How Women Can Boost Their Libido and Improve Their Sex Life

Category: Lifestyle By: Ariana Smith Posted on: October 3, 2019

Is your sex life suffering and you would like to improve it? Congratulations are in order. Many women do not take measures in this sense and allow their low sex drive to undermine their relationship. They also miss out on the numerous health benefits of sex.

Don’t worry! There are many things we can do to boost your libido and improve your sex life naturally. We will review the most effective of them in the following lines. But, before we get to it, there is one thing you should consider: getting a medical exam and make sure your problem does not stem from some medical condition.

It could be a hormonal imbalance. You may suffer from hypoactive sexual desire disorder, approaching menopause, or be pregnant. The causes could also be psychological, like stress, anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, or relationship-related, like communication issues with your partner, different sexual needs and preferences, etc.

The best way to eliminate a problem is to identify and eliminate its causes. Until you get a chance to do that, we will review a few remedies that should provide immediate, even though short term results.

9 Quick Ways to Boost Your Libido and Improve Your Sex Life

1. Get into the Mindset

If you are not willing to have sex, arousal is less likely to occur. Whether for your partner’s sake, the numerous health benefits, your own pleasure, or all of these combined, you should decide to have sex. Once you start thinking about it and fantasizing, your libido will receive a natural boost.

2. Watch Your Meals

If you overeat right before going to bed, or you eat unhealthy foods that cause bloating and gas or are difficult to digest, getting in the mood for sex will be difficult. Therefore, try eating less and focus on healthy, unprocessed foods.

3. Include Aphrodisiac Foods in Your Diet

A small bar of dark chocolate, fenugreek seeds, warm spices like cinnamon, hers like Shatavari, and exotic foods like dates can work miracles on your libido. You just have to give them a chance. Consume them regularly or with a couple of hours before your date, to give them time to act.

4. Relax

Stress gets to all of us and affects us more than we realize. Try to relieve it through physical exercise, meditation, yoga, listening to music, etc. Just before your sexual encounter, get a hot bubble bath. Add a few drops of essential oils to it, like lavender, sandalwood, clary sage, etc.

5. Have a Glass of Red Wine

No, the goal is not to get you drunk. Research has shown that a moderate intake of red wine will improve blood flow to your erogenous zones and increase lubrication. Being rich in polyphenols, and histamines, red wine could also improve your partner’s erectile function and increase sex drive in both of you. It will surely help you get rid of some inhibitions and act more freely, more confident, more determined.

6. Take Supplements

It’s common knowledge by now that our modern diet and chaotic lifestyle are depriving us of essential vitamins and minerals. Among others, such deficiencies can contribute to low sex drive and vaginal dryness.

You can fight them with supplements based on natural ingredients, like Queen V Livin’ Libido Loca. Taken regularly, they will improve blood flow to your erogenous zones and increase your libido without any side effects for you to worry about.

7. Make Sure You’ll Enjoy Prelude

Especially if you’re in a years-old relationship, chances are you and your partner have gotten comfortable with one another. You could be skipping prelude or investing too little time and effort into it. Change that.

The ideal would be to talk to your partner and get him to work with you. If you do not feel up to it, discreet suggestions like a massage, a shower together, or a slow dance could help. Changing the location or the position could have a powerful impact as well. A blindfold could help stir your excitement as well.

8. Use Lubricants

Vaginal dryness can really hinder pleasure during sex. Until you eliminate its cause, you can find temporary relief in lubricants. Some have a pleasant smell and contain ingredients that help to enhance pleasure.

9. Try Something New

Routine and boredom should not find room in your sex life. If they have, it is time to kick them away. There are several ways to do that. You and your partner can try new positions, pleasure one another before the actual intercourse, or use sex toys. Do not be afraid to share your fantasies with your loved one and to experiment. As long as you both enjoy it or consent to it, everything is allowed when it comes to sex and pleasure.

All of the above methods are safe and effective. Why deprive yourself and your loved one of the pleasure and benefits of sex when enjoying them is so easy and risk-free?

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