Upcoming Educational Trends in 2017


03 March 2017


Education Trends

Over the years the education industry has seen a significant amount of change and technology has played a crucial role in its development. Information technology has delivered key services including providing competitive institutional differentiation and enabling digital transformation.

Classroom learning has been a part of the system since the introduction of schools and educational institutions. The world is now seeing the introduction of, one of the most advanced technological innovations that have taken learning to a whole new level. Many leading innovative companies have come up with new educational apps or trends that can help students study and learn in a whole new way.

These tools can increase relevance for the students and give them a brand new experience when it comes to learning subjects like Math and other important subjects. These technological trends use mobiles, tablets, and many technological innovations to not only make learning easier but also fun.

Flipped Learning

This is a sort of blended learning where students do not require to step out of their homes to learn. They can simply get their daily does of knowledge sitting right at home through online content and video lectures. What is being implied is that students can learn off each other through critical problem-solving in tiny groups. An interactive classroom environment is created right at home through Wi-Fi enabling students to communicate with each other via mobiles or various other tools. With this technology, educators can measure the responses of the students and their ability both in and out of the class.

Remote Learning

This is a technological innovation for students who cannot physically make it to school. This trend allows them to attend classes virtually through video and by accessing content online. Other forms of technologies can be included in this program including class forums, video conferencing, social media, pre-recorded videos, and email. Like for example, students can sit right at home and learn Geometry on their mobiles or tablets.

Teachers with respect to subject matters can also be introduced into the remote learning as they improve the quality of learning. This technology can reach global masses as long as there is reliable Wi-Fi networks and mobile technologies.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is nothing but personalizing and enhancing the learning experience. Adaptive learning helps learners in reducing the time taken to become proficient by eradicating the need to go through the content that they already understand.

This improves the effectiveness of our programs because the learner only focuses on what is absolutely needed. The future success of adaptive learning is not only in the design of the technology but in the design of content.

Game Based Learning

The implementation of the game into learning can enhance motivations along with knowledge and engagement retention. Earlier, the implementation of gaming in learning was to enhance the classroom experience with a game. Later on, learning programs were implemented with gaming technology thereby pulling the players or students to their emotions and motivations. The gaming theory has found a way to implement storytelling in a way that can appeal to the learner’s emotions and enhancing their recall.

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Content Rally

A Guaranteed Approach to Raising a Little Genius

There are many forms of success: social happiness, financial success, work success, being loved, and satisfied with life, but one thing is certain – all parents want their kids to achieve success. In order for our children to achieve this bliss in life, they need to be smart. And like many children, there are, there as many ways of being smart, but parents can be the essential factor in raising a little genius. So, if you are seeking ways of ensuring a great life for your child, you need to seek ways of challenging their brain.Raising an Open Mind In order to become smart children need to learn and experience new things. Keeping an open mind about the world allows them to intake new knowledge which increases their intelligence and overall capacities. From an early age, allow your kids to discover the world around them, and take in everything. Raising an open-minded and tolerant child will ultimately result in familiarity with learning, where children are not afraid to experience new and interesting things.Catering to Your Child’s Unique Learning Style Each child also learns its own way, and there are three main learning methods: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Each targets a different sensory system and finding your child’s main preference, as well as refining all three ensures a smart and individualized approach to learning. Creative arts and crafts projects, pictures, and coloring all tend to the needs of a visual learner.image source: unsplash.com Reading out loud, repetition, speaking out information out loud, or learning through song can be a sure-fire way to satisfy the auditory preferences. On the other hand, dancing, learning through movement, or as part of a game can improve their kinesthetic learning.A Fun Approach to Learning Using play as a way to teach kids has enormous potential of developing a healthy attitude towards learning. Young kids use playing games and toys as a way to make sense of the world and is therefore only natural to use it to improve their intellect. Toys play a major impact on skill development and problem-solving games like puzzles and Lego’s target logical thinking, problem-solving skills, but also improves creativity. On the other hand, kids adore their video games, and incorporating math, language, and science by providing free video games to kids, such as Poptropica, can improve their skills, and overall cognitive stage development.The Value of Reading Incorporating reading into your child’s upbringing, not only expands existing mental abilities but also teaches them to make it part of their lives. During the early years, reading to children stimulates their language acquisition, and positively affect their imagination and creativity. Later, when kids learn to read, and reading becomes a habit, and providing them the best children’s books is a must.                                                   image source: pixabay.com By reading people are able to use their senses and emotions, in order to understand the material. This, in turn, sparks imagination, inspiring and motivating children to create stories, as a way to resolve problems and accept any challenge that comes their way.Increasing a Brain’s Physical Properties Since a healthy mind requires a healthy body and brain food to grow and expand, kids need exercise and diet that can make them smarter. Eating regularly and incorporating Omega-3 essential fats into their diet, helps increase brain mass, improving synaptic connections. This is seen through heightened concentration and ability to intake information. On the other hand, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can increase lung capacity and regulate healthy sleep patterns. That also allows brain matter to store data and increase thinking rate. In the end, it is important to remember that all kids have the ability to become smart, but in order to create a little genius, kids need a little nudge. By providing them with a healthy environment in which they can grow, you, the parent, are helping them raise their intellect, and ultimately paving their path to success.