Best Camping Spots in the World You Should Experience Once

Planning to go camping in 2019? If yes, you have to take a look at some of these scenic places the world is talking about. They are popular, beautiful & definitely remarkable places must visit. And in today’s article, we are going to unfold all of these places. So keep reading the article to find out more!

1. Odda Camping, Norway

If you are planning to take a tour in & around Europe, Odda Camping in Norway in Europe could be a great option. Here, you will be surrounded by pristine waters, snow-capped mountains, majestic waterfalls & enchanting nature. Odda Camping offers you four cabins and rooms. There are around 60 tents and caravans if you are interested in any of them. They also offer a kiosk where you can get hold of candy, soda and groceries. Also, they have the best bread rolls here you can try. Just give it a shot!

2. Skane, Sweden

A journey you definitely don’t want to miss out when it comes to camping, Skane in Sweden is one of the best camping areas you should consider visiting in 2019. Friendly, full of life with the most pleasant ambience ever, Skane makes natural experiences pleasing. With around a tony population of 11000 km2, it is far away from the hustle and bustle of the main cities which gives you enough time & space to enjoy its natural surroundings. Look it up online for more.

3. The Alps, France

If you are fond of the hills, there cannot be a better place in the world apart from the Alps. Visit here during the winter months & we assure you will not want to come back. You will feel the beautiful & fresh hair as you enjoy the view from the foothills. The alps also feature lovely looking villages where you can go and take a look. It can be a great place to camp if you want to chill under the night sky that glitters from above. Just make sure to carry a nice double camping cot for yourself & you will be sorted all throughout the vacation.

4. Joshua Tree

If you are looking for something out of the box & new, you should definitely consider Joshua Tree. They have some of the best places to tour around such the jumbo rocks & black rocks. The camp grounds are generally filled during weekends in the middle of October to May. Sometimes, it gets pretty heated up in February. It is better to advance your bookings from beforehand if you want to camo by the joshua tree. They also have areas next to the park where you can chill. Indian cove is also one of the best places you can camp once you arrive here. There are various options on the internet for your traveling

5. Lake District National Park

Lake District National Park is one of the best homes towards England’s deepest lakes as well as the highest mountains. The park has several rolling hills, quaint towns, several lakes and green valley you could definitely take a look at. It is also full of cyclists and campers who like to go on exciting boating experiences. The campsites also make it easy to go on camping tours & trips. This place also stays quite populated throughout the year & is the best to do your bookings from beforehand.

6. Mombo Camp at Botswana

Better known to travelers as the place of plenty, Mombo is one place you can see majestic valleys and plains in abundance. One of the most scenic places in Africa known for its wildlife, this place has several hotels and rooms where you can stay. They also have luxurious options you can take a look at. Mombo Camp might be an old destination but still remains one of the most popular and attractive ones. You may give it a shot if traveling is something you swear by.

7. Lake Myvatn

What makes Iceland so precious & beautiful? Nothing but the scenic Lake Myvatn. From beautiful lake views to hot springs and craters, these guys offer you everything. You will get basic amenities such as supermarkets, health care centers, swimming pools nearby. There are also cafes where you may visit. Summer cabins are available for camping & it happens to be one of the best and most appealing attractions you may have ever come across. However, if you are planning to visit this place anytime soon, try to avoid it during winter as the roads conditions may deteriorate.

So that sums up some of the best camping places you can visit if long weekend trips are on your mind in 2019. If you’ve been to some of these places already, let us know your experience in the comments down below. Also, if you have more camping areas we have mentioned in the post, add them below as well.

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