Glenn Sandler (CPA) of G.I. Tax Service: What to Do If You Can’t Pay Your Taxes


12 February 2019


G.I. Tax Service

Things happen, circumstances change, and often, people find themselves unable to pay their taxes. If you find yourself in a similar position, it is important that you understand the gravity of the situation. Continued refusal to pay your taxes could lead the IRS to take it forcibly: by garnishing your wages or putting a lien on your assets.

However, according to Glenn Sandler, CPA, founder of G.I. Tax Service, there is no need to panic. If you can’t pay your taxes or you owe an amount in back taxes, you can enter into an agreement with the IRS and leverage one of their several payment options. Here is how to go about it:

Ensure that you are in filing/payment compliance:

To enter into an agreement with the IRS, you must ensure that all your tax returns are filed. The next step is to keep enough of your wages aside to pay off your taxes for the current year. To do this, you will need to estimate your tax returns for the year and ascertain that the wage percentage that was withheld will suffice. If you don’t know how to file tax returns or make accurate enough estimations, please contact tax professionals that will help you through the process.

Review your tax returns:

Check your tax returns to ensure that the balance that the IRS expects you to pay is correct. The smart play is to calculate your returns for the years you owe and the 3 years that precede it, i.e., if you owe taxes for a year, review your account for the past 4 years. By doing so, any discrepancy between your calculated returns and your tax balance (according to the IRS) can be remedied.  Also, if you incurred any penalties in the past, you can try to get them reduced or removed completely.

Enter an agreement with the IRS:

Once you have filed your taxes and are back in compliance, and have confirmed that you owe exactly what the IRS says that you do, the next thing to do is enter an agreement with the IRS. The alternatives available include:

  • A brief extension of the payment period.
  • The different installment agreements (monthly payment plans with varying terms and conditions).
  • Postponed payment (known as currently not collectible status) for people in financial hardship.
  • An offer in compromise (OIC); a settlement option that allows taxpayers with special and extenuating circumstances to clear their debt by paying a portion of their total balance.

Depending on their individual situations, taxpayers with back taxes are eligible for one of the above. Before deciding on which of them to apply for, evaluate your current assets, calculate how much you can pay per month, and consider the effect of incurring even more interest and penalties.

Consult a tax professional:

If you don’t know how to do any of the above, your best bet is to reach out to a tax expert at G.I. Tax Service. They can help you file your returns and ensure that you are in compliance, check your tax returns and correct any discrepancies, and apply for one of the IRS’ payments options after considering your financial circumstances.

When managed smartly, tax debt does not have to be disruptive. All you have to do is secure a payment plan that works well with your income, and before you know it, the debt is all gone.

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This will help keep you updated with the latest that is happening, including tips, tricks, and other suggestions. Here are some of the things to expect when you become a Forex trader: 1. Exposure to vast information: Forex traders from all backgrounds are often exposed to vast information generated by platforms as well as from countless online sources. The data is often arranged in charts, graphs, and trends which enable traders to develop analytical skills before making their decision. Here are some of the appropriate data to study:understanding the value of currency factors that can affect the market signals that pinpoint favorable trading conditions software or applications that can be used for tradeDuring trading hours, investors may notice how quickly certain information can generate and how valuable they are in affecting strategy. If a trading platform offers inaccurate Forex quotes, the trader using the software may not be able to calculate their profits and losses percentages accurately which hinders their financial status. 2. Possible conflict of interests: Some factors that can affect a country’s currency, including political stability and economic performance. Traders who are working with foreign currencies from countries with a history of political turmoil may notice its continuously fluctuating nature which often carries a lot of risks. In some cases, traders who are dealing with currencies from countries that dominated their own may often struggle with their own personal feelings.During these moments, it’s not uncommon for investors to feel some inner conflict one way or another which is why it is very important to trade on a more objective manner. This means not working based on your feelings which can often lead to clouded judgment. 3. 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The ERC, employee retention tax credit, or employee retention credit, is a hot topic regarding business taxes.However, it is often overlooked because it originated with the PPP or Paycheck Protection Program. Additionally, as more people are talking about it, it seems that many misunderstandings have caused business owners to believe that they don't qualify for it when they do. Some of these misunderstandings stem from prior laws that have since changed, while others are based on the fact that some methods of getting ERC money are more popular than others. Additionally, there are other misunderstandings stemming from scams and confusion about the ERC.Here Are Four Common Misunderstood Facts About The Employee Retention Tax CreditHere are some frequent misconceptions regarding the ERC and the truth around them. 1. Two Eligibility TestsThe most notable misconception is that a business must have a decrease in revenue to be eligible for the ERTC. This stems from the eligibility facet that states that companies must have a gross receipts decline compared to their pre-pandemic numbers to be eligible. This is one of the tests used to determine ERC eligibility and is the more popular option. However, some areas of confusion within this test include:An increase in revenue doesn't disqualify you if you still have a decrease in gross receipts. This test is based on quarters, so failing to meet it in one quarter doesn't disqualify you from others. There are multiple methods to apply a gross receipt test. PPP loan money is not included in the amount you claim for the ERC. While this is one test, there is also another. Although often overlooked, a full or partial suspension of operation due to government orders can also qualify your business without a decrease in gross receipts. Despite popular belief, you can still be eligible for the credit if you meet this requirement, even if you have an increase in revenue and do not have to shut down your business. 2. Credit AmountEmployers who qualify can receive up to $7,000 per quarter per employee for the first three quarters of the year. Small businesses that opened during the COVID-19 pandemic can receive an extra $7,000 per employee. However, most companies will cap out at $21,000 per employee per year. If you have 100 employees meeting the salary requirements, you could receive $2,100,000. The ERC is refundable, which means it will be a refund credit for these employers. That means you can still write off other expenses on your taxes and get a return. That can make it more desirable than other tax credits, which must be taken immediately or forfeited. 3. PPP Loan DisqualificationAnother common misconception is that receiving funds through the PPP disqualifies employers from ERC eligibility. While that was initially true, recent legislation has changed this.You can now receive PPP loans and an ERC, but you cannot use the same wage money towards both programs. That means that if you take out a loan, the money from it doesn't count towards your ERC. Instead, the money that you spend on paychecks in addition to your PPP loan is what matters toward your ERC. 4. Third-Party AssistanceThis is more of a warning about issues that have caused concern among business owners. Due to the potential for significant credits, many scams have been established to help business owners file for ERC money.While some small businesses are qualified to help individuals analyze the ERC laws and apply them for you, there are still scams out there. If you file with third-party help, ensure your chosen company is appropriately qualified. These misunderstandings have kept many small business owners from applying for the ERC when they were eligible—small business owners who have previously missed out need to consider whether they qualify for the ERC.If you are eligible, you can receive thousands of dollars in tax credits. That can help your business recover from the recent pandemic and stay afloat amid future financially challenging times.Read Also:Five Ways an Employee Recognition Can Help Employees Perform BetterThe Role of Communication in Employee RetainmentThe Best Ways To Successfully Fund Our Dreams