What Are The Different Types Of Triangles And their Area Formula?

Using the three straight lines, the geometric figure that can be created is a ‘triangle,’ and it has three sides and three vertices. In a triangle, the sum of all three interior angles is equal to 180 degrees.

Based on the relative size of the sides and the angle they make with adjacent sides, different triangles are categorized, and each type of triangle follows the same fundamentals to calculate the area of a triangle through the area of triangle formula and perimeter of the triangle but the formula for each triangle differs because of their properties.

What are the Different Types of Triangles?

What are the Different Types of Triangles

  1. If all the sides of a triangle are equal, which implies that all the triangle angles are equal, then such a triangle is called an equilateral triangle.
  2. Since in an equilateral triangle, all the angles and all the sides are equal, it is a very symmetrical triangle. It is worth knowing that the angles of a triangle are proportional to the length of the sides of the triangles.
  3. Against the biggest angle present in the triangle is the side that has the longest length, and the side opposite to the smallest angle in the triangle is the side with the smallest length.

How can you Calculate the Area of a Triangle?

To know how large a triangle is to know how long the boundary of a triangle is or how large its surface is. The measures used are the area of a triangle and the perimeter of a triangle. When calculating the area of any triangle.

  • The formula is one by two (1/2) multiplied by the length of the triangle, multiplied by the base of the triangle. The length of the triangle is the length of the perpendicular drawn from the opposite vertex of the triangle to the triangle’s base.
  • In the case of triangles like an equilateral triangle. Since all the lengths of the sides are equal. Hence, the formula can be compressed to a square root of three, upon four multiplied by the square of the triangle’s side that is ¾ a2.
  • In the case of a right-angled triangle, which means that one angle of the triangle is 90 degrees, one by two multiplied by perpendicular into the base. It is important to know the area and perimeter of a triangle to do things in day-to-day life.

The Shape of a Triangle can be used to create many things:

As the triangle shape is used in many things that we use, like, triangular paper cuttings, triangular pieces of land, triangular tiles, etc. Often to know how much material would be required to create X number of triangular things we would need to know how to calculate the area and the perimeter of the triangle.

It is also worth knowing that the Pythagoras theorem can often be used in more than one way like to learn more about triangle properties also, to derive the formula to determine the area and the perimeter of a triangle.

The perimeter of a Triangle: How you can measure it?

The perimeter of a triangle is the sum of the length of its three sides, which is easy to determine in an equilateral triangle. As all the sides are equal in length, the perimeter of a triangle with the length of a side as value, x, the perimeter would be 3x.

In the case of a right-angled triangle. We know that the square of base, plus the square of perpendicular, is equal to the hypotenuse square; thus, we can simplify the formula by replacing the value of the hypotenuse.

And thus, we will have the perimeter of a right-angled triangle be defined in terms of two variables. In the isosceles triangle, which means that the length of the two sides is equal.

If the length of the equal side is x and the third side’s length is y, then the perimeter of the triangle would be 2x plus y.

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