Five Essential Kinds of Gear to Prepare before Going to Shooting Ranges

Published on: 22 February 2018 Last Updated on: 02 March 2020

So you’ve just bought a gun and are itching to try it out in your nearest shooting range. Before you go full-on Rambo, you may want to inspect your gear first to ensure you have everything you need. You could be missing a few pieces of essential equipment.

While most shooting ranges have gun shops, their merchandise usually comes at a premium. It’s cheaper and better to take your own gear with you. Not only will you save a significant amount of money, but you also won’t be forced to practice with equipment previously used by strangers.

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If it’s your first time going to the range, chances are you only have a few ideas as to what you should bring aside from your gun. As a pro tip, here are some of the equipment you need when going to a shooting range.

1. Lots and Lots of Ammo :

Prepare your ammo to get the most of your time in the range. Gun shops in ranges tend to mark up their ammo prices, so it’s more frugal to buy bullets outside the range.

Generally, it’s a good idea to bring more ammo than you need. The thrill of shooting can make one eager for another round, and the next thing you know, you’ll have gone through your ammo supply like as if it were water. Thus, buy a lot of ammo in advance, buy .22 ammo in bulk, buy 9mms, buy all the ammo you need.

2. Eye and Ear Protection :

Gunshots are extremely loud. Normal fire, even with low-caliber handguns, can reach 140 decibels. That’s enough to cause permanent hearing loss. Compare that to an idling bulldozer (idling, not in active use), which has a loudness of around 85 decibels, a noise level that can damage the ears if it continuously penetrates the ears.

By contrast, a single gunshot is enough to cause hearing loss. That’s why every shooter needs some form of ear protection. They can be earplugs or noise-canceling earmuffs.

The eyes are other related and equally vulnerable part. There are a lot of reasons for wearing protective eyewear when in the range. One is that the spent gunpowder can enter and burn the eyes, potentially causing permanent damage. To include a set of shooting glasses or goggles with your shooting gear.

3. Binoculars or Spotting Scope :

It’s no fun shooting if you can’t confirm a hit, and it’s dangerous to walk to your target if there are other people practicing. You’ll either need a binocular or a spotting scope to check your target, especially if it’s placed at a distance.

There are pros and cons between binoculars and spotting scopes. But they generally have the same use. What to bring depends on your personal preference.

4. Shooting Targets :

Shooting ranges frown upon plinking, which is using improvised materials like tin cans and bottles for target practice. One reason is that they can shatter and spread, making it a headache to clean up and remove them from the range. Thus, it’s common etiquette to use standard targets, like paper bullseye targets for new shooters.

All ranges sell standard targets, but like with ammo, they come at a premium. It’s cheaper to buy targets from outside. You can even print your own paper targets.

If you want to spice it up a bit for more fun, you can try different types of targets. Some shops sell targets that explode into chalk or dust when hit; others have spinning targets for those seeking a challenge.

5. Maintenance Tools :

Nothing kills a good time at the range than a gun getting jammed does. If your gun ever breaks down on you, don’t let it end your day. Get your tools and fix it. Some folks at the range can even help you out.

But repairs aren’t possible if you didn’t take your tools along with you. That’s why you should always take your gun maintenance tools with you whenever you’re going to the range.

Are You All Set and Geared Up?

Going to a shooting range can be intimidating, especially for first-timers. Even seasoned shooters can forget to take a few items to the range. Just remember to include these five in your shooting gear, and you’re sure to have a blast at the range.


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The bar size and engine capacity can vary and so the performance of the chainsaw. As a wise buyer, you should first consider the engine capacity, bar size, safety features, and then select a gas powered chainsaw for your DIY or professional jobs. Though all types of chainsaws are equipped with some sort of engine for operation, the gas-powered chainsaws make revving and idling noises. Therefore, these are easy to recognize. Battery powered chainsaws: Many people are not comfortable with using gas-powered chainsaws because of the pollution it causes. Using a manually powered chainsaw is also not a great choice. It would require a lot of physical power and cutting a normal long would become a daunting task. Therefore, power tools manufacturing brands are now offering battery-powered chainsaws. This type of chainsaws completely eliminate the chances of producing smoke and the struggle people do with oil and gas mixture while using a gas powered chainsaw. Essentially, battery-powered chainsaw are electric powered tools but without cords. This type of chainsaws is considered the best for DIY cutting, pruning, trimming, and bucking jobs. You can charge this chainsaw’s rechargeable battery time-and-again at home to finish the required work. However, it is not an excellent power tool when you are working as a professional in the woods. You may probably not find a power source to recharge the battery. In addition, a battery-powered chainsaw may not perform as great as a gas powered chainsaw when it comes to cutting large and tough tree logs. Corded electric powered chainsaws: This type of chainsaws also does not require gasoline to operate. It is equipped with a motor instead of a gas engine. That motor is powered by electricity, which powers the chain. This chainsaw can be used at home and at shops where you can keep the cord plugged to a power outlet. Though this chainsaw makes a lot of noise while in operation, it does not cause pollution as a gas powered chainsaw. It is a big advantage against those gas-powered tools which are banned in many cities in the USA. Restricted mobility of corded chainsaw is a big concern for professionals. They cannot carry this power tool on job sites where no power outlet is available to power its motor. You will either rent a gas powered chainsaw or haul a power generator to your job site for running a corded chainsaw. Therefore, you should consider buying a gas powered or battery powered chainsaw if you want better mobility and maneuverability. Manually powered chainsaws: The manually powered chainsaws neither require gasoline nor electricity to operate. You need to operate it by using your hands for cutting and trimming woods. It is essentially the chain of typical chainsaws with two grips on its two ends. It is not a popular choice among homeowners and professionals because nobody gets that much free time to cut or trim a log. In facts, you cannot rely on manually powered chainsaws when it comes to cutting large and wide tree logs. That’s why this type of chainsaws is not widely used. People prefer to use blades and normal saws instead of using this tool. Which type of chainsaw is the best for your job? You may forget all the other factors, but do not forget to assess these three factors while buying a chainsaw. Power: The gas-powered chainsaws come with the greater power-to-weight ratio. Therefore, the gas-powered chainsaws are the most reliable, powerful, and effective for cutting woods. You can finish your job faster while using this power tool. A corded electric powered chainsaw can also offer a decent amount of power but not as good as gas powered chainsaws. It can be useful only when you want power without pollution. When it comes to battery and manually powered chainsaws, both are suitable for DIY jobs and small jobs in the carpentry shops. Quality and reliability: Many brands produce power tools and sell them in different countries. Not all of them are reliable and some chainsaw models are pretty poor in terms of performance, quality, and reliability. It would be great if you check the best chainsaw reviews before you buy one. Thus, you can easily avoid buying a chainsaw that is infamous for poor performance and other issues. Price: Different brands sell their power tools at different costs because of the features, quality, performance, and popularity of their tools in the market. You should set a budget in which you want to buy this thing with the necessary attachments. Try to pick the best model under your budget. Thus, you will get the best power tool without crossing your budget limit. Verellenhc has featured detailed reviews of the best chainsaws. 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