7 Misconceptions About Workers’ Compensation to Debunk


05 October 2021


Workers' Compensation

Navigating life after a workplace injury can be a whirlwind of confusing processes and terminology. Many workers aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of their employers’ workers’ compensation policy, and this lack of knowledge can prevent them from claiming their full benefits. If you’re seeking support after a workplace injury, here are seven debunked misconceptions about workers’ compensation to help you through the process.

If you hire an attorney, your legal fees will outweigh the benefits

If you hire an attorney, your legal fees will outweigh the benefits

Work injury attorneys have a specialized pricing system based on a contingency fee. Firms like this one charge according to your compensation package, not out-of-pocket billable hours. You can discuss payment extensively with your attorney if you’re unsure. Hiring an attorney can maximize your benefits, making it well worth the investment.

You need to be on duty when you get injured

You don’t have to have your nose to the grindstone at the time of the injury to be eligible for compensation. Many things happening around you at work can harm you, and you deserve workers’ compensation for these accidents as well.

For example, a coworker may injure you unintentionally, a heavy machine may fall on you, or a building may collapse. You are eligible for compensation if you sustained injuries due to working for the organization, regardless of whether or not you were on the clock at the time.

You are not eligible for workers’ compensation if you caused your injury

You are not eligible for workers’ compensation if you caused your injury

You are eligible to make a compensation claim even if no one else at work directly caused your injury. The qualifier is that the damage must happen at the workplace or during the execution of your duties. Location and context take priority over fault when it comes to your eligibility. If you slip in the bathroom or fall down the steps at work, you are still eligible to file for compensation.

You may lose your job if you file for workers’ compensation

You are well within your rights to file for workers’ compensation. Employers have no legal right to fire employees based on a request for work injury compensation. Although every company has the authority to decide who works with them or not based on their organization’s expectations, it is illegal to fire staff in retribution for exercising their legal rights.

You can’t get compensation if your claim is denied

Organizations conduct thorough investigations before accepting a claim. Agents and attorneys will look for loopholes and mistakes in the injury report, meaning that your first attempt may not be successful.

If the company denies your claim, that doesn’t have to be the end of the case. You can appeal, and with expert legal help, you can achieve your due compensation.

The injury has to happen at a job site

Depending on your job duties, you may be able to win compensation even if your injury occurred off-site. For example, if you work as a driver and are involved in a road accident, you can ask for payment.

This stipulation also applies if you were commuting to perform a work assignment. For example, you may have been making a delivery or been on your way to join a work-related meeting. In these cases, your role as an employee puts you in harm’s way, and you deserve compensation for any injuries or expenses.

Wrap up

If you sustain any work injury, taking adequate steps towards compensation can help you avoid being injured twice.

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Compensation Claim

Accident By Unlicensed Driver: How To File For A Compensation Claim?

Pursuing Compensation for a car accident that is caused by a rash driver driving under intoxication, is one thing. But if you are hit by an individual who is unlicensed, things might be a bit difficult. Now, the question might dance into your bosom…how will you be able to pursue compensation for your damages? No, you are mistaken, not a million-dollar question but a bit of awareness. However, if you can’t withstand the enquiring rat within, then you could consult a DUI lawyer in Phoenix. In this article, we are going to discuss the whereabouts of Accidents caused by unlicensed drivers and claim compensation. So without further ado, let's get down to the brass tacks. The Dangers Of Unlicensed Drivers We know it makes you a bit jittery to hear that claims from unlicensed drivers are a bit difficult to extract. Well, why are the drivers unlicensed? Unlicensed drivers are unlicensed for some reason. The most deadening threat with the unlicensed drivers is that they are not trained. They hit the streets with their lives and others at stake. And you know what? They are ignorant of the basic rules and regulations of the roads. Let us put forth some hard facts to digest. According to the reading AAA Foundation, a massive 1 in 5 accidents (18.2%) are caused by unlicensed drivers. To get more inside, around 6.7% of the drives have their respective DLs revoked or suspended. Around 1.1% of them have their DLs not revoked. And the best for you…around 0.5% of the drivers are simply never licensed. So how caustic, sarcastic, and costly it is for you! Just have thought about it. You may like to read: Pros & Cons Of Hiring A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Penalties For Driving Without Licence So do you think that you are almost helpless when hit by unlicensed drivers? So do you think that the US laws for Unlicensed drivers are like parents' soft corner for Ailing children? That's not the case. Laws in the US for unlicensed drivers are extremely tough. Let us feed you with an example. According to chapter 521 of the Transportation Code, if anyone is found to be violating the provisions could be charged with a misdemeanor. And yes Penalties waiting.  A $200 fine for the first violation.A fine of $50 to $200 for the second time.And the big one, a fine of $500, and between 72 hours to 6 Months of Jail you are caught for the third time. These are through the basics, there is more to it. In such a case consult a Phoenix DUI Lawyer for greater detail. How To File A Lawsuit Against Unlicensed Drivers? Suppose the situation arises that the driver who caused your accident is unlicenced and he/she was driving someone else’s car with the permission of the owner. In that case, you are able to pursue a claim through the insurance policy of the owner. In this scenario let us tell you that successfully extracting claims turn out to be extremely difficult simply because the driver is unlicensed. You will have to go through some entanglement and you will not be able to manage it all alone. Consult a Phoenix DUI Lawyer in that case. It will be easier for you. Now in a second instance, you might meet with an accident caused by a driver who is not licensed. And moreover, the individual may not be under some kind of insurance coverage. Let me give you an example of Illinois laws. According to the laws in Illinois, all drivers must have a minimum level of liability insurance. This is mandatory. Now how will you be recovering your claims from a person who is not insured? In that case, you could file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver or turn to a personal uninsured motorist mortgage. That might save you on this journey. Conclusion Having discussed the provision let me assure you one thing. No, we're not here to frighten you here. By this time you have already known that Personal Injury Claims especially when you are hit by an unlicensed driver are tough. So what to do now? Well, you have your options will open. But to exploit the situation to the fullest and ensure extraction of the compensation, you need to consult a lawyer's advice. And DUI lawyer in Phoenix has the capacity to guide you in your exigency. Read Also: Tips and Tricks to Hire the Best Lawyer for Your CaseQuestions To Ask Your Fort Worth Car Accident LawyerHave you been in a Semi-Truck Accident? Here Are 4 Reasons You Need to Hire a Lawyer Immediately

Florida Car Accident Lawyer

Florida Car Accident Lawyer: The Ultimate Approach to Winning Car Accident Cases

Florida's financial responsibility law may impose higher requirements on certain types of drivers based on their driving history. The code is strict on the offenders because they can cause severe damages to property, loss of lives, and even fatalities in serious accidents. However, you can avoid exaggerated expenses by working with a Florida car accident lawyer who can assist in preserving evidence and interviewing witnesses. A Florida Car Accident Lawyer will help you prevent the revocation of the driver's license, prevent possible legal consequences, and ensure you are compensated. Here are some of the ways the lawyer can cover you in case of an accident. Proving Poor Maintenance of Roads as a Primary Cause of the Accident  Accidents occur all the time due to negligence caused by the drivers, but there are times when the driver is not at fault. This is because some roads are not maintained regularly and may cause injuries to drivers and pedestrians. A Florida Car Accident Lawyer will stand up for the driver in such cases to ensure that they evade the blame and even earn compensation from the local governments. The lawyer will assess the quality of the roads with the help of a private civil engineer to see if the road had potholes, cracks, broken concrete, and sinkholes. Through thorough research, the lawyer and the engineer will provide quality evidence to the court, showing the extent of damages that poor road conditions can cause to the drivers, which include broken necks, loss of limbs, trauma, internal injuries, and even death. They will also issue information on how potholes can lead to bursting of tires, hence causing the spread of accidents to other drivers, motorists, and pedestrians. Such injuries can be as a result of the vehicle losing control and rolling over to injure the passenger, and even property located close to the roads. Such claims can be severe since they entail suing the government. Therefore, the attention of a highly qualified Florida Car Accident Lawyer is needed to win the case. The attorney will assist the client in evading punishment by the law, getting unlimited state medical compensation, and also for payment for other liabilities. Proving a Fault Caused by Bad Weather  Lousy weather is known to cause some accidents in Florida. However, the police and other government authorities may refute these claims in case of a crash unless proved otherwise by a car accident lawyer in a court of law. For instance, the attorney will have to provide irrefutable evidence that the driver did not cause an accident while trying to navigate through a rainstorm. The lawyer will offer speed ranges used by the driver and unexpected dangers caused by the weather conditions such as the driver being swept by a raging tornado into a severe collision. Win that Accident Case Easily by Working with a  Florida Car Accident Lawyer  Sometimes the driver is not at fault when car accidents occur, but this cannot be known until proved with supporting legal evidence. A professional car accident lawyer can help you win compensation and any lawsuits held against you in case of a car accident. Read Also : How To Find Best Car Accident Lawyer Near You 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Car Accident Lawyer Here’s What You Do After Being Involved In An Accident At Work Do I Need A Lawyer For A Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault? Motorcycle Accident Attorney: Questions To Ask When You’re In An Accident


Is DUI A Serious Crime?

DUI is considered a crime in every US state. The drivers of any kind of vehicle must operate their vehicle sober. When a person takes drugs, alcohol, or any prescriptive medicines then the ability to drive gets impaired and causes road accidents. Sometimes, these accidents can lead to death. To answer the question “Is DUI a serious crime” one can say that it is a serious crime. The details of DUI shown here can show the intensity of this crime and thus, it is really important to focus on DUI cases. However, all is not well when it comes to involving the traffic police. Sometimes, police officers tend to exaggerate the details and put someone in a difficult position. This type of DUI charge can put people in a tough situation because professional people have their reputations to maintain. In those situations, hiring a DUI defense in Oakland could be beneficial as lawyers know how to beat such charges. What Happens When A Person Is Convicted Of DUI? Once a person is convicted of a DUI, that person is subjected to receive some sort of criminal sentence. The most common sentence for DUI is the suspension of a driving license for some time. This time limit could be determined based on the severity of the DUI charge. Sometimes the suspension of a driving license could be accompanied by a fine, community service, or jail time. But if you had hired a good attorney, things wouldn’t go that far. DUI lawyers have the skills to find loopholes in the legal system and by finding them they can ask for lenient terms even for a driving license. Things like an ignition interlock device (IID) could be used in the personal car of that person who was charged with the DUI. Sometimes, the person could be able to go to work and restrict his driving in a particular neighborhood when lawyers know how to do their jobs. What Happens When DUI Charges Are Federal? Normally, the DUIs are processed by the state but when drivers mess with federal property, the charges could be from the federal court. This happens when a driver drives harshly through a national park and collides into a national monument, a military vehicle, or a federal building. Such crimes could have different sentences based on the civilian or military status of the person who had been charged with DUI.  What To Do When Charged With DUI? If you have been in a similar position where bogus DUI charges have been filed against you, it is time to get a lawyer. Mass Tsang legal professionals can help you in this regard. Mass Tsang is a legal firm where the firm offers different legal services to those who require legal guidance. In the cases of Drunk under the Influence (DUI) or Drunk while intoxicated (DWI), skilled legal professionals can have your case dismissed or negotiate for a lesser sentence through community service and diversion programs. If the District Attorney doesn’t budge, there could be other ways to reduce charges. For instance, if the charged person wants to get his or her driver’s license back, then he or she needs to agree with the chemical testing to ensure that there is no alcohol in his or her blood. Read Also: Top 10 Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorneys The Personal Effects Of A DUI Case On Individuals: By Counsellors Accident By Unlicensed Driver: How To File For A Compensation Claim?