Are you cut out to be a supervisor?


18 June 2018



In order to be a successful supervisor, you have to be able to display certain character traits. While there are some supervisory skills you can learn, there are other things you’re just born with. You might know the job like the back of your hand, but do you know how to be a good leader or manager? You probably already know if you have what it takes to make the step up to a supervisor, but in case you’re questioning the change, here are some of the most important characteristics of a good supervisor.

You’re empathetic :

Good supervisors know how to maintain their authoritative figure but can be empathic to their employees. Odds are before you became a supervisor you were in the place that your employees are currently in. If that’s the case, you know how hard it can be to manage work and family. Ways to maintain empathy for your employees is to be flexible, kind, understanding, fair, consistent, and respectful. Even though you’re the boss, your co-workers are your equals outside of work and they should be treated that way.

You should set the example :

If you want the workers underneath you to perform well and be consistent in their performance, you need to do the same. If you expect your workers to be on time to work, you should be there before they even step foot in the door. The workers are only going to work as hard as their supervisor and so you need to be one of the hardest working men or women in the department. Make sure that you encourage an environment that’s productive, engaging, and worthwhile for co-workers.

You’re humble :

There’s a difference in the mindset that you’re the boss and everyone has to do exactly as you say, and you’re the boss so people should respect your requests, but the respect goes both ways. Being humble about your position won’t only make people like you, but it will also lead to more cooperative co-workers. Instead of ordering people around, you should make kind requests and expect them to get it done because they enjoy their job and respect you.

You communicate well :

Communication is key to an organized workplace. Communication isn’t only remembering to tell your employees what their tasks are for the week, but it’s also how you approach it. When communicating with co-workers, you need to be consistent. This could mean having a weekly meeting to cover all of the week’s goals and objectives, or sending out an email at the beginning of every day that outlines what needs to get done. You might find that people are more apt to listen to when you’re looking at them face to face. Make sure you give clear and concise instructions to your workers and understand their needs. Be sure to eliminate any confusion before the task begins.

You look to help others grow :

Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean that others can’t get to positions of authority too. If workers are willing to go above and beyond, let them. You don’t want to keep people at a standstill so that they feel like they can’t grow their capabilities and learn new things. You should feel comfortable delegating responsibilities to people under you so that they can learn new skills and become more productive workers. A supervisor not willing to lead their workers down a path of success is not a very good supervisor.

You can problem-solve :

Things are bound to go wrong no matter what industry or department you work in. When that happens, people are going to look to you for a solution. You should be able to analyze a situation and separate yourself from what’s happening in order to be able to make good decisions. This isn’t always going to be easy, but you definitely can’t panic under stress. The ability to find solutions is a key role in being a supervisor.


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How to Select a New Shopping Center Site

If the next goal of your retail construction business is to build a shopping center at a strategic location, the first key step is to find the right site where it’s economically, geographically and environmentally viable to build a shopping mall.The planning and construction of a shopping center are way different from that of local markets or of store clusters. The selection of land itself is a lengthy process, from shortlisting possible locations to getting government approvals to begin construction. The location, the scale of the project and the size of the shopping mall are key determinants in the site selection process.Moreover, when a developer chooses a site for a shopping mall, it must be a place that will receive high footfall, will have ample parking space, should be convenient to visit and should house the brands that can pull traffic. A shopping center is, therefore, a full package that doesn’t just offer products that people would like to purchase, but also an ambiance that will make the experience comfortable, hassle-free and weatherproof for visitors. If you’re an investor, developer or builder scouting locations to build a new shopping center, here are a few key factors that should guide your decision. Base your decision on stringent selection criteria : Building a new shopping center is a big investment and should get you maximum ROI in record time. However, reality often differs widely from projections made during the planning phase. Therefore, site selection for a shopping mall must be done after taking into account several key parameters such as accessibility, availability of local transport, road infrastructure around the location, traffic around the site, size and construction-readiness of the site, and scope of expansion.Other key factors that should drive your site selection research are the topography of the area, the shape of the land, and survey-backed data regarding potential footfall and present and future competition.Lastly, the catchment area should be studied in-depth to understand the demographics and spending habits of the population expected to be your future customers. Be prepared to face the challenges in site selection : Sometimes, finding a site for a new retail project takes only a few weeks, and at other times the process may stretch into months. The key challenges faced by builders and developers in finding an ideal location include land acquisition cost (land near the city center or in prime locations tends to be way more expensive than in other areas); availability of land for commercial projects near densely populated areas; getting the required environmental clearances and government approvals; and, lastly, the public infrastructure around the site.A site that meets only some of these selection challenges may not be worth pursuing, as the success of a shopping center will depend on the footfall it attracts, which itself depends on several factors. So shopping plaza location should be finalized only if it will give its investors and retailers a handsome return on investment. Use technology to find the best sites : The most successful global retail chains rely on technology to help them find suitable locations for opening new stores worldwide. Using massive amounts of big data and cutting-edge mapping systems, companies are using technology to find profitable sites across the world. Expansion and investment decisions are increasingly being taken based on location- and demographics-based data provided by specialty software programs and applications.If so far you’ve relied on physical research to scout locations for retail projects along with limited use of technology, it’s time to go all out into the fantastic realm of big data and digital mapping software to build your next retail success story.Contact a digital map provider, such as to get a detailed map of the town or district or street you’ve shortlisted as an ideal site for your next retail construction project. The various types of digital mapping services available with Promap offer invaluable and in-depth information that is employed by developers and architects for site identification, risk analysis, feasibility, planning application, and environmental and geological analysis of a location before proceeding to the planning and design phases.Lastly, market research is a key aspect of retail construction as it helps developers derive accurate projections in terms of present and long-term viability of the project. Once the site is selected, a detailed demand/supply study must be carried out, taking into account the lifestyle and spending power of the catchment area. This will help you determine which retail businesses are more likely to drive traffic to the shopping center.Read Also :Top Tips For Making Business Purchases Explore Some Interesting Marketing Trends For Your Business In 2018 Relocating Your Business To Downtown Toronto? 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