Do You Need a GoPro Nowadays? Is It Worth Buying?


05 April 2019


GoPro camera

The world has seen astonishing advancements in technology in the last two decades. Like other fields, photography continues to evolve with time. From lighting to cameras, everything has changed for the better. One significant progress is the GoPro camera.

The invention of GoPro created a buzz in the world of photography. Everyone was thrilled to know about its incredible features. From portability to wearability, every aspect is fascinating. It has revolutionized the scope of photography and taken it to the next level.

After many years of its launch, some people are still unsure whether GoPro is worth the hype or not. This blog will give you an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the GoPro camera.

A. Pros of a GoPro Camera:

1. Small and Lightweight:

One of the biggest advantages of GoPro is its portability. It does not require a lot of space in the luggage, and you can fit it in your pocket. Its accessories, like the charger, remote and mount, are also small and lightweight.

Small and Lightweight

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2. Wearable:

The biggest wish of every adventurer is to capture shots of his crazy experiences. The invention of the GoPro camera made this wish come true. You can wear it on any part of your body from head to toe and capture amazing scenes. If you want to shoot moments in water or mid-air, GoPro is the best choice.


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3. Durable:

The GoPro camera is durable which makes it an ideal choice for daredevils. Despite its small size, the GoPro camera is quite strong and capable of bearing immense pressure.


Source: Gadget Review

4. Waterproof:

The waterproof feature of GoPro is a blessing for all the adventure junkies. You never know how the conditions turn out to be when you travel outdoors so this quality can be helpful. Whether you want to make an underwater video or take a photo in rain or snow, GoPro can do everything.


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5. HD Videos:

Even though the GoPro camera is not built for high-tech functionalities, it surprisingly has some impressive features. One such feature is the high definition video. You can make action videos of excellent image quality and color grading under different lighting conditions. GoPro cameras also come with a built-in stabilization feature to produce crystal clear streaming videos.

HD Videos

Source: Cultofmac

6. Wide Angle Shots:

Another fascinating feature of the GoPro camera is its ability to take wide angle shots. It has an ultra-wide fisheye look which enables it to capture a broader view in the frame.  It is suitable for landscapes where you want to capture all the objects of the view. You have to come closer to the target to get a perfect shot. Read more about using the fisheye effect here.

Wide Angle Shots

Source: Digital Trends

7. Wi-Fi Connectivity:

Wi-Fi connectivity is a feature that enhances the effectiveness of GoPro. It comes with a Wi-Fi remote that can help you connect to the internet anytime. This will allow you to access the GoPro app where you can use helpful tools to enhance your photos.

B. Cons of a GoPro Camera:

1. Battery Life:

One of the most significant issues of a GoPro camera is its short battery life. If used regularly, its battery drains out within a few hours. If you are planning to use GoPro during traveling, you should carry a charger; otherwise, you are in trouble.

There are ways to fix the battery problem. Like you can use an external battery pack or a battery with a longer lifespan. If you want an all-in-one solution to your battery needs, V-mount batteries are the way to go.

Battery Life

Source: How to Geek

2. Responsiveness:

Lack of responsiveness of the GoPro camera is an area of concern. Manual controls of GoPro camera are not that convenient. It has a loose shutter, and the software is not that user-friendly. The customization options of GoPro cameras are limited, and they are also not easily accessible.


Source: Techspot

3. No Zoom:

Another drawback of the GoPro cam is that it does not offer a zoom feature. This means that if you want to get an intimate shot of an object, you have to get closer to it.

No Zoom

Source: Video Studio Pro

4. Color Balance:

The image quality of the GoPro camera is excellent in brightness, but things can get a bit cloudy in low light. If you take a shot of sunset or sunrise from a GoPro, the result might not come up to your expectations. It does not provide a uniform blend of colors when there is uneven lighting in the shot.

Color Balance

Source: GoPro

Is GoPro Worth Buying?

The main question is yet to be answered whether GoPro is worth buying or not. People will have contradicting views on this question. If you analyze all its pros and cons, you will find out that its positives edge out the negatives. Plus, its price is way less compared to other cameras in the market. Another reason which makes it a good choice is its wide scope and convenience of usage.


GoPro is one of the biggest inventions in our generation. With its unique design and excellent features, it has made a mark in the market. It allows you to capture shots of real-time action and can be an exciting addition to your gadget collection. After considering all the aspects, it is safe to say that if you plan to buy a GoPro camera, then you should do so.  It’s definitely worth buying!

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It might be pretty confusing to select a right chainsaw if you have no previous experience of buying and using this power tool. Different companies produce different types of chainsaws. You should know the basic types to choose the right one for your job. Different types of chainsaws: There are mainly four types of chainsaws. Each one is powered in a different way and suitable for different jobs. So, consider each type carefully before you place an order. Gas powered chainsaws: A gas-powered chainsaw is a widely popular type of this power tool. You will always picture it in your mind whenever you will think about a chainsaw because it is that much featured in DIY guide jobs, TV shows, and movies. This type of chainsaws is equipped with a two-stroke engine that requires a mixture of gas and oil to run the motor. Most of the professionals rely on gas-powered chainsaw because of its power and excellent performance in the woods. The bar size and engine capacity can vary and so the performance of the chainsaw. As a wise buyer, you should first consider the engine capacity, bar size, safety features, and then select a gas powered chainsaw for your DIY or professional jobs. Though all types of chainsaws are equipped with some sort of engine for operation, the gas-powered chainsaws make revving and idling noises. Therefore, these are easy to recognize. Battery powered chainsaws: Many people are not comfortable with using gas-powered chainsaws because of the pollution it causes. Using a manually powered chainsaw is also not a great choice. It would require a lot of physical power and cutting a normal long would become a daunting task. Therefore, power tools manufacturing brands are now offering battery-powered chainsaws. This type of chainsaws completely eliminate the chances of producing smoke and the struggle people do with oil and gas mixture while using a gas powered chainsaw. Essentially, battery-powered chainsaw are electric powered tools but without cords. This type of chainsaws is considered the best for DIY cutting, pruning, trimming, and bucking jobs. You can charge this chainsaw’s rechargeable battery time-and-again at home to finish the required work. However, it is not an excellent power tool when you are working as a professional in the woods. You may probably not find a power source to recharge the battery. In addition, a battery-powered chainsaw may not perform as great as a gas powered chainsaw when it comes to cutting large and tough tree logs. Corded electric powered chainsaws: This type of chainsaws also does not require gasoline to operate. It is equipped with a motor instead of a gas engine. That motor is powered by electricity, which powers the chain. This chainsaw can be used at home and at shops where you can keep the cord plugged to a power outlet. 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It is not a popular choice among homeowners and professionals because nobody gets that much free time to cut or trim a log. In facts, you cannot rely on manually powered chainsaws when it comes to cutting large and wide tree logs. That’s why this type of chainsaws is not widely used. People prefer to use blades and normal saws instead of using this tool. Which type of chainsaw is the best for your job? You may forget all the other factors, but do not forget to assess these three factors while buying a chainsaw. Power: The gas-powered chainsaws come with the greater power-to-weight ratio. Therefore, the gas-powered chainsaws are the most reliable, powerful, and effective for cutting woods. You can finish your job faster while using this power tool. A corded electric powered chainsaw can also offer a decent amount of power but not as good as gas powered chainsaws. It can be useful only when you want power without pollution. When it comes to battery and manually powered chainsaws, both are suitable for DIY jobs and small jobs in the carpentry shops. Quality and reliability: Many brands produce power tools and sell them in different countries. Not all of them are reliable and some chainsaw models are pretty poor in terms of performance, quality, and reliability. It would be great if you check the best chainsaw reviews before you buy one. Thus, you can easily avoid buying a chainsaw that is infamous for poor performance and other issues. Price: Different brands sell their power tools at different costs because of the features, quality, performance, and popularity of their tools in the market. You should set a budget in which you want to buy this thing with the necessary attachments. Try to pick the best model under your budget. Thus, you will get the best power tool without crossing your budget limit. Verellenhc has featured detailed reviews of the best chainsaws. 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What Are The Advantages Of Chrome Vanadium Steel?

Chrome vanadium steel has become popular for its exceptional mechanical properties and varied uses across the vast expanse of manufacturing strong, durable, and versatile tools and components. It's now the go-to solution for engineers, craftsmen, and manufacturers in different industrial niches. So how about we dive in a little to see why chrome vanadium steel is revered in metallurgy? 1. Chrome Vanadium Steel Emanates Strength and Toughness Primely, chrome vanadium steel stands out from other metals, such as carbon steel, due to its alloy composition of chromium and vanadium, which results in hardness and wear resistance. At the same time, it maintains flexibility and impact resistance. It presents a unique blend of properties that fortifies the tools and components made from this alloy to withstand heavy loads, repetitive stress, and harsh working conditions without compromise. 2. Chrome Vanadium Steel for Corrosion Resistance While the environment has always been tough on metals due to rust,  chrome vanadium steel is not permeable to rust. It boasts a longer lifespan, thanks to the chromium content, which is handy when forming a protective oxide layer on the surface upon exposure to oxygen. You may use chrome vanadium steel even in moist or corrosive atmospheres. 3. Chrome Vanadium Steel for Wear Resistance Unlike conventional carbon steel, chrome vanadium steel can resist wear. It follows that the alloy bears hardening properties, which makes its products retain their structural integrity and resist abrasion or stress. As such, it's versatile for cutting tools since it can retain sharp edges. Still, it may be used on screws, milers, bolts, and wrenches. 4. High Fatigue Strength If you run an industry where repetitive tasks are common, fatigue failure can be challenging. It would help if you had metal such as chrome vanadium steel due to its ability to withstand cyclic loading and deformation without succumbing to fatigue cracks. And so, it can be an ideal choice for springs, automotive components, and various tools subjected to repetitive use. Also, this aspect tends to ensure safety and durability throughout their usage. 5. Cost-Effective Solution While chrome vanadium steel remains with exceptional properties, it's still cost-effective. Its constituent elements, chromium, and vanadium,  are readily available, thus making it affordable. Moreover, it benefits you from the prolonged lifespan, fewer maintenance requirements, and resistance to wear and corrosion. Factor this up, and you realize it truly justifies the initial investment. 6. Wide Range of Applications Chrome vanadium steel is versatile as it gets. To begin with, it finds its use in manufacturing hand tools, automotive parts, and industrial machinery to craft high-performance aerospace parts. Its flexibility to heat treatment and various forming processes further expands its application range, making it a preferred choice for your intricate engineering needs. Conclusion As you can see, chrome vanadium steel is a powerhouse alloy, which means strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Considering its high fatigue strength and cost-effectiveness, it remains a favorite in diverse industries. Even so, technology and innovation are set to advance, and you can expect this alloy to be in more demand or even find more uses. Lastly, If you are in search of high-purity vanadium, try out  HUBEI OUSHI METAL CO., LTD. Read Also: Is Prefabricated Metal The Future Of Warehouse Construction? Is Steel/Iron Ore A Good Career Path In 2021? Best Uses for Stainless Steel in Construction

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9 Cool Things Every Marketer Should Have In Their Office

Cool office space is essential to any marketer because the right environment along with the perfect essentials can make a big difference in their day. This list of cool things every marketer should have in their office is full of items that are both essential and can make the day much more enjoyable. A marketer spends a lot of time on their computer, smartphone, and office space, and it is so important to add cool items that not only motivate but also make working long hours much more bearable. Here are 10 cool things every marketer should have in their office. The twinkle in Time Custom Star Map A Twinkle in Time Custom Star Map is a really cool decorative item to buy for an office. ‘Twinkle in Time’ Custom Star Map is unique to each buyer because it is a framed map of the stars for any date & any location they choose. The Twinkle Time Custom Star Map can also be personalized with a heartfelt message and it is available in a variety of options to choose from. Price of the Product: $55 Sans Meal Bars One thing marketers need to have in order to do their job well is energy. We all know how hard it is to be a marketer (both body and mind). Being a great marketer means you are constantly thinking about creative ways to promote a product or take a campaign viral. The best way to ensure that you’re on top of your game at all times is by eating well. That’s is why the Coconut Sans Meal Bars are a cool health supplement to have in your office. It feels so good to have a quick bite every time you’re feeling tired or hungry without having to leave your office (trust me on that!). These protein bars are perfect for getting rid of that tired feeling you get at around 2 pm. Price of the Product: $45 for a 12 pack. Diy Lightbox Novelty Led Table Lamp   A lightbox is a really cool addition to any office décor. The lightbox is basically a framed box that lights up and can be personalized with any message of choice. The box comes with 105 cards that include letters, numbers, and icons. It isn’t too big, so it doesn’t take up too much room, but it still makes a big impact in any office environment. There are many ideas about what messages to create on the internet. If you are out of ideas, you can find plenty of ideas online. Price of the Product: $19.99 Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones The right headphones can make a huge difference when jumping into those online meetings. Every marketer wants to make sure that their message comes across clear and clean. There isn’t anything more important than crisp, clear audio during these meetings. Investing in the right headphones is a must-have for any office. The Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones will not disappoint. These headphones are available in a couple of different colors and have super long battery life. They are also noised canceling making it easier to concentrate on the task at hand without hearing all the distractions in the background. Alexa is built into the device and these headphones are also great for listening to your favorite songs or podcasts. And the best part, you can connect these headphones with the world's most powerful pocket-sized Piqo projector. Price of the Product: $349.99 Kool8 Kool8 is a unique water bottle. The cool thing about Kool8 is that it is made of double insulated stainless steel that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. This feature makes this water bottle perfect for people always on the go or who work long hours like marketers. Other cool features: It is durable. Tea infuser is included allowing you to brew your favorite tea on the go. Friendly to the environment, unlike those plastic bottles. Every purchase helps to provide clean water to people who need it all around the world. Kool8 comes in a slim, sleek design and is available in a variety of colors. Price of Product: $24.99 Custom Apparel With Your Company’s Logo From Screen print this We believe every marketer should believe in what they do. They should identify with their brands personally and emotionally. This is why we cannot emphasize enough how marketers should consider wearing custom apparel every single day. Even if a company may not have a budget for branded apparel, it doesn’t matter. Companies like ScreenPrintThis allow individuals to get custom printed polos and T-shirts. You can literally go online and simply buy just a sample of 1 for $9.99. Imagine what your co-workers would think. Scratch that – imagine what your boss would think if you just spend $9.99 and get a t-shirt with your company logo. It would make them very proud to have you as a co-worker. Who knows – maybe you even start a trend? Price of Product: $9.99 and up Amazon basics High-Back Executive Chair Marketers spend a lot of time in front of their computers working. A comfortable office chair is a must and can be a cool addition to any office. This high back executive chair is padded, making it really comfortable. It is also completely adjustable for maximum comfort. The sitting position that one sits in while working in front of a computer is so important. The right chair can make a big difference in comfort. This chair is available in 3 colors and has wheels for easy movement. Price of the Product: $67.99 Deskcycle Under Desk Exercise Bike And Pedal Exerciser Marketers spend a lot of time at their desks and with their workload, life can get busy. Let’s face it, most of us that work full-time don’t have time for much else during the workweek. This DeskCycle exercise bike should fit right under your desk, making it so easy to get some exercise in while you are working. This is a cool item to have at the office and expect everyone else at the office to want one too. Price of the Product: $169.00 Standing Desk, Taotronics 36" Adjustable Sit To Stand Desk Converter Riser For Dual Monitors This standing desk is the perfect addition to any office and would make the perfect gift for any marketer. This product adjusts up to 12 height levels with ease. It goes from sitting to standing position in seconds. The product itself is compact but is still big enough to accommodate two monitors. It is designed to make working in an office more comfortable. It can get uncomfortable and tiring to sit in the same position for 8 or more hours. This sit to stand desk converter solves this by making it easy to make the necessary adjustments in your position throughout the day. This product is cool and will increase productivity in the office. This product is a win-win for both the marketer and their clients. Price of the Product: $169.99 This is a Guest Post from Digital Authority Partners, a digital marketing agency Read Also: Your Guide In Buying Kid-Friendly Gadgets Top 5 Electronics Gadgets To Buy From Amazon US 5 Awesome Gadgets For Your Office