6 Coolest Uses For Drones Today

Published on: 25 April 2018 Last Updated on: 19 August 2019

Okay, so drones are one of the coolest toys around and we all want to know new and interesting ways to use our cool new toys, right? Well, it turns out, you can use drones for just about anything that you would use a private talking bird for. And we love them for it!

1. Drones Carrying Love Letters and Packages :

When you want to woo your favorite geek, drones are the perfect way to do it. Craft something handmade, heartfelt, and meaningful, and send it off to your loved one with a drone. Letters, packages, small furry animals, giant red hearts, stuffed teddy bears, and sparkly handmade crafts are all excellent options for using your drone to continue the courtship of your favorite geek. Remember to test the load-bearing capacity of the drone before you risk crashing it into someone’s hair and, if the drone is traveling over a fence, respect your neighbor’s privacy by NOT attaching a camera to it. Other fun uses for cameras are listed below.

What kind of ideas do you have for your loved one? Well, for one, as long as you attach a camera to see where it’s going, you send your loved one a kitten in a small little cardboard cage. It will arrive in style, it will be unbelievable cute and adorable, and your loved one will swoon from the adorable-ness of it all.

A more animal-friendly option would be to attach a stuffed animal to the drone, instead. Either has claws which can retract, dropping the stuffed animal into their arms or plan on a safe place to set the drone down somewhere. Your choice. Just make sure that no one feels that they have to approach spinning propellers to get their gift. Also, consider doing this on a calm, still day and avoid any distance in which wind can blow long hair into the mechanism. Safety first, our little drones.

2. Drones Carrying Scanners and Heat Sensors for Cattle Ranching :

Want to keep an eye on all of your cows and bulls? Well, drones equipped with cameras and heat sensors can do exactly that for you. In the olden days, the land was open (not fenced in) and cowboys and horses were required to keep an eye on all of your cattle. Nowadays, we have fences and drones to keep your mooing creatures of investment safe.

Be sure and get accustomed to seeing the difference between cattle and, say, wolves. Keep an eye on things by looking around your lands and then riding off to help if need be. This will significantly reduce the number of hours you have to be employed out in the fields, thus saving you time, energy AND money.

3. Drones Helping People Find Their Way Around :

Have you ever tried finding your way around a foreign city (or even a domestic city in another part of this country) all by yourself? You get very familiar with the bulky paper map right away. And it’s a pain to navigate unless you have room to spread it out and no wind. Enter drones. They can be part of your chamber of commerce and real estate agencies and your concierge services.

Imagine stepping off a plane, NOT renting a car, and just grabbing a smoothie or coffee at the airport and tagging a drone on your way out. You tell it where you want to go, it uses maps, services, listings, and local data to tell you about interesting places to visit, and calculates your cab fare for you so that you don’t overpay. You and your drone get in the cab and run off into the city, footloose and fancy-free!

4. Drones Used for Property Protection and Privacy Screening :

If you like to hole up in your hidden, heavily camouflaged castle, then we have the drone activity for you! Attach cameras, night vision cameras, and heat sensors to your friendly private drone and send it off to do property patrol for you. Sip your scotch or wine in your private library, surrounded by your books and your masterful plans for world domination, and laugh maniacally.

After you have sent your drones out a couple of times a night, program your computer to alert you to any intruders, settle down with your cigars and whiskey to binge-watch Longmire on Netflix, and dream of the day when you can own your own city-state.

5. Drones Ready to Water Gardens and Crops :

Gardeners love working and basking in the warm sunshine and feeling the moist, rich, living soil between their fingers. However, making sure that everything gets the proper amount of watering (always less than you think, it turns out) is a really annoying thing. Instead of trying to drag hoses everywhere, unkinking them, making sure they don’t run over your plants, unkinking them some more, and then putting them back afterward so that you can use your driveway like normal, use a drone, instead!

Drones can carry sprayers (for insecticides) and waterers (for daily thirst-quenching) and they can fly over your garden, fields and small farm without having to do anything but watch and guide the movement from the comfort of your porch with your glass of iced lemonade. Hate the heat, too? Attach a camera to your drone and do all of your watering from the comfort of your nice, cool living room.

6. Drones Being Your Next Wingman :

As if drones could possibly get any cooler, and we agree that it would be hard to try, you can utilize your massive engineering and droning knowledge to charm your way to picking up the next guy or girl on your list! Picture this: You’re chatting up some hottie of the opposite sex, everything is looking good to go, and your drone peacefully flies up and hovers beside the two of you, offering helpful, recorded messages about how swoon-worthy you are. Some helpful suggestions would be, “Alex is a real hottie, isn’t he?” and “Mary is the most popular girl in town” and “Would you like to have drinks later?”

While the object of your interest is busy doubling over at the hilarity of it all, consider bringing it home with a nice, smiling salute to your drone before you have it fly away. Who can argue with that much game?

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No wonder that you own a firearm if you are a U.S. citizen who is concerned about the plagued violent crime situation of the country. Living in a world where you can encounter drug trafficking, mass shooting, and robbery anytime, you can’t imagine to sit quiet and become a victim of any one of these crimes. You have every right, according to the second amendment, to own a gun safe for your protection. However, owning a gun is a full-fledged responsibility. You can’t put your gun carelessly alongside the bed or on top of the table so that you can grab it in case of an emergency. Your careless attitude can put your children, family, or society at stake. You know the rise of anti-gun sentiments in the country, and the careless attitude of people has played a major role in igniting such sentiments. If you don’t want to lose your right of self-defense, you should keep your gun at a safe place – away from the range of children and wrongdoers. To help you keep your gun safe, here are some tips: Go for a Gun Safe: Besides the bank, where do you think your money is safe? In a safe – right? The same goes for a gun. A gun safe is one of the most effective ways to keep your gun out of the reach of others. There are many types of safe in the market, but it is always better to look for those that not only keep your gun safe but also keep them intact and well maintained. Moreover, the safe should also have advanced locks, not like those that anyone can open with a bobby pin. If you want to buy one, you can check out the article they wrote on reviews of different safes. Use a Trigger Lock: Having a gun means that you have to take every possible measure to prevent any disaster. No matter whether you have kept your gun in a safe or not, you should still lock it with a trigger lock. Once you put a trigger lock on the trigger, it acts as a guard and prohibits unauthorized people from using it. But before putting on trigger lock, unload your gun to minimize the possibility of any mishap as much as you can. It is good that new guns are now manufactured with their own safety locks, but if you are still hanging with the old version of the gun, you better buy a trigger lock to avoid any unfortunate incident. Never Keep a Loaded Gun: What is the possibility of an accident if there isn’t anything in the gun? Almost zero – right? That’s why you should always keep your gun unloaded no matter what. Even if you feel threatened or vulnerable, make sure that your loaded gun is away from the range of your family or anyone else who can cause any trouble with the gun. Conclusion: You have every right to ensure your safety, but along with your safety, you should also take care of other’s safety. Keep guns, but safely! That’s the only way to keep our society and family safe and sound. Read Also: How to Improve Workplace Security Five things to consider before starting a Business


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Lego is very beautiful playing items to engage a child while parents are busy with their home works. Additionally, Lego gives mental refreshment to your child and it will also improve your child mental health. Children play with Lego and work to make some beautiful playing items then this child’s efficiency and effectiveness of works also improve. So, Lego is very important to engage our child. But after playing if we fail to arrange and organize it properly, we may lose the valuable parts of the Lego. So, you need to buy Lego storage systems to store your Lego properly. There are different types of storage systems available in the market. Among all types of Lego storage systems, you need to purchase the right one to fit your needs.  Now I am going to show you different l Lego storage systems for. How to store your Lego: 1. storage bags: Lego storage bags are the most common Lego storage system because Lego storage bags are easy to carry and handle. You can easily store your Lego on this bag. And you can easily keep this bag in a safe place. The Lego storage bags will not take a large storage space. If you have a bed with free underground storage, you can easily keep your Lego storage bags under the bed. 2. Lego storage Table: Lego Storage Table is also a popular form of Lego storage ideas. Your child can play with this on this table. After ending the playing, your child can store the Lego in the drawer of the Lego storage table.  So, these types of storage Tables will serve both purposes. 3.  storage Open bin: You can also buy the Lego storage Open bin from the market. It will allow you to store and display your Lego. It is best for storing built Lego sets. You can also store non-built set here. But the problem is that you have to give some space to place this storage Open bin. 4.  storage Container: Lego storage Container is the easiest ways to store your Lego. But it is very difficult to sort and store the Lego here as you cannot separate and store your Lego. 5.  storage brick: Lego storage brick is one of the best Lego storage products that Lego storage manufacturer ever made. This product is designed like a brick but has a good storage capacity with a removable cover. You can easily buy this item storage brick to store the Lego. 6.  storage Shelves: Storage Shelves is used mainly to store toys. But you cannot store non-built of this item to set here. You can store and display the Lego-built set here. 7.  storage Drawers: Its storage drawers are also popular forms of storage ideas. You need to build some drawers on the side of the wall or you should go to purchase a cabinet with storage drawers. Conclusion: In a nutshell, you have to choose the best storage ideas for you from here based on your personal choice and your home condition. So, hopefully, you and your child will be happy with your Legos. Read Also: 8 Best Shopping Apps For 2019 DIY: How To Clean A Leather Handbag

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Button Cell Battery Chart- know about it more

Did your flashlight battery run out? If yes, then it will be good if you buy a new battery for your flashlight according to the recommendation from the manufacturers. If you follow the instructions or manuals given by the manufacturer inside then you can save your device from damages and wrong type of batteries. While you are replacing the batteries make sure to check the details such as battery type, capacity, chemistry, dimensions, max pulse current, self-discharge rate, etc. It may sound complicated however it is necessary for good performance of the gadget. Here we have small tips related to battery and its safety- You must never recharge the battery with the wrong charger as well as do not charge primary batteries or it may explode and cause fires. Do not swallow the battery; keep your kids away from it. These NiMH and lithium batteries do not contain toxic metals but they are dangerous and when swallowed electrolytes will close the circuit in the body as well as cause chemical reaction which caused the ultimate death of a person. Battery types: Coin/ button cell battery: These are grouped under no- rechargeable batteries. It is common in key chains, watches, remote controls, and hearing aids. There are various chemistry types of this battery like silver oxide, alkaline, and mercury oxide. In addition, most of the manufacturer interchangeably makes use of similar labels for silver oxide and alkaline batteries. If you look at the button cell battery chart then you can find out the difference and also know about the button battery sizes. Alkaline: Alkaline coin/button cell batteries are cheap and reliable batteries. 1.5 volts is the nominal voltage of this battery but when you use this battery its voltage drops with time. The real capacity of this battery is dependent on the device cut off voltage. If it is to be used in electronic equipment where there is the requirement of the constant high voltage then the so-called capacity of this battery is low. In such gadgets the need for replacement of the battery is quick. However, if the alkaline battery is to be used in gadgets that can tolerate low battery voltage, then its so-called capacity will be larger and you need not replace batteries in them so soon. Typical labels for alkaline batteries are LR##, AG##, LR###, etc. The normal capacity of alkaline LR44 is about 110-130 mAh and it is lower than equivalent silver oxide battery. Common Shelf life for it is 5 years. Silver Oxide: These button/coin cell batteries are a well-known type of batteries. They are not very expensive and have a shelf life of about 10 or more years. They have constant voltage while an operation that is identical to the nominal voltage of the alkaline batteries. Typical labels of this battery type are SR##, SG##, SR###, etc. Typical capacity of these types of batteries ex- Silver oxide SR44 is 150-200 mAh and it is more than equivalent alkaline LR44 while less than zinc-air. Zinc Air: These are used widely in hearing aid devices. They are having slightly lesser nominal voltage (1.4 to 1.45 V) however this voltage is quite similar or higher than the alkaline batteries voltage while using. In addition to this, these batteries got the largest capacity and chemistry. Typical capacity- 600-700 mAh and it is the much larger capacity when compared to silver oxide. These batteries are not common because of different reasons, however, one of the common reasons is that they work by using air, and when electrolyte dries out, it is dead and needed to be replaced. Depending on manufacturer and model, after the protective tab of these batteries is removed, leave it for some minute in the air then use it for weeks. It has a shelf life of 4-5 years. Mercury oxide: These types of batteries are no longer in the use because of their impact on the environment. They require slightly lower voltage (~1.35V) they have good capacity. The typical capacity of battery MR44 is 180-200 mAh and it is quite similar to silver oxide SR44. If a small portion of these batteries is swallowed then it can induce vomiting. Cylindrical batteries: These are commonly used in devices such as remote control devices, key chains, bikes, electric tools, etc. Cylindrical batteries are divided into 2 groups such as- Non-rechargeable or primary batteries rechargeable or secondary batteries It is to be noted that the primary batteries must never be charges. Also, keep in mind that does not recharge batteries with NOT designed charger. The nominal voltage of the non-rechargeable cell is 1.5V regardless of whether they are alkaline or carbon-zinc batteries. These are interchangeable nit alkaline batteries that have huge capacity and they are used more than the zinc-carbon batteries. For Primary lithium batteries, nominal voltage is 3V; they have a larger capacity and are light weighted. In addition to this, they tend to be highly expensive than the zinc-carbon as well as alkaline batteries and are utilized in high power gadgets such as cameras, flashlights, etc. Secondary cells’ nominal voltage is dependent on its chemistry. These batteries are smaller and packed with enough energy but if mistreated then it may burst or explode. Hence, make sure you refer a button cell battery chart before replacing or using any batteries in your device. nickel Cadmium battery it is also referred to as NiCd batteries and they have the nominal voltage of 1.2 V. it can generate large current however it has limited capacity as well as number of charging/ discharging cycles. Nickel metal hydride- it is also referred to as NiMH batteries and it offers good capacity, low rate of self-discharge, good shelf life, etc along with reasonable rates. Lithium secondary batteries- they have a voltage ranging from 3.3-3.7V and are labeled as 3.7 or 3.6V batteries. They have a large capacity, improved safety, and a higher drain. For more information about batteries, you can refer button cell battery chart. We hope you have gained enough knowledge about batteries and their usage. Hurry up and go replace your batteries. Read Also: Car Battery Maintenance 101 Add Accuracy To Your Testing With The Help Of Multimeter The Latest Way Of Transportation: Electric Motor Scooters