5 Ways To Reduce The Packaging Cost In Your Business


06 December 2017


product packaging

Every business needs to look for ways to reduce the cost of overall production and distribution of their products. Most often they focus on product redesign in a way that the overall material cost will be lesser. But packaging cost can be another important contributor in the overall cost of a product. So, if you are looking to cut some cost of your product, here are 5 useful ways you should consider:

1. Prioritize Research And Development

Large business organizations need to have research and development division to determine or find the best packaging for their products. Yes, a box is a box but not all packaging made in the same process. Your research team should continuously come up with multiple product packaging designs and test each on a small scale to know exactly which one brings the desired result. Getting rid of unnecessary layering from the product packaging is one of the easiest ways to lessen the cost of packaging. Your research department can this continuously work on product redesign. This might not be a perfect option for small businesses though. So, small businesses can simply imitate market leaders.

2. Buy Packaging Materials In Bulk

Your goal should be to get the economies of scale when you buy various packaging materials. Most suppliers will offer you significant price discount when you buy in bulk. So, contact with various suppliers, check the quality of their products first and then ask for their best offers for bulk purchases. No matter how large or small your business is, you should look to have the advantage of economies of scale.

3. Cut Wastage In Every Way Possible

Wastage in packaging might be one of the reasons your company have high packaging cost. So, know the exact level of packaging waste in your business and look for ways to cut those wastages to have lesser packaging cost.

4. Adopt Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging has brought about a revolutionary change in the packaging industry. If your product is a perfect fit for adopting flexible packaging and you are yet to adopt that, consider adopting it ASAP you can. Plastic porch packaging is the most popular flexible packaging option as it requires less packaging material per product, takes less space in storage and transportation and most importantly reduces the cost of packaging. Marketing and promotion to get much easier. If you are in a legal cannabis business, you can adopt flexible cannabis packaging.

5. Outsource Packaging

Small businesses should not invest in large packaging machinery. So, in order to reduce the cost of packaging, they can simply look for various packaging companies around and make a good deal of monthly and yearly packaging needs.

These are some common ways you can reduce the cost of packaging in your business. Apply the ones you feel perfect for your business and competitive advantage over your competitors.

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labelling trends

Your All-Important Guide to the Best Labelling Trends of 2019

labelling trends undoubtedly have an impact on the effectiveness of your product and how attractive it looks to your target audience. The label often displays relevant information about your product, but it will usually contain images and other details as well. Paying attention to the design of your label is just part and parcel of making sure that your product is a veritable hit. With the proper label, your product will be flying off the shelves before you know it. But when it comes to product labels, you have to bear in mind that there are certain elements which have proven effective time and again – and there are certain trends which may help your product sell as well. So, what are these labelling trends? Here’s your all-important guide to the best labelling trends of 2019. Simple and bold The bold and straightforward look has never really left the labelling arena, and for many good reasons. It’s a basic design that has proven its worth through the years, and it seems that it’s at the forefront amongst even more products today. The key in this kind of design is minimalism – the use of elements which can elevate your product and give a clear description of what your product is all about. Not many shoppers today have time to read through a ton of details, so it’s best to give them the essentials at a glance. A clean, simple, and bold label will usually make a big difference. Customised letters Another noteworthy trend in labelling today is customised letters. Designers simply love customised letters, and this will certainly give your label a more organic look and effect. For instance, you can take advantage of 'imperfections' such as irregular lines or natural fills that can make your product get the right attention from customers. The 'non-digital' appeal is strong these days, and it can definitely give your product an edge. Colours are your best ally As you may already know, colour can certainly add depth to your product label and can evoke specific emotions in your audience and influence their decision to buy your product. Because of this, colours have always played a significant role in regard to label design, a fact that contract labelling experts like Atwell Labellers know all too well. More designers today are experimenting with their use of colours in many different ways, and you can often see bright and vibrant colours on various shelves. In particular, you can use colours to differentiate between numerous variations within the range or selection of a particular product. Oftentimes, shoppers will not remember the product’s name or its number, but they will usually remember its colour. Words are simply not enough; you need colours to be your best ally as well. The repetition of patterns Another on-point trend today is the repetition of patterns. For example, you can repeat a particular motif that captures your brand's essence; this allows you to convey a much stronger message to your customers as well. It doesn't really matter if you choose a playful pattern, a more serious pattern, or a bold pattern – as long as you can repeat it, you should be able to have a stronger identity for your product, helping your customers more easily remember your product and have a better connection with it. Read Also: The Dos And Don’ts Of Product Label Designing Important Things To Transport During A Relocation


What are the benefits associated with crowdfunding for businesses?

In present times, the influence of business is undeniable in everyday life. There are different aspects of the economy that is solely dependent on how well the various startups of the country prosper. Marketing the business along with the funding can together ensure how well it would thrive in the long run. There are different ways in which any type of business can be funded, and if you implement the right method, you can see a significant profit in the minimum possible time. To make sure your business is thriving, you should take calculated risks as well judiciously. If the company fails which is a factor you cannot completely rule out, you will suffer losses, and that would lead to a debt crisis which at its extreme can lead to bankruptcy. One such method of funding which is comparatively less risky is crowdfunding. What is crowdfunding? There are different methods of funding a business like self-funding, crowdfunding, angel financer, bank loans, business schemes, and so on. Among these, crowdfunding is considered among the safest choice when you have a beautiful business plan and need a lot of money that you cannot get from one single source. In the case of crowdfunding, one can appeal with a proper business plan at a funding forum. And those who are interested in being the shareholders or clients for this kind of business can invest in it by getting in touch with you. There are several different benefits associated with crowdfunding and when you have a proper understanding of how it operates you can quickly make the most of this kind of funding. Easy access to capital : It is not easy to get the necessary funds for any business. However, when you have a secure network of people who have the capacity and are willing to invest in your project, you can quickly come across the necessary funds for the business. You can connect with other entrepreneurs as well who may be interested in investing in your business plan in particular. There are various reward-based crowdfunding platforms which help entrepreneurs to raise funds from a community that has a common interest in the kind of business proposal that you have. You can even give tangible gifts or rewards for funding the business like free samples of your products which can get them even more interested in supporting the company that you are trying to establish. This way, you can gather the necessary fund from scratch over a reasonable period. Reduces the risks : Starting a company is a very challenging task, and there is often a very high-risk factor associated with the venture. But with crowdfunding, you can avoid the risk to a large extent since you would be able to learn a lot about the market value of your business and whether this is a feasible and profitable idea at all. You would be able to understand the possible reception that your product is likely to get through a crowdfunding campaign. Only those people who are passionate about such a product would show interest in funding. When you know the number of people who are interested in funding your business, you can estimate the possible outcome of your campaign. Moreover, your company receives a lot of attention and marketing even before it rolls out through crowdfunding. You have a chance of earning consistent profit through the business and so would be able to pay off all those who have funded the business eventually. Validate your business concept : When you are looking for more institutionalized investors, the first and foremost question they are likely to ask you are - why should they invest and do you have any guarantee that your business plan would succeed? These are tricky questions with no easy answers for any business owner. However, when you are opting for crowdfunding, you can show the proof of concept which can convince them to invest in your dream venture as well. A successful crowdfunding campaign would mean that many people are welcoming your product and business concept and there is a good market value of the business that you are starting. The initial success would assure formal investors like banks to give you loans without worrying about the chances of non-payment unless there is a major crisis in your business. The number of people investing in the company also shows the trust and integrity that the masses show towards your brand even at its initial stage which can help to boost your reputation for the future. New and innovative brainstorming : The crowd not only comes up with the funds but they can even provide you with new ideas which would help your business to prosper. New and innovative ideas about the different aspects of the company would ensure that you can cover all the loopholes in the business plans. The entrepreneurs can engage the crowd in a brainstorming session as they would want to have a say in the business where they are investing. Through their discussions and comments, you can even come across good suggestions and ideas which would benefit the company in the long run. Moreover, you can even get legal suggestions about avoiding debt and also debt settlement reviews from different people through their experiences. Consult your lawyers about this and find out what is applicable for your business. This way you can make sure that your business is safe and secure as well against any business trouble related to finance. Conclusion : There are different advantages associated with crowdfunding. It is much safer compared to other methods of funding, and you can rest assured to avoid any debt-related crisis if you can successfully implement the different types of crowdfunding methods. The choice ultimately rests on the business owner about how to collect funds and use them successfully for the company. It can be concluded that business management becomes easier than ever before when you have a proper conception of the process of funding that you are implementing.    

Vaping Experience

How Flavors Can Transform The Vaping Experience

One of the main things that makes vaping stand out from traditional smoking is the vast assortment of flavors out there for users. Unlike the limited taste of tobacco in cigarettes, vaping provides a burst of flavors, ranging from sweet and fruity to savory and exotic. In this article, we take a deep dive into the importance of flavor in vaping and examine why it holds such a significant role in the vaping experience. A Flavorful World of Options Wander into a vape shop or browse through an online vaping store, and you'll quickly realize that the number of flavors available is virtually endless. The appeal of vaping flavors is multi-faceted. Personalization Vapers have the chance to tailor their experience to suit their unique preferences. Whether you're a fan of the refreshing kick of menthol, the fruity sweetness, or the elaborate indulgence of dessert flavors, there's probably a vape juice perfect for you. Smoking Replacement Flavored e-liquids can make it easier for former smokers to switch to vaping. For many, it helps sever the link between smoking and the taste of tobacco. Entertainment Sampling new flavors can be a fun and even amusing part of vaping. It's like embarking on a gastronomic journey for your taste buds. Social Aspect Exchanging and discussing flavors is often a popular conversation topic among vapers, which creates a sense of camaraderie. The Science of Flavor To grasp the importance of flavor, especially in vaping products from providers like Dvine Laboratories, one must delve into the underlying science. Flavor in e-liquids is a complex interplay of natural and artificial flavorings, alongside the careful selection of base ingredients, including propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). This harmonious fusion of elements results in the rich tapestry of tastes that defines the vaping experience. The flavorings found in e-liquids are meticulously crafted to replicate the taste of a wide range of foods, fruits, and aromatic delights. They can be derived from natural sources, synthesized artificially, or a blend of both. Some flavors are elegantly simple, reminiscent of the pure essence of strawberry or the classic warmth of vanilla. Conversely, others, bearing creative names like "unicorn milk" or "cereal milk," are a testament to the artistry of flavor designers. Flavors and Vaping Preferences The choice of flavor can significantly shape your vaping experience. People trying to quit smoking may initially lean towards tobacco or menthol-flavored e-liquids to make the switch easier. As they grow more comfortable with vaping, they might experiment with different tastes. Those with a sweet tooth often prefer dessert flavors like cake, cookie, or candy-themed e-liquids. Fans of fruity flavors enjoy options like strawberry, watermelon, and apple for a refreshing vape experience. Coffee and energy drink-flavored e-liquids cater to people who appreciate the taste of their go-to beverages with nicotine. The Debate Over Flavor Bans The popularity of various vaping flavors has stirred controversies. In recent times, worries about youth vaping have prompted discussions and policies focused on limiting access to flavored e-liquids. Advocates argue that banning flavors is necessary to curb underage vaping, as some flavors may be especially appealing to young individuals. The Future of Vaping Flavors The future of vaping flavors remains uncertain, with regulatory changes and public health concerns shaping the landscape. Governments may impose tighter regulations on the sale and marketing of flavored e-liquids to strike a balance between preventing youth vaping and preserving options for adult vapers. Flavor manufacturers may develop new, exciting flavors that cater to evolving consumer preferences. Custom flavor blending or mixing at vape shops may become more commonplace, allowing vapers to create unique combinations. Conclusion The role of flavor in vaping cannot be understated. It is a cornerstone of the vaping experience, offering personalization, entertainment, and an alternative to the taste of tobacco for former smokers. However, as debates surrounding vaping continue, finding a balance between catering to adult vapers' preferences and addressing youth vaping concerns remains a complex challenge. Ultimately, the future of vaping flavors will depend on the decisions made by regulators, manufacturers, and the vaping community itself. Read Also: Vaping is Fighting the Deadly Consumption of Nicotine Can Vaping Really Help You Kick Your Smoking Habit? Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?