3 Tips For Cheaper Funerals


03 January 2019



When planning a funeral, financial costs always comes into play because expenditure will affect most of the funeral arrangements. This includes processes like paying the funeral home, catering for guests, as well as buying necessary items like flowers and caskets. Sometimes, one may want to plan a cheap funeral because it guarantees affordability. It also means that the funeral planners or the funeral director will have an easier time making arrangements that are not as extravagant.

To arrange a cheap funeral, the most important thing is finding ways to cut costs throughout the process. This will end up reducing the overall budget. Below are some suggestions on how this can be done.

Find ways to raise funds

Before making an allocation as to how funds can best be used to conduct an affordable funeral, it is important to actually have the funds available. There are several ways in which this can be done while still ensuring that the money spent is minimised.

One suggestion is to save up for funerals and such events. Some people prefer to set up a fixed deposit account where the funds can accumulate for use on a rainy day. Others may take out funeral insurance which can be a very wise idea. The money is paid in the form of a premium to an insurance company, and the funds are paid back during the planning of the funeral to cover costs.

Lastly, the planners of the funeral can hold a fundraising ceremony, where relatives, friends, and well-wishers can donate to the funeral funds. All these methods will help in greatly reducing the cost of the funeral.

Creating a favourable budget

Once the funds have been raised, the next step is to specify how they will be used in the funeral process. The perfect budget for a funeral is one that allocates money in a way that reduces overall costs while still ensuring that the funeral goes as planned.

This can involve prioritising what the money will be spent on and using it there first, to avoid depleting the funds before doing the important things. The right budget should also pick quality over quantity. Money spent on, say, quality funeral decorations, will save money in the end, than money spent on more items that have poor quality.

Save on the funeral process itself

There are ways to save money on the funeral process itself, and not compromise the ceremony. For example, cremation is a much less costly process than a burial. Services that are held in church, cost less than those held in a hired-out space.

Of course, planning cheap funerals does not mean overlooking all the important funeral procedures. Everything possible should be done to ensure that the wishes of whoever the funeral is being planned for are respected. Any budget cuts should be done in line with this. Also, it is important to look at multiple options before settling on one, because that will ensure there is an alternative to choosing the most affordable one. All in all, a budget funeral does not have to mean a substandard one, and there are several ways to ensure that the ceremony is still beautiful and memorable.

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Senior Staircase Safety

Senior Staircase Safety: What You Need to Know

The rates of falls and staircase-related injuries among the elderly continue to increase.A Queensland government health report states that 100,000 people are hospitalized due to falls. The main causes include slipping, tripping, and stumbling, especially on stairs. Almost 10% of ambulance calls in Victoria attend to elderly patients who have fallen.This article examines stair safety for senior citizens and how to proactively stop falls.We explore safety features like stair treads and guard rails. And how the right lighting will protect the physically vulnerable.Learn about stair safety and consider the elderly by reading these 3 tips. Then make falls and trips a thing of the past. 1. Safety Rails for Staircases:Stair safety guardrails act as an invaluable support aid when mounting or dismounting stairs.According to the government's WorkSafe guide, each stairway should include at least one handrail. If the stairs are wider than 100cm then two handrails are required on either side.Slippy rails or those too large to grip are worse than useless.A power grip style that's rectangular or circular allows the person to hold tight and use the stairs with confidence. There should be no obstructions to allow free movement. And the rails need to be visually significant so they're easy to see. 2. Stair Treads for Elderly Relatives: Stair treads are the horizontal part of a stair on which a person steps on.Treads are often carpeted in elderly residential homes and houses. However, this type of material can rise or bump making the tread a tripping hazard.Non-slip treads provide a safer environment. Methods include:rubber or abrasive treads anti-slip tape slip-resistant nosingNosing is the edge of the stair where footfall is greatest. Stairs without firm nosing will see a higher number of falls. Therefore, it's essential to include adequate nosing that is easily seen and strong enough to take a person's full weight.Staircase installers offer a full range of stair treads available in different colors and finishes. There are multiple nosing options on offer too but ask for the right type to suit the intended setting. 3. Improve Lighting and Remove Tripping Hazards: Stairs should always have a high illumination level. Especially when contrasted to adjacent spaces.Shadows and low areas of light can disrupt visibility. Remove them by installing low-glare overhead lights or a stair lighting kit. Make sure to have light switches on the upper and lower levels too.Additionally, remove any tripping hazards from the staircase.Items like clothing or books must never block the stairs. Carers should inspect the staircase regularly and remove all items. Training in care homes should provision for this along with general safety guidelines. Making Stairs Safer for Seniors: Senior staircase safety should include increasing visibility, removing hazards, and upgrading staircases.Stair injuries can be grave and life-threatening in nature for seniors. You can suffer from injuries that might require medical procedures like hip replacement surgery or one for the knee. This is one reason why staircase safety is advocated.Adding non-slip stair treads and dual handrails not only acts as safety features but can boost confidence. Adding extra light will help too.Make an elderly person more comfortable in their home by following these tips. Reduce falls and increase the quality of life through simple staircase additions.Read Also:Construction Safety – What you didn’t know! 5 Safety Features in Your Maruti Car You Did Not Know About Power Drill Safety Tips

Spiritual Wellness

Stoke Your Spirit: 4 Soulful Ways to Reach Spiritual Wellness and Lead a Calmer Life

Have you been feeling a bit disconnected from things lately? Then you require spiritual wellness to boost your lifestyle.Do you feel off-kilter, that you aren't in control of your emotions, or just exhausted all the time?Just feel like you're not able to see the good in things anymore?Your spiritual development is likely suffering. You need to find a way to rebalance yourself and achieve a greater sense of peace.From focusing on forgiveness to taking the time to be grateful every day, read on to learn how to improve your overall spiritual wellness. Different Ways You Can Attain The Spiritual Wellness In Your Life Are As Follows:-    There are multiple ways you can attain the spiritual wellness in you life are as follows:- 1. Give Thanks Every Day: Especially in today's social media obsessed age, it's so tempting to compare our lives with those of others.We focus so much on the things we don't have, or the success we haven't yet reached, we completely overlook the gifts we've been given.Practice the radical art of gratitude.Before you go to bed every night, make a list of five things you're grateful for. We promise you'll feel much happier and more present at the moment. 2. Meditate or Pray Regularly: You can improve your spiritual health by taking the time to pray, meditate, send good vibes, or simply reflect every day.Sit in silence, light some candles if you want, and just have a conversation with yourself, God, or whatever entity you want to pray to. It's an especially great way to start your day.You can also look for faith-based communities to pray or meditate with.You can search for something like, "Lutheran church near me" to help you find places of worship where others share your beliefs. 3. Read Spiritual Texts Slowly: Spiritual wellness is all about taking your time with things.That includes reading spiritual texts.Instead of tearing through a whole book of the Bible or trying to read as many books on Buddhist thought as possible, slow down. Focus on and really analyze one passage at a time.You'll get much more out of it that way. 4. Give and Forgive: Finally, if you want to achieve stronger spiritual wellbeing, you need to be able to both serve and forgive others.Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or animal shelter. Make dinners for friends going through tough times. Give your best friends presents to show how much they mean to you. Tutor students in need, or even donate clothing and housewares.In addition to giving, you should also learn how to forgive.Don't linger on past "wrongs" people have done you. Accept that people make mistakes, and work on forgiving as opposed to just forgetting. Improve Your Spiritual Wellness with These Tips: Remember that spiritual wellness isn't something you can rush or achieve overnight.Instead, it's about developing consistent patterns of behavior and finding practices that work for you.Looking for more tips on spiritual healing and development?Want to understand how what you eat and drink can help you to achieve a greater balance?Keep checking back with us for more tips and tricks on how to leave a more meaningful, healthier life.Read Also:Understanding New Age Spirituality Just Not Feeling It? Tips For Getting Your Sex Drive Back 5 Tips To Kick Start Your Fitness Routine When Someone You Love Has An Addiction: 5 Tips On How To Help An Addict