The Best Way Of Keeping Stink Bugs Outside Your Home

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs earned their name because they emit a foul smell when they are threatened. The aim is to make them less appealing to predators. However, if you are simply trying to remove the bug and they release the odor, you’re going to need to put up with it for a while. It is not pleasant!

That’s why, if you think you have a problem with stink bugs, it’s a good idea to get professional help from a local pest control company.

When They Are Likely To Visit

Stink bugs enjoy warmer weather. As such they will look for somewhere to stay over winter. The moment the temperature starts to drop the stink bugs will look for a warm winter spot. This is when they are most likely to head into your home as it is warm and there will be plenty of places for a stink bug to hide and hibernate.

Surprisingly, this is not when you will have the biggest issue with these bugs. While you may accidentally disturb them over the winter, the biggest issue is in the spring. This is when the stink bugs come out of their winter slumber and head back outside. Unfortunately, like most insects, they can’t see the glass in their way. That means they often sit on the window where you will spot them and attempt to get rid of them.

This is when they will feel most threatened and will release their obnoxious odor.

Annual Inspection

One of the most effective ways of keeping stink bugs out of your home is to click here and book an annual inspection in the winter. The experts can locate any stink bugs in your home and eradicate them before they wake up and leave you a smelly present.

This is also a good opportunity to check for other pests that can cause issues in your home.

Damp Towels

Surprisingly, a damp towel is an effective way of keeping the stink bugs out of your home. Simply drape the damp towel across a chair in your yard and the stink bugs will be attracted to it. In the morning you may find it covered with stink bugs but they won’t be inside your house.

You can then kill the stink bugs outside if you wish. The easiest technique is to drop them into a bucket of soapy water.

Squash Some Stink Bugs

Use an old shoe or a piece of wood that doesn’t matter if it has stink bug odor on it. All you have to do is squash several stink bugs outside your home. They will emit their foul odor and this warns other stink bugs of danger. They will avoid the area, effectively protecting your home.


Screening stops stink bugs from coming into your windows and doors. But, it doesn’t stop them from landing on the screens. However, if you rub the screens with dryer sheets you’ll find the stink bugs are repelled and will avoid your home. That’s easy and effective!

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Pros And Cons Of Mini Splits For Cooling

Today, the technology has so evolved that we are now talking about mini splits. If you do not know what mini splits are, then you are in luck as we will be discussing this innovation in this article. Our focus shall be on the pros and cons of using it. For those who may wish to know more about the history of ACs, you can read this article. What Are Mini Splits? Mini-splits are the ductless evolution of air-conditioners. They are called "splits" because they are designed into two different parts, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. These two split the traditional cooling process of window units into two.What the outdoor unit comprises of are condenser coil, compressor and fan and while the indoor unit consists of a fan and an evaporator coil. These two units are linked by electrical wiring and a thin copper tubing to carry the refrigerant.For the system to work, the compressor located in the outdoor unit pushes the refrigerant through the copper tube to the indoor unit. Here, the cold copper tube exchanges the heat in the indoor space with cooler air which the fan blows into the space. Through this exchange, the refrigerant heats up and changes to a gaseous state and is then cycled back to the outdoor unit where it is cooled back to a liquid form. This cooling process takes place as the coil in the outdoor unit removes the heat absorbed from the indoor unit. Having been cooled, the compressor pushes it back inside and the cycle repeats over and over again. The Pros And Cons Of Mini-Splits Having described how these ACs work, we want to look at some pros and cons associated with their use. Like most things in life, regardless of how good they may be, it’s almost impossible not to have a few cons.Let’s start by looking at some of the Pros Pros There are obviously a lot of positives to using mini-splits for cooling your space. Some of the more common ones include the following: Ease Of Installation The design of this system makes its installation pretty easy. All you need is a small hole through which to pass the wiring and refrigerant tube. You then need to mount the indoor unit where you need it to be and do same with the outdoor unit. This is something that air conditioning services can send a single technician to install with ease, unlike the central cooling type that will require a lot of work and ducts. Quiet Operation Another benefit that you can enjoy with these ACs is their quiet operation. With the compressor and main fan located outdoors, its operational noise is drastically reduced. All you will hear indoors is the soft humming of the indoor fan spinning as it circulates the cooled air. Effective And Precise Cooling With the positioning of these mini splits, their cooling function is precise which is why it is usually positioned in strategic positions across the space. This allows different sections of a space to be cooled effectively. Energy Efficiency The power consumption of these units is far lower than what traditional HVAC units will consume. The savings you make from this can in the long run offset the initial high installation cost, giving you a great ROI. Health Benefits Every indoor unit has a filter installed. This filters the air, making it cleaner than it was. In addition to this, modern units come with ionization function that removes bacteria from the air, making it purer and healthier. Cons Now that we’ve looked at the benefits that these ACs offer, let’s also look at some of the cons that may come with their use. These include: Installation Cost The first con that you may come across is the initial installation cost. Unlike central systems, you will need to install these mini units in every space where you need the air cooled. The cost can add up, but like we noted above, the savings you will make from energy savings can make up for this initial cost over time. Aesthetic Value While these units are not necessarily unsightly, they have to be mounted where they are visible unlike the central variations that can be more discrete. There are however different designs that are marketed to make up for this. In fact, some have a frontal space where artwork can be mounted, making it look like a piece of artwork rather than an indoor cooling unit. Conclusion We’ve taken some time to explain what mini splits are and how they operate. We’ve also looked at some of the pros and cons that they offer. With this information, you can now decide if this is something you will love to install in your home or office space. Read Also :Know Why Content Marketing Is Important For SEO 4 Points To Consider When Creating A Great Content Marketing Strategy Today How To Deal With Debt By Doing Business Marketing Smartly?