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07 April 2020



What Types of Tax Does the Netherlands Have?

Similar to other nations, Netherland is no stranger to Taxes. Different types of taxes also apply as is one liable for things like taxes on income, local taxes, taxes on assets and even wealth tax.

A few of the different types of taxes Netherland residents pay are:

  1. Municipal Taxes (Real-Estate Tax)
  2. Income Tax
  3. Road Tax (if you own a car)
  4. Waste-Collection Tax
  5. Water Tax
  6. Boating Tax
  7. Parking Tax
  8. Dog Tax

But it’s not all as bad as it looks, the government taxes you only if you are able to pay these taxes. So, it depends on aspects like if you have a job, the level of your income, and only if you fall under the category of being able to afford to pay the tax, then the Dutch Tax Office debits a certain amount every month. If you file your tax returns (belastingaangifte) at the end of every tax year, you may get some tax back too. For more information, you can visit their website.

What is a WOZ Evaluation?

WOZ or ‘Immovable Property Tax Act’ is a type of valuation that the municipality does on its resident’s behalf, usually on real-estate/property if you are a homeowner, or if you are renting out an office for instance. This value is reassessed every year and you are sent a notification of the amount to pay. Depending on the municipality, you either have to go to their office to pay it in person or via direct debit.

Other residential categories that pay this tax are social housing, owners of a house boat that may be used to conduct professional services like running an office, are all liable for this real-estate tax.

On top of that the same owners of the boats also pay what’s called a liggeld, which is like a penalty for occupying an area of water that belongs to the authorities, in this case the municipality themselves. If you own a boat for leisure purposes, you pay a boat tax shown by the vignette that needs to be displayed on your boat.

With all these WOZ and additional taxes adding up, it is no wonder some residents are not happy with the evaluations that are sent to them on a year on year basis as due to human error sometimes the total amount can be wrong. But what can you do about this?

Can a WOZ Decision be objected?

The short answer to this is – yes, you can object the WOZ value sent to you. You can either do it yourself directly with the municipality, or seek out the services of professionals who can bezwaar woz for you.

You would need to explain why you are objecting to the decision. Every resident has the right to this service, and information is also provided on a leaflet that is sent from the authorities to you with your evaluation.

Items that they can assist you with are:

  • Reimbursing housing costs of up to Euro 270
  • Saving you a significant amount on property and real-estate tax payments (up to 30%)
  • Saving you a significant amount on multiple properties and real-estate tax payments (up to Euro 730)

With the WOZ value objection services – you can request an evaluation report from them, detailing how they got to the numbers. If your house has not been valued correctly, you can submit this objection to the government body within 6 weeks of the original decision, there after the authorities will give their response and any change in decision by the end of the calendar month in which it was submitted initially

Hiring a professional to do this part for you can save you a lot of time and hassles, as they have years of experience handling cases like these, sometimes even going to court with it and have legal knowledge that can assist in the decisions put forth by the municipality office. The bezwaar maker can help you make both a formal informal objection, depending on the circumstances – they would be the best people to decide this for you.

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However, we provide a range of benefits the SMSFs can offer you here. Estate Planning  With the help of the SMSFs, you have far greater flexibility when acquiring and selling investments. This particular hands-on approach can mean the market conditions can change if you can respond by adjusting the portfolio of investments. Pooling Your Super Another prime benefit you can reap with the SMSFs' help is the ability to pool your resources with three members. This increased pool may enable you to get diverse opportunities for investments, which may not be available with your SMSF.  Effective Management Of Tax With the help of the SMSF, you have far greater control over your investment decisions. It may enable you to manage the tax position. You may already know how important it is to effectively carry on with tax management. For instance, the current tax rate on the earnings from the superannuation funds is close to 15%. But there is no payable of tax within the funds as the assets wholly support an income stream like the pension. Aligning Financial Goals with Personal Aspirations Explore the critical steps to tailor your SMSF to reflect your personal aspirations, including income needs, travel dreams, healthcare considerations, and hobbies. We'll guide you through integrating these elements into a comprehensive SMSF strategy that supports your retirement vision. Identifying and Achieving Your Retirement Goals Understanding and clearly defining your retirement goals is the first step towards a satisfying retirement. In this section, we discuss how to align your SMSF with your unique retirement vision, emphasizing the need for a strategy that not only ensures financial security but also personal fulfillment. Mapping Your Ideal Retirement Lifestyle Discover how to effectively map out your ideal retirement lifestyle, considering factors like desired income, hobbies, and travel plans. We provide insights on how to adjust your SMSF investments to support these lifestyle choices, ensuring a retirement that is both financially stable and personally rewarding. Building a Robust Financial Foundation: SMSF Wealth Accumulation Strategies To achieve your retirement dreams, it's essential to build a solid financial foundation through effective SMSF wealth accumulation strategies. This section focuses on creating a strong financial base within your SMSF, exploring strategies that balance growth and security to support your long-term lifestyle goals. Tailoring Investments to Support Your Lifestyle Dreams Dive into the specifics of tailoring your SMSF investments to build a portfolio that not only grows wealth but also aligns with your lifestyle aspirations. From selecting the right asset mix to understanding market dynamics, we guide you through creating an investment strategy that supports your vision for retirement. What Is To Be Done Before Setting Up An SMSF? If you want to set up an SFSF, ensure it does a few things. Comparing The SMSFs with Other funds When accessing an SMSF or any other monetary benefit scheme, you must thoroughly compare it.  Members And Trustees  Firstly, the SMSFs possess a maximum of six members. All the members must be the trustee's directors. It also means that the members can have control and management over that of the SMSFs. But with the other super fund, there is no limit to the members. Generally, the licensed trustees are held responsible for managing the funds.  The trustees work to develop and implement the fund's investment strategy and make the investment decision. But with the other SMSFs, most allow you control over the risks.  Insurance  In the SMSFs, usually, the trustees must consider whether or not to purchase the insurance for their members. The premium of insurance may be higher than that of teh other funds for insurance. On the other hand, most insurance costs are lower. This is because the large funds get discounted premiums.  Considering the Cost, Time, And Skill Needed You need to possess teh time and also the skills so that you can manage the funds. As a trustee of the SMSF, you will be held accountable. You will have to make all the decisions linked with the investment.  Yes, it costs some money to build and, after that, run the SMSFs. Not only this, but the SMSFs' fees are higher than those of the other funds. What you need is to give shape to your investment strategy and thereafter review and update it on a regular interval. Therefore, you will have to bear all the expenditures relating to the audits.  With most SMSFs, you get facilities like legal fees, financial help, SMSF assets’ valuation, insurance for the members, and others.  Implementing Your Custom SMSF Strategy: Bringing Your Retirement Vision to Life Bringing your retirement vision to life requires a bespoke SMSF strategy that encompasses all aspects of your dream retirement. This final section offers practical advice on implementing your tailored SMSF plan, ensuring that it is adaptable, compliant, and aligned with your evolving life goals. Here, we outline the practical steps to implement your customized SMSF strategy, including considerations for healthcare needs, travel aspirations, and lifestyle choices. We also emphasize the importance of professional guidance in navigating the complexities of SMSF management to bring your retirement dream to fruition. Read Also: 3 Great Things About Living In Retirement Villages 4 Fun Jobs After Retirement That Offer You a Monthly Income The Importance Of Bond Insurance In Financial Planning

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