5 Questions You Should Not Ask During Your Tarot Reading

A tarot reading is something that can evaluate your past, analyze your present and give you an insight into the future. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Of course, it does! But whether you are a first-timer or take readings at regular intervals, there are some basic checkpoints that you must stick to. To begin with, have it done by a skilled and trusted tarot reader who is not just interested in making money but genuinely wants to help the clients. Also, you should understand the reasons behind taking a tarot reading so that you have a fulfilling experience. Check out http://www.city-connect.org/reasons-you-should-take-up-tarot-reading/ to know how these readings can be life-changing, Besides these, asking the right questions from your reader is perhaps the most vital aspect of getting an accurate and valuable reading. While you may have a list of questions for your session, you need to know that you cannot just ask any random one from the reader. Let us guide you with some questions that you should avoid asking during your tarot reading:

Yes/No questions:

Tarot readers use their skill, experience, and intuitive powers to interpret the meanings of the cards drawn by the client. They can make revelations about your past, present, and future, but answering questions in Yes or No can be tricky for them. Tarot is a form of divination and not fortune telling that claims to make accurate predictions for your future.

So it is important not to put straightforward questions that have to be answered in Yes or No; rather you can frame it differently. For instance, instead of asking a specific question about getting a particular job, you can rephrase the question and ask about your career prospects.

Specific questions about your love life:

It is common for people to take a reading only to know more about their love life and the future in romantic relationships. But it is advisable not to ask questions that are too specific, like “Will I marry that person?”. Though a love tarot reading can reveal a lot about the outcome of a relationship, the reader cannot guarantee it for you.

The best approach is to generalize your queries, such as asking about your future in love and the possibility of a stable relationship in your life rather than going specifically with questions about a particular person.

Questions related to health and death:

Whether you are suffering from medical issues or are healthy, you are still likely to be curious to know about your health. Some people even take up tarot readings to know about the timing of death for themselves or their loved ones. But these are some questions that you should avoid asking the reader as these have very black-and-white answers. Like specific love-related questions, these are also difficult to answer and there is no guarantee that the reading will be true.

Asking whether you or a loved one would be able to regain their health is not the right approach to take. Conversely, you can inquire about how you can offer support to a loved one who is struggling with a health condition. Death questions too should be avoided because no reader can predict the time of death for a client and neither would want to answer such a negative question.

Extremely detailed questions:

A tarot reading can be a life-changing experience as it can give you the right direction to overcome your challenges and pursue your goals. It gives a new perspective on the issues you are facing and the actions you can take to resolve them. However, it would be wrong to expect detailed answers to your questions.

When you go for a reading, do not expect the reader to give you specific answers as all they can do is to guide you with their intuition. Remember that they can just be spiritual guides, not problem solvers.

Vague questions: 

Another type of question that you should not ask your tarot reader is the one that is too vague. Have a list penned down and ensure that all questions are clear enough for the professional to understand. Every reading is taken with a specific area of questioning in mind, which you should clearly convey to the reader.

Communicate your focus area to the reader so that they can answer accordingly. Vague questions get you vague answers, which can make the session directionless and a total waste of time.

It is best to frame your questions beforehand and put them on paper. Consult your friends who have already taken readings about the questions they ask, particularly if this is your first time. Knowing your questions and framing them well is the key to having a successful session.

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