Why Server Colocation Hosting in India is becoming more popular than Dedicated Servers?

Published on: 03 March 2016 Last Updated on: 29 May 2021

Dedicated server hosting has been there for a long time and has become a preferred choice for large enterprises because of the control they get out of it. In fact, the security of data achieved in a dedicated environment is much more than shared or VPS hosting. However, dedicated hosting is very costly in nature. This is the reason why server colocation hosting in India has become so popular. It also gives you full control of your hardware and software resources of the server. But it can be availed at a far lesser price. This is possible because you are only buying rack space to put your server machinery. In another popular colocation arrangement solution, businesses rent server and rack space from a data center that provides server colocation services.

One of the important features of server colocation hosting in India is that you as a business entity retain complete ownership of the IT hardware, thereby having full control of the same. In a sense, it provides you dedicated control of server resources. It is preferable to dedicated hosting because colocation is available at least possible price.

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However, in case of a dedicated hosting solution, the data center from which you are getting the service is the sole owner of the hardware system and other IT resources. Though the client gets full control of the server, the infrastructure, build, and content, ownership rights remain with the data center. Though you have dedicated control, you don’t really have ownership rights.

When to choose Dedicated Hosting and when Colocation Server?

If there is a huge traffic inflow into your site or group of websites and there are some mission-critical missions that require dedicated hosting environment, dedicated hosting is preferred. This is because of the high level of security provided to the stored data. However, to avail this service you have to shell out a lot of money, which may not be always possible.

In the case of server colocation hosting in India, you get increased security, enhanced scalability, enhanced connectivity, and extremely high availability. This is especially suitable for companies or businesses that don’t have the means of creating in-house hosting solutions (which are outrightly costly).

Let’s dig more into Colocation Services

In this kind of hosting solution, both software and hardware are purchased and owned by the business entity itself. In fact, the onus of properly setting up and configuring the hardware IT of the server rests with the business itself. For effectively managing inflow and outflow of traffic, the business entity can also buy one or more network devices such as VPN appliance, firewall, router, switch, and others. The combination of network devices a business wants to choose rests with that business itself. The server colocation hosting in India has no role in deciding on these factors. Therefore, the control and flexibility one gets in colocation are even much more than in the case of dedicated servers. Moreover, colocation comes at a far lesser price.

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