Jeep in the best Desert Safari by playing Off Road Dubai

A real off the road, jeep ride with bumps, jolts and sand await you here

Off Road Dubai Desert Jeep Race has been created by Beta Games Studio a the United Arab Emirates based app developer. They have a professional team of developers who have been responsible for designing many other exciting and adventurous games in the past. Off Road Dubai Desert Jeep Race has been created for those who enjoy playing racing games. If you have driven in the Dubai Desert Safari before you may especially enjoy it a lot. It gives you the same experience without the sand blowing up in front of you the entire time. But then again anyone who wants to enjoy the desert safari experience can also play this game.

Off Road Dubai Desert Jeep Race

Off Road Dubai Desert Jeep Race opens up with the first unblocked level and the player has to drive their jeep in the desert. It is easy to play the game with several levels. As the player finishes one level, the other levels also get unlocked.

Initially, there are two game modes to choose from. Either you can drive alone in the desert in the first mode or you can race with other jeeps in the second game mode. In the first solo driving mode, you need to cross checkpoints. The task for the driver is to locate each checkpoint in the desert and cross it. Going beyond the checkpoints is not the objective of this game. A prompt at the top guides you about what you should do to finish the level.

While the first game mode is about driving, the second mode is about racing several jeeps. You can enjoy this interactive race in the Arabian Desert environment. A separate wooden trail has been made for the jeeps to race in.

The whole desert experience comes to your smartphone or tablet. You can drive through the entire desert with the sand flying high in the wind. The challenging Arab desert environment awaits you in this game. Here you can go up and down the sand dunes in your jeep in a realistic 3D game.


The developers at Beta Games Studio have worked tediously to create a complete desert experience for players. They have provided a realistic 3D desert environment with advanced graphics interplay. Sand keeps flying while you race just like in a real desert, climbing sand mountains seems real and the jeep speeds and jumps up and down while moving over them. Imagine doing all this without getting any sand in your face or in your vehicle. The sound effects are amazing and compliment the game. Overall it feels as if you are really racing or driving inside a desert. The credit for making such a game definitely goes to Beta Games Studio. Having an experience of the UAE, they have created a game that captures the environment perfectly.


It is easy to play the game with a user-friendly interface. Even though the controls are quite self-explanatory, the help section also describes them in detail. There is a brake and accelerator control. The green arrow indicates the direction for the jeep to drive in. Pause lets you take a break as you wish during the game. After this, you can carry on whenever you wish.

A hint option is available at the top left of the screen that can guide players. An arrow appears pointing in the direction where you are supposed to move. An option to watch a video for hints is also available sometimes.

Extreme Jeep Rally

Off Road Dubai Desert Safari has all the features you are looking for in a desert safari style jeep racing game. It is not your conventional or classical car racing game. While most racing games are based on highways or roads, this game gives you an off the road experience in a desert amongst sand dunes in a jeep. It has a realistic desert arena where you can climb up and down as long as you wish.

Content Rally | Car Race

This game is free to download and available at this link: You can race to your heart’s content in this game and experience ultimate racing.

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