Windscreen Replacements


22 February 2019


Windscreen Replacements

A crack or chip on the windscreen is annoying. If this crack or chip interferes with the line of sight when you are driving, it becomes even more infuriating. A small crack or chip can deepen with time and result in the replacement of the entire windscreen. That’s where a reliable windscreen repair and replacement service comes in handy. With hundreds of such services in town, choosing the right one isn’t easy. There are many things to look for when choosing the best windscreen repair and replacement service. Here is why you should choose a reputable windscreen replacements service in town.

Driving with a small stone chip outside the driver’s line of sight shouldn’t cause undue safety concerns. But the chip can rapidly spread and shatter the windscreen if you don’t take immediate action to repair the glass. The modern windscreen is constructed with two layers of glass and a vinyl sheet sandwiched in-between. Hence, the windscreen is strong and resilient. But moisture can creep inside the chip or crack and cause localized discolouration. This can extend the area of damage with time. Extreme temperatures and shocks from vibration can cause stone chips to further extend. You need to take immediate action to repair small chips and cracks to avoid replacing the entire glass – which can cost you more money.

DIY windscreen repair kits are not the best unless you know something about windscreen repairs. The best option is to take your vehicle to a professional windscreen repair and replacement service in town. Choosing the best replacement service in town isn’t easy. There are many service providers on the market. But all of them are not the same. Here are some factors to look into when choosing the best windscreen replacements service in town.

Emergency Services:

In case you need an emergency windscreen repair or replacement, you need a company that offers fast and prompt response. The company should arrive at the site as quickly as possible equipped with the right tools to get you back on the road. Make sure to choose a company that offers a fully mobile repair and replacement service. This is important when you are really in need of a replacement windscreen. Such a service will travel to your location and complete the work in a short time.

Dealing With Insurance Companies:

A credible windscreen company should take care of the insurance side of things. The right company should deal with the top insurance providers in the country. They will contact your insurance provider and handle the documentation on your behalf.

Knowledgeable Staff:

Choosing the right windscreen for your vehicle is a technical process. The windscreen repair service should employ highly experienced and knowledgeable staff for this purpose. The reputation, experience and customer feedback received are important considerations when choosing the right windscreen repair and replacement service in town.

A chip or crack on the windscreen can be annoying. You need a reputable and experienced windscreen repair and replacement service to fix the problem.

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Car Battery Maintenance

Car Battery Maintenance 101

Here’s a fact to get the ball rolling; Did you know? Majority of car breakdowns are due to a simple battery failure. Car Battery Maintenance can reduce the chances of your car breaking down. That’s right! Batteries, an invention of the 1800s still very much useful today. Power windows, music system, headlights, auxiliaries and what not, car batteries are an essential part of an automobile.A car battery has a limited lifespan, a well-maintained car battery should last you around 3-5 years, But many find that they have to replace their car battery every 1 to 2 years. A poorly maintained battery loses its capacity to hold a charge and eventually fails. So, if you want to avoid the inconvenience of an unexpected breakdown simultaneously ensuring a prolonged battery life, we are here with 5 simple tips on car battery maintenance. 1. Always keep the battery terminals corrosion-free: One of the most recurrent problems with battery is corrosion build-up on the negative and positive terminals. Corrosion acts as a barrier between the battery and the vehicle thereby breaking the connection.A simple fix for this can be a light scrubbing with an abrasive pad to dislodge the crud build-up from the terminals. Car battery maintenance can minimize the chances of corrosion.Top Tip: add a dab of vaseline to the terminals to prevent further corrosion 2. Do not operate any electronics during startup: When the engine is running,  the car alternator generates electricity and charges the car battery, but when the engine is off, the car relies on battery power only.So, it is important to limit the use of any electronics just before or while starting the car to avoid unnecessary load on the battery.Top Tip: switch off the AC and the music system before cranking the car to avoid damage to the battery.  3. Full charge your car battery at least once every month:Did you know? Your car draws power from the battery even when the car is off. This is required for the anti-theft system to function.Make a habit of charging your car battery every month or two to avoid a dead battery situation. This will also help the battery maintain a healthy charge density and prolong its life. Invest in a good battery charger for your vehicle if you don't wish to visit a garage every month. 4. Check your car’s alternator for car battery maintenance:An Alternator is a very crucial component responsible for charging the car battery when the engine is running. So, it becomes very important to ensure a functional alternator for a healthy battery life. Get the alternator checked every time you visit a garage.Telltale signs of a failing alternator include; battery warning light on the dashboard, flickering headlights, engine cranking issues, and other electronic failures. 5. Do not overload your car battery with accessories:Auxiliary fog lamps, high power music system, novelty lighting. These are all power hungry accessories draining the life out of your car battery. Every car battery has a load limit and can take only much before failing. Car battery maintenance can make your car move faster.So, go easy with those fancy lights you’ve just bought off Amazon, and check if your battery is capable of taking the increased loads. Bonus Tip: Always top-up car battery with distilled water ONLY:In this day and age of “No-Maintenance” batteries, you don’t have to periodically refill the batteries with water anymore. But still, all car batteries require a specific level of distilled water to function optimally. Distilled water is required for the proper flow of electricity in the battery. Using normal tap water which contains metal ions can permanently damage the electrodes causing a degradation in charging capacity of a battery. Low water level can damage the cells inside the battery causing a failure.Visit your nearest hardware store for a litre of distilled battery water.Read Also:Car Insurance For Electric Vehicles Explained Important Tips To Maintain Your Luxury Car

Surprising Car

10 Surprising Car Designs That Will Turn Your Car Luxurious

Over the last several decades, the sheer volume of awesome car customization options that have hit the market is extremely impressive. With so many different customization choices, it is nearly a guarantee that you could take the most awful looking car and significantly upgrade its overall aesthetic appeal. You might consider adding a rear spoiler, installing custom wheels, getting low-profile tires, using a vinyl wrap, or getting a custom paint job. In the article below we'll walk you through some of the best ways of turning an ordinary car into a luxurious-looking head turner.10 Surprising Car Designs That will Turn Your Car Luxurious  1. Get Your Car Professionally Detailed   A select Car Detailing Company will typically offer a high-tier professional detailing option that goes above and beyond a simple wash, wax, and interior cleaning. A professional auto detailing job will go over the entire car with a fine-tooth comb, essentially bringing it back to a near brand new state of cleanliness. This includes cleaning the interior, exterior, conducting scratch removal, cleaning the engine compartment, and even steam cleaning the undercarriage. Once completed, your car will be looking bright and shiny. 2. Custom Wheels Adding a new set of custom wheels to your car can quickly make it look super luxurious. Hub caps and factory alloy wheels can often look terrible, failing to accentuate your car's natural beauty in any way. Custom wheels, on the other hand, will leave your car looking sporty, clean, fast, and most certainly luxurious. If you have been interested in making an aesthetic upgrade to your car then one of the first things you should do is buy yourself a beautiful set of custom wheels.3. Add a Rear Spoiler Adding a rear spoiler to a car, especially a sports car, can make it looks sleek, stealthy, and ready to race. The rear spoiler is also very functional as well, especially if your car has a high horsepower engine. The rear spoiler takes air moving over the top of the car and uses that air to press the car further against the road, improving handling, tire grip, and overall performance. Your car will also look extremely luxurious by adding a new rear spoiler or wing.4. Tint Your Windows Blacking out your windows is a great upgrade to make to your car, especially if you live in a hot climate area. Many people also agree that it adds an extra appeal to the look of the car. Most luxury cars have tinted windows straight out of the factory. So when you upgrade your car to a tinted window style then people automatically assume that it is a luxury or special edition model. Tinted windows also allow you to have a bit more privacy while driving around, as it is very hard to see into the inside of your car.5. Install Sports Suspension Adding sports suspension kits to a car usually drops the ground clearance height just a bit. This can help a car handle much better, as it rides much closer to the ground. It can also make your car look like a luxury sports model, as the majority of top-of-the-line sports cars have lowered sports suspension kits added by the factory that produced them. While sports suspension can be an expensive upgrade, your car will drive far sportier and look much more luxurious to anyone that catches a glimpse of it.6. Get a Custom Paint Job While the popularity of custom paint jobs has sort of wained over the last couple of decades, many car owners still take advantage of the aesthetic beauty that it creates. If you want to take an average-looking car and make it luxurious instantly, then get a custom paint job. Modern paint technology has rapidly evolved to the point that you can even get a custom paint job that features a paint color change effect depending on the temperature that your car is exposed to. This color-changing effect will absolutely leave people staring at the beauty of your ride.7. Custom Shift Knob There are so many custom shift knobs on the market today that are just fantastic products. They look insanely awesome, they improve shift grip and agility, and they are certain to catch the attention of anyone peaking into your car. If you want to start small with your automobile upgrade plan, then start out by installing a custom shift knob. They come in chrome, black matte, brushed steel, painted, and in many other varieties. There is nearly an endless number of choices you can make when it comes to selecting the perfect knob.8. Upgrade to Performance Exhaust Adding a custom exhaust system from to your ride will not only make it look luxurious but will also dramatically increase your car’s overall performance. Most custom exhaust systems can add as much as 15-30 extra horsepower, an increase that is significant. Performance exhaust kits also look fantastic too and they are certain to turn heads as you go racing by.9. Aftermarket Sport Pedals In most cases, the default factory-installed foot pedals in your car look less than appealing. They also might not be the most comfortable pedals to use for regular daily driving. You should consider adding high-quality sport pedals to your ride. This can make your interior look sleek, sporty, and clean, especially if your factory pedals have taken on some wear and tear.10. Aftermarket Seats Adding new front seats to any sports car can significantly increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your interior. It can also greatly increase driving comfort, as aftermarket seat brands create exceptionally comfortable seats far above and beyond anything you will get straight from the auto manufacturer. While aftermarket seats can be quite expensive, they generally elevate the resell value and resell appeal of your car. So the next time you feel like raising the status of your ride, then be sure to consider equipping it with some fine custom seats. Read Also:A Comprehensive Guide On How To Charge Your Car Battery Spring’s Favourite Car: The Ford Mustang


Choosing the Right Anti-Theft Devices For Your Car In Houston TX

 Although there's no foolproof way to protect your car from being stolen, you can certainly reduce the chances of it becoming a target without spending more than you can afford. Outlined below are a few tips and tricks on how to keep your beloved motorcar protected. Use A Mechanical Immobilizer: A mechanical immobilizer is designed to restrict movement or access to the vehicle. Unlike most anti-theft devices that remain hidden, this device is highly visible, hence an excellent choice for deterring amateur car thieves. The police recommend using one of these alongside other anti-theft devices to keep car thieves at bay. 1. Steering-Wheel Lock:This is the least expensive anti-theft device you can invest in. As the name suggests, the steering-wheel lock makes it impossible to drive the car, hence one must unlock it to be able to navigate. 'The Club' is a good example. 2. Tire Lock:Having a tire lock in place can help deter thieves from targeting your car. Tire locks, however, require time to put on and off, which is why you may want to try other options if you use the car daily. Electronic Immobilizer: Most modern cars today come with built-in microchips and transponders capable of sending a signal to the built-in anti-theft system. Trying to start the car without its keys and fobs simply mean the engine will not start.  Most car thieves will avoid vehicles equipped with electronic immobilizers. Have a 'Kill Switch' installed: This device is normally installed in the engine's electrical system.  As the name suggests, it sends a signal that turns the engine off when activated. Although most modern cars have this anti-theft feature installed, you can have one installed on your vehicle for as little as $10.  The most expensive option goes at $200. The Master Lock Starter Sentry is a good example (and popular model) of a kill switch capable of disabling the ignition system, as well as the fuel wirelessly.  The best kill switches disable all other functions of the car until the signal is deactivated through a series of tasks. Install a Car Alarm:Car alarms are considered the most effective visual anti-theft devices there is today. The alarm is however only activated should one attempt to gain entry to the car forcefully, perimeter breach, sudden movement, or the breaking of glass. The system works with several sensors that pick up the slightest sign of forced entry or breach sounding an alarm at over 120 DBS. This alerts the driver immediately and anyone else within a hearing distance. Consider VIN Etching: All vehicles have a 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) mostly printed on the dashboard, registration, and insurance cards. 'Branding' all parts of the car with its VIN Number can help deter car thieves from targeting your car. This is particularly useful if you can have all windows and glass parts imprinted with the VIN. Most car thieves will avoid vehicles with their VINs etched on all visible parts. This is mostly because disposing of parts with VIN exposed is considerably much more laborious and costly. Have a Vehicle Tracking System Installed: Although an expensive anti-theft device/feature, a vehicle tracking system not only deters thieves from stealing your car but also provides real-time data on the car's location should it be stolen. These systems use GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to pinpoint the car's exact location for easier retrieval. One of the advantages of investing in a vehicle tracker is that the system can be integrated with other anti-theft features to keep the car protected. You, however, need to subscribe to this service to get real-time updates on your vehicle whenever you need it. You can contact an automotive locksmith Houston Tx for immediate services.Read More : 5 Ways Camera Monitoring System Will Enhance Vehicle Safety There Is A Pothole Problem In America – How To Protect Your Car From Damage?