Dalhousie, a perfect place to unplug the anxiety of rat race of modern cities

Dalhousie, a beautiful town home to vast meadows, old colonial buildings, churches, temples, sky reaching hills capped with snow, and lovely locals, is indeed a perfect place to visit amid vacation. Far from the rat race of modern cities, it is a perfect place to rejuvenate and fall in love with nature.

Dalhousie, a picturesque resort town situated on the western edges of Dhauladhar Range in the Himalayas, was established by Lord Dalhousie and thus has been named after him. This curious little town, which still echoes the colonial essence of British Raj in India was the most loved summer retreat for the whole British administration. It is aptly based nearby five little hills, namely: Tehra, Kadhalagi, Bakrota, and Bhangora . These hills are settled next to one another framing a delightful cover of valleys that lay covered up with snow and hidden from the rest of the world.

Dalhousie is known for its incredible mountains, vast meadows, sprawling valleys and charming perspectives of the splendid snow capped the Himalayas ahead. The various trekking trails that vein down through the blended territory of rough precipices, thick pinewoods, and greenery, and rich mountain glades, stamp some vital areas to look at Mother nature’s perfect work of art. This further adds to the wonder of this beautiful place. Dalhousie’s shopping centers, initially built by British to cater their promenades, carriages, steeds and such with awesome perspectives, turn out to be a pleasure for both a novice as well as an experienced trekker.

Dalhousie is a walker’s heaven as well as a fortune trove of the old cultural legacy of the Himalayan district. The different gatherings of tribes beginning from the old Gaddis that lives at the Bharmour area, the pretty Pangas, and Boots that occupy Pangi valley, add a distinct character to this district. Their rich culture reflects in their vivid artifacts and crafted works that are generally accessible in the local markets.

The city has numerous shops with great options for trinkets and handiworks to take back home. An enchanting destination with its fortifying climate and invigorating surroundings that hold the virtue of nature, Dalhousie is certain to take your heart. Plus, there is a good enough variation in the different Dalhousie tour packages, thus catering to all tourists who visit the place. Trekking is one of the fundamental outdoor activities in Dalhousie. A well-known trekking course is the Khajjiar – Chamba stretch that is ideal for a novice as well as an experienced trekker. Khajjiar is 22 km far from Dalhousie and the course takes after a picturesque walk to Kalatop, which is 3 km away. The course takes around 5 hours relying upon your speed. Another well-known walk is the walkthrough Ganji Pahadi.

There is a lot to do here. Visit an old temple, go on alone walk, look at the ethnic Pahari craftsmanship at the Bhuri Singh Museum, buy some gifts and go on an excursion in the fresh cool neighborhood of Khajjiar with its interesting lake and amazing vistas, visit the Kalatop Wildlife Reserve, look up at the stars, or taste on some hot tea while soaking the quietness of the hills surrounding you. Dalhousie is far from the frenzy of urban living. Also, with its old-world ambiance, empowers you to truly unplug from the anxieties of the rat-race. The climate is stimulating, the general population is inviting, and the environment is tranquil and undisturbed. Unquestionably a spot one can come alone to do some spiritual healing.

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