3 Key Steps Of Addiction Treatment To Help You Get Sober

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction – whether it be an addiction to heroin, alcohol, or any other type of substance abuse – you need to immediately seek help. Not only will addiction ruin your physical health and mental wellbeing, but it can completely derail your life, causing you to lose interest in things that previously mattered to you – such as family, friends, work, and school.

Avoid addiction taking over your entire life by finding a reputable treatment facility to help you get sober. If you are wondering how you can find the perfect rehabilitation for you, then consider looking into nearby addiction treatment to help you get clean, stay clean, and lead a happy lifestyle! Let’s see a few key steps for what you can expect during addiction treatment.

3 key steps of addiction treatment

If you know what to expect before heading to addiction treatment, you are more likely to try to adhere to the program. Let Addiction Treatment Magazine show you the first three steps of what you can expect when entering a rehabilitation facility to help detox from drugs or alcohol.

1. Medical detoxification

Medical detoxification

One of the most important elements of addiction treatment is going through medical detox. This process will include you weaning yourself off of the substance that you were previously addicted to, whether it is heroin, opiates, opioids, alcohol, or cocaine. By having professionals around you at all times of the day to offer support, assistance, and guidance, you are more likely to adhere to your detox. Not to mention, they can help with medication to ease some of the most unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal, such as nausea, depression, and irritability.

2. Group counseling

Group counseling

The next step of going to addiction treatment is group counseling. You will be speaking with others in your rehab facility, typically with those who have similar problems to yours. Speaking with others can encourage you to stay on track and receive guidance from others who have been in your shoes before – seeing them get sober will help you to stay on the same path.

3. Personal counseling

Personal counseling

The next step of going to addiction treatment is personal counseling. You will work individually with a specific mentor and therapist who can help speak with you about your problems and why you feel the need to use drugs or alcohol. This counselor will address any past trauma, childhood issues, personality disorders, or mental health concerns that can be causing you to use drugs or alcohol excessively.


Knowing what you can expect when you go to addiction treatment for the first time is the best way that you can adhere to your program. By knowing the first three steps – medical detox, group counseling, and personal therapy – you can ensure there are no surprises when you get help for your substance abuse concerns. Educating yourself on the process before checking yourself or a loved one into rehab is the best way that you can stay committed to the program, get clean, stay sober for the rest of your life!

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