Why Would I Need A Lawyer If I’m Not Guilty?

Many believe that getting a lawyer when they are falsely accused of a crime would only mean that they are combating it.

Yes, you are fighting!

Not in any shape or form does it prove that you are guilty; it just means that you are adamant about proving your innocence.

Plus, you are willing to understand your own right and lawfully act upon it.

After all, when you are not guilty, why shouldn’t you take some legal help and get your innocence proved rightfully.

The job of getting out as a free man without any punishment or accusation latched to your personal record.

What Are The Perils Of Being Charged As Guilty

Here are some of the perils of being charged as guilty and why you should get a lawyer as soon as possible.

If you are not proven innocent rightfully, or you simply plead for innocence. The crime will go on your personal record. This will cause nuisance later in your life when you wish to get admitted to a prominent college or job when they see this in your record.

You might be arrested, and the law might reject your plea for bail. In this case, you will be stuck in prison until the hearing.

According to an atlanta criminal lawyer, the worst that can happen is the opposite party getting enough evidence against you, and the jury decides a punishment for the crime you haven’t even committed.

Do Not Get Scared – Get A Lawyer

The above excerpt was not supposed to scare you but give you concrete proof of why you should absolutely contact a criminal lawyer.

1. They Can Teach You Your Rights

Lawyers are not just here to prove your innocence; they are here to teach your fundamental constitutional rights. It is only through learning these rights that you will be a little less scared about the whole situation.

When you know your rights and you have a legal backbone supporting you, proving your innocence gets easier.

2. They Will Prevent You From Taking Wrong Decision

Have you ever wondered why the condemned always asks for a lawyer before an interrogation? This is because the cops are going to drill you with questions. It will scare you and confuse it.

While you are at it, they might use your words against you. So, it is always better to have a criminal lawyer with you. Some of the Atlanta criminal lawyers have the best track record in objecting clients to speaking out of line in an interrogation.

This is a very crucial step, and we would advise to never sit for interrogation without a criminal lawyer. Especially if you are accused of a crime, you didn’t commit.

3. They Can Charge For A Bail

You should be able to charge for bail and not stay inside the prison after arrest. The time and date of the hearing are never guaranteed, and you shouldn’t have to be trapped inside the cell.

A good criminal lawyer will be able to plea for your bail and get it.

4. They Can Talk To Witnesses From Other Side

You are not allowed to talk to the witnesses or victims, but that doesn’t mean your lawyer shouldn’t be either. This can make some of the people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

If you are still a little confused about the whole thing, then we would suggest that you get your information straight. Here are two of the most frequently asked questions answered by an Atlanta criminal lawyer.

1. What Are The Times When I Should Have My Lawyer With Me?

Ans. Technically every time you are answering questions to someone in law and order. They shouldn’t be able to use your words against you, and a good criminal lawyer should be able to ensure that.

2. Can A Criminal Lawyer Actually Prove My Innocence?

Ans. Yes, definitely!

If you are willing to help them and they have a good track record, they will be able to collect all the right evidence and investigate the crime to prove your innocence.

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