9 Cool Things Every Marketer Should Have In Their Office


11 February 2019


Office Gadgets

Cool office space is essential to any marketer because the right environment along with the perfect essentials can make a big difference in their day.

This list of cool things every marketer should have in their office is full of items that are both essential and can make the day much more enjoyable.

A marketer spends a lot of time on their computer, smartphone, and office space, and it is so important to add cool items that not only motivate but also make working long hours much more bearable.

Here are 10 cool things every marketer should have in their office.

The twinkle in Time Custom Star Map

Custom Star Map

A Twinkle in Time Custom Star Map is a really cool decorative item to buy for an office. ‘Twinkle in Time’ Custom Star Map is unique to each buyer because it is a framed map of the stars for any date & any location they choose.

The Twinkle Time Custom Star Map can also be personalized with a heartfelt message and it is available in a variety of options to choose from.

Price of the Product: $55

Sans Meal Bars

One thing marketers need to have in order to do their job well is energy. We all know how hard it is to be a marketer (both body and mind). Being a great marketer means you are constantly thinking about creative ways to promote a product or take a campaign viral. The best way to ensure that you’re on top of your game at all times is by eating well.

That’s is why the Coconut Sans Meal Bars are a cool health supplement to have in your office. It feels so good to have a quick bite every time you’re feeling tired or hungry without having to leave your office (trust me on that!). These protein bars are perfect for getting rid of that tired feeling you get at around 2 pm.

Price of the Product: $45 for a 12 pack.

Diy Lightbox Novelty Led Table Lamp

A lightbox


A lightbox is a really cool addition to any office décor. The lightbox is basically a framed box that lights up and can be personalized with any message of choice. The box comes with 105 cards that include letters, numbers, and icons.

It isn’t too big, so it doesn’t take up too much room, but it still makes a big impact in any office environment. There are many ideas about what messages to create on the internet. If you are out of ideas, you can find plenty of ideas online.

Price of the Product: $19.99

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

The right headphones can make a huge difference when jumping into those online meetings. Every marketer wants to make sure that their message comes across clear and clean. There isn’t anything more important than crisp, clear audio during these meetings. Investing in the right headphones is a must-have for any office.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones will not disappoint. These headphones are available in a couple of different colors and have super long battery life. They are also noised canceling making it easier to concentrate on the task at hand without hearing all the distractions in the background. Alexa is built into the device and these headphones are also great for listening to your favorite songs or podcasts. And the best part, you can connect these headphones with the world’s most powerful pocket-sized Piqo projector.

Price of the Product: $349.99


water bottle

Kool8 is a unique water bottle. The cool thing about Kool8 is that it is made of double insulated stainless steel that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours.

This feature makes this water bottle perfect for people always on the go or who work long hours like marketers.

Other cool features:

  • It is durable.
  • Tea infuser is included allowing you to brew your favorite tea on the go.
  • Friendly to the environment, unlike those plastic bottles.
  • Every purchase helps to provide clean water to people who need it all around the world.
  • Kool8 comes in a slim, sleek design and is available in a variety of colors.

Price of Product: $24.99

Custom Apparel With Your Company’s Logo From Screen print this

We believe every marketer should believe in what they do. They should identify with their brands personally and emotionally. This is why we cannot emphasize enough how marketers should consider wearing custom apparel every single day. Even if a company may not have a budget for branded apparel, it doesn’t matter. Companies like ScreenPrintThis allow individuals to get custom printed polos and T-shirts. You can literally go online and simply buy just a sample of 1 for $9.99.

Imagine what your co-workers would think. Scratch that – imagine what your boss would think if you just spend $9.99 and get a t-shirt with your company logo. It would make them very proud to have you as a co-worker. Who knows – maybe you even start a trend?

Price of Product: $9.99 and up

Amazon basics High-Back Executive Chair

Marketers spend a lot of time in front of their computers working.

comfortable office chair is a must and can be a cool addition to any office.

This high back executive chair is padded, making it really comfortable. It is also completely adjustable for maximum comfort.

The sitting position that one sits in while working in front of a computer is so important. The right chair can make a big difference in comfort.

This chair is available in 3 colors and has wheels for easy movement.

Price of the Product: $67.99

Deskcycle Under Desk Exercise Bike And Pedal Exerciser


Marketers spend a lot of time at their desks and with their workload, life can get busy. Let’s face it, most of us that work full-time don’t have time for much else during the workweek.

This DeskCycle exercise bike should fit right under your desk, making it so easy to get some exercise in while you are working. This is a cool item to have at the office and expect everyone else at the office to want one too.

Price of the Product: $169.00

Standing Desk, Taotronics 36″ Adjustable Sit To Stand Desk Converter Riser For Dual Monitors

This standing desk is the perfect addition to any office and would make the perfect gift for any marketer. This product adjusts up to 12 height levels with ease. It goes from sitting to standing position in seconds.

The product itself is compact but is still big enough to accommodate two monitors. It is designed to make working in an office more comfortable. It can get uncomfortable and tiring to sit in the same position for 8 or more hours. This sit to stand desk converter solves this by making it easy to make the necessary adjustments in your position throughout the day.

This product is cool and will increase productivity in the office. This product is a win-win for both the marketer and their clients.

Price of the Product: $169.99

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Five Essential Kinds of Gear to Prepare before Going to Shooting Ranges

So you’ve just bought a gun and are itching to try it out in your nearest shooting range. Before you go full-on Rambo, you may want to inspect your gear first to ensure you have everything you need. You could be missing a few pieces of essential equipment. While most shooting ranges have gun shops, their merchandise usually comes at a premium. It’s cheaper and better to take your own gear with you. Not only will you save a significant amount of money, but you also won’t be forced to practice with equipment previously used by strangers. Read also: What Is An Airsoft Gun? If it’s your first time going to the range, chances are you only have a few ideas as to what you should bring aside from your gun. As a pro tip, here are some of the equipment you need when going to a shooting range. 1. Lots and Lots of Ammo : Prepare your ammo to get the most of your time in the range. Gun shops in ranges tend to mark up their ammo prices, so it’s more frugal to buy bullets outside the range. Generally, it’s a good idea to bring more ammo than you need. The thrill of shooting can make one eager for another round, and the next thing you know, you’ll have gone through your ammo supply like as if it were water. Thus, buy a lot of ammo in advance, buy .22 ammo in bulk, buy 9mms, buy all the ammo you need. 2. Eye and Ear Protection : Gunshots are extremely loud. Normal fire, even with low-caliber handguns, can reach 140 decibels. That’s enough to cause permanent hearing loss. Compare that to an idling bulldozer (idling, not in active use), which has a loudness of around 85 decibels, a noise level that can damage the ears if it continuously penetrates the ears. By contrast, a single gunshot is enough to cause hearing loss. That’s why every shooter needs some form of ear protection. They can be earplugs or noise-canceling earmuffs. The eyes are other related and equally vulnerable part. There are a lot of reasons for wearing protective eyewear when in the range. One is that the spent gunpowder can enter and burn the eyes, potentially causing permanent damage. To include a set of shooting glasses or goggles with your shooting gear. 3. Binoculars or Spotting Scope : It’s no fun shooting if you can’t confirm a hit, and it’s dangerous to walk to your target if there are other people practicing. You’ll either need a binocular or a spotting scope to check your target, especially if it’s placed at a distance. There are pros and cons between binoculars and spotting scopes. But they generally have the same use. What to bring depends on your personal preference. 4. Shooting Targets : Shooting ranges frown upon plinking, which is using improvised materials like tin cans and bottles for target practice. One reason is that they can shatter and spread, making it a headache to clean up and remove them from the range. Thus, it’s common etiquette to use standard targets, like paper bullseye targets for new shooters. All ranges sell standard targets, but like with ammo, they come at a premium. It’s cheaper to buy targets from outside. You can even print your own paper targets. If you want to spice it up a bit for more fun, you can try different types of targets. Some shops sell targets that explode into chalk or dust when hit; others have spinning targets for those seeking a challenge. 5. Maintenance Tools : Nothing kills a good time at the range than a gun getting jammed does. If your gun ever breaks down on you, don’t let it end your day. Get your tools and fix it. Some folks at the range can even help you out. But repairs aren’t possible if you didn’t take your tools along with you. That’s why you should always take your gun maintenance tools with you whenever you’re going to the range. Are You All Set and Geared Up? Going to a shooting range can be intimidating, especially for first-timers. Even seasoned shooters can forget to take a few items to the range. Just remember to include these five in your shooting gear, and you’re sure to have a blast at the range.  

Button cell battery chart

Button Cell Battery Chart- know about it more

Did your flashlight battery run out? If yes, then it will be good if you buy a new battery for your flashlight according to the recommendation from the manufacturers. If you follow the instructions or manuals given by the manufacturer inside then you can save your device from damages and wrong type of batteries. While you are replacing the batteries make sure to check the details such as battery type, capacity, chemistry, dimensions, max pulse current, self-discharge rate, etc. It may sound complicated however it is necessary for good performance of the gadget. Here we have small tips related to battery and its safety- You must never recharge the battery with the wrong charger as well as do not charge primary batteries or it may explode and cause fires. Do not swallow the battery; keep your kids away from it. These NiMH and lithium batteries do not contain toxic metals but they are dangerous and when swallowed electrolytes will close the circuit in the body as well as cause chemical reaction which caused the ultimate death of a person. Battery types: Coin/ button cell battery: These are grouped under no- rechargeable batteries. It is common in key chains, watches, remote controls, and hearing aids. There are various chemistry types of this battery like silver oxide, alkaline, and mercury oxide. In addition, most of the manufacturer interchangeably makes use of similar labels for silver oxide and alkaline batteries. If you look at the button cell battery chart then you can find out the difference and also know about the button battery sizes. Alkaline: Alkaline coin/button cell batteries are cheap and reliable batteries. 1.5 volts is the nominal voltage of this battery but when you use this battery its voltage drops with time. The real capacity of this battery is dependent on the device cut off voltage. If it is to be used in electronic equipment where there is the requirement of the constant high voltage then the so-called capacity of this battery is low. In such gadgets the need for replacement of the battery is quick. However, if the alkaline battery is to be used in gadgets that can tolerate low battery voltage, then its so-called capacity will be larger and you need not replace batteries in them so soon. Typical labels for alkaline batteries are LR##, AG##, LR###, etc. The normal capacity of alkaline LR44 is about 110-130 mAh and it is lower than equivalent silver oxide battery. Common Shelf life for it is 5 years. Silver Oxide: These button/coin cell batteries are a well-known type of batteries. They are not very expensive and have a shelf life of about 10 or more years. They have constant voltage while an operation that is identical to the nominal voltage of the alkaline batteries. Typical labels of this battery type are SR##, SG##, SR###, etc. Typical capacity of these types of batteries ex- Silver oxide SR44 is 150-200 mAh and it is more than equivalent alkaline LR44 while less than zinc-air. Zinc Air: These are used widely in hearing aid devices. They are having slightly lesser nominal voltage (1.4 to 1.45 V) however this voltage is quite similar or higher than the alkaline batteries voltage while using. In addition to this, these batteries got the largest capacity and chemistry. Typical capacity- 600-700 mAh and it is the much larger capacity when compared to silver oxide. These batteries are not common because of different reasons, however, one of the common reasons is that they work by using air, and when electrolyte dries out, it is dead and needed to be replaced. Depending on manufacturer and model, after the protective tab of these batteries is removed, leave it for some minute in the air then use it for weeks. It has a shelf life of 4-5 years. Mercury oxide: These types of batteries are no longer in the use because of their impact on the environment. They require slightly lower voltage (~1.35V) they have good capacity. The typical capacity of battery MR44 is 180-200 mAh and it is quite similar to silver oxide SR44. If a small portion of these batteries is swallowed then it can induce vomiting. Cylindrical batteries: These are commonly used in devices such as remote control devices, key chains, bikes, electric tools, etc. Cylindrical batteries are divided into 2 groups such as- Non-rechargeable or primary batteries rechargeable or secondary batteries It is to be noted that the primary batteries must never be charges. Also, keep in mind that does not recharge batteries with NOT designed charger. The nominal voltage of the non-rechargeable cell is 1.5V regardless of whether they are alkaline or carbon-zinc batteries. These are interchangeable nit alkaline batteries that have huge capacity and they are used more than the zinc-carbon batteries. For Primary lithium batteries, nominal voltage is 3V; they have a larger capacity and are light weighted. In addition to this, they tend to be highly expensive than the zinc-carbon as well as alkaline batteries and are utilized in high power gadgets such as cameras, flashlights, etc. Secondary cells’ nominal voltage is dependent on its chemistry. These batteries are smaller and packed with enough energy but if mistreated then it may burst or explode. Hence, make sure you refer a button cell battery chart before replacing or using any batteries in your device. nickel Cadmium battery it is also referred to as NiCd batteries and they have the nominal voltage of 1.2 V. it can generate large current however it has limited capacity as well as number of charging/ discharging cycles. Nickel metal hydride- it is also referred to as NiMH batteries and it offers good capacity, low rate of self-discharge, good shelf life, etc along with reasonable rates. Lithium secondary batteries- they have a voltage ranging from 3.3-3.7V and are labeled as 3.7 or 3.6V batteries. They have a large capacity, improved safety, and a higher drain. For more information about batteries, you can refer button cell battery chart. We hope you have gained enough knowledge about batteries and their usage. Hurry up and go replace your batteries. Read Also: Car Battery Maintenance 101 Add Accuracy To Your Testing With The Help Of Multimeter The Latest Way Of Transportation: Electric Motor Scooters

Fujifilm digital camera

14 Reasons a Fujifilm digital camera is the best choice!?

Fujifilm digital cameras are all about capturing moments, and creating that perfect picture in your mind. We've listed 14 reasons why should you buy a Fujifilm digital camera from Georges Cameras and why it is the best choice for you! 1. Quality Fujifilm has created a range of digital cameras that are lightweight and durable to make sure you never miss a moment, with exceptional image quality. 2. Easy to use We've created our digital cameras to be easy to use so that you can spend less time setting up and more time capturing those special moments in life. 3. Lenses Our lenses are designed to suit any shooting condition or style. As we continue to create new lenses, we hope that you will always find something new and exciting to capture those special moments with. 4. Innovation We continue to innovate and create new products that will evolve how people see pictures in the future (and the past). Our industry leading technology allows us to deliver quality products that can help each of our customers rediscover their passion for photography. 5. Image quality Fujifilm produces cameras that take incredibly detailed pictures in all conditions. The X-T1, for instance, is perfect if you're going from indoor to outdoor photography. 6. Portability If you're planning on hiking to get the perfect shot, then you need a compact camera that can fit in your bag or pocket. The X-M1 or X-Q2 would be great choices. 7. Price Are you just starting out with photography and don't want to spend a lot of money? If so, then you should check out the X-A2 or the X-A3. These cameras will let you see if photography is right for you before making a large investment. 8. Quick and easy to use There are a number of features that make Fujifilm digital camera the best choice. The first is that they are packed full of features but at the same time they are an easy-to-use digital camera. This is ideal for those who want a high quality, reliable camera without having to spend a lot of time learning how to use it. 9. Affordable and reliable When looking for a digital camera it is important to find one which is both affordable and reliable. A Fujifilm digital camera ticks both of these boxes as they offer a range of models suitable for beginners through to professional photographers at reasonable prices. 10. Great image quality Fujifilm digital cameras take high quality photographs with their state-of-the-art technology. The cameras utilize the latest Super CCD sensors which produce truly amazing images with bright, vivid colors and natural tones. When you choose a Fujifilm digital camera you know you will be getting outstanding picture quality every time you shoot. 11. They offer Lenses for all types of shooting Fujifilm has developed lenses that work well in just about every environment. They have close up lenses, mid-range lenses and wide-angle lenses, so you can capture as much or as little of your subject as you would like. These different lens options allow you to be more versatile with your photography style and take pictures in any type of situation. 12. The ability to be creative Film allows you to be the artist, the creator behind each picture. You have total control over the final image and there is no post processing needed. You choose the film stock and you choose the moments that are captured. 13. The look of film is timeless There's no denying that it's a beautiful medium to shoot with and unlike digital, it won't become obsolete in three years’ time. Digital will one day be replaced by an even newer technology, but film will always have its place in this world. 14. It's tangible! Having your images developed on film gives you something to hold in your hand and admire for years to come. Film has a weight to it that digital will never have and when you see those images for real, printed out on paper, there's just nothing like it. Read Also: 5 Reasons You Absolutely Need A Real Camera Deciphering the Myths About Home Security Cameras Best Deer Hunting Trail Camera Tips for Scouting Wildlife