Why Jumping on Trampolines is More Beneficial than Running or Jogging?

Published on: 13 May 2016 Last Updated on: 29 May 2021

Jumping on a trampoline is not only simple but great fun as well. It’s an extremely beneficial workout to the body with a variety of health benefits. In fact, it’s some three times more beneficial than either running or jogging, claims many types of research, including one from NASA in the way back 70’s.

Jumping is a helpful exercise because it gives a boost to oxygenation to the body cells. It does not cause joint stress which is often the case with jogging or running on hard surfaces. What’s more, jogging causes physical stress on lower limbs and feet.

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Jumping brings unique benefits to the body as it increases our G-force (the force created on the body due to gravity and acceleration). With high jumps, you can double your benefits from rebounding or jumping and realize your health goals.

There is a whole host of health benefits that jumping brings to the body, including:

Weight loss 

Jumping is a great exercise when it comes to losing weight. It helps the body burn four times more than jogging or walking. With so much burning of calories, it can become really easy to fight the menace of weight. After all, where else will you lose up to 1,000 calories per hour, that too in the comfort of your home!

Immune system

What would happen if your immune system is weakened? In such case, not only the frequency of diseases and illnesses goes up but also the body’s resistance against them comes down. This is where regular jumping helps a lot as it fortifies the immune system by keeping the immune cells active. This is how the body remains away from risks.

Lymphatic system

Jumping or rebounding on the trampoline on a regular basis has a great impact on the lymphatic system. This way, the flow of the lymph is maintained in the body. And that’s why nutrients go into the body cells and throw the toxins out. The flow of the lymph depends a lot on the kind of movement the body is subjected to.


Jumping is a stress buster! More so, it helps one fight off anxiety and leads a peaceful life. In fact, jumping is considered one of the best workouts for those facing depression or high-level of stress. But the question is, how does jumping help in stress? It helps because the exercise helps in stabilization of the nervous system and which subsequently leads to the release of a substance – serotonin—helpful in the fighting of stress.


Many health-conscious individuals want to do a simple yet effective exercise that helps their bones. They also search a high impact exercise so that the risks of repeated stress to the bone are tackled. Jumping helps in such cases as it not only has a positive impact on bone density but also helps in the prevention of arthritis.


Did you know that jumping benefits mind in more or less the same way as yoga does? What’s more, it boosts the level of mental performance and sharpens the mind. So, how all this is achieved? Jumping keeps one happy and this leads to all mental benefits on the lines of yoga. And when one is happy, the learning becomes easy and the capacity to grasping things improves.


Having normal blood pressure means having a healthy heart. This also means staying away from a lot of other potential diseases often caused by improper functioning of the heart. With regular jumping or rebounding, one can get an improved heart or can stay away from many cardio problems. In addition, one can also achieve the low-impact aerobic effect with jumping.


Did you know that jumping gives instant energy? Or have you ever felt a sudden flow of energy into the body right after finishing the jumping session? Jumping or rebounding lets more oxygen reach to the body and when this happens, the level of energy is bound to get better.


It’s common to find people troubled by weak digestion. So, what is the simplest way for them to get help? Well, nothing beats the easiness and simplicity associated with jumping. Not only does it help improve digestion but also elimination process. All this is achieved as the digestive track get clean due to muscle contraction and relaxation.


Do you feel fatigued much quicker than you suppose you should? More so, do you feel pain in the neck and back for no reason? Start jumping regularly and see the difference. It will energize you and boost your endurance and stamina. It will keep all the pains at bay and help you lead a healthy life.

In a nutshell, you should join one of many fitness classes Leeds to improve the fitness and enjoy the riches of life. After all, being fit is the biggest gift one can give back to life.

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There is a common misconception that all CBD capsules are the same and affect the body similarly. However, there are many different types of capsules catering to different purposes. Understanding the differences between the types of CBD capsules and CBD pills available is key to ensuring that you can choose the right product for your needs. Let’s explore the ways CBD capsules differ and why these differences matter. Different texture options CBD capsules are available in different textures, affecting how they are used. One of the most common types of CBD capsules is made of a powder-like texture and is hard to the touch. They’re designed to be swallowed as a complete pill and typically have an unpleasant taste if the powder starts to break apart. The second type of CBD capsule, like this: https://premiumjane.com/capsules-pills/, contains a gel or liquid interior. Softgel capsules have an almost gummy-like texture and are designed to be super smooth and easy to swallow. Lastly, chewable capsules have a soft texture, allowing them to be chewed or swallowed depending on the user's preference. Different types of CBD Three main types of CBD formulas are used to make CBD capsules, each containing a slightly different range of cannabinoids and terpenes. Hemp plants contain hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes beyond just CBD. In the case of full-spectrum CBD formulas, all-natural plant compounds are retained and can be found within CBD pills. In contrast, CBD isolate capsules only contain one cannabinoid, CBD. All other hemp plant compounds are removed from isolate products during the extraction and filtration stages of manufacturing. Broad-spectrum CBD capsules offer somewhat of a middle ground as they contain some but not all cannabinoids found within hemp plants. Typically, broad-spectrum means that the product is THC-free. Not one single type of CBD is better than the others. Some people prefer CBD isolate capsules as it gives them complete control over the specific cannabinoids that are entering their bodies. On the other hand, some people find that full-spectrum CBD capsules better suit their needs as they can trigger the entourage effect. Different CBD doses One of the main advantages of CBD capsules is that they provide the user with an exact dosage of CBD while also requiring minimal effort. The amount of CBD in each capsule is set during manufacturing and should remain consistent throughout the entire pack of capsules. Since there is a set amount of cannabidiol per capsule, users need to understand the different dosage options to ensure they choose the right one. For those new to taking CBD supplements, starting with the lowest dose capsule is generally recommended. This is partly to ensure that capsules are effective while not overwhelming the body with too much CBD. Different CBD capsules for different purposes General-purpose CBD capsules are designed to provide the body with a small dose of CBD in the same way that many other dietary supplements work. However, there are also CBD capsules formulated to provide specific effects. For example, some CBD capsules contain melatonin to enhance the calming effects of CBD. Melatonin is often taken on its own as a natural sleep aid as it contains the same hormones that trigger sleepiness. Melatonin CBD capsules are an excellent option for anyone using CBD to improve sleep quality. Another great example is CBD pills that contain caffeine and are formulated to enhance the energizing properties of CBD. Caffeine CBD capsules are best when taken in the morning since they can promote feelings of energy and motivation. How to choose the right CBD capsules Finding the right CBD capsules to suit your needs is primarily about balancing the different ways CBD can be used. If CBD capsules are being taken to treat a specific condition, it is best to find capsules designed with this purpose in mind. However, it is still vital to ensure that the correct dosage of CBD is used and that capsules suit the user. On the other hand, those using CBD capsules as a general supplement might find it more important to prioritize things such as useability. Taking the time to consider why you are choosing to try CBD capsules will help you find the right capsules to suit your needs. Read Also: How Does CBD Affect Your Drug Tests?How CBD Oil Capsules Are Changing People’s LivesWhat is Cannabis Oil and how does CBD Oil Work?