10 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol Today

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With alcoholism becoming more and more present in our society, the chances that you or someone you know struggles with alcoholism is increasing rapidly.

The good news is nowadays the stigma of having an alcohol problem is almost gone, and there are more resources than ever to help overcome.

If you or the person who is struggling is still on the fence about whether or not the alcohol is a real problem, we’ve compiled a list of reasons to stop drinking once and for all.

Quitting drinking can be tough, but the benefits and quality of life change that quitting can bring is more than worth it.

Let’s talk about that.

Quitting Drinking and You

Society seems to be overrun with drinking; in fact, it seems like the only way we know how to socialize. Modern society is a mess of people hiding their insecurities and fears thought of unhealthy outlets or masks.

More often than not, that mask consists of a few drinks.

Have you ever heard someone say they feel “more like themselves” when they’re drinking? That is the sort of thing we are talking about here.

The great thing is, once you’ve stopped drinking, you start to regain a sense of self. You gain confidence that you may not have even known that you had because you would just drink your problems away instead of working on them.

Even in a superficial sense, quitting drinking makes your skin clear up, you lose weight, you gain more energy. You even have time for more hobbies.

Also, do you realize how much money you save when you quit drinking? Drinking is so expensive, now that you aren’t spending all your money on 15 dollar drinks, you can actually save up for big life things.

Speaking of big life things, your sex and love life can improve significantly

Reasons to Stop Drinking for Others

When you are in a relationship, there can be a lot of stress caused by a drinking problem. Even if you are single, it is likely that your family members are affected.

When you quit drinking, you can take accountability for your actions.

As unpleasant as that may sound, taking accountability actually helps you pave a new road into healthy, honest relationships. Quitting drinking can actually help you develop a greater sense of self-awareness that you didn’t even know you had.

Once you develop greater self-awareness, you can help others find themselves as well. You can become an empathetic, kind person.

If you are in a relationship that is stressed under the strain of a drinking problem, a big reason to stop drinking would be to stop hurting the person you are choosing to spend your life with.

Although it may seem like you are only hurting yourself, the people who love and care about you also suffer when you struggle with drinking.

When you stop drinking, they can feel at ease knowing that you are safe and no longer hurting yourself.

Support Systems for Quitting Drinking

When you stop drinking, you may suddenly realize that you have less in common with the people you used to hang out with, especially if all they do is drink.

The good news is, in quitting drinking, you can discover a whole new group of friends who also don’t drink.

Those people tend to be better listeners, less selfish, and more empathetic to the struggles of someone who is trying to stay sober.

Now just because you got sober doesn’t mean life suddenly gets easy. You may find that you are struggling with getting your life back on track sober. The most important thing is that you stick to your guns and don’t drink, no matter what.

If you find that you are having a hard time, it may be beneficial to set up a system to hold yourself accountable.

You can set up a person to check in with every day, or as needed if you’re scared you may drink.

You can also set up a testing system with a buddy. As silly as it may sound, it can really help you walk the line when you are feeling particularly likely to drink. Remember, when you feel you may drink, you have to have bumpers set up in the way between you and the booze.

If you want to get home alcohol tests or learn more about how they work, you can check it out here.

No matter what happens in life, you don’t have to drink. The key is to make sure you have a good network that can double as a safety net when needed.

Life After Quitting

Once you get past the initial difficulty of quitting drinking, life gets brighter and better than it ever could have been before.

There are countless reasons to stop drinking, but it’s important to find the reasons that work for you. Make sure you are ready to commit, and that you have your reasons at the forefront of your mind- you’ll need them when you get tempted to drink.

It’s important to use your newfound free time and extra cash responsibly. You worked really hard to get to the place you are at in life, you deserve to treat yourself. Pick up a new hobby, go out with some new friends, explore the world.

You can go anywhere and do anything sober, provided you keep smart feet that take you where you need to go if you feel you are at risk of drinking.

It may take a little while, but like a baby deer learning how to walk, you will gain a new sense of self and self-confidence that you hadn’t known before. Your life will become fantastic.

For more information or any questions, be sure to check us out here.

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All That You Need To Know About Dandy-Walker Syndrome

Dandy-Walker Syndrome (DWS), also known as Dandy-Walker Malformation (DWM), is a rare disorder of the human brain. This disorder or malformation impacts the development of the cerebellum, a part of the brain responsible for muscle coordination, balance, posture, and speech.Due to this disorder, the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) can be affected. This can result in the accumulation of too much CSF in the brain, causing a condition called hydrocephalus. The impact of the Dandy-Walker Syndrome typically lasts lifelong for a patient. Who can get affected by Dandy-Walker Syndrome? This disorder is a congenital condition that exists at birth. Infants belonging to both sexes can be affected by Dandy-Walker Syndrome. It is a genetic disorder that can occur sporadically. This syndrome impacts one in every 30,000 infants born alive. What are the causes of this syndrome? Dandy-Walker Syndrome is caused due to the partial or total failure of development of the cerebellar vermis that leads to the blockage of the CSF circulation. It is thought that various genetic and environmental factors can be responsible for someone to develop this rare congenital condition. What are the symptoms of DWS? The symptoms generally appear within one year after birth. Among the common symptoms of the syndrome are the following:Delay in development of language and motor skills such as talking, crawling, walking, and sitting up Poor muscle tone and muscle stiffness Difficulty in balance and coordination Unsteady eye movement, including jerky eye movement Hearing and vision impairment The occurrence of seizures or convulsions Breathing difficulties or irregular patterns of breathing Widened and flat veins visible in the skull The increasing size of the skull leading to the abnormal growth of the headHow and when is Dandy-Walker Syndrome diagnosed? The diagnosis of Dandy-Walker Syndrome can be done even before an infant is born. Tests to detect the syndrome before and after birth include the following:High-resolution ultrasound screening is carried out during the second or third trimester of pregnancy to diagnose the syndrome Fetal Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is done to confirm the diagnosis of the condition and to rule out other conditions that may appear to be similar to Dandy-Walker Syndrome in ultrasound screening MRI after birth is done to confirm the syndrome and determine if any other complications are impacting the baby Further imaging studies are done after birth, such as X-rays of the skull to determine its enlargement, MRI, and CT scan to check the shape and measure the size of the fourth ventricle, and ultrasound screening to determine hydrocephalus development.In most cases, this syndrome is diagnosed in children in the early stages of their life. Some babies are born with normal ventricles but the signs of the syndrome start to appear when they reach about one year of age. In many cases, the syndrome is diagnosed in children when they are between three to four years of age. However, this syndrome has been known to be diagnosed in children as old as twelve years as well. How can the condition be treated? Treatment for Dandy-Walker Syndrome is aimed towards resolving the underlying symptoms and managing the complications that may arise due to the condition. Among the treatment options are:Medications provided to check seizures Physical therapy to help develop muscle tone and coordination Speech therapy to improve language and speech Occupational therapy to improve mobility skills such as walking, eating, managing simple daily chores, etc. A surgical procedure called shunt may be carried out if severe hydrocephalus is observed in the patient. This procedure is done to reduce the intracranial pressure inside the skull by draining off the excess fluid gathered within the brain. It can bring relief to the patient from inflammation and some other problems that may occur due to intracranial pressure.Since this is a rare condition, treatment needs to be done by knowledgeable doctors who are experienced in dealing with patients suffering from this syndrome. If you are looking for an expert doctor to consult about this syndrome, you can get expert advice and professional help at https://www.xpertdox.com/. How can Dandy-Walker Syndrome be prevented? This syndrome is a genetic condition. As such, there is no specific method that can be applied to ensure prevention from it. Expecting parents can undergo genetic testing. Prenatal diagnosis can also be helpful to understand the risks associated with the condition. In case of a family history of the syndrome, genetic counseling can be helpful to evaluate the risks before planning to have a baby.Read Also :6 Ways To Promote Healthy Brain How To Stay Healthy And Fit Despite A Hectic Schedule Unhealthy And Healthy Solutions For Coping With Stress

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What You Need to Know About Rishi Tea

Drinking tea can be traced back as early as 2737 BCE when emperors enjoyed their free time sipping the beverage and using it to relax and think. As time passed, drinking tea has become one of the favorite past time not only for royalties but for everyone, especially for people who like to unwind.There have been different varieties of teas that emerged through time, not to mention the different ways of making tea as well. Today, we have milk teas, iced teas, flavored teas, but nothing beats the organic kind of tea– the rishi hot tea. What Is Rishi Hot Tea? Rishi hot tea or rishi tea is tea made from 100% pure tea leaves that are turned into a fine powder. Usually, there are no added colorants, synthetic sweetness, sugars, or flavors in this kind of tea. It is often enjoyed and used as an antioxidant-rich with various vitamins and minerals. What Are the Benefits of Rishi Tea? Like any other beverage, you can enjoy drinking rishi tea in various ways. You can enjoy it hot, cold, with milk, plain, or in any way you prefer. There are also different flavors of rishi tea offered, which doesn’t only make it more enjoyable but also has various benefits. Listed are some of the benefits you can get from rishi teas. Antioxidants and Boosts Immune System Drinking rishi tea can significantly help in destroying harmful agents in cells. It can also free your body from different radicals that can cause illnesses and strengthen the immunity of your nervous system. The immune system helps protect our body, and this tea can be a great help in boosting it as it rich in natural polyphenol antioxidants. Lowers the Risk for Heart Diseases Another health benefit that you can get by drinking tea is it helps you protect yourself from several heart risks. It has catechins that help in oxidizing the bad cholesterol in your body. If there is inflammation in your veins and arteries, catechins in teas contribute to the oxidizing process. This results in a decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol, preventing heart attacks and high blood pressure. Helps Prevent Cancer Cancer has been one of the most critical diseases that no one would want to have. There have been a lot of studies held for cancer prevention and cure. One thing that could help lower the risk of cancer is drinking rishi hot tea. Rishi tea contains epigallocatechin gallate that serves as a crucial defense line against harmful invaders in the body. Besides the presence of epigallocatechin gallate, rishi tea also inhibits the overexpression of different destructive enzymes found in various cancerous cells and tumors.These are some of the benefits of drinking tea. Besides these health benefits, teas can also relieve stress and can help in forming strong bonds with family and relatives as you can talk about anything over a cup of tea. If you haven’t tried drinking rishi hot tea, then now is the perfect time to start a new habit and be healthy.Read Also:Drink Matcha Green Tea To Lose Weight How To Live Healthily Even If You Have A Full-Time Job