7 Tips for Writing a Dissertation


17 March 2017



Without a doubt, a dissertation is the most challenging and lengthy paper a student has to write. However, this doesn’t mean that dissertation writing has to be a painful and unpleasant process – on the contrary, you are able to actually enjoy yourself while writing it.

This seems impossible to you at the moment? Don’t worry: in this article, I’m going to give you some tips on how to write a dissertation easily.

1. Pick the Right Topic.

Picking a topic isn’t easy. Some are too hard to research, some are too broad, some are too narrow, and some don’t look really original. However, try to step away from these limitations for a bit and come up with a topic that actually interests you.

Not all students think this way while picking a topic for their dissertation. Some prefer choosing the ones that look more serious and promising; however, that’s not always a good thing to do. If a topic doesn’t seem interesting to you, you will most likely end up struggling with the whole writing process instead of actually enjoying it.

Try to make the list of topics that actually interest you and then narrow it down to one, based on its popularity and the amount of data you’ll be able to collect for it.

2. Plan Your Research.

We all know that writing a dissertation requires a lot of research. However, you can ease the process greatly simply by planning everything well. It’s unlikely that you’ll find all the necessary books and other information sources in one place. So make the list of the sources you might need and then think of where you can find them.

For example, if you know that most of them can be found in libraries only, you should plan when you’re going to visit these libraries and how much time you’re going to spend there. Doing so will help you structure the whole process better and save more time.

3. Make Notes.

You’re probably going to look through many information sources during the research process. Don’t simply read them and switch to another one: make notes while you read. This will make it easier for you, allowing to highlight the most important parts of each book or article.

4. Save Quotations.

It is very important to use direct quotes in your dissertation. However, not all students are able to come up with an appropriate quote during the writing process. It’s better to find the right quotes during your research, saving them in a separate file. This way you’ll have a list of quotes before you actually start writing and will always be able to choose the most appropriate one.

Moreover, if you save the quotes properly (including the names of the books they are taken from, the number of the page, and so on), you won’t need to look through all the information sources later, trying to remember where this quote comes from.

5. Remember the 10% Rule.

Word count can be both limiting and challenging, depending on a student. That’s why it is so important to ask your supervisor whether the 10% rule can be applied to your dissertation or not.

This rule is simple: it allows you to go both above and below the limit, as long as you don’t exceed the word count by 10%. It might seem like a thing that is not too important, but it can actually save a lot of your time (and words that maybe don’t have to be cut out) later.

6. Plan Your Writing.

Being the most challenging and thorough paper, the dissertation requires appropriate approach. It isn’t a thing that can be written quickly (unless you turn to custom writing services for help) – it requires a lot of work, so the earlier you start and the better prepared you are, the better your dissertation will be.

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Plan a number of hours you’re going to dedicate to writing: this can be a couple of hours a day or a couple of days a week, for example. Stick to the plan: if created properly, it could save you a lot of time and nerves, allowing to finish the dissertation before the deadline.

7. Don’t Do It Alone.

Contact your supervisor, ask them questions, ask for their advice. If there is a professor willing to help you, use their help too. Moreover, even your flatmates or college mates can help you, noticing the flaws in time and even offering some valuable ideas. So don’t hesitate to discuss your paper with them. If you lack sufficient skills and enough time to handle this exercise, you can buy cheap thesis online on BuyDissertations.com. You can be sure of getting a high-quality paper that will impress the college panel.

A dissertation is indeed a serious paper. However, you probably wouldn’t write it if it didn’t seem appealing to you, would you? That’s why don’t forget to focus on the process and enjoy yourself as much as you can. I wish you good luck with that!


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Kevin Nelson started his career as a research analyst and has changed his sphere of activity to writing services and content marketing. Currently, Kevin works as a part-time writer at the BreezeWriting. Apart from writing, he spends a lot of time reading psychology and management literature searching for the keystones of motivation ideas. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin.

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Topic Sentences and Thesis Statements: How do they differ?

For many writers, topic sentences are transition tools that help their readers to transition smoothly between paragraphs. These sentences state the primary ideas paragraphs carry. They are like another form of “mini theses” that give readers a direction regarding where you are taking them. At times, this similarity in roles makes it possible for some inexperienced writers to confuse the functions of these elements. However, many clear differences exist between topic sentences and thesis statements. That is why our writing help discussion will show you these differences. So, remain with this post up to the end to learn more. Thesis statements play different roles Ideally, thesis statements are primary or controlling ideas that show your stand on the topic you are discussing. They set the stage ready to announce specific and narrowed perspective on a topic. Additionally, these statements appear once at the end of opening paragraphs for a shorter paper or at the end of the second or third paragraphs if your papers have longer introductory chapters. However, it is necessary to note that your thesis statement only appears once in the paper while it is necessary to have a topic sentence for each paragraph as you progress with the defense of your essay. Lastly, these statements set the general scope of writing projects and they point your readers to what lies ahead in your paper’s discussions. Topic Sentences We have already looked at the essence, meaning, as well as the primary functions of these statements in your writing assignments. As this section unfolds, we shall shift our attention to the details of topic sentences because they are the primary elements of our discussion. Read also: Have Assignment Problem? Try Assignment Help Online The positioning of topic sentences Unlike thesis statements, topic sentences appear at the start of your paper’s paragraphs so that they can point the readers to what you intend to discuss. However, we have a few cases of exception where you may need to incorporate them after the first sentences. For example, if your paragraphs’ introductions require some background information, you may not use the topic sentences at the start of such paragraphs. Creating connections to the thesis statements Another feature of topic sentences is that they use keywords and phrases in thesis statements to tell the reader those parts of the thesis statements the paragraphs will discuss. Creating links to preceding paragraphs Unlike thesis statements whose primary goal is to point readers to what is coming, topic sentences serve two purposes. They connect the reader to preceding paragraphs while guiding them to what you intend to discuss in the current paragraphs. They create a progressive flow of thoughts Topic sentences help in the systematic flow of your assignments. Unlike thesis statements, these sentences use transitory words such as “moreover, similarly, in addition, first, and lastly.” They play supportive a role Another feature that differentiates hypotheses and topic sentences is that these sentences are supportive tools that uphold the validity of your thesis statements. However, the supportive role they play does not mean they are less important because without them, your audience will not see your thesis statements’ validity since it will be wanting due to lack of evidence to support your hypotheses. The symbiotic relationship that connects these two elements is similar to the one that exists between the egg and chicken. But without thesis statements, there is no need for the very existence of topic sentences. Inversely, thesis statement can exist without a topic sentence even though they will remain barren statements without proof and life. They are general in nature In addition, topic sentences are general in nature. They are general declarations that are followed by other sentences that give more information on the initial declaration. On the other hand, thesis statements are narrowed elements that need the support of similar arguments to prove their validity. Moreover, they stand on the validity of proof and evidence while topic statements require additional materials to serve their purpose. They serve an organizational purpose The last main difference between thesis statements and topic sentences is that they serve as organizational tools. They help you to organize your ideas so that your readers can understand your message better. On the other hand, thesis statements serve as overall roadmaps that require intensive debate to defend their validity. 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Will you need to compose a cover letter for employment? You will feel as if the record is unnecessary because you're already supplying a restart with lots of information. Not so! A cover letter serves a very important function: it introduces the case for why you need to be hired and distinguishes you from other applicants. Your cover letter is the place you can present your enthusiasm to your position along with the business, and emphasize your most important qualifications. Many companies need cover letters as part of their job application procedure. But even when an employer doesn't explicitly request a cover letter, then you need to send you. A powerful cover letter can make your program stick out from the audience. Even if an employer doesn't directly request one, make sure you always send a cover letter. In that circumstance, it is crucial that you follow the instructions on the job list. Emphasize You're Relevant Qualifications On your cover letter, tackle the very best skills and skills you have that fit the project description. Ideally, you need to choose the credentials which are most pertinent to this position for which you're applying. Review the occupation description and attempt to find out which credentials appear to bring the maximum value to this position. Give a particular example of a time you revealed all those credentials. Customize Every Letter Even though it may appear tedious, you need to always customize every letter to match the particular job for which you're applying. After all, a successful cover letter should exemplify how your experience matches up to the prerequisites set out in the project record. Failing to do this can easily get your program removed from the pool. Explain Details For Your Resume It is possible to use your cover letter to go into detail about something on your resume which needs explaining. As an instance, a cover letter is a wonderful place to speak about a career change, a professional break, or even to describe an elongated gap in the job. Edit Your Own Cover Letter Make sure to thoroughly proofread every cover letter prior to sending it, searching for punctuation and punctuation mistakes. Think about asking a friend or relative, or possibly a career adviser, to browse over your cover letter. It can be handy to publish a copy of your cover letter and edit it using a pencil in hand. Review Cases and Templates For help writing your cover letter, browse samples such as the one below, in addition, to cover letter templates. Don't forget to tailor any template or example to match your experiences and the occupation for which you're applying. Want more information? Review the best 10 cover letter writing tips for additional information about the best way best to craft an effective cover letter. It is a fantastic idea to get familiar with what is necessary to write an effective cover letter before you begin writing. This way, you are able to spend less time editing and much more time on getting it right from the beginning. You might even utilize a cover letter sample, such as the one below, for inspiration. Make certain to tailor any samples that you use to coincide with your background and the task for which you're applying. As a reminder, you constantly rework your cover letter to match each particular place that you use. In addition to tweaking the material, do not forget to upgrade the salutation, the working name, as well as the name. If you are sending your pay letter through email, record your title and the job name in the area line of this email. Include your contact info in your email signature, but do not record the company's contact info. Forget the date, and initiate your email address together with the salutation. What exactly does it take to your resume and cover letter to produce an impact as soon as an employer could have obtained hundreds of resumes for the position you employed? Employers can be given a huge number of resumes for each position they market. It could look to be an almost impossible task to get a business to weed through them to obtain the very best applicants to interview, or for one to become among those chosen candidates. You can make their job simpler, and proceed with your work application to the peak of the heap, by composing a targeted cover letter and carefully fitting your credentials into the work. Read Also: Tips For Writing The Resignation Letter In A Professional Way

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Students have to write various academic assignments. One of such is a research paper. This is a challenging and interesting piece of writing. Due to various reasons, students aren’t able to complete it properly. As a result, one may come across multiple Internet requests that sound like this – Who can do my research paper instead of me? Some students begin to grow desperate and look for the help of professional English writers. For example, CustomWritings.com is a very popular platform, which is rated at the top service of its kind. The company provides the best online services. Besides, it’s a cheap research papers writing service and its affordable prices make it even more attractive. In the meanwhile, we believe that you should try to compose this paper on your own first. Only if you feel that you lack time or competence, you should choose a cheap term paper writing service and buy cheap research or term paper or some other papers. Research Paper Help to Compose Great Pieces: Choose a topic: Firstly, choose a proper topic to begin your work. This stage doesn’t differ from any essay or even a dissertation. Every assignment must have a relevant and interesting theme to attract readers. It must focus on something currently important and offer an effective solution. You’re free to get a reworked idea. There are some themes, which seem to be “eternal”. For example, these are love, friendships, courage and so on. Nonetheless, they aren’t suitable for research papers that require scientific research and approach. Look through the most popular themes in the discipline and try to cover one of them. Find relevant information: Secondly, find proper data that will support the main claim of your assignment. You have to be careful and selective. Don’t use some tips offered by simple bloggers who express their opinion but cannot offer dependable results of at least a single official study. You ought to be sure that you use officially approved facts. Pay attention to websites with .edu (educational website), .gov (government), or .org (nonprofit organization). These are commonly trustworthy resources, which offer dependable data and studies. They are suitable for all types of essays, as well as for a research paper. Create a strong thesis: Thirdly, create a thesis statement. It’s a single (sometimes one may write 2 sentences) sentence, which clearly underlines the entire project. It clarifies your readers the main purpose of your work. Any thesis ought to: Explain the readers the purpose of your research; Tell why you’ve chosen the main problem; Answer the question you were asked; Clarify what to expect from your paper. You ought to make all these points clear in one or two sentences. Make a plan: After you find data and know what exactly to research, make a plan. It’s an effective tool to get organized and outline the main steps of your paper. It should include: Introduction; Main plot; Conclusion; Referencing. Write several drafts: Before you submit, your project you’d better write at least two drafts. They will help to evaluate the effectiveness of your paper. Reread the first draft and see how good you are. Pay attention to logical transitions, grammar, punctuation, style and so on. Afterward, write the second draft and revise it again. Make sure it doesn’t have any mistakes and/or some weak parts. Improve what’s wrong. Get online assistance: Finally, use the help of a reliable cheap research paper writing service. As we have already stated, CustomWritings.com is one of the best writing companies of its kind. Its writers are certificated and experienced. They are attentive with the details and make in-depth research on any issue and in any discipline. They are fast and original. Professional writers and editors manage the most urgent orders without delays and always provide 100% authentic content. It’s a great chance to solve a lot of academic problems. Moreover, the company offers cheap research papers. You’ll enjoy the help of the highest quality and won’t overpay. Everything depends on your needs and possibilities. Customize your own orders and choose the total cost. The company works 24/7 and ensures total anonymity. Moreover, you can learn a lot from its writers to use in your own projects. Read Also: Top 5 Benefits Of Writing Term Papers Tips On Cheap Paper Writing Assignments Are You Safe When Looking For The Best Essay Writing Service?