more.

A pink rose’s beauty represents adoration, thanks, and appreciation. Giving her a dress or a piece of cosmetics in addition to roses is a kind act of love.

3. Gemini

Geminis are the social butterfly sign of the zodiac and place a high value on knowledge and creativity. Give them a bunch of white flowers and a book of love tales to let them know how much you value their interests.

Furthermore, Gemini individuals are drawn to knowledge and creativity, so don’t be shy about showcasing your wit or sharing a poignant work of art.

4. Cancer

Cancers can be deeply devoted and nurturing individuals, and they also guard their loved ones. While reticent, they have a strong foundation and aren’t hesitant to take action when they believe it is required. The pure affection and sincerity of the white rose are highly appealing to Cancerians.

They have a close, meaningful relationship with the people they care about, and they’d love to see the same affection from partners with sweet gestures like a straightforward bunch of white roses.

5. Leo

Self-assured and ambitious Leos are comfortable in the limelight, even if it’s in the form of some drama. They are ambitious, committed, fiercely protective of their loved ones, generous, opulent-loving, sunny, and big-hearted are just a few of the traits of the Sun in Leo.

Giving orange or blue flowers to Leo lovers on Valentine’s Day would be quite successful. Orange roses stand for intense love, while blue roses are mysterious and signify accomplishing the impossible, both of which are ideal for a Leo.


6. Virgo

Virgos are renowned for being loyal, pragmatic, and realistic. Sky blue roses are the perfect present for someone born under the Virgo zodiac sign since they promote insight and clarity.

Give your beloved the red rose and the blue rose if they can be found. Virgos are analytical and quick-witted, and they can find a solution to any issue.

7. Libra

It is commonly known that Libras are pleasant, attractive, and balanced. They are effective at offering recommendations because they are fair and take into account all relevant factors. They are the ideal fit for them because they both enjoy pink flowers.

Libras can be both luxurious and giving, and they enjoy creating order and aesthetic beauty. They also desire balance. They are effective at offering recommendations because they are fair and take into account all relevant factors. They also value aesthetics. Thus, pink roses are the ideal gift for them.

8. Scorpio

the intensity and propensity for the harshness of the Scorpio personality make them frequently misinterpreted. However, Scorpios are intensely sentimental and yearn for closeness.

Their gears are always turning, but Scorpios may appear to be holding back. They have a mysterious exterior and a very perceptive inside. a Scorpio would do well to choose an intense black rose.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are upbeat, lovers of liberty, funny, impartial, truthful, and smart. The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for those born under this fire element sign is an orange or yellow rose.

Although they like romance, they do not want to brag. Give them yellow flowers if you want to declare your love to them for the first time. However, if you’re trying to really impress them and make a clear statement like the type they like, get them a bouquet with stunning purple roses!

10. Capricorn

Overachievers, tenacious, realistic, and sensitive, Capricorns are. Red roses are a traditional way to show your love to Capricorn natives because Saturn is the sign’s ruler.

You may consider your Valentine’s Day a success if you see the happiness in their expressions when you offer them blue flowers, antique artifacts, or memories connected to them together with roses.

11. Aquarius

Purple roses

Progressive, autonomous, bright, original, and idealistic describe Aquarians. Purple roses are unique flowers that are hard to find and distinct from other roses. Astrologically speaking, the purple rose is highly popular among Aquarius individuals since it is seen as a representation of love at first sight.

In addition, those born under these signs appreciate white flowers. Purple roses are not just a favorite among Aquarians, but many also regard them as a symbol of calm, innocence, and purity.

12. Pisces

People with Pisces signs are renowned for their intuitiveness, graciousness, emotional awareness, and empathy toward most people they come across. They are also innovative and creative, frequently expressing their emotions via writing, music, and art.

A touch of turquoise or pale green complements the dreamy atmosphere of this water sign.

Arrange Your Bouquet

With this guide in your mind, start collecting the flowers. Some of the colors mentioned here are rare and you may have to really look through stores, online and offline, to get them.

However, if you want your Valentine’s day to be perfect, this can be the right amount of effort you put in to show how much you love them!

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