What Is the Best Tax Software to Be Using in 2019?


28 March 2019


best tax software

If you fail to file your taxes correctly, the IRS can fine you a penalty up to 20% of the amount you owe.

Taxes are a complete nightmare for many people especially if you can’t pay them. And the last thing you want to deal with is owing even more money to the government.

That’s why the emergence of tax software has helped so many people. It helps you make sense of the confusing terminology, perform calculations, and break the process down into easy steps.

But what is the best tax software and how does it help simplify everything? This article covers everything you need to know.

The Criteria for Best Tax Software:

Everyone is different and the tax software available now tends to be tailored to different audiences with bank products and other solutions available.

For example, a family of four with a house and one income earner will have a fairly straightforward process. But what about someone who is self-employed or a small business owner? In these cases, some companies offer tiered pricing models that can quickly become expensive.

When asking questions like “Why would anyone use a bank product?” or “Is this service right for me?” it’s important to consider the following.

Ease of Use:

There’s no point paying for a system that is just as confusing as the tax forms themselves. Check out reviews from other people to see what their experiences with the company were. Or watch a ‘how to’ video for a preview of the software.

Are Your Taxes Complicated:

Between deductibles, donations, and multiple sources of income, taxes can get complex very quickly. If you’re unsure what you qualify for and what options are available to you then tax software may be the way to go.

Look at State Tax Prices:

Some tax software companies include state tax in their services free of charge. Others ask for a fee and class it as an additional service. Be sure to look into the costs behind each one to be sure.

With that said, here are the best online tax filing options out there.


Known for its simplicity and ease of use, TurboTax has many features and designs to help you file without a headache.

The use a simple step by step process that puts questions in laymen’s terms and does the hard work and calculations for you. They even offer a W-2 scanner where upload a photo of your form and it automatically sorts the information on your tax forms.

They have a free option for getting your taxes ready to file. But can charge past $100 if you want more premium services like a tax specialist to talk to.

Tax Act:

Similar to TurboTax, TaxAct offers a sliding scale of costs for users depending on the level of service they want.

Their layout makes it easy to input data and offers free state tax returns for simple forms. If you’re a homeowner or business owner however, then you will have to pay a fee for state taxes.

If you are unhappy with the service you’ve received from other tax software companies, TaxAct makes it easy to import your old information over to them.

H&R Block:

Known for their stand-out customer support, H&R Block takes the uncertainty out of the equation with tax specialists on call and online.

It has a similar model and pricing structure to the previous companies but also offers up to $3000 of interest-free loans to anyone entitled to federal tax refunds.

Shop Around:

Knowing what the best tax software is for you takes time and research.

This list helped narrow things down but you should still look into each company in more detail to see what will work best for you.

Check out our other finance articles for more tips and advice.

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This then prevents you from over-borrowing and ending up with more debt than necessary. Now, if you don't know how much a particular home improvement project is going to cost, it's probably worth speaking to some contractors. If you can provide these contractors with an accurate representation of what you want to achieve, they should be able to give you a quote. If you can, try to speak to more than one contractor. This'll help develop a realistic average of what the project is going to cost. How Can You Fund the Home Improvement Project? There's more than one financial 'instrument' you can use to fund your home improvement project. For instance, there's the typical route of obtaining a home improvement loan. Now, home improvement loans can often sound like a good idea, but you'll find that such loans aren't always the best option. This often comes down to the fact home improvement loans tend to be unsecured, and this makes them a risky bet for lenders. This risk can also mean that the interest rates are going to be high. On top of this, you'll find lenders will offer relatively short repayment periods associated with these loans. The other option is to go for a personal loan. Again, this kind of loan is unsecured, and this can make such loans pricey. But, if you have good credit and a steady income, lenders might be willing to offer you a personal loan at a reasonable rate. One of the good things about a personal loan is that you may have a favorable payment term that gives you plenty of time to pay the money back. If you'd like to learn how you can find the best personal loans, check this out. There's also the option of funding your project using a credit card. Now, for many people, this should be considered as a last resort. This is because the interest rates on a credit card can be very high. But if you can find a credit card that offers 0% APR, this might be a worthwhile option. Speak to Many Lenders: Once you have a decent sense of how much the project is going to cost you, it's the time to approach some lenders. It's worth noting that some lenders will have different requirements to others. Often, you'll have to fill out an application, and the information you provide will determine whether you receive the loan. If you find your application is successful, you may have to approach another lender. You may also need to think about funding your project, using a different strategy. Manage Your Project Carefully: Once you receive your funds and begin remodeling, it's vital you manage your project carefully so that it doesn't go over budget. If this happens, you'll need to lend more money, and this can increase your debt burden. At the very least you need to keep a close eye on the contractors and ask them about their progress daily. Ask them to provide you with projected deadlines, and then check in with them to ensure they're going to meet these deadlines. It's essential you do this, as contractors often charge you a daily rate. If the project goes over schedule, you may end up needing to spend more than you budgeted for. Can You Reduce the Price of the Project? Before the project begins, you might want to ask your contractors if there's anything you can do to help lower the cost of the project. If you take certain cost-cutting measures, you may find that you don't need to use the entire loan. This then means you can repay the loan faster, thereby reducing the amount of money you spend on interest payments. Taking this step is important, as it can reduce the stress associated with having to find the 'perfect' home improvement loan. For instance, the contractors might say that things will work out cheaper if you source the materials needed for the project. You can then ask them what they need, and you can go to your local hardware store and order these items. You might also want to ask the contractor if there are any simple tasks that you can help them with. So, if you're looking to renovate a bedroom, there may be some closets that are 'built into' the room, of which you no longer want. If you take the time to remove these closets, the contractor doesn't need to spend their time on this task. This then lowers the amount of money they'll charge you as their workload is now reduced. Do You Know How to Find the Best Home Improvement Loans?  If you want to give your home a fresh look, home improvement loans can help you get the job done, without having to spend all your savings. That said, you want to make sure you do everything you can to limit the amount of money you actually need to borrow. You also want to make sure you speak to a broad range of lenders so that you can find an affordably priced loan. Yes, it can be scary to borrow money for a home improvement project. 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Bezwaar WOZ Waarde Aantekenen Via Bezwaarmaker.nl

What Types of Tax Does the Netherlands Have? Similar to other nations, Netherland is no stranger to Taxes. Different types of taxes also apply as is one liable for things like taxes on income, local taxes, taxes on assets and even wealth tax. A few of the different types of taxes Netherland residents pay are: Municipal Taxes (Real-Estate Tax) Income Tax Road Tax (if you own a car) Waste-Collection Tax Water Tax Boating Tax Parking Tax Dog Tax But it’s not all as bad as it looks, the government taxes you only if you are able to pay these taxes. So, it depends on aspects like if you have a job, the level of your income, and only if you fall under the category of being able to afford to pay the tax, then the Dutch Tax Office debits a certain amount every month. If you file your tax returns (belastingaangifte) at the end of every tax year, you may get some tax back too. For more information, you can visit their website. What is a WOZ Evaluation? WOZ or ‘Immovable Property Tax Act’ is a type of valuation that the municipality does on its resident’s behalf, usually on real-estate/property if you are a homeowner, or if you are renting out an office for instance. This value is reassessed every year and you are sent a notification of the amount to pay. Depending on the municipality, you either have to go to their office to pay it in person or via direct debit. Other residential categories that pay this tax are social housing, owners of a house boat that may be used to conduct professional services like running an office, are all liable for this real-estate tax. On top of that the same owners of the boats also pay what’s called a liggeld, which is like a penalty for occupying an area of water that belongs to the authorities, in this case the municipality themselves. If you own a boat for leisure purposes, you pay a boat tax shown by the vignette that needs to be displayed on your boat. With all these WOZ and additional taxes adding up, it is no wonder some residents are not happy with the evaluations that are sent to them on a year on year basis as due to human error sometimes the total amount can be wrong. But what can you do about this? Can a WOZ Decision be objected? The short answer to this is – yes, you can object the WOZ value sent to you. You can either do it yourself directly with the municipality, or seek out the services of professionals who can bezwaar woz for you. You would need to explain why you are objecting to the decision. Every resident has the right to this service, and information is also provided on a leaflet that is sent from the authorities to you with your evaluation. Items that they can assist you with are: Reimbursing housing costs of up to Euro 270 Saving you a significant amount on property and real-estate tax payments (up to 30%) Saving you a significant amount on multiple properties and real-estate tax payments (up to Euro 730) With the WOZ value objection services – you can request an evaluation report from them, detailing how they got to the numbers. If your house has not been valued correctly, you can submit this objection to the government body within 6 weeks of the original decision, there after the authorities will give their response and any change in decision by the end of the calendar month in which it was submitted initially https://www.amsterdam.nl/en/municipal-taxes/property-valuation-woz/ Hiring a professional to do this part for you can save you a lot of time and hassles, as they have years of experience handling cases like these, sometimes even going to court with it and have legal knowledge that can assist in the decisions put forth by the municipality office. The bezwaar maker can help you make both a formal informal objection, depending on the circumstances – they would be the best people to decide this for you. Read Also: Establishing Your Online Tone of Voice