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03 December 2018

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Back Pain

It’s estimated that 80% of adults in Canada have chronic back pain problems and experience frequent sleep distractions occasioned by the constant discomfort. Back pain can disrupt your life, including your sleep. If you suffer from excruciating back pain, it is vital to get a comfortable and supportive mattress. You are likely to exacerbate your back pain problem along with its repercussions upon sleeping on the wrong mattress. A comfortable, supportive mattress dramatically reduces aches and pains during the night. Ultimately, it leaves you well-rested and very alerts the next morning.

There are many issues to consider when you visit the best Mattress Ottawa for a suitable mattress for Back Pain. These include the following:

  • The material used for construction
  • The thickness of the mattress
  • The firmness of the mattress
  • Your body weight
  • Your preferred sleep position
  • Price

What to Look For in the Mattress for Back Pain:

Whenever you want to buy the best mattress designed for back pain, there are things we thought would be useful:

Mattress for Back Pain

Spinal Support:

Although the lower neck commonly experiences back pain, you can as well feel it in other areas of your body. Hence, you should look for a pressure-relieving mattress that offers continuous support for your body. A good mattress will evenly distribute your body’s weight to alleviate the stress on your spine. Avoid mattresses that can result in gaps between your body and the mattress. When there is a gap between your mattress and your body, it means you lack the necessary support. This could eventually cause joint pain when you wake up.

Spinal Alignment:

Your spine is comprised of three (3) natural curvatures:

  • The C-shaped cervical spine of the neck
  • The inverse C-shaped thoracic spine of the mid-upper back
  • The c-shaped lumbar spine of the lower back

It’s critical to put these curvatures into consideration when buying a mattress for back pain. Maintaining these natural curvatures is essential when lying in bed.

Your Weight:

Bodyweight determines the ideal firmness of a mattress. Individuals who weigh 130 pounds or less—especially those fond of sleeping on their sides—can feel comfortable on medium (5) or softer mattresses. They tend to experience better pressure relief and close conforming courtesy of less-firm surfaces. On the other hand, people who weigh 230 pounds or less are better off with firmer mattresses—medium-firm or firmer. The reason is that firmer mattresses do not sink too far.

Your Sleep Position:

A softer mattress that conforms to your figure is suitable for individuals who prefer sleeping on their sides. Such a mattress is better equipped to align your spine. On the same token, firmer mattresses are suited to stomach sleepers as they do not sink too profoundly below their stomachs.


Temperature is also critical when shopping for the best mattress for back pain. You are recommended to get a mattress that is breathable. A breathable mattress proves handy when it comes to allowing for a more relaxed and more comfortable sleeping temperature.


Finding a comfortable mattress is as important as buying one that is supportive. Before you invest in any mattress, make sure that it is entirely comfortable, never buy a mattress that would need you to frequently turn and toss in bed trying to locate a more comfortable position.

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