How to Become a Better Golfer this Year

The pandemic has restricted a lot of us from moving and participating in our favorite games. However, this has now begun to change. The recent outbreak is slowly loosening its grip on society due to our collective efforts towards eradicating this disease.

Now, we can go back to performing our business and leisurely activities. Interestingly, one of the biggest games played by many people in many cultures in the world is golf. Golf is an exciting sport that involves swinging a ball to a target.

Although it may sound simple, pulling this off requires much skill and precision. As a golfer just beginning, you must have noticed how hard it is to hit a target. That is why you will find that golfers use devices like the Golf Buddy Voice 2 review.

Hence, If you want to become a better golfer, here are three ways to go about it.

Get a GPS Device By Checking Out A Golf Buddy Voice 2 Review:

Due to its recent legalization, a GPS is one of the most used digital devices in the golfing game. It can’t be overemphasized how important getting a GPS is.

For one, it helps you determine accurate golfing measurements. Imagine having to eyeball the measurements all the time. Not only is this time-wasting, but it would also waste your energy, leaving you frustrated.

Getting a GPS for golf also helps you accurately determine the golf course outline, which would massively improve your game. It would also help you determine the location of all your balls, including those that have gone out of range.

Hence, getting a trusty GPS is bound to improve your game generally.

Work on Your Swing:

Work on Your Swing


Many people tend to think that swinging the putter is easy. Not only is it challenging to do, but it needs to be done correctly to improve your game massively.

Thus, before you start, it is essential to practice your swing. It would be best if you swung by lowering your body slightly, with both hands on the handle. Keep your eyes on the ball, and then hide the butt of the putter towards the ball.

If you can’t do this swing in public, then it is just as effective to practice at home. By honing your swing prowess, you are increasing your flexibility, helping your body get used to the feel of swinging. You would also train your mind on where the ball is without having to look down as you swing.

Get Your Eyes Checked:

This fact is something many golfers overlook but need to do. Getting your eyes checked regularly is one of the most beneficial things you can do to be a better golfer this year.

Checking your eyes helps you determine if you’ve developed any eye defects recently. If you have, they will prescribe the appropriate glasses for you, which would prevent you from being optically handicapped during a golfing game.

Admittedly, trying to become a golf master can be challenging.

Even if you’re already a professional golfer, you should remember to pace yourself. The pandemic has affected us all, so don’t make the mistake of thinking you would still be as good after a year of no practice.

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