Best Paying Jobs In Industrial Machinery/Components

If you are looking for the best paying jobs in industrial machinery/components, then this article can be worth the read. People looking for a long-term career in the machinery/ components industry can have a good future ahead.

The obvious reason behind that is the expected growth of this industry. This industry will continue expectedly to grow by 5% in 2022.

So if your job requirement is in this industry, there are plenty of options you can choose from. In this article, I have discussed some of the best opportunities available in this industry.

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What Is Machinery And Equipment Industry?

What Is Machinery And Equipment Industry? 

The machinery and equipment industry focuses on delivering capital goods of their elements to the other parts of an economy (like industrial, agricultural, and construction). There is a wide range of job opportunities in this sector, and you can expect a good salary from some of the occupations mentioned in this article. 

Best Paying Jobs In Industrial Machinery/Components

If you are ready to get a job in this sector and if you are focused, then there are plenty of opportunities to grow your career and salary. There is a high demand for labor in this industry.

Here are some opportunities in the machinery industry that you need to explore.

1. Senior Management Engineer

Senior Management Engineer

As a senior management engineer, you should be able to construct, test, repair, and maintain different mechanical and electrical machines. They are efficient at making powerful machines like generators, engines, and turbines.  

Qualifications bachelor’s degree in management and engineering. Practical skills in the field. Mechanical skills, Good communication skills.
Salary (Per annum)$100K+

2. Research And Development Engineer

Research And Development Engineer

The research and development engineers create and test new and innovative machinery. They research existing products and use the knowledge gathered from those research to create, improve and develop new machinery. 

QualificationBachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Experience as an R& D engineer. Good analytical and mathematical skills. In-depth knowledge of electrical engineering. 
Salary (Per annum)$93K.

3. Motor Vehicle Operators

Motor Vehicle Operators

Not all the best-paying jobs in industrial machinery/components require a high amount of education and skills. You can get a well-paying job only with a high school diploma. According to the forecast of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs in the motor vehicle operator department will grow by 11%. 

QualificationA high school diploma is a must. Training in motor vehicle operating is good to have. You need to be skilled with motor vehicle parts.
Salary (Per annum)$39K to $40K.

4. Industrial Designers

Industrial Designers

Industrial designers design ideas for different industrial materials and equipment to be produced. They design ideas for devices, equipment, automobiles, machines, cars, and even toys. This is a very interesting job, and it pays well. 

QualificationWork experience as an industrial engineer helps. Excellent knowledge of production machinery. Good communication skills. Expertise in solving problems. 
Salary (Per annum)$99K to $100K.

5. Maintenance & Repair Engineers

Maintenance & Repair Engineers

In the machinery or components industry, a maintenance engineer is a good job opportunity. Why? Because they bring home a good median salary. They also have fun working on different machines. Some people love machines, and that’s just it. 

QualificationYou need graduation or a high school diploma. Previous knowledge of electrician, plumbing, or technician. Good physical strength. Good communication skills.
Salary (Per annum)$67K to $73 K.

6. Millwrights


Millwrights have a flexible range of salaries. If you are looking for the best-paying job in the industrial machinery sector, then this is one opportunity you cannot let go of. It is helpful if you have an associate degree or additional credential. Your salary can go up to $72 K per annum. 

QualificationHigh school diploma. A minimum of three years of experience will improve your pay scale. Good knowledge of construction equipment. Good communication skills. 
Salary (Per annum)$31K to $72 K.

7. Automation Engineer

Automation Engineer

The job of an automation engineer is among the highest paying jobs in industrial machinery/components. As an automation engineer, you have to provide solutions regarding issues affecting the software. Aside from a high salary, you also get vision and medical insurance, sick leave, and benefits on retirement. 

QualificationBachelor’s degree in engineering. Proficient skills in automation management. Good knowledge of robotics, machine learning, and robotics.
Salary (Per annum)$90k.

8. Agriculture Equipment Mechanics

Agriculture Equipment Mechanics

This type of engineer is skilled at maintaining and repairing machinery related to agricultural work. They have to work on machines like harvesters, tractors, irrigation systems, and other related equipment.

QualificationOn-the-job training for one to two years. Skilled with agricultural equipment. Physical fitness. Good communication skills.
Salary (Per annum)$42K.

9. Powertrain Engineers

Powertrain Engineers

There are many job opportunities in the electric utility center. But, if you are looking for a good-paying job in industrial machinery/components, then this option is worth consideration. These professionals are responsible for repairing, designing, and maintaining parts, software, and powertrain of different machines and vehicles.

QualificationSkills in automobile engineering. Analytical skills. Critical thinking. Problem-solving. Communication skills.
Salary (Per annum)$100K.

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10. Crane Operators

Crane Operators

As a crane operator, you have to work in an industrial setting and help with the movement and operation of the crane. You should be skilled at handling heavy objects with the help of cranes. It is one of the best-paying jobs in the construction department.

QualificationSkill in operating cranes. Good team working skills. Skills to pay attention to details. Awareness of the space around.
Salary (Per annum)$37K to $98K.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

All of these jobs are good options to consider in the industrial machinery industry. However, if you have any more queries, these questions and answers can help you. 

1. Is Industrial Machinery Components A Good Career Path?

Yes, it is indeed a good industry, and there are many job opportunities with considerable salaries in industrial machinery components. You can opt for different career options mentioned here –
1. Senior management engineer.
2. Automation engineer.
3. Motor vehicle operator.
4. Crane operator.
5. Industrial engineer.

2. What Are Some Well-Paid Jobs In Industrial Machinery Industry?

Some of the well-paid jobs in the industrial machinery industry are as follows-
1. Senior management engineer.
2. Motor vehicle operator.
3. Powertrain engineer.
4. Crane operator.
5. Automation engineer.
6. Industrial engineer.

3. Is Automation Engineering A Good Career?

If you pursue a career in the technological field, then there is a bright future ahead. With adept technological skills and other soft skills, you can pursue a good career in the technological field. Also, the automation industry is rising right now and has a good future.

Final Words!

The Industrial Machinery/Components department offers a wide variety of jobs in the field of technology. Professionals skilled in technology (especially with a degree in engineering) have huge professional opportunities. Basic industries also have good career path. There are also some good career paths available in the basic industries.

I have listed only the best-paying jobs in industrial machinery/components in this article. If you have any further queries regarding the same, you can ask questions in the comment section.

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