Why Gamers Need Headphones


02 July 2019



If you are a passionate gamer and have spent a lot of money on gaming platforms and accessories, then trust me, you don’t want to compromise on the sound. Why? To be honest, this question has a straightforward answer because if you are a gamer, then you don’t want to miss out even slight detail as it could lead to the end of the session for you if not picked on time and acted accordingly. No matter it’s the hint of enemy approaching, or a plane, a car, a grenade or a gun fired in the game you want to know at that exact moment otherwise it could be the end for you. This requires detail, and for that, you want to immerse yourself into it, and there’s nothing better than a headset to do it, but there are certain aspects you need to keep in check while going for a headset which includes comfort, noise isolation, wired or wireless. Check out some of the best gaming headphones currently available on the market via this list.

In case your headset is not comfortable, and you prefer to play games for extended sessions, then it could lead to fatigue. So, the design, along with sufficient padding provided on the earcups and headband is a crucial thing to consider. Moreover, how good is the noise isolation, well in case you are playing in an atmosphere where there’s distraction due to noise then you could miss up on detail. To achieve better in these terms, you need an earphone which provides sufficient noise isolation in terms of ambient sounds. Additionally, what is best in terms of connectivity? Wired or wireless. Honestly, it’s a never-ending debate as both have their pros and cons. Wired delivers sound better and is not impacted by surroundings in case of any sort of interference which wireless is prone to. Furthermore, wired is not dependent on the battery, as I said earlier if you prefer to go for longer sessions of gaming you certainly don’t want to charge it in the middle of a game at any crucial stage. On the other hand, with wired you are bound to a certain range and you have to handle cord if your headphones are not up to your standards of gaming then you can check excellent recommendations on Headphonesaholic.

Are Regular Headphones Good for Gaming?


It’s among the most debated questions, but there are some differences as well as similarities in both cases. As for routine or regular headsets, they are mainly focused on audio drivers, comfort, and build on the other hand the gaming ones are focused on comfort, surround sound, design, platform, and mic. Well, as I said, you could notice that comfort is considered in both cases as it’s a necessity, but what is surround sound and why gaming headsets are focused on it? That’s the thing which makes gaming earphones debatable as audiophiles consider it as an artificial boost to enhance the experience and are certainly not like. There are two types of surround sound, one is real, and the other is virtual surround sound. In the real, all the drivers are supposed to work in harmony, giving you a realistic sound, and the virtual is based on software. Moreover, major companies also focus on the platforms when it comes to gaming headphones as it could be PS4 or Xbox so depending on the platform you are using these companies try to design them according, so it suits your requirements as well as needs. In most of the regular headsets, the mic is usually missing as it’s not considered that important, but for gaming headsets it’s essential. As nowadays the games are usually multiplayer or with more than two players such as the famous release of Pubg etc. These games allow users to communicate with each other, and it requires a great mic to do it.

Lastly, I would say that although there are significant differences between the gaming headsets and regular ones, you can still use the type to play games. However, if you are passionate about it, then you should choose one which is specially designed for gaming purpose.

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GoPro camera

Do You Need a GoPro Nowadays? Is It Worth Buying?

The world has seen astonishing advancements in technology in the last two decades. Like other fields, photography continues to evolve with time. From lighting to cameras, everything has changed for the better. One significant progress is the GoPro camera. The invention of GoPro created a buzz in the world of photography. Everyone was thrilled to know about its incredible features. From portability to wearability, every aspect is fascinating. It has revolutionized the scope of photography and taken it to the next level. After many years of its launch, some people are still unsure whether GoPro is worth the hype or not. This blog will give you an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the GoPro camera. A. Pros of a GoPro Camera: 1. Small and Lightweight: One of the biggest advantages of GoPro is its portability. It does not require a lot of space in the luggage, and you can fit it in your pocket. Its accessories, like the charger, remote and mount, are also small and lightweight. Source: Pinterest 2. Wearable: The biggest wish of every adventurer is to capture shots of his crazy experiences. The invention of the GoPro camera made this wish come true. You can wear it on any part of your body from head to toe and capture amazing scenes. If you want to shoot moments in water or mid-air, GoPro is the best choice. Source: Pinterest 3. Durable: The GoPro camera is durable which makes it an ideal choice for daredevils. Despite its small size, the GoPro camera is quite strong and capable of bearing immense pressure. Source: Gadget Review 4. Waterproof: The waterproof feature of GoPro is a blessing for all the adventure junkies. You never know how the conditions turn out to be when you travel outdoors so this quality can be helpful. Whether you want to make an underwater video or take a photo in rain or snow, GoPro can do everything. Source: Pinterest 5. HD Videos: Even though the GoPro camera is not built for high-tech functionalities, it surprisingly has some impressive features. One such feature is the high definition video. You can make action videos of excellent image quality and color grading under different lighting conditions. GoPro cameras also come with a built-in stabilization feature to produce crystal clear streaming videos. Source: Cultofmac 6. Wide Angle Shots: Another fascinating feature of the GoPro camera is its ability to take wide angle shots. It has an ultra-wide fisheye look which enables it to capture a broader view in the frame.  It is suitable for landscapes where you want to capture all the objects of the view. You have to come closer to the target to get a perfect shot. Read more about using the fisheye effect here. Source: Digital Trends 7. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Wi-Fi connectivity is a feature that enhances the effectiveness of GoPro. It comes with a Wi-Fi remote that can help you connect to the internet anytime. This will allow you to access the GoPro app where you can use helpful tools to enhance your photos. B. Cons of a GoPro Camera: 1. Battery Life: One of the most significant issues of a GoPro camera is its short battery life. If used regularly, its battery drains out within a few hours. If you are planning to use GoPro during traveling, you should carry a charger; otherwise, you are in trouble. There are ways to fix the battery problem. Like you can use an external battery pack or a battery with a longer lifespan. If you want an all-in-one solution to your battery needs, V-mount batteries are the way to go. Source: How to Geek 2. Responsiveness: Lack of responsiveness of the GoPro camera is an area of concern. Manual controls of GoPro camera are not that convenient. It has a loose shutter, and the software is not that user-friendly. The customization options of GoPro cameras are limited, and they are also not easily accessible. Source: Techspot 3. No Zoom: Another drawback of the GoPro cam is that it does not offer a zoom feature. This means that if you want to get an intimate shot of an object, you have to get closer to it. Source: Video Studio Pro 4. Color Balance: The image quality of the GoPro camera is excellent in brightness, but things can get a bit cloudy in low light. If you take a shot of sunset or sunrise from a GoPro, the result might not come up to your expectations. It does not provide a uniform blend of colors when there is uneven lighting in the shot. Source: GoPro Is GoPro Worth Buying? The main question is yet to be answered whether GoPro is worth buying or not. People will have contradicting views on this question. If you analyze all its pros and cons, you will find out that its positives edge out the negatives. Plus, its price is way less compared to other cameras in the market. Another reason which makes it a good choice is its wide scope and convenience of usage. Conclusion: GoPro is one of the biggest inventions in our generation. With its unique design and excellent features, it has made a mark in the market. It allows you to capture shots of real-time action and can be an exciting addition to your gadget collection. After considering all the aspects, it is safe to say that if you plan to buy a GoPro camera, then you should do so.  It’s definitely worth buying! Read Also: What Is A CMOS Camera? Best Deer Hunting Trail Camera Tips For Scouting Wildlife How To Pick The Best Trail Camera 2019 “Best Guide For The Users”


How To Take Care Of Your Drone The Right Way?

The answer to this question cannot be clear-cut. The life of your drone is determined by a number of variables. In most cases, price determines quality. Therefore, if you have spent more of your budget on a higher-quality drone, it is more likely to last longer. That is, of course, with proper maintenance.  Quality drones have a lifespan of about 2 years or more. Tips To Maintain Your Drone: 1. Take care of the battery The main component you need to think about maintaining is the battery. Drone batteries have a range of between 20 and 40 minutes on average. Their durability depends on the weather conditions, as well as on the way of driving, weight, etc.  To make sure your drone will last longer and avoid the danger of falling, it's good to: always try to charge the batteries to 100% before flyingdo not keep the batteries in the drone when not in usedo not let the batteries drain completelydo not leave the batteries plugged into the charger for more than 48 hoursif you are not going to use the drone for a while it is better to leave the batteries at 60%store the batteries in a place with a constant temperature (20 - 22 C) If your battery has started to last less, consider replacing it with a new drone battery. 2. Monitor the condition of the propellers Next in importance are the propellers. It's a good idea to check them after every flight. If you notice any warping or breakage it is recommended to replace them with new ones. 3. Clean it Cleaning the drone should become your routine procedure. The good news is that it doesn't take long. Always check the engine and clean visible dirt off of it. This can be done easily using a brush. You can clean the rest of the drone with a soft cloth. Pay more attention to the sensors because if they are not cleaned well, the drone will be harder to navigate and the possibility of a crash is bigger. 4. Fly it in the right environment Choose appropriate light conditions. Avoid using your drone in high winds, snow storms, heavy rain or fog. 5. Use an appropriate bag Choose a suitable bag to store your drone. The bag should be rigid with special compartments for all components - the drone itself, charger, remote, extra battery, etc. If each of the components is separate the possibility of any of them getting damaged during the transportation is minimal. Read Also: Top 10 Tips for Drone RacingHow Drones Help Us in Our Daily Life?5 Industries That Can Benefit From Using Aerial And Drone Photography

Old PC

Do You Have an Old PC? Here’s What You Could Do With It

Do you have an old PC that you replaced with a newer model? Whether you’re an individual or a business or an organization, what you do with that old PC is a question that is worth thinking about. Many people simply decide to throw their old hardware in the trash – but not only is this highly wasteful, but it could also be a wasted opportunity or even a potential security breach. Any IT support professional will tell you how easy it is to retrieve data from an old PC – even a 20-year-old PC found in a landfill would have data on it that you could recover and read. For more info on what to do with an old PC, whether as an individual or as a business, we spoke to TechQuarters, an IT support provider that operates in North London. As they have been providing IT Support North London businesses have been relying on for years, they have a lot of experience managing their customer's PC and hardware. From that experience, they have suggested a number of different things you can do with an old computer, the least of which is to throw it out. Cleansing an Old PC No matter what you decide to do with a disused PC, the first step should always be to cleanse it of your data. As we mentioned earlier, anyone can restore the data on a hard drive just by using commercial software known as Data. Forensics software – so if you have anything on your hard drive you wouldn’t want other people to be able to access, such as bank details, passport info, etc. then you should make the effort to wipe the device. Before you start, you should backup your personal data, by copying it to another storage device – this might be your new computer, or it could be an external hard drive. Additionally, you should also locate any registration keys and serial numbers for software you have purchased, so that you can transfer it over to your new device – if you don’t do this, you might lose access to the software you have paid money for. Once you have backed up everything you want to keep, you should wipe the hard drive of your old PC. To begin with, restore the PC to its factory settings. This will superficially hide your data on the PC’s hard drive, but will not remove it – to do this, you will need to use a Disk-Wiping tool; this software will permanently overwrite your data with random information so that even if someone used Data Forensics, they would only find random data. What to do with an Old PC? So, once you have backed up all of your data and cleansed the old device of any personal data, what should you do with it? If your first instinct is to throw it away, think again. There are a number of things you can do to get a final return on your investment. 1. Sell for parts – depending on the condition of the PC, you can sell it for the hardware components. This is one way to get some money back from a PC that is too old for anyone to want to use it. The hard drive, CPU, RAM, Graphics Card, and even the Power Supply Unit is potentially valuable parts that others might find useful. 2. Sell as is – If your PC isn’t so old that nobody would want to use it, you could definitely sell it as a second-hand device. Just be sure to wipe your data completely, as someone else will be using it after you. 3. Recycle – If you’re not bothered about making any money back from your old device, and just want to be rid of it, feel free to dispose of it – but try and avoid letting it end up in a landfill. Instead, look for a service that can take the PC from you and recycle the materials correctly. Some computer hardware chains can do this for you. 4. Donate – Perhaps your PC is not that old, and you simply replaced it with a more powerful model. This means your old PC is still completely usable; in which case, you could donate it to an organization. For instance, schools, hospitals, and charitable organizations will all be likely to accept a second-hand PC as a donation. 5. Convert to a Server – Seeing as servers are essentially just PCs that have been optimized for a specific purpose, you could certainly consider turning your old PC into a server. Of course, this won’t be the easiest process in the world but is doable with the right guidance (which you can find online). To start with, a server needs to be running 24/7, so you will need to configure the device to run in a low-power state, make sure it doesn’t shut down at any inconvenient moments, and that it will run properly without any input – because you likely won’t want to have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse connected to it at all times. Read Also: Top 10 Computer Security Mistakes Is Computer Software Prepackaged Software A Good Career Path? How To Scan From Printer To Computer? 8 Ways For Computer Games to be Educational Techniques