4 Do’s and Don’t’s in Paris


22 October 2018



Paris is the city of dreams and lights. It is where romantic dreams and dream dates come true. But Paris is more than just a lovers dream stricken destination, it is also a major financial and capital leader in Europe. The capital of France is also a global center for fashion, culture, and art which is pronounced by its 19th century crisscrossed cityscape wide boulevards as well as the river Seine.

If you want to enjoy being in this city then we would suggest just straight up flying in through the Charles de Gaulle Airport or the Orly Airport. From here, you will be able to avail tickets for Dubai to Paris cheap flights, Shanghai to Paris cheap flights and more so.

Now that the travel plans are set, how about we introduce some of the things which you shouldn’t miss doing and some which you should totally avoid:

Don’t go shopping in the Champs Elysées:

Once considered one of the most beautiful areas in the world, it has seen its fortunes fall and rise many times. But it is currently overrun with global auto dealerships, chain stores, and movie multiplexes, which all scream glamour and brand names. If you do fall in the posse then don’t succumb to hunger in here or you will be looted by the local cafés. But if you really want something unique then think beyond these packed streets and boulevards, go for the emerging shopping markets- like North Marais where you will get to sample diverse offerings or you can follow the advice and lead of the locals who will be able to guide you out of the tourist traps.

Don’t go for five-star dining:

We are sure, you must be asking- Why not, indignantly. But it is because the dining scenario has gotten more casual and yet the prices being charged are just exorbitant. This is not to say that all places are rip-offs, as some Michelin starred places charge fair prices as well. Instead, go for the bistros which also serve haute cuisine, which is simple and yet outstanding. Don’t underestimate these places- some places get sold out for days beforehand- so make sure to look carefully and sample.

Go strolling:

Seriously, this is the advice; just go strolling around the city to experience it instead of opting for a bus or car ride. This is because Paris is just a couple of miles wide and yet the maps will confuse any tourist. The best bet you can get is to just aimlessly get lost and explore all the amazing things this city has to offer. Still afraid of getting lost in an unknown city? We can assure you that you will never be more than 500 yards away from a station.

Save up stomach space for various treats:

Paris and France are known for croissants, and so people in their excitement fill up on these and then miss out of the bouquet of Parisian pastries which the city has to offer. We would suggest curbing your excitement and sampling all that the city has to offer.

So put on a jacket, pick up a treat and go strolling in this unforgettable city of lights for a memorable vacation.

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