7 Elk Hunting Tips to Follow

Elk Hunting

One of the most beautiful sounds in the world to a hunter may be the bugle of a male hunter calling his harem. These majestic animals often weighing up to 700 pounds are grazers that chew their cud. Depending on where you plan on hunting, you can hunt elk from late July through mid-December. Whether you go elk hunting regularly or are fixing to go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, following some elk hunting tips will give you a better chance of killing a big elk.

Know Your Weapon’s Capabilities :


Whether you choose to hunt with a bow and arrow or with a shotgun, it is important to know your weapon’s capabilities. There is nothing worse than getting into the field on a beautiful fall day to discover that your equipment is not working properly. Many hunters discover that their accuracy greatly decreases after 100 yards, but they fail to wait with bated breath until the buck or doe is close enough. Practicing with your weapon at home ensures that you know how it operates and what you can trust in its reliability. Additionally, make sure to practice with any equipment that you plan on using in the field like rangefinders and shooting sticks. Practice in the position that you plan on shooting from when you see that majestic animal walk in front of you.

Know The Habitat :

elk hunting2

If you do not live in the area where you plan on elk hunting, then get a topographical map of the area and study it before making your trip. Otherwise, get out in the field before hunting season begins and learn the territory first hand. Elk often uses grassy ridges as travel corridors between feeding and bedding sites. Mark wide flat valley areas that contain headwaters to small creeks and streams as elk often congregate there during the early hunting season. Consider hunting creek bottoms because elk love the variety of vegetation often found there. Determine the direction of the wind so that you keep it in your face blowing your scent behind you when getting into position. Most state wildlife divisions publish reports of estimated elk numbers, and reading these reports can often give you an indication of what part of the state you need to hunt in when possible.

Get Into Physical Condition :


If you are looking to go on an elk hunt, then you need to be in great physical condition. It is not unusual to cover at least five miles while hunting. Keep in mind that you will likely do it while carrying your gun, a daypack, and other supplies. While you may wish that the buck would choose the top of a hill with amazing scenery, they will often choose to stay more hidden, especially as the season wears on. Getting into good physical condition also means that you will not be so out of breath when he walks in front of you that you cannot take an accurate shot.

Think About the Elk’s Diet :

Elk's Diet

Understanding what an elk eats will let you position yourself correctly depending on the season. If it is still summer when you begin to hunt, then look for them in grassy areas with lots of forbs. As the temperatures begin to drop, then they will be in areas where grasses are still present. Elk spends a lot of time grazing during the fall as they try to store up fat to get through the cold winter months. As the days become cold, they are opportunistic grazers who will feed on tree bark and small branches. After the first snow, they often avoid going into valleys, but they choose to stick close to the edge of wooded areas.

Look for Signs :

You will want to watch for signs that elk are in the area. If you are an experienced deer hunter, then realize that elk hoofprints are about twice the size of deer impressions. Additionally, their pellets are about twice as big as those of deer. Finding these signs are great ways to know that elk are in the area where you are hunting. While getting to a high vantage point can be rough physically, use it to your advantage as it will allow you to see elk from far away. Then, devise a plan to get there moving against the wind. This will often require you to circle the herd before closing in.

Stay in the Field :


Many hunters choose to go hunting in the early morning and about the time the sun goes down. Staying in the field all day can result in you getting a big elk because as hunters return to camp, they often scare the elk toward you. This can take advance planning as you will want to stay warm throughout the hours in the field when you may not move much. Dressing in layers helps you adjust to changing temperatures. Wearing hiking boots with rugged soles can help you get through rugged terrain better. Pack a lunch in your daypack. Avoid using a campfire as elk can smell the fire and will stay away.

Look Up :

Many hunters spend the majority of their time looking at the ground. Wthe Fieldhile this may be tempting while moving across rugged terrain, there are no elk located right under your feet. Instead, spend your time looking around you. That is where the large elk buck will be located. They may, however, try to hide from you, so paying attention helps you spot that glimpse of brown fur behind an object. At the same time, wear clothes that you can easily be spotted in and watch for other hunters in the vicinity.

Use these tips to have a successful elk hunt. Before going, ensure that you have a way to transport the elk home because you will want to fill your freezer with delicious elk meat or donate it to a worthwhile charity.

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CBD for Dogs

Reasons to Buy CBD for Dogs with Appetite Loss And Skin Allergies

Is your dog unwilling to touch its food? Does it spend most of its time scratching and licking its skin? Considering dogs’ insatiable appetite, it’s rather strange for your pet to refuse its threats. In fact, this type of behavior originates from some kind of a health condition, forcing it to abandon its regular habits and actions. Food aversion might be a symptom of a severe disease like cancer, whereas the constant scratching usually results from having a chronic skin allergy. Although these health conditions might come as a surprise to pet owners, they’re far more common in canines than everyone thinks. The most efficient way of treating them is doubtlessly CBD oil, the compound with the most versatile usage on the market. Here are reasons to buy CBD for Dogs with appetite loss and skin allergies. These are the crucial reasons for purchasing CBD for dogs. Cause of appetite loss Although canines are fond of eating any type of snacks their owners provide for them, there’re some periods when they’re reluctant to consume any food. This sudden appetite loss must be triggered by a certain health problem, as there’s no other logical reason for your pet to ignore its food plate. To avoid these problems, you can use CBD treats. Click here to view the benefits of CBD Oil for pets.Actually, there’re multiple reasons for your furry friend to experience appetite loss. The most common one is undoubtedly some sort of illness in the form of an infection or virus. Canines experience almost the same symptoms as humans when being ill, the most frequent of which is having no appetite. Anyhow, if this food reluctance endures for days, it’s paramount to visit the vet.Another unsurprising reason for canine appetite loss is consuming something poisonous or rotten. Dogs have the habit of going through the garbage, thus ingesting food that harms their digestive system, inducing nausea and vomiting. The same symptoms may result from taking medications or undergoing medical treatments. For instance, dogs suffering from cancer, experience severe appetite loss and sickness, caused by chemotherapy. Visit the following link: dog-not-eating-possible-causes-and-appetite-solutions, for more decreased appetite reasons.Anyhow, lack of appetite in canines may also result from increased anxiety and stress. It usually occurs after a drastic change in your pet’s life, such as moving house, getting a new pet, leaving it alone at home, and many other instances. In these situations, its mental state upsets the digestive tract and leads to food aversion. Role of CBD in appetite stimulation Nevertheless, regardless of the cause, CBD oil plays a major role in appetite stimulation, thus enabling your pet to restore its previous eating habits. It actually boosts the function of the metabolic system, thus inducing a feeling of hunger. It also reduces nausea that is most present in canines suffering from cancer.However, prior to administering any dosage, it’s crucial to discover the reason behind your dog’s appetite loss, which is best determined by taking it to the veterinarian. After discovering the cause, you can calculate the right amount of oil in accordance with your pet’s weight. You’re supposed to administer the dosage until your dog feels better, but in cancer cases, a daily dose is indispensable for reducing constant nausea. Origin of skin allergies Skin allergies are extremely common in canines, affecting almost all parts of their bodies. These skin conditions originate from the excessive activity of their immune system, struggling to protect the animal against any type of illness. However, apart from fighting bacteria and viruses, the dogs’ immune system fights all the other environmental particles as well.Regarding the type of skin allergies, some canines are solely allergic to a certain substance. Thus exhibiting allergy symptoms only in its presence. However, other dogs are prone to suffering from chronic skin conditions. Such as atopic dermatitis, which cannot be cured, only subjected to treatment. In case your pet is having trouble with a skin allergy. It’ll definitely scratch or lick the affected body area, eventually causing skin damage. CBD treatment of skin allergies The most frequent treatment of canine skin allergies is administering medications. Taking your dog for vaccines or using various topical creams and sprays. Naturally, all of these treatments have to be used over a long period of time in order to have a soothing effect. But are believed to be harmful to your pet’s health if used in the long term.On the other hand, CBD oil is considered to be a healthy treatment for various skin conditions. Owing to its ability to restore skin moisture, thus automatically eliminating the excessive dryness that leads to itching and rashes. It stimulates the production of sebum, the substance providing skin hydration, thanks to its fatty acids.Regarding administration, you’re supposed to use either CBD in the form of topical products or tincture. The former one is more convenient for derma conditions. As it’s directly applied to the affected area. While the latter one is either administered sublingually or as a food supplement.In any case, make sure you select an organic, high-quality product from reputable online vendors. Make sure you visit their official site in order to take a look at the extensive range of CBD topical creams in combination with aloe or coconut for greater effect. Also, remember to check the prescribed dosage by the manufacturer or consult with your veterinarian for advice. Conclusion If you genuinely care about your dog, purchase CBD oil.You won’t regret it!Read also:CBD: The understanding of its benefits The CBD Health Supplements Making People Feel Good Again


Hunting Tips For Beginners

Hunting is all about adventure and fun. But you might have to pay a price for even the smallest of mistakes. Whether you are an experienced hunter or a newbie, you will have to stick to certain rules and guidelines to make sure that you have a seamless experience. One can never compromise on safety – in fact, it is the most important aspect of hunting. Here in this article, we are going to offer all the tips you need in order to become a flawless hunter. Also, check out this article on how early humans used to hunt. Do not compromise on safety It is important to take a safety course. You can do it online too. The thing is that the test is not mandatory. But you should take the test very seriously nonetheless. This is to ensure that you have a proper understanding of everything. Thereafter, you can take part in a hunting field day, where you will be able to interact with real hunters. You will get to learn a lot by meeting real hunters. You need the help of an experienced hunter When it comes to learning, you learn fast when you silently observe. You should not ask too many questions. Instead, try to observe what the experienced hunter does. This way, you will learn important secrets. This is the most effective way to learn hunting techniques. Once you have been to an area accompanying the hunter, you will be familiar with it. As a beginner, you should first explore a familiar terrain. It will give you a good start. You need to get some gear It is extremely important for you to get some quality gear. It is about your survival, as much as it is about your safety. First and foremost, you need to do research on the devices you might require. Come up with a list. It is your duty to make sure that you have everything that you need. Invest in quality equipment as you don’t want the equipment to fail. You should get the best red dot sight which will assist you in hunting. Reach the hunting ground first The roads will be blocked for the most part. You may have to cover the most area on foot. In some cases, you can cover the area on a horse as well. You have to start the journey by dawn. Because of this, you need to be there by midnight. This way, you will enjoy the best hunting ground before others. Being the first one to reach there, you can take advantage of the vacant elevated spot. Getting accustomed to the food We are going to assume that you have already made your first kill. Whether it is beavers, raccoons, rabbits, or porcupines, preparing them could be a big headache. If you are not used to preparing them, then it is a tough task. We recommend you to look at this online. You will definitely get some help regarding this. Move at a slow pace Being impatient is never going to make you a good hunter. In fact, you will blow your chances to be a good hunter when you don’t show enough patience. You may have to stay still for a certain period. You might walk into something which will produce a sound. The best approach is to stay still for as long as you could. This will improve your chances. Picking landmarks Getting confused about your location while making a big circle is something you might encounter. We recommend you pick a unique object to make it easier for you. This will be helpful in not getting confused as far as the location is concerned. For instance, you can pick a huge rock in the vicinity as a landmark. You will also have to do the mental calculation as to where the animal would be headed once you have made a move. Clearing shooting paths When you reach the standing point for the first time, you need to practice shooting positions. You need to go in all directions. Then you need to get rid of all the distracting elements including branches in order to ensure that you don’t get into issues later on. You need to be able to stay in the location with very little movement or no movement at all. One has to ensure that your safety strap doesn’t restrict your movement.Read also: Five Essential Kinds Of Gear To Prepare Before Going To Shooting Ranges Conclusion Becoming a good hunter requires a lot of work and patience. You have got a lot of learning to do before you take a plunge. We have covered the important aspects you need to keep in mind in this article. The aforementioned tips will be helpful for you to groom yourself into a good hunter.

Animal Shelter

8 High-Need Animal Shelter Donations

Every year, there are more than 6 million animals all across the country that end up in animal shelters.Most of these shelters are staffed by volunteers who rely on the donations of others to keep the shelters up and running. Without these animal shelter donations, the volunteers wouldn't be able to do their jobs and care for the animals that come through their front doors.Do you want to donate items that could potentially make a huge difference and allow shelters to give animals the TLC they need?If so, animal shelters have a long list of items they need on a regular basis.Here are 8 animal shelter donations you should consider dropping off at the shelter in your area. 1. Pet Food : This might be one of the more obvious animal shelter donations. But it's still worth mentioning because shelters simply can't have enough extra food hanging around.There are new dogs and cats coming into the average shelter every day. And from the moment they arrive, they have to be fed regularly so that they get the right nutrition.If you have extra dog food lying around in your home and it hasn't expired yet, you should consider calling your local animal shelter to see if they have a need for it.Just make sure the food hasn't been opened. Shelters won't be able to use opened bags or cans of food. 2. Dog Beds : In addition to providing dogs and cats with food upon their arrival, they also need to provide them with a place to sleep.Many dogs and cats that are turned into animal shelters haven't gotten a good night's rest in quite some time.Therefore, you should consider making animal shelter donations that include dog beds and beds for cats. They will really come in handy when dogs and cats are set up at animal shelters for days, weeks, or months at a time. 3. Litter : Kitty litter is one of the other items that animal shelters are always on the lookout for. From the moment cats step foot inside of a shelter, they need to have access to clean litter to handle their business.If possible, you should make sure your animal shelter donations include clumping litter that will be easy for shelter volunteers to clean up. You should also consider adding a litter box to the mix if your shelter needs one.It's a good idea to get in touch with a shelter ahead of time to see if they have a specific litter they prefer to use. Animal shelters will be ecstatic if you're able to provide them with fresh litter for their feline friends. 4. Blankets and Towels : Blankets and towels are a necessity whenever you're caring for animals at a shelter.They can be used for cleaning up messes or setting up a quiet space for the animals to rest.Either way, shelter volunteers will definitely find good uses for your blankets and towels.They don't have to be new, either! In fact, you're better off donating older blankets and towels to animal shelters that you don't need anymore.These items often don't have much value when you donate them elsewhere. But at an animal shelter, they'll come in handy in a variety of different ways. 5. Zip-Lock Bags : One of the keys to running a successful animal shelter is keeping everything organized. From food to treats to toys, you want to keep items where they belong.Zip-lock bags will help your local shelter do just that. So if you have a bunch of Zip-lock bags sitting in your house right now, you should donate them to a shelter.Shelter volunteers will be able to keep everything straight when they have places to put the things they use on a regular basis. 6. Pill Pockets : The Humane Society and other organizations insist on shelter animals receiving the best medical care possible at shelters.Often times, this means that dogs and cats have to take medications during their shelter stays.The problem, of course, is that many of them won't willingly take these medications.Pill pockets make it possible for shelter volunteers to give dogs and cats their medications without a problem. One box of pill pockets can last for a long time and make it easier than ever for animals to get the medications they need. 7. Kongs : As you can probably imagine, dogs that are placed in animal shelters can get very bored over time. They can, as a result, get themselves into trouble by chewing on things they shouldn't.Kongs are a great solution to this problem. Shelter volunteers can place treats into Kongs and provide dogs with hours and hours of fun.Shelters are always looking for large Kongs since they usually have a lot of larger dogs in their care. When you donate even just one Kong, you'll provide a dog with the entertainment it needs in a shelter. 8. Cleaning Supplies : Keeping an animal shelter clean is of the utmost importance. Shelters usually fly through cleaning supplies on a daily basis.You can make things easier on them by donating:Disinfectant wipes Bleach Powdered laundry detergent Dish soap Paper towels And moreIf you're not sure about which cleaning supplies would be best for your local animal shelter, give them a call and ask. They would probably be more than happy to let you know which supplies they use most often.You can help keep your local shelter a lot cleaner by setting them up with the supplies they need. Make Your Animal Shelter Donations Today : When you make animal shelter donations, you'll be helping both the animals in the shelters as well as the volunteers who give up their time to work in them.You'll feel great about yourself and know that you did what you could to help the animals even if you couldn't adopt them.Animal shelters rely on people like you to allow them to assist as many animals as possible.Check out our blog for other lifestyle tips that will help you become a better person.